Blindspot Recap – Plane Jane – Winter Premiere: Season 1 Episode 11 “Cease Forcing Enemy”

Blindspot Recap - Plane Jane - Winter Premiere: Season 1 Episode 11  "Cease Forcing Enemy"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday February 29, season 1 winter premiere called, “Cease Forcing Enemy,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a discovery in the Black Sea is made thanks to one of Jane’s tattoos. Meanwhile, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is hesitant to trust Oscar as she struggles to come to terms with huge revelations about her tattoos.

On the last episode, Jane and Weller went undercover as a top-notch assassin couple in order to protect some lethal info. Meanwhile, David tried to repair his relationship with Patterson; and Carter and Mayfair disagreed about how to deal with a menacing person.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “Jane (Jaimie Alexander) reels from a series of massive revelations about her tattoos and grapples with whether to trust Oscar (guest star Francois Arnaud). Meanwhile, a tattoo leads the team to a shocking discovery in the Black Sea.”

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#Blindspot starts with someone working with tools. It’s the tattoo gun. Jane is unconscious as tats are inked all over her body. Now, Dr Borden tells Jane she seems off. She thinks about the video of herself telling her to trust Oscar who is following her orders and wishing herself luck.

She was on the table then Oscar cut her loose and she attacked him immediately. She tried to shoot him. Oscar says he’s on her side and she asks why she would do this. He says he can’t tell her yet. She asks if Taylor Shaw is her real name.

He says the FBI people are into bad things and she says they’re good. He says friends don’t keep you prisoner and he says ask the FBI to lift your detail. She thinks about a ring on her finger then asks weren’t they engaged. She says it’s just fragments.

She asks if this is why they ended. Oscar says there are rules and they have to stick to the plan. She threatens him and says he doesn’t know her anymore. He says he knows her better than anyone. Oscar says she needs to get back to the safe house.

He tells her about an old transmission tower and says get them to drop your detail and I’ll meet you there and tell you who you are. Borden says she needs to talk to him and she snaps out of it. He says they’re making progress.

Borden asks about setting boundaries with Weller and asks how that’s going. Jane says good. Tasha looks at her resignation letter then goes to take it to Bethany. She tells Tasha that Carter is missing, presumed dead. Tasha asks who would want him dead then walks out crumping the letter.

Jane comes out and Weller greets her. He says they should talk about last night outside of here. Jane says they should not follow her tattoos and says they’re too dangerous. Weller says good things are coming out of these and says they know the risks.

He says she doesn’t have to come into the field anymore. She says maybe we’re playing into their hands. Patterson calls them in to see something. She points out a ring of numbers that’s pi with missing numbers. She shows them missing numbers and it’s latitude and longitude.

She says it’s Dark Isle in the Black Sea. She tells them they’re going to Turkey. Weller says Jane can sit it out but she says no way. They touch down in Ankara, Turkey. They land at the island and a man says pirates use the port in bad weather.

The agent says even the birds don’t like it here. Jane gets a nosebleed and is sure it’s from the water boarding. The coordinates are to an aircraft hangar. They go inside. There’s an MD83 with a tail number. Reed says it’s a missing plane from three months ago. It’s Pan Asian flight 921.

They go on board to look around and Reed tells Weller that Jane seems off. Reed says if they push her too hard, they can break. Armed men enter the hangar and surround them. They shoot the local man and the guy in charge has them taken away.

Chief Inspector Fischer shows up to see Bethany – he’s basically Internal Affairs. Jonas says he’s opening up an investigation into the death of David Wagner. Jonas says Patterson took classified papers out and says he’s going to be very thorough.

Bethany says she’ll talk to Patterson first and he says no. The group strings up the FBI agents and then shocks Tasha. He tells Weller answer or they pay. Weller says he’ll kill him. The man asks how they know about the place and what they know about their mission.

The man focuses on Tasha. The men discuss killing them and making final preparations. They cut them down and move them to the barracks after deciding they have no back up. Jonas sits down with Patterson and offers her coffee.

He says what happened to David was a tragedy and was avoidable. He says it’s his job to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He asks her about removing classified documents and breaking federal law. Patterson says everyone brings work home with them and he asks who else took documents home.

Jonas starts the questioning again. The team in Turkey is marched down the hall and Reed tells them what he overheard in Urdu. Tasha says this is the same group that made a dirty bomb in NYC. They are taken to a bunker and Tasha says oh my God. They have all the passengers from the flight there.

A woman approaches them and they ask how they knew they were there. Weller says they didn’t. The woman, Dr Susan Albright, says her team works on microsatellites and they were on the plane. A guy says they’re forcing them to make them so they can disable military satellites of the US.

Susan says the microsatellites can generate an EMP to take them down. She says they have a Pegasus rocket to strap to the plane so they can launch in the stratosphere. Jonas continues grilling Patterson. He latches onto something she says about Bethany.

Susan says they’re launching soon. Weller says they need to escape and Susan says they also tried to cobble together a sat phone but then Susan’s husband was caught stealing a battery and they shot the flight crew in front of them.

Weller says if they do nothing, they’ll all die anyway. He says they need to get out. One of the guys says they have loose bars. They also have the phone but still need power. Mike takes them out and Weller tells Tasha to get the phone ready.

Weller tells Jane to stay back and she agrees. Mike, Reed and Weller take off. They need to get a cattle prod off a guard to power the phone. Tasha works on the phone. Jane asks Susan why she built the satellites. Susan says they killed her husband and the flight crew.

She says it’s her fault so she had to try and save the others. Jane understands. They spot the cattle prod in the guard shack. A guard is in the barracks and Mike reaches for the cattle prod. Weller makes noise to draw the guards away.

Reed tells Jane that Weller was captured and is buying time. They call Patterson once they have the phone up. The guards come into the prisoner bunker and they have to hide it. Tasha hurries to send the Morse Code message before the FBI people are herded out.

They have Weller tied to a chair and a guy is sharpening a knife. They are ready to film Weller’s death to show the world.

Back in New York, Bethany is on the phone trying to get back up for the team on the island and Jonas comes in and says he’s suspending Patterson. She says Patterson had permission to take the files. Bethany says he will never be the head of anything.

She says she knows he’s been campaigning and needs her out of the way so he can move in to take her job. He smirks. Bethany says he looks surprised then says that’s why he will never sit in the chair. He says Patterson is suspended.

He says take it up with the director and walks out. They tell Weller to read the card for the camera. They tell him read it or die. Weller says he’ll die either way. They put a knife to his neck. He says he won’t read it. Jane tries to cut her zip ties.

The leader says one of his friends will read it after he dies slowly. Janes creates chaos, the bad guys are shot and the team has arms. Tasha says they’re about to execute all the passengers. The team chooses targets and shoots them. They had guns to some of the passengers and run to stop the plane.

They tell them they took Susan. The men are loading up the plane. They spot the team and they swap fire. Susan is taken on board. The plane warms up for a flight. The passengers come to join the firefight. Weller says they need to get on the plane. He and Jane slither up under the landing gear as it takes off.

Reed and Tasha watch it go. The plane shoots up into the sky. Jane and Weller are on the plane and take down some of the men. Susan cowers. Weller says they can’t get into the cockpit. Susan says when the plane hits 60000 feet, the rocket will launch.

Weller says he thinks they can turn the transponder on and Susan points it out then switches it on. Jonas comes back to Patterson and she asks if he can go. He says she’s suspended indefinitely and he she begs him to wait. He says she’s reckless and got her BF killed.

Patterson says she’ll never forgive herself and says she needs to find who did this and tattooed Jane. She says the job is all she has. He says it’s all she had. Bethany comes in and says she needs Patterson is in the lab now. She tells Jonas to shove it and tells Patterson to come on.

They listen to the Morse Code and Patterson translates. She says PA 921 found. She says it’s the plane. Patterson finds the transponder. Jonas says that’s impossible. Jane says they’re still climbing. Patterson says the plane is only rated to 45000 and they are at 50000.

She tries to contact the plane. Weller says one shot in the fuel tank will bring down the plane. He tells Jane sorry. Patterson radios and Weller tells her that if the plane hits 60000 they are in trouble. He says they’re locked out of the cockpit.

Patterson says she has a bad idea that might work. She says here’s how to shut off the engines. They do it and the pilot and copilot are stunned. One goes to check it out but Jane and Kurt are there and take over. Susan gives them power back.

Jane says the engines didn’t come back on. They tell Patterson who tells them how to manually restart. The plane is now going down instead of up. Patterson says the runway is basically right below them. She tells them to head down, flatten out and let it glide as it descends and put the landing gear down.

Jonas watches Patterson back. Patterson does the math in her head and Jonas speaks up – she tells him hush. Patterson says if Jane has ever landed any plane she can land this. On the island, Tasha sees the plane coming and Reed points it out. Tasha says it’s too steep. Patterson talks her through it.

Jane fights the plane and says we won’t make it. They do but barely. They pull up the breaks and the team at the FBI cheers. Patterson is breathless. Jane is gasping then laughs. Bethany tells Jonas that no one does what she does and says she stays.

Jonas says this is the beginning of Bethany’s end and leaves. Jane comes to see Bethany who tells her good job. Jane asks Bethany to drop her detail and says it should be her choice. Bethany agrees and says if she stays in the safe house, she’ll drop the detail. Jane thanks her.

Weller finds Jane in the locker room and says Bethany told her she lifted the detail. Jane says it was at her request. Weller asks her to meet him later. Tasha and Reed come in and interrupt them. Weller says he’ll see them tomorrow and leaves.

Jane leaves the safe house later alone. She checks the street and looks at the time. She has to choose to meet Oscar or Weller. Jane meets Oscar and he says she was followed and it’s because they’re scared of her. He says they should be.

Jane asks if she’s Taylor Shaw. Oscar says yes. She asks where she’s been and he says they have to learn to trust each other again. He says carry out some small missions and I’ll tell you what you want. She says no. Oscar says part of her doesn’t trust the FBI or she wouldn’t be there.

Jane says she won’t hurt or put them in danger. Oscar says them and the people they work with are the good guy. Jane says maybe but it’s on her terms. Oscar says these are her terms. He says it’s all her plan. He says it’s time to get started.