Blindspot Recap 3/21/16 Season 1 Episode 14 “Rules in Defiance”

Blindspot Recap 3/21/16 Season 1 Episode 14 "Rules in Defiance"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday March 21, season 1 episode 14 called, “Rules in Defiance,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Zapata (Audrey Esparza)  goes undercover during a death-row investigation.

On the last episode, after a tip revealed there’s a mole within the FBI’s New York Office, the team had to hunt for the operative while facing extreme scrutiny from Inspector Fischer (guest star John Hodgman). The team’s deepest secrets threaten to be exposed, and everyone was a potential suspect – but some, especially Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) had more to hide. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “Zapata goes undercover during a death-row investigation. Meanwhile, Jane is tempted to leave the FBI after almost being caught during the recent mole hunt.”

Blindspot airs at 10 PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates.

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#Blindspot starts with a dead girl who’s eyes are being shut. Her body is dragged from a fancy red carpet. We see one of her high heels is off. Kurt wakes and sees a mess in the room. Ally is there and he asks if she was always this messy. He leaves her place.

Jane calls Bethany and says she’s not feeling great. Bethany tells her to take the day. Reed is in the shower with Sarah at his place. He asks Sarah if she seems the same as the Taylor she knew. She says she was five the last time she saw her.

Tasha is out for a run in the park. She approaches Matthew Weitz, the guy who called her apartment. She asks why he’s bugging her apartment. She says he has no right. He says they busted Randall Luskey’s gambling ring. Weitz says he doesn’t care about her selling docs the CIA.

He says what he wants to know about is Tom Carter’s obsession with Jane and how it ties to Bethany. He says something is gone wrong at the highest levels of the FBI. She asks what if she says no and he says if she can afford a good lawyer, she’ll get a year but she can’t afford a good lawyer.

Bethany tells the team that Jane is out sick. Patterson says she has two tattoos – a bull and a lion. She says they are on different parts of her body but together they make a Shakespeare quote and says there are numbers too. It’s trigonometry.

She says the lion and bull are famous NYC landmarks. She says they need to solve for the third part of the triangle. She says they should know that an anonymous email sent her a tip. She says she reported it to IT already. Bethany rants at her for using the info.

Kurt asks what location sent it to. Kurt says maybe the same people who tattooed her sent it. Patterson says there are four locations but three are in the water. One is in Queens. Kurt tries to call Jane – she doesn’t answer. Reed, Kurt and Tasha are in the street.

They knock on a door and a guy takes shots at them and then NYPD moves in. A couple of other guys come out hands up. The NYPD tells them they just blew a three month operation in 30 seconds and they are angry.

Bethany shows up and Kurt says it makes no sense if the NYPD was already on it. She says she has to do damage control and tells them to head back. They spot a mural on a wall that looks like one of Jane’s tattoos – it’s a logo of a band a dead girl named Paloma Diaz was in.

She says her BF was convicted of killing her and will be executed tomorrow night. Patterson says the case was pretty tight. The guy’s name was Ronnie and he raped, strangled her, and dumped her body. He says he insisted he was innocent and turned down a plea.

Patterson says there was no DNA evidence because her body was in the river. The team splits up to talk to Ronnie’s lawyer while they go see Ronnie. Kurt and Tasha go see Ronnie and ask for his side of the story. He says he’s dying tomorrow and Tasha says they can help him maybe.

He says he’s made his peace. Kurt says if he’s innocent, he shouldn’t accept it. He says he did it, he killed her and tells them to just let him die. Kurt says why would Ronnie say he’s guilty when he’s fought it for so long?

Jane does pullups, plays solitaire, watches TV, works out some more, then leaves her place. Kurt spots Jane at the office and calls to her. He asks why she’s there. She says she has a session with Borden and shouldn’t miss it for a migraine.

Kurt asks if there’s anything else going on but Bethany calls to him and tells Jane to go home and get better or nurse your wounded pride. Jane says she’s there for a Borden meeting. She asks if they’re working on a new tattoo.

Jane thinks about Oscar telling her that she had a time sensitive tattoo but she wouldn’t listen and now they got a tip. Reed says the lawyer believed Ronnie but then he pulled a 180 and changed his tune. Patterson says his sister’s house burned down and almost killed him and her kids.

Reed says there was a witness for Ronnie that backed them off. It was an ICE agent named Timothy Eavers. They bring the guy in and he says his memory is bad and Kurt says a guy is being put to death tomorrow and lethal injection is not a pleasant way to go.

He says his boss at ICE Scott Starn slapped him with a harassment charge and threatened to fire him if he didn’t back out. Tasha says they can protect him from Stern. Kurt says help us save him. He says Paloma was deported but never showed up in Mexico.

Eavers says she never made it to the border and then his way of life was threatened so he let it go. Jane tells Borden that they thought the mole was her. She says they have no reason to trust her when she can’t trust herself. She says she could have been anyone.

She says she doesn’t think she can do this anymore and wants to stop – she says she wants to leave the FBI. Patterson says Agent Stern checked her into the detention center and her birthdate is 100 years off. She says the same diver named Hank drives each of the women that Stern tags.

Kurt says they’re trafficking women and Stern mis-keys their DOBs to signal them to be taken. They also find out that both Stern and Hank were offered promotions but turned them down because they’re making money selling women.

Bethany says she can’t get a stay on the execution and Paloma’s mom died last year so she can’t testify that Paloma never came home. Bethany says they have to find the real killer. Patterson says there’s a girl scheduled to be put on Hank’s bus this afternoon.

Bethany says they can’t put a civilian in harm’s way. Tasha says put me on the bus instead. She looks enough like the girl he tagged. Jane tells Borden that he’s not listening. He says running from your problems won’t help and asks what she’s hiding.

He says he’s known for weeks she’s hiding something. Borden says he won’t tell her it’s okay to walk away unless he sees the bigger picture. He tells Jane they’re done until she can do that and she walks out. Patterson gives Tasha a locket they’ll use to track her.

She says they don’t know when or where she’ll be taken. Kurt says they’ll tail them the whole time – she’ll never be alone. He tells her to stay undercover even after she’s taken. The team follows in a van. Reed tells Kurt they need to talk about Sarah.

Kurt tells him to stop but Reed says he loves her. Kurt says he can’t have his personal life in their work. Reed says that’s hypocritical. He says Sarah and he have been dating for weeks and no one knew but his feelings for Jane have been a problem since day one.

The bus stops and Hank says they have five minutes to use the bathroom. They see Tasha gets off the bus and they are directed to the bathroom. She comes out of the bathroom and the bus driver injects her with a syringe, pulls off all her jewelry and hands her off to someone.

That means her tracker is gone too. Kurt loses sight for a moment and can’t see her. They see the tracker got back on the bus. They follow the bus. Tasha is NOT on it. Instead, she’s loaded into a van unconscious.

Reed says he doesn’t like this and says he hasn’t heard anything from her and says they need visual confirmation. Kurt says to pass the bus on the right and not to go too fast. They don’t see her. Kurt says take us back now and they pop a u-turn.

Tasha wakes in a drugged haze in a warehouse. She whispers the Hail Mary in Spanish. She realizes her locket is gone and panics. Another woman is there and tells her to calm down or she’ll throw up. She says she’ll be back in an hour.

Tasha is freaking out. Another girl comes over and says her name is Natalie. The girl shushes her and says don’t speak Spanish and says they get mad. She says she’ll need her religion here. They realize the tracker is on the bus. Patterson finds Tasha being led into a van.

Camila Solis is the one handling her and says she may have been a trafficked girl who took over and cooperated. Patterson says she’s trying to find out if Camila has been seen at harbors or train stations. Jane sees that Tasha is undercover.

She asks how she can help. Tasha asks Natalie what happens here. She says they have to dress up at night and the guard takes them upstairs to parties. She says Mr Tate hosts the parties and he brings in clients to be entertained.

Natalie says the clients choose who they want and do what they want. Tasha asks why Natalie didn’t have to go and she shows her some ugly marks on her back and says the guards aren’t supposed to hurt them because the men don’t like them marked up.

She says she antagonized a mean tempered guard so she wouldn’t have to go upstairs. Kurt and Reed are in a panic. Jane suggests maybe they’re not trafficking the women but keeping them. Patterson says maybe they need to look for a hiding place.

They find a key card that matches an old housing development that failed that had that key card. Kurt says give us the address. A guard comes at Natalie and Tasha fights with him. He grabs her by the hair and she fights back more.

He chokes her against a wall and then Natalie comes at the guy. Another guard comes down with guns out and stops the fracas. Tate comes down and says she doesn’t look like the girl in the photo. He asks who she is and if she’s a Fed.

Tasha spits in his face. Tate laughs and boops her nose. The guard says if she’s working for someone, they won’t be far behind. They leave her zip tied to a post in the basement. Tate tells his guests they have to cut their party short tonight.

Tate is told they have to get him out of here now. He says he can’t leave any evidence. He says burn it to the ground. He says take care of the women too. The women are herded into the basement and Tate is taken out front with Camila. Tate says they might need her.

They dump gas in the house and light it. The fire spreads quickly. The van pulls up and Kurt and Reed swap fire with the bad guys. Smoke starts to seep into the basement. Tasha uses her teeth to try and get out of her bonds.

There are bars on the windows and they bust out some glass and she sees screws to take out the bars. Tasha finds a small tool and unscrews them. Kurt tells Reed to stay with him so they can take down the bad guys first.

Tasha gets the bars out, clears the glass and starts pushing girls out the window using a step ladder. She sees the ceiling is flash burning and it shots some flames outside towards the women. Tasha can’t get out that way. Tate holds Camila hostage but she bites him.

That lets them shoot Tasha. One of the women says there’s a girl trapped in the basement who saved us. They hear Tasha screaming and beating on the basement door. They try to beat down the door but it’s tough. They find her on the top step.

They grab her up and run her out just as the house really goes up. Tasha looks around at the fiery chaos. Camila identifies the photos of Paloma and says a client killed her at a party and said it was an accident. She says Max forced her to get rid of the body.

She says Paloma was her friend and after that Max Tate called her his special helper. Bethany says Tate is facing a lifetime worth of charges as will the Senator who actually killed Paloma. Bethany say Ronnie’s execution is stayed and he’ll be out within a week.

Tasha checks out her injuries and Jane comes to check on her. Tasha tells her no one was coming for those women if it had not been for Jane’s tattoos. She says anything was worth taking down Tate. She says the work is bigger than them.

Reed comes in and tells Bethany he can’t find anything about Carter that night and says he needs a warrant to look at traffic cam footage. Bethany tells him if he finds anything to bring it to her and no one else. Kurt asks Jane if she’s better. She says she’s okay and missed him today.

She says she missed being with the team today. He says they missed her too and says she’s one of them now. Jane gets in the elevator and says bye to him. Kurt looks distracted then calls another elevator so he doesn’t have to ride with her.

Kurt lurks near where Ally is making a bust. She asks if the Marshals can help him. He asks if she likes basketball and flashes tickets. She says no and he says the seats were bad anyway. She asks what’s up with him and Jane and if he really wants to be sleeping with her.

He says let’s go to the game, drink some overpriced beer, then trash her bedroom again. Ally says okay. Reed checks out traffic cam footage and they see that Carter avoided every traffic camera. The guy says if someone wants to stay off them. Then he has a thought.

He says there are new cameras that aren’t listed yet. They tap into one and spot his car. They see Carter’s car but someone else is driving it. Reed texts Mayfair to meet him and says he’s got something. Someone sneaks up behind Reed and hits him in the head. He goes down hard.

Jane meets Oscar and asks if he sent the email to Patterson. He says he told her it was important and she refused to help so they had to do something risky. He says an innocent man would die if they didn’t move. Jane says she’s not his asset anymore.

She says she doesn’t trust him or the person she used to be. She says she is FBI. Oscar says she decided to infiltrate them and Jane says she’s not the person who planned this and is not his fiancée and not on his side. Oscar says he is on her side and will protect the people she cares about.

He says he’s a good cop and says that she planned for her own refusal to cooperate. He says if she won’t cooperate, they will kill Kurt Weller.