Blindspot Recap 4/18/16 Season 1 Episode 18 “One Begets Technique”

Blindspot Recap 4/18/16 Season 1 Episode 18 "One Begets Technique"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday April 18, season 1 episode 18 called, “One Begets Technique,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, an unlikely collaboration forms when Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) reach out to a former target in order to hunt down a menacing international criminal.

On the last episode, Patterson landed in harm’s way after uncovering a hidden message in a crossword puzzle. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “an unlikely collaboration forms when Jane and Weller reach out to a former target in order to hunt down a menacing international criminal. Meanwhile, Jane faces a tough decision when a dubious order from Oscar may endanger Weller.”

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#Blindspot starts with Rich Dot Com playing cards at prison and winning a stack of smokes. A big guy accuses him of cheating and grabs him. Rich says they have the worst tells in the game and it’s no wonder he got caught. He tells them what they do to reveal their best hands.

Rich says he’s not cheating, he’s just smart. Then one guy finds an ace up his sleeve literally and Rich tries to calm him down and calls it a teachable moment for him. They start beating on him brutally. Kurt calls Sarah and updates her on their dad.

He says it’s down to palliative care and then ends the message. He sits by his bedside. Bethany shows Marcus the pic from the surveillance cameras and hands it over to someone out of the system and says she wants to keep it on the down low for now.

Jane looks at the photos Oscar gave her to fake some memories when she talks to Kurt. She stashes them in her locker as she hears someone coming in. It’s Kurt. He greets her and she says she’s sorry about his dad and asks if there’s anything she can do.

Kurt says no one can and says he won’t beat it. Jane asks if she can meet him sometime and he agrees and says his dad would like that. Jane gets closer and hugs him. Ali comes in and say sorry then asks to talk to them both. Jane is stunned.

Ali tells them about Rich Dot Com and how he’s been non-cooperative but since he got his ass kicked he’s ready to deal. He told Alu he can give them Shohid Ahktar someone who finances terrorists and is way up on the most wanted list.

Ali says Rich will only talk to Kurt and Jane. They head to the prison and he talks big as they sit. Rich says he doesn’t like the lack of greetings and asks for their real name. Kurt says his name and then says Jane Doe.

Rich says he and Sho are old friends before they took him out of the game. He says he has some stolen paintings that Sho wants and says they have to fake his escape, then he gives them Sho and they can put him in medium security.

He says the prison sex is surprisingly vanilla then stops joking and says he’s going to get killed in there and they need to make this deal. Kurt agrees and Rich says the band is back together. Ali has a ton of forms for Rich to sign and he talks about the chemistry between Jane and Kurt.

Ali is annoyed at Rich’s talk about how much Kurt and Jane are into them. Once the papers are signed, Rich says they have to steal the paintings – turns out he doesn’t have them. Rich tells them they are in a Cobble Hill brownstone.

He says they are in the home of Professor Turner who is a teacher and an excellent art thief. The Gardner paintings are the only ones he stole for himself. He built a house designed to protect them. The smart watch on his arm protects him as he goes through the house.

There is a 12-digit keypad and a heat sensitive palm scan then the worst. Each painting is tethered and if you try to pull it off the wall, you are shot from behind the painting. He says Sho will request a painting at random 12 hours before the meet.

If that painting is legit, they get the meeting. Kurt says fine and says they can just get a warrant to take them. He says Turner wears a kill switch that can incinerate the gallery of stolen paintings on a whim. Rich says they need to smoke him out.

We see Patterson with an RC car in the vents of Turner’s place. He sits reading his paper and then sniffs and reports a gas leak. Reade goes to the door and Turner won’t let him in – he says just figure it out from out there.

Reade tells him to chill and leans his arm near his to clone his smart watch. Rich also has the hand gestures he uses so they can crack the code. They bring the contents of Rich’s storage unit because they wouldn’t let him out to retrieve it.

He has a container with one glove in it. Rich says it’s a year of collecting partial prints from Turner and will beat the palm scanner. Kurt says give it to me now. Rich says it has to be his hand, Kurt’s meat paw won’t work.

Kurt says shut this down and send him back to prison but Ali argues to keep it going. Bethany listens and Kurt insists he’s playing them and Ali bickers back. Bethany says the money from Sho helps groups like ISIS flourish and taking him out would be a major blow.

Bethany says the mission is a go. They head over to get the art while Turner is at a seminar. Tasha and Reade lurks near the lecture keeping an eye on Turner. Rich tells Ali he can’t believe she and Kurt are dating and says they’re too much alike and he thinks Ali is a lesbian.

They make it to the door and put in the code but the hand print scanner has been replaced with an iris scanner. They have 90 seconds to comply and start to panic. Patterson can re-engage the power which will trigger a reset. She cuts the power and they go to break in.

Turner is in his lecture and his watch chimes that there is a power failure. He fondles the necklace with the kill switch. He rushes out of his lecture. Now they have to get the paintings off the wall. Kurt lifts and Rich severs the tension wires.

They get one free and have 10 to go. They have about 30 minutes before Turner can make it there. They lift and cut, lift and cut. Patterson says Turner is close and the eagle propping the door open moves and they’re trapped.

Rich hassles Kurt about liking Jane more than Ali and calls her GI Jane. The doors open and Turner is there with a sword. They snatch off the necklace and Jane and Ali brawl with him because the guys are busy with a painting.

To stop him, Kurt has to yank the last painting back and the hidden shotgun blasts Turner in the head. Problem is, it also messed up the painting. Rich asks them if Sho will notice. There’s a huge hole in the  upper left of one of the paintings.

Back at the FBI, they stare at the wrecked painting. They have 13 hours until Sho tells them which painting he wants to preview. Rich scoffs and Bethany says he must know someone who can fix it. She says if they don’t nail Sho, he’s back in supermax.

He says it’s not that easy since this person he may know might be a fugitive. He says they would need to give this person one-time amnesty plus some money. Rich asks to borrow her phone. Arliss Grand is brought in – he’s a restorer and a fraud.

He punches Rich in the face and says you don’t call me after five years of nothing and says he left him in Nice to go gallivant in Rome with a woman. Arliss says he’s only here for the Gardner painting, not for Rich. He says he needs a week and Jane says 10 hours.

Arliss says he has to scan all the paintings so he can match the other screens. He tells Patterson to get him the scanner so he can do what none of them can do. Patterson lunges at him and Kurt holds her back and says let’s just do this.

Patterson works with him as he scans. Rich is in a site called Squacher, a weird dating site he uses to talk to Sho. He says he wants to see a fat Frenchman and that’s not the damaged painting. Rich writes down the instructions but tells Ali that he’ll lose her couriers.

Kurt and Jane talk and she says she likes Ali and says she’s smart, beautiful and tough and sees the appeal. Ali walks in and says he did slip the tail but they set the meet. Arliss says it’s fantastic – looks like he’s doing well with the painting.

They tell Bethany says Sho is doing a Gatsby themed party and Rich has to confirm him since no one else knows what he looks like. Ali says she’s his date and Rich says no she’s too much cop and then Kurt offers to go. Jane finally says she’ll go since she looks the part.

Jane says they can’t let it fall apart and Rich says she doesn’t look like a civil servant. Kurt says Sho is no joke and says say the word and we’ll come for you. Ali gets short and asks if they’re doing this or what. Rich and Jane are on the elevator.

He asks why she covered the tattoos and she says they call too much attention. Rich asks what Kurt whispered to her and she says be careful. Rich keeps pushing the Kurt likes you agenda knowing the rest of the team is listening because of the bugged bracelet he’s in.

Jane is unhappy that no one else is dressed Gatsby and there’s a guy dancing around shooting and dancing. Jane says stand down and Rich says that’s Sho who has been doing blow and gets paranoid. He says this might be more dangerous than I thought.

Sho spots Rich and comes over and hugs him laughing. He fires off a few more shots. Then Sho checks out Jane and says they’re not friends, they’re just sleeping together. Sho laughs and shoots some more. He sees the package in Rich’s hand and asks if that’s it.

They unroll them and Sho checks it out while Rich does some blow. She asks if that’s him and tells Rich to say the phrase. Sho puts a gun into his mouth and says those are fakes. Jane says stop that. There are some other men in the elevator.

Sho calls them second-rate forgeries then ISIS busts in and so does Kurt and the team. Chaos breaks out and shots are fired. Jane runs after Sho and Rich runs after her. Sho has a gun on her and says get on your knees. He shoots Rich.

Sho says you’re the rat and Rich says don’t hurt the girl she’s an innocent hooker he picked up. Sho is out of bullets and jane comes at him. He pulls two knives and she fights him hand to knife. Reade and the others wonder who the other team is.

Reade throws his badge over towards them and tells them why he’s there. Jane kicks Sho’s ass and then sees Rich is on the ledge. They realize Rich must have tipped off ISI. Jane tells Rich to get down but he says it’s too late.

He says he can’t go back to prison and says snitches get stitches. He says birds are meant to fly and she asks how much coke he had. Rich tells Jane follow your heart and tell Kurt how you feel then he jumps but he’s got a parachute on and Kurt says they got played.

Rich lands and gets into the car with Arliss who has the real paintings on them. They kiss passionately. Rich says let’s get the hell out of here and they go. The team explains to Bethany that the chute was likely built into the tuxedo.

Patterson says Arliss scanned them and reminds them she told them not to scan it. They realize that Rich even planned the beating that started this. They wonder if the guy they got is really Sho. The guy is telling them he’s not Sho.

Reade says Rich is the dumbest genius or smartest idiot ever. Kurt says he wants Scotch and Ali says she’ll pass. She says there is something between him and Jane and Kurt may not even know what it is. She says she needs space and walks away.

Bethany meets Marcus who says there’s not a lot of photo to enhance then offers to have a pal in Denmark look at it. She asks if he can be discreet and he says yes. They talk about dinner and he says she should bring someone but she doesn’t want to talk about her past with Sofia.

Kurt comes to see his dad and says someone wants to come say hello. He brought Jane along and he reaches out his hand to her. She takes it and Jane says nice to meet you. He asks don’t you remember me. Jane had the photos and takes the opportunity.

She says of course I remember you. Kurt goes to his dad when he groans and ups his pain meds. Kurt tells him to rest and then asks if Jane really remembered him or was just saying it. Jane asks did they go fishing on a bridge over a stream.

Kurt says they did and names the creek. He asks if she remembers it. She says when she saw his face, it came back. Kurt thanks her for coming to visit his dad and says it means a lot. She takes his hand. Bethany gets into her car and calls Alex.

They make plans to get together next week but then someone gets into the car with Bethany. She pulls her gun but the woman pulls back her hood and says put the gun down Bethany. It’s Sofia! She’s not dead. Bethany is stunned.