Blindspot Recap 4/25/16 Season 1 Episode 19 “In the Comet of Us”


NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday April 25, season 1 episode 19 called, “In the Comet of Us,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a shooting occurs on a college campus, so the team halt an investigation to hunt for the shooter.

On the last episode, an unlikely collaboration formed when Jane and Weller reached out to a former target in order to hunt down a menacing international criminal. Meanwhile, Jane faced a tough decision when a dubious order from Oscar may endanger Weller. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “a shooting occurs on a college campus, so the team halt an investigation to hunt for the shooter. Meanwhile, personal issues from Mayfair’s past resurface, forcing her to confront them.”

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#Blindspot starts with Bethany angry that Sofia faked her death. She says she was hiding in Paraguay but someone found her and they know about Daylight. She says she needs Carter but Bethany says he’s dead. Bethany is mad that she wants documents and money.

Sofia says she loves her but had to run and says so should Bethany who says she won’t run. Sofia begs for her help. Tasha comes to ask Patterson if she wants to play a game. She shows her some numbers and says remember Levi Hart, the guy who got kicked off a football team.

Some ups and downs in sports scores match one of Jane’s tats. They try to figure it out while Reade finds Jane drinking tea. He’s in a bow tie and Tasha calls him Bill Nye. Patterson tells them Tasha cracked a tattoo. She tells them about scholarship fraud at the school.

Ed Mackey, an investigator said there was no problem then he got a cushy job thanks to Karen Morris, a rep at the university. Reade says he knows the defensive coordinator there from when he was a kid and stayed in touch. Bethany sends him out.

Reade, Jane, Kurt and Tasha talk to the coach. Karen Morris, the university president is there and asks why they are there. She asks them to leave and takes the coach with her. Reade says scholarship fraud doesn’t seem tattoo worthy.

Patterson calls them and then they get static on the call and it cuts out. They hear gunshots and a kid runs out of a building yelling that someone has a gun. They run to help. Four hours earlier, Tasha is at a meeting for gambler’s anonymous. She doesn’t want to share.

The facilitator talks to her later and she notices the sports page in his hand and asks if it’s like bringing a bottle to AA then asks if she can have it. Now, they head inside where the shooting is happening and wonder if the shooter blocked cell signals.

The land lines are down too. Tasha and Reade split up. She’s in the kitchen. There’s a PA announcement about a shooter. Tasha is there when the guy comes into the room after a guy. He’s gone and the guy asks for help. He rolls over and she sees he was shot in the leg.

She takes his belt and makes a tourniquet. He says the shooter came straight for him but he doesn’t know who it was. Tash says they have to get him out to the ambulances. He says there is an exit through the auditorium but the coach can’t walk anymore and collapses.

The shooter comes into the auditorium and she hides. He paves down front then she takes a shot at him. They swap fire and she’s out of ammo. The shooter comes for them and the coach says do something. Five ours earlier, Jane and Oscar get dressed after sex.

He makes her tea and she says she doesn’t care of it. He says she’s not trying the right kind and hands her some oolong which she likes. He says he shouldn’t be her handler anymore and she says no. He says they have to do what’s best for the mission.

Jane is upset and asks if he knows how hard this is on her. She calls him a coward. Her phone buzzes and says she has to go to the safe house so they can pick her up. She begs him not to disappear on her. Now, Jane and Kurt head up the stairs.

Jane wants to split up but he says not with their comms down. They head down a hall and tell students to get out. Jane spots a body then says again they need to split up. They make a plan and each heads out. Jane sees bodies on the basketball court then a guy runs past in a hoodie and a shooter chases him.

Jane heads down to follow. A security guard approaches with gun out and tells her to drop it. Jane says she’s not the shooter. She tells him she’s FBI and tells him to calm down. He says turn around and then she takes his gun and says she was chasing the gunman.

She says they can work together. She says move and stay close to me then hands him back his gun but says don’t point it at me. They head out together. They hear shots and the guard says it’s the cafeteria and tells her how to get there.

They see blood but no body. A woman staggers through that’s gut shot. She tells the guard how to give first aid. Jane spots a spatula near a lit griddle and takes it then runs over and say this will hurt and shoves a cloth in her mouth.

She cauterizes the wound while the woman screams. Jane tells the guard to get her out. Jane heads towards the gun fire in the auditorium and she and Tasha take the guy down. Then the building shakes and the guy says you can’t hide from this – you have no idea what’s coming.

Three hours earlier, Kurt is with his dad at home but on the monitors. His dad insists he was okay at the hospital. Bill says he doesn’t owe him anything then says the whole town thought he killed her and Kurt was just a kid and didn’t know better.

He tells Kurt he forgives him. Now, we see Kurt heading off away from Jane. Kurt finds a guy who was shot in the shoulder and says he heard the shots then the guy ran up on him. He says it’s Levi Hart, the guy who just got busted.

He says he took his keys then went to the defensive meeting room. Kurt sees a bomb and more students running. A kid runs up and Kurt says don’t go that way and stop anyone who comes this way since the doors are rigged to blow.

The kid runs off and Kurt busts out a window then climbs out on the thin ledge. He busts another window and goes in on the other side of the bomb. Some students come in and he walks them out and down some stairs. He tells them to be quiet.

He sees Levi kicking a door and the guy takes shots at him. There’s more than one gunman. Some players are locked in the room he was trying to get to and Kurt tells him he’s FBI and the building is surrounded. He tells Levi he doesn’t have to die today and the kid throws down the gun.

But then he fires a back-up piece and then there’s an explosion that leaves a giant hole in the floor. Levi was knocked down but then is up and running. The other shooter is dragged out in cuffs. Kurt comes down and tells Jane and Tasha that there’s another shooter.

They find the jammer and turn it off. Patterson runs to tell Bethany what happened and Kurt calls and tells her about the jammer. They also tell her they can’t find Reade and he might be down. Bethany was staring at her bank balance pondering sending money to Sofia.

Four hours ago, Reade is at a tailor getting fitting and the tailor comments on the change in his physique then asks if he’s going through a break-up. He gives Reade a bow tie and he says he hates it. The tailor says that’s why he needs it.

Now, Reade is evacuating students after he split off from Tasha. He hears someone crying and sees a girl near her friend. She says she won’t leave Nick but Reade says she needs to come with him. Valerie sys it’s her fault, he was trying to protect her.

Reade says she needs to be brave and says he’ll come back for Nick once she’s safe. He takes her by hand and brings her along with him. More students come out of rooms and Reade says stay behind me. They hear gunfire and he leads them another way.

Reade tells them he triggered a bomb – he touched the door. Everyone but Valerie runs and she asks how she can help. He breaks the glass then says it’s like a grenade and him holding the handle is keeping it from going off.

They see the mini fridge that Kurt threw out the window then Reade asks for an earring and she hands him one. He says he hopes he can jam it and have time to run. He puts it in and tells her to go now and says it won’t hold for long.

He prepares to run and the blast goes off and he’s knocked down. He comes to with ringing ears covered in rubble. He stands and then Levi is there with a gun to the back of his head. He tells Reade to get up slowly and he does.

Reade asks if he’s Levi Hart and he says shut up and asks where is Coach Jones. Reade says he was talking to him before this started and can take him to him. Levi says if you’re lying I’ll put a bullet in you. Levi marches him and Reade says take it easy.

Levi says he’ll take it easy when Jones is dead. The comms come back on and Reade realizes and gives the team hints as to what’s going on. Reade says he left him in the field house barricaded but doesn’t remember what room.

He asks Levi why he’s doing this. He asks what happened and Levi says it’s not about football – he says Jones ruined his life. He says the camp Jones runs is just a way to get close to kids and says he’s sick. He asks if Reade ever gave him a lift home.

Then he asks if he ever invited him in for dinner. He says first it was dinner then watching the game and then Levi sighs and says he didn’t know how to stop it. He says he took the scholarship money and tried to put it behind him but then he saw Jones with more kids and says he lost it.

He says they were going to blow a lid off him and says then he got him busted for drugs. He says he didn’t want to kill any of the students but they got in the way. Reade says let me help you – let’s put Jones away for this and says you don’t have to die.

Levi says he died a long time ago. Kurt puts two in Levi’s head when they clear the building and Reade is visibly upset. Kurt tells Reade he did everything he could. Jones is being wheeled out and Reade says this is all your fault. Reade says if it’s true, I’ll put you away myself.

OMG they’re doing Jerry Sandusky! Bethany says this was a big deal and the university president and donors all helped cover this up. Jane asks why they would do it and Kurt says the programs brings in millions of dollars. The shooter they captured corroborated and it looks like a solid case.

Jane meets Oscar and she says he makes her feel real since he’s the only one who knows her. She says he’s the only person for the job. Jane says she almost died today and says when she sees him at the end of the day, it’s when she feels safe.

He asks what happened and she says a lot. Oscar asks if she’s hungry and she says yeah and then he embraces her. Kurt goes to talk to Reade and asks him to walk out but Reade says he’s not ready to go home. Kurt pulls out some scotch and pours them a drink.

Reade says he knows that he’s going to tell him that this is not his fault. Reade says he knows that and doesn’t need the lecture. Kurt says he was just going to stay this is really expensive scotch so he’d better drink it. Reade takes it and they clink paper cups.

Tasha is back at gambler’s anonymous. She says when she was a cop she and her partner took a domestic abuse call and the woman was all battered. She says her partner talked to the husband and the guy pulled a gun from the couch and shot her partner point blank then killed himself.

Tasha says after that, her life was a mess and his death was so random and when she was gambling she knew the rules. She says even when she lost, it was on her terms. She says she’s out of control now. Bethany brings Sofia all the cash she has $45k.

Bethany says she could keep her safe with the FBI but Sofia reminds her the CIA couldn’t keep Carter safe. Sofia asks her to run away with her. Bethany say she loves her but can’t forgive her for what she did when she faked her death.

She says stay and let me protect you or get the hell out. Sofia goes. Oscar meets with another guy from the project and they have Carter in a body bag. Oscar says he’s not sure things are ready and the guy asks if he got too close to Jane.