Blindspot Recap 5/2/16: Season 1 Episode 20 “Swift Hardhearted Stone”

Blindspot Recap 5/2/16: Season 1 Episode 20 "Swift Hardhearted Stone"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs tonight with an all new Monday May 2, season 1 episode 20 called, “Swift Hardhearted Stone,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the case of a mysterious girl arrives at the FBI courtesy of Borden, (Ukweli Roach) but this girl brings danger to the team because of her links to terrorism.

On the last episode, a shooting occurs on a college campus, so the team halted an investigation to hunt for the shooter. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “the case of a mysterious girl arrives at the FBI courtesy of Borden, but this girl brings danger to the team because of her links to terrorism. Meanwhile, Jane struggles as she gets close to Weller again; and Borden and Patterson strike up a friendship.”

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#Blindspot starts with a young girl walking down the middle of a street. She’s cold and looks out of it. Bethany looks at photos of her with Sofia. She burns them along with cards, letters and mementos. Jane meets Oscar at a new building.

Jane listens to a song a nearby musician is playing and he says his mother died when he was a kid and she was a jazz musician and says her records became part of him and later became important to her too. He asks why she wanted him to open up.

She says how do I know it’s the truth and he says it is. She says she needs to meet the others. He hands her something and says another mission. He says stick is into any FBI computer to copy files they need. He says it’s undetectable.

He says he knows it’s hard for him to trust him but says once she trusted him more than anyone. She says she has to go. Oscar leaves the building while Jane lurks outside waiting until he goes. At work, she finds Kurt with board games in his locker.

He says he’s playing Sawyer tonight and she asks about his dad. He says it’s not good and he doesn’t have much time. She says sorry. He says he’s stubborn and fighting it. Jane says it sounds like Kurt. He asks if she wants to join them tonight.

Jane says she’ll think about it. Dr Borden comes to the hospital to do a psych consult on the girl that was found in the street and learns there’s no missing person’s report out on her. The doc tells him the girl isn’t speaking.

He goes to try to talk to her and she doesn’t answer. The girl has a sketchbook of very skilled drawings and he has asks her about a drawing. Turn out it’s a match to one of Jane’s tattoos and it’s a symbol to a dangerous family in Syria – the Ahmadis.

Looks like the Ahmadis are in the US and the team wonders how the girl saw the symbol. Bethany says maybe the notebook is of value but Borden says the girl has intense autism and they can’t take it from her. Kurt says they need to talk this girl.

Bethany says they need to get through to the girl now. Kurt and Borden try and talk to her. They use flash cards to ask about her family. She shows them a sketch when she’s asked about her dad – it’s Tarek Ahmedia – the lead terrorist.

They bring in Russell Franklin from the State Department. Patterson says they got a DNA confirmation. Russell says the girl is Maya and she’s the child of his fifth wife. Russell says the girl must have come with the other Ahmadis and then got away.

Kurt says they need to find out where Maya was before. Borden has an idea and takes Jane to see the girl. She rolls up her sleeves and shows her the ink. Jane says some look like her pictures and says she was lost once too and sat in this room alone.

Maya looks at her arms and touches them. Jane says you can trust us and says they helped her before and can help Maya now. Jane shows her the sketchbook of her own. She lets Maya look at it. Jane says she’ll be safe now.

Jane then asks if they can look at Maya’s sketchbook and she hands it over. They take it to Patterson while Jane hangs with Maya. Patterson says the sketchbook shows where she’s been. They find a hit on Jeremy Rance, a journalist, that Maya sketched.

Rance is a big deal reporter that has a following and Bethany wonders if Rance interviewed the Ahmadis and he might know where they are and something about the attack. They bring Rance in but he says he can’t compromise his sources.

Reade says he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison if he knows something about a terror attack and doesn’t tell them. He denies knowing who Maya is when he’s shown her picture. Maya sketches another building – looks like from a Thai community.

Borden recognizes a restaurant in her sketch. They head out. They spot broken glass and barbed wire on a widow and wonder if that’s how Maya was hurt. They go inside and send kids in the halls outside to play. They had upstairs into the apartment. Jane calls them into a room.

They find a dead woman and it looks like her tongue might have been cut out. Brutal. It’s Maya’s mother according to Russell from State. They wonder if Maya saw this before she escaped. The landlord tells Kurt that Maya and her mother checked in, paid cash and brought little.

The ME says the mother died from blood loss after her tongue was cut out. They wonder if Nermin was killed for talking to Rance and if Maya is now a target. They go to see Rance and ask him about Nermin. Jane says she’s dead and Kurt says she was tortured to death.

They ask if Rance helped Nermin and Maya get into the country. Jane shows him a photo of Nermin’s dead body and Kurt says it was slow and painful and Jane says this is not about a news piece, this is about a child. Kurt says talk and make this right.

Rance says he met Nermin in Syria six months ago. He says she was shunned because of Maya’s disability and he offered her safe passage in exchange for an interview. He says he was supposed to meet her tonight to talk and didn’t think they would follow her

Kurt says Rance is likely the next target. He says use me as bait to get them. Kurt dresses as Rance and goes to Rance’s apartment where he’s attacked. He beats one attacker down and Jane shoots another. Patterson says those are Nermin’s killers.

Russell says they found Maya’s grandmother at a refugee camp in Germany and are bringing her there. Russell says he’ll find her a safe house but Borden suggests that he can take her to a small house he has in the country. Jane agrees.

Russell says she’s the daughter of one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists. Patterson says she’ll go and wants to help Maya. Kurt says they’ll all go and that will make it easier. Bethany says Maya opened up to the team and she might tell them more. Russell agrees.

He says he’ll bring the grandmother to Virginia as soon as she lands. Kurt and Jane drive out to the cottage and he says they used to come out here camping and she came along with them once. He says it rained once and his dad got her pink and purple rain boots.

He says she loved them so much she even slept in them. Jane says it seems like his dad did try until everything happened. He says his dad used to be his hero and he wanted to be just like him. Kurt says he used to want kids and a big yard but can’t be the kind of dad he wants to be.

Jane says he’d make a great dad for what it’s worth. She asks if he thinks Maya will be okay. He says she will. Maya is in the car flipping through radio stations and settles on country. She’s driving with Borden and Patterson and she almost smiles at him. The terrorists get a call with Maya’s location.

The team makes it to the cottage and they look around. Kurt lights a fire and Maya looks around. Borden says he’s constantly fixing something at the house. He cracks an Oregon Trail video game joke and Patterson laughs.

Tasha makes it to the office and Reade asks why she’s digging into Thomas Carter’s files. She asks what he knows and he says it’s complicated. Bethany says Maya’s grandmother is on the phone from Germany. Maya sits sketching but won’t eat.

Jane says maybe she doesn’t like his cooking and offers her a banana. Kurt brings out cookies. She takes one and Patterson says chocolate is universally adored. Maya gobbles some cookies and Borden says maybe they need to cook some Middle Eastern stuff.

Jane and Kurt head to the store. The grandmother asks about her daughter and Bethany has to tell her that her daughter is dead. Then she asks to explain that Nermin is dead not Maya. Rasha says she was killed because of Maya’s drawings that can ID all the Ahmadis.

They worry that Maya is still a target. Jane asks Kurt about Allie and he says they’re broken up and says Allie thought the two of them had something. Reade calls and says Maya is the target and they need to get her in a safe house ASAP.

Kurt says they’re heading back there now. He pops a U and they speed back for the cabin. Maya sips hot chocolate happily and plays with the radio. Borden looks for some DVDs to watch and then the power goes out.

He says that’s never happened since the wiring is new. Patterson says the phone is dead too. He says the junction box is a mile down the road. Patterson says they need to barricade themselves.

She makes a plan and they find a place to hide and some tools to use as extra weapons. He grabs knives from the block and they look for Maya and she’s missing. Patterson sees she’s outside and a car is pulling up.

Patterson shoots the approaching men as Borden grabs Maya up. They run inside and he asks Maya to stay in the closet and wait. The men are beating in the door.Borden takes one out with a nail gun that was about to shoot her and Patterson takes his weapons.

She tells Borden let’s move and he’s shell shocked. Borden tells Maya good job. There are more out front and then some out back. Patterson says they’re screwed but then Jane and Kurt pull up. A couple come into the house and hear clanking in a closet. It’s a full-on fire fight. Patterson climbs out a window onto the roof and Kurt sees them and gestures to duck lower.

It’s a full-on fire fight. Patterson climbs out a window onto the roof and Kurt sees them and gestures to duck lower. Borden and Maya come down the scaffolding. Jane talks her into coming down to her. The gunmen head upstairs. Jane runs off with her followed by Borden.

Patterson lights a rope down the chimney then shimmies off the rood. She blows up Borden’s house. Reade and Tasha are there with tons more FBI backup and firemen. Russell shows up and rants at them for almost getting her killed. He goes to drag Maya away and says her grandmother is on her way. Maya shows Borden a sketch from her book.

He goes to drag Maya away and says her grandmother is on her way. Maya shows Borden a sketch from her book. She drew his hand and the distinctive ring and scar. Kurt asks what is he trying to hide.

They all draw down on him and Russell puts a gun at the back of Borden’s head. Maya hits him with the car door which allows Kurt to shoot him in the arm. They cuff him. Bethany says the CIA has been tracking an unknown source that was funding the Ahmadis and it looks like it was Russell.

She says the shooters at the cabin were sent by Russell to take Maya. She says with Russell in custody, Maya should be safe. Kurt says they need to put out the word that she died in the shootout. Bethany agrees and says they’re making it happen.

Maya’s grandmother shows up and Maya runs to her and hugs her. Patterson tells Borden sorry I blew up your house. He says now he has an excuse to start from scratch. She says she can paint walls once he has walls.

He says he’ll take her up on that. Bethany gets a text from Alexandra about their date that night and Bethany starts to make an excuse but then agrees. She tells her to meet her at a hotel and what room number.

Tasha goes to Reade and says he can keep secrets but she’s telling him there’s something off about Carter’s disappearance and Bethany is hiding something. He says Bethany always had their backs then asks who put a bug in her ear.

She says she busted her ass to get on Bethany’s team but wonders if she should have opened her eyes up long ago and says she’s going to get some answers. Jane has the flash drive in her hand and plugs it in.

Kurt comes over and she says she was hoping to come to game night. He asks if she’s ready to go and she says she has to grab her coat. She glances at the flash drive and then says she’ll meet him in the lobby.

He compliments her necklace and she grabs the flash drive when the light turns green. She walks out. Later, Alexandra pours drinks for both her and Bethany and they toast then drink. Bethany says this needs ice and goes to get some.

Alexandra says they can take this slow and says maybe meeting in her room wasn’t the best call. Bethany goes to get ice. Jane, Kurt and Sayer play games until she says she has to go. Bethany gets ice and then goes back to the room.

Oscar waits for Jane. Bethany goes back into the room and finds Alexandra dead. She pulls her gun and looks around. The phone rings. Bethany checks her pulse. Bethany answers the phone. A voice says stop looking into Tom Carter’s disappearance or you’re next.