Chicago Fire Live Recap: Season 4 Episode 16 “Two Ts”

Chicago Fire Live Recap: Season 4 Episode 16 "Two Ts"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all new Tuesday, February 23, season 4 episode 16 called, “Two Ts” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Casey (Jesse Spencer) reconsiders his run for alderman after he’s targeted by a propaganda campaign; the squad responds when a man is trapped inside of a burning car.

On the last episode, the team responded to a suspicious call from a neighboring firehouse; and welcomed a new firefighter, though her addition has repercussions. In other events, Casey moved forward in his run for alderman. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Casey reconsiders his run for alderman after he’s targeted by a propaganda campaign; the squad responds when a man is trapped inside of a burning car; Trudy’s nerdy brother plans Mouch’s bachelor party; and Jimmy and Brett investigate a kidnapping on their own.”

Tonight’s season 4 episode 16 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Chicago Fire. While you’re waiting sound off in the comments down below what you think of this season of Chicago Fire so far!

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Politics were different in Chicago. And no matter what Casey tried to do, there was simply no such thing as a clean race.

Apparently Alderman Becks had received the wealthy one percent vote after Casey himself had turned it down when he realized that there would be strings attached. So the people he had turned down and who were now funding the Alderman’s latest bid, had also decided to run a smear campaign against Casey. And they started by putting up posters up all over town, telling the world that Casey’s mother had killed her own husband.

And unfortunately those posters were beginning to affect Casey’s job. The commissioner had ended up calling Chief Boden about the upcoming dinner for the Friends of Firefighters benefit and he had actually told the Chief that the dinner was going to be moved to Morningside because certain people hadn’t want Casey to be involved in any way. Which is why the benefit was no longer going to be thrown at 51.

However, Casey had told Boden that he could fix things and he had honestly tried to fix things. He had gone to Becks’s office following his chat with the chief and he told the other man to lay off before he started say some of things that he knew. So that threat should have been enough, but sadly it wasn’t because Becks replaced posters with fliers.

Suddenly there were fliers on all the cars that again told the world that Casey was some horrible person. Only that time the excuse had been the fact he once worked in a strip club. Thus Casey ended up getting to a point where he felt like dropping out would be the best thing he could do. For both himself and his house.

But Dawson hadn’t shared that opinion. Dawson had still believed in Casey and she thought that he would make a good Alderman. So she made him know that dropping out would just be stupid and she got even more vocal with newbie Stella Kidd. After she thought Kidd had slept with her husband in their call room.

And she hadn’t. Kidd husband’s merely needed help with his B12 shots because he was too scared to do it himself and was still feeling the effects.

Though Kidd had found Dawson’s judgmental attitude to be sort of funny. Kidd knew that Dawson and Casey were together so she had asked her friend if anything had ever happened between Dawson and her man at the station. And, funnily enough, Dawson couldn’t answer her on that one. She had been too busy fighting the urge to blush.

Yet, if she had answered the question honestly then she might have received an honest about an earlier question. Dawson, you see, had wanted to know about Kidd’s relationship with Severide. And refused to believe her friend at the time when she said there was no relationship.

And the truth was there had been a moment between Kidd and Severide. Severide had been interested in her and he showed up at her place, drunk, with a six pack. But had been caught off guard by her husband who was demanding to press charges against the guy that had broken into his house.

So that’s why there’s some remaining tension between Severide and Kidd. And why he ducked out of a room when he saw her husband had showed up at the station.

Elsewhere, though, Jimmy and Brett had found themselves in a situation that had seemed weird. The two had been the first on the scene when a man and his son had gotten into a car accident and so Brett had taken responsibility for the son while the firefighters got to work on freeing his father. And therefore Brett had clearly heard, even when no one else could claim the same, that the young boy had said that he wanted to go to Mom’s.

However, the boy’s father later swore that his wife was dead. In fact, he told Social Services that his wife had died giving birth to their son. So it had always been him on his own.

And naturally that raised a red flag with Brett. Who got Roman to run the father’s fingerprints although she didn’t exactly feel happy with herself when it was revealed the father had kidnapped his son to get him away from his drug addicted ex. Nor was she thrilled when the little boy was returned to a mother that couldn’t take care of him.

But that was just how things were and eventually Casey ended up learning that lesson as well once he noticed a turf war going on in front of the local high school. So Casey had gone back to Danny Booker and he told them about a deal he was willing to make. And in exchange for removing certain police cameras, Casey demanded that no one be allowed to sell drugs within two block of the nearby high school.

And as Casey was making a deal with devil, Mouch’s bachelor party finally got underway after his fiancée had first tricked and then surprised him with the greatest bachelor party he could ever think of.