Chicago Med Premiere LIVE Recap: Season 2 Episode 1 “Soul Care”

Chicago Med Premiere LIVE Recap: Season 2 Episode 1 "Soul Care"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama Chicago Med premieres with an all new Tuesday, September 22, 2016, and we have your recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med premiere episode Dr. Rhodes begins a fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery, only to have problems with his new boss, in the Season 2 opener.

Did you watch the last season’s Chicago Med finale where Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) treated his mentor and Goodman faced personal issues? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) begins his fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery, but gets off on the wrong foot with his challenging new boss, Dr. Latham (guest star Ato Essandoh). Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) navigates life as the new chief resident and finds the road a bit rocky, while Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) approaches Sarah (Rachel DiPillo) with an interesting opportunity that catches her off-guard.

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The premiere begins with Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) being called to the heli pad, he has an incoming patient who is 34 weeks pregnant and has been involved in a car accident with her dad.  New medical student Jeffrey Clarke (Jeff Hephner), former Chicago Fire fighter is not welcomed with open arms especially from Dr. Halstead. In fact, when Clarke offers to help with the injured, Halstead pushes him out of the way and announces that “He’s got it!”

Chicago Med is turning into a soap opera, with all the drama.   Dr. Halstead has been in love with Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) for years, and when the stars all seem to line up when Halstead was allowed to stay at Chicago Med, and Natalie had removed her wedding ring, meaning she is finally ready to move on from her deceased husband.  But no such luck for Halstead, just as he is approved to stay, in walks Natalie’s old friend Jeff Clarke, her deceased husband’s best friend.  It looks like he may have been too late to reveal how he truly felt.

Chicago Med’s Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) is behind Dr. Halstead and is trying to help him stay employed there, but he is having a hard time getting it, even though the lawsuit last season was dropped.

We see Nurse April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) waking up in the morning and takes her medication.  She has been repeatedly hurt at work, and on the season 1 finale, her boyfriend Tate Jenkins (Deron J. Powell) tells her that she doesn’t need to continue to be a nurse and that it’s a dangerous job.  He thinks that she should quit her job and marry him.  The proposal was never answered.

Dr. Halstead gives April a check-up and notices that she is not herself and asks her if there is something he should know.  As we learned in the season 1 finale, April doesn’t have any broken bones from the assault at Chicago Med, but the x-rays showed a lesion, revealing that she has tuberculosis.  So now instead of her accepting Tate’s proposal, she needs to figure out how to deal with her health and explain to Tate, that him and his son need to be tested too.

Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) arrives at the hospital and takes a moment to show respect to his predecessor, Dr. Downey (Gregg Henry), who he tried to save from internal bleeding, but his cancer had progressed too much and he did not want to live.  His mentor had asked him for assisted suicide, and although Rhodes reminds him that he could not do it, you know he was thinking of doing it.  Did he or didn’t he assist Dr. Downey to his death?

Dr. Rhodes is greeted by Dr. Layton to CT Surgery and informs Rhodes that he will be overseeing his fellowship.  He tells him that Dr. Downey spoke highly of him and flat out asks him if he killed Dr. Downey.  Dr. Rhodes responds sarcastically and Layton doesn’t seem too amused.  He tells Rhodes that he wasn’t his first choice for the fellowship, but he was out voted, and “Such is life!”

Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) ended the first season, bonding with a parrot that suffers from PTSD, and they form an odd bond.  He returns as the new Chief Resident of the ER, and Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) welcomes him with a huge smile, and of course a ton of binders.

Chicago Med’s Chief of Psychiatrist Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) arrives in a wheelchair, admitting that he tripped over some suitcases on his travels.  He is there to offer Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) a position working in his department, as Psych Resident, and she accepts, and Dr. Choi thinks it’s a fantastic idea and introduces them to the mother of their first patient.

 The mother is insistent that her daughter would never OD on drugs and that she is happy and had hundreds of friends.  When Dr. Charles asks her if the mother knew how her daughter got the fentanyl, she admits that her mother had cancer and is on the fentanyl patch.  They ask to speak to her daughter and she allows it.

Reese and Charles try to speak to the patient but she doesn’t want to speak to anyone.  Charles decides that they will give her some pace for now and come back later.  They discuss how the mother said she had hundreds of friends.  Reese looks her up and sees that she does, what does this mean for the girl?  Was she just trying to get high, or does she sell the patches too, or is she suicidal because her hundreds of friends say horrible things about her?

Chicago Med’s Chief Resident of the ER, Dr. Choi has decided to use his own method of keeping track of what is happening in the hospital, as well as everyone’s schedule on his electronic device.  Maggie already knows this is not going to be good, but as Goodwin said, Maggie likes to let people learn from their own mistakes, but at what cost?

He finds out that his insurance is going to cost him over $35,000 a year, and asks Choi how his system is working?  Choi tells him he is going to stick to papers, but that he had learned early on that it’s the nurses who really run everything anyway.

An ambulance arrives at Chicago Med with a 33-year-old male injured after being hit by a car, when they ask what trauma room to put him in, Dr. Choi tells them room 3, but that room is occupied and Maggie tells them Room 2.  The patient tells them he is HIV positive, and for them to be careful.  Med Student Clarke takes over and is in the midst of getting a medical work up, when Dr. Halstead comes in and again, pushes him aside so he can take over.  This does not go unnoticed!

It looks like Dr. Rhodes’ day is not going very well at CT.  In the middle of an operation, Dr. Layton tells him to proceed a certain way, and he counters that Dr. Downey would go about it differently.  Dr. Layton throws a hissy fit, throws his scalpel and yells that he will not be contradicted by a “fellow” while he is operating.  Dr. Layton asks for Rhodes’ equipment and takes over the surgery.

After the surgery, Rhodes speaks to Layton, who really seems like a miserable person to work with.  Rhodes confronts him, saying that he understands that Layton is in charge, but that he also thought he would like to hear his opinions too.  Layton told him of course, and when Rhodes says it didn’t seem like that in the OR, Layton acts like nothing happened in the OR, and that he isn’t upset, then walks away.

As Dr. Reese and Dr. Charles keep investigating the “fentanyl” patient and discover that she isn’t being bullied or shamed, it’s the opposite.  Dr. Charles leaves Reese to deal with the patient alone, since they seem to be closer in age and both women.  Reese isn’t sure she can handle it.  When her mother leaves the room for a phone call, Reese walks in to try to talk to her again.

Her patient explains how hard she works to take that one perfect picture.  When she reveals the spots on her belly, Reese asks her if she tries to kill herself, which she responds with, “I don’t know.  I just wanted it all to go away.”  Reese asks if she can take a skin scrape, and she allows her to do it.  Results come back and it is only a yeast infection.  She is given meds and Reese tells Dr. Charles that she is willing to join his team because now she knows she can really help people; and he is so glad though.

As Chicago Med’s Chief of Psychiatry, Dr. Charles tells Dr. Reese that they only helped her superficially, and hadn’t even begun to help her heal her soul, and not to worry because they all had a long way to go to heal souls!

Chicago Med’s Dr. Manning is a bit rattled after hearing some people talking about her at the nurse’s station and referring to her as the “Ice Princess”; so when she stops for lunch with Clarke, she asks him if she seems rigid or uptight.  He reminds her of a night they spent at a Greek restaurant and the wedding party beside them started breaking plates, so she joined in, even to the point of yelling “OPA! OPA!!”

Tate meets April for lunch and he says that everything will be fine, that she has to be on antibiotics for 5 more months and that means they will be clear by New Years.  When he goes to kiss her, she allows him to only kiss her cheek.  He leans back and tells her that she is not contagious, and she says she prefers to be safe.  Do you see these two working out?

Back in Chicago Med after their lunch, the HIV patient cannot see out of his eye and Clarke insists that they drain it now or he loses the eye, a nurse tells him that the patient is HIV positive.  Clarke doesn’t care, April hands him surgical scissors and relieves the pressure, just as Halstead walks back in.  Halstead reprimands Clarke in front of everyone, and all Clarke can do is take it since he is a student.

Dr. Choi witnesses it all and asks if he should write him up, Halstead, surprisingly, said no.  Maggie is not impressed with Halstead, but he tells her it’s for his own good, and he doesn’t want him to end up with a law suit like him, or worse, kicked out of medical school.

Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Manning come to Chicago Med’s ICU to check on Cheryl and her fetus.  Dr. Rhodes tells Manning they need to deal with her aneurysm and operate and cannot hold off any longer.  Dr. Manning prepares the room and calls for an OB/GYN.  As the procedure starts, the baby is in distress and they need to do an emergency c-section.  The Cheryl’s father is dying after his collapse and the daughter is in surgery, while her newborn daughter cries.

Against Chicago Med policies, Dr. Manning brings Cheryl and her newborn baby to her dad’s bedside, just after he was pronounced dead.  When Cheryl calls his name, he lifts his head to see them, then dies.  All the doctors are in total shock and Dr. Halstead says he has never seen anything like that.  Talk about an emotionally charged moment.

Dr. Choi is finally called out on his method of how to handle the ER by a Doctor who would like to know why her patient had waited for over two and half hours to get in a treatment room, when treatment room 1 was available all day.  He looks on his phone and sees she is right; she replies that she would like to know where Noah Sexton disappeared to.

Chicago Med’s Halstead makes a good point when he says that he saw a dead man come back to life today, and everything seems kinda small.  He even has some sage advice for April who is observing the patient with HIV being affectionate with his wife.  She wonders if he is afraid he will infect her.  Halstead tells her there is very little risk, and to learn to deal with things.  Life is not perfect, but it is pretty great!

To end Chicago Med tonight, Dr. Charles goes to meet his daughter who is just getting off the school bus.  She wants to see how many “likes” their picture got, and seemed disappointed at only 22 and she wants to take another picture that will make everyone jealous.  Dr. Charles says they should go live in a cave with no electricity until she is about 35-years-old.

Will April follow his advice and move forward with her life?  As she is leaving the hospital, Tate meets her in the rain, to bring her home to his homemade ravioli.  She asks if he is okay with her and the “whole package”?  he says he is sure and they kiss; after which she says “I’ll make the garlic bread!”  Manning and Clarke go out for a couple drinks at Molly’s and when they are leaving, Clarke asks her if she wants to come to his place for a nightcap, and she does.

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