Chicago PD Recap 10/12/16: Season 4 Episode 4 “Big Friends Big Enemies”

Chicago PD Recap 10/12/16: Season 4 Episode 4 "Big Friends Big Enemies"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Wednesday, October 5, 2016, season 4 episode 4 and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD the team works to bring peace to the community before more blood is shed.

Did you watch last week’s Chicago PD season 4 episode 4 when Platt (Amy Morton) went to her father Robert’s (guest star Chelcie Ross) house for dinner, she warned him to be careful with his new girlfriend Natalie (guest star Lilia Vassileva)? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Chicago PD recap from last week, right here!

On tonight’s Chicago PD recap as per the NBC synopsis, “When a car plows through a crowd of concert goers and gunfire erupts, Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) are on the scene. Unsure of the motive and concerned a terrorist group may be responsible, Voight (Jason Beghe) orders in Homeland security, customs and the F.B.I. to assist. At the same time, Burgess (Marina Squerciati) spots Atwater’s (LaRoyce Hawkins) brother, Jordan (guest star Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson), out where he shouldn’t be.

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Chicago PD starts tonight with the Intelligence Unit’s (IU) Dt. Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) and Dt. Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) are helping at a concert venue. Ruzek is teasing Lindsay about already avoiding going home where her boyfriend, Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) has recently moved in. Lindsay says she doesn’t want to take relationship advice from Ruzek, who was once engaged to her friend and fellow CPD police officer, Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati).

Shots are fired and the friendly banter ends, Lindsay and Ruzek run outside where they find the shooter driving a black SUV plowing through the crowd, shooting and hitting many concert-goers with his car. Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) is setting up a command post with Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins), ordering no one to leave, until they get statements.

Voight informs the Intelligence Unit that he is initiating “Plan 3”; not sure if it is a terrorist attack or not, they need a street deputy there, and are told to notify Homeland and FBI. Atwater is ordered to clear everyone, only medics allowed. Atwater finds a young male, one of the performers from the concert, in the alley and is trying to save him. FBI arrives and Voight is filling them in on what had happened.

Dt. Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and Dt. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) reveal that no one heard any words, just rapid gun fire. Witnesses have varying opinions on whether the guy was masked or muzzled. Dt. Jay Halstead arrives to inform Voight that the SUV has been found in a parking garage, but it has been torched. The person who torched the car, missed one of the VIN numbers and the vehicle is owned by a man named Greg Penley who already has a prior for a hate crime.

Officers Kim Burgess and Julie Tay (Li Jun Li) are watching the house when the IU arrives, and believe no one should be home. Burgess lures Greg out of the house and Voight puts a gun to his head, while SWAT and FBI raid his home.

Ten years earlier Greg spent time in prison for bashing in the skull of a Pakistani shop keeper, while shouting racial slurs. Antonio confronts him with the rap sheet, and when Greg says he was young then, Voight punches him in his forehead; saying, “That ain’t youth. That’s hate!” Antonio asks him about his car being at a mass shooting, Greg has no idea his car was stolen. Halstead calls Voight and Antonio out of the interrogation room to show them something.

They find postings on social media of a gang claiming the attack on the 16-yr-old boy, who Atwater found in the alley. The boy, “TK”, is still clinging to life at Chicago Med, and even though he is not a ‘banger’, the Southside Hustlers came all the way to the Northside to send a message. Lindsay contacts Gang Unit to send them all the territorial conflicts. Antonio is to verify Greg’s alibi and if it’s real, to let him go.

As the IU is starting to create a profile, Lindsay receives a call that there is another shooting and more bodies. Voight says to run this all by the FBI, and that they may not be looking at terrorism; that it might actually be a gang-war. Voight talks to Olinsky and tells him that this doesn’t look like it has anything to do with TK, this was just someone who wanted more bodies. None of the new victims looked like gang members.

Olinsky checks on Antonio, who is quite upset and says he has seen too much of this. Atwater and Voight are watching the crowd, where the G-Park Lords are there, and they fear a turf war is about to start. Ruzek brings to them a video that was posted live of the shooting. The G-Park Lords are watching it and leave, as Voight watches them go. Gang Enforcement catches the shooters, but there’s nothing but threats under the video. Olinsky says “Big Friends, Big Enemies.” IU watches TK’s music video and finally understand what is happening, even though he is their victim, he was creating gangsters out of kids, for the Southside Hustlers.

Voight says they have two priorities, locate TK’s shooter and keep the neighborhood from going up in flames. Atwater makes a mysterious phone call, requesting a call back asap. Burgess and Tay are going to the houses of the teens posting threats online, asking to relocate the families for a few days, to prevent any more deaths. Burgess notices Jordan, Atwater’s younger brother, he tries to take off, but she stops him.

Lindsay and Halstead meet with TK’s parents to ask about his friends, his music and how long he has been part of the Southside Hustlers. His mother gets upset and says those violent people are his friends. His father tells Halstead that an hour ago, he thought he CDP would find his shooter, and now that they know he is part of a gang, they won’t. He stands up and says, “This is the Southside of Chicago. Murder is always free here,” and he leaves.

Atwater tries to talk to Markie, to find out where he was when he was supposed to be picking up, his talent, TK from the concert venue. Atwater tells him that he knows him and that he understands he might try to handle this on his own, but he can guarantee the CPD would do a better job. Meanwhile, Burgess brings Atwater’s little brother, Jordan home and tells him to stay away from those guys and it’s not safe to be out there right now.

Ruzek returns with C-tech’s Jenny who is explaining everything about the texting and different ways the gangs talk, in the middle of explaining things, she looks at Voight and asks if he is Hank Voight and he says yes. She says she used to work in the Ivory Tower and has read a lot of files on him.

Ruzek interrupts and tells Voight that they tracked down the messages that appeared right after TK’s shooting, one was from a G-Park Lord and the other was from a Southside Hustler, the odd thing is that both messages came from the same IP address, meaning one person, Charles Backer is trying to instigate a gang war. As they leave to the address of the messenger, Voight leans into Jenny and tells her, “They are all true!”

Antonio and Olinsky get into Charles Backer’s place, where they find a woman in bed with two men, none of them being Charles. She tells them that Charlie rented her the place and he hasn’t been around for a while. When asked about the internet, they say they don’t share it. Ruzek says since there have been 10 renters in the past few years, it must be someone who rolls up, posts the texts and leaves.

Sgt. Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) asks Atwater to stay back. Tay tells him that Burgess picked up his little brother. Atwater is worried about his brother, but is told to go with Voight to see TK at the hospital and Burgess has a handle on it. When they arrive Chicago Med’s Maggie notifies them that the damage was repaired inside, but TK didn’t make it.

Atwater calls Markie over, who won’t listen to him, so Atwater gets physical, and tells him he watched TK dying as a scared little kid, and for what? So Markie could make money? Voight orders Atwater to let him go. Markie calls him a “Toy Cop”. Voight tells him, get out of here. As they leave, Halstead and Lindsay get a call from Ruzek who says the war is about to start, they just got a location of a retaliation hit.

Lindsay and Halstead, see a guy with a gun on a street filled with little children, but before they can shoot they see the police and leave. Halstead and Lindsay check on the mother and children, they say they are fine. Olinsky and Antonio stayed outside Charlie’s house and find a Latino man parked and posting a message, they follow him, where thy find out the property is tied to the Latin Players. Antonio walks in and the gang member attempts to escape, but Antonio punches him out. Olinsky reveals there is a third player in this gang war.

Olinsky and Voight interrogate the Latin Player, who refuses to talk. He says being a troll isn’t a crime. He makes Voight and Olinsky laugh when he says he is ready for them to un-cuff him and claim he assaulted them. Again, his alibi is legitimate, and he is released.

Voight goes to visit one of the Latin Player’s spots, and tells him either he gives up the location of the shooter, or he will make his life a living hell. Voight tells him he has no problem going after his. He admits to Voight that neither of the shooters had permission to do anything. He gives him the name, and where he hangs.

IU is doing surveillance on the place, and are aware that there are gang members everywhere who are armed and high. They plan to lure out Alex, the shooter, with the help of Voight’s informant. Antonio warns the IU that the target is coming out. Halstead grabs him, gun to Alex’s back and tells him to not say a word, when he flips him over, he sees he is just a young teen.

Lindsay searches him and they find out he is just a kid in Junior High School. Alex starts to cry as they take him away, but everyone on the team is shaken to the core, that he is just a kid. Atwater and Ruzek bring Markie and the gang leader of his opposing gang to the waterfront to see Voight. Voight says to them, had this been 15 years earlier, he would have played this very different.

He tells them that the G-Park Lords and the Southside hustlers both got played. He tells them that it was another gang who wanted to pit them against each other. Voight knows they will do what they want to do, but it is their own families that are being shot and killed. He tells them the offender is now in custody and their war is about nothing.

Atwater stays behind, up in the IU space when Voight comes to talk to him, he admits he will never see it the way Atwater does, but that doesn’t mean he won’t pull him back from the edge when he needs to. Atwater says you need to care and not care at the same time. Voight agrees, and Atwater says sometimes it is tough. Voight tells him he is glad that Atwater is in his Unit.

Atwater drives home to see everyone is playing outside, having barbeques. He tells Burgess he appreciates that she stayed with Jordan this whole time. She tells him Jordan is in his room and that he is a good kid. Atwater’s little sister tells him that Kim brought Jordan home in a squad car and called him a “dumbass”. Jordan comes out and starts talking like he is a gangster, saying he was only checking on his friend, and that cops never get it right. Atwater takes a deep breath and decides to take them out to eat, rather than fight.

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