Dance Moms Recap 10/4/16: Season 6 Episode 26 “Mini Mayhem”

Dance Moms Recap 10/4/16: Season 6 Episode 26 "Mini Mayhem"

Tonight on Lifetime after a Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, October 4, 2016, episode and we have your Dance Moms recap below. On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 26 “Mini Mayhem,”   Abby decides the season’s first solo will be given to a dancer from the winning duet.

Did you miss the last episode of Dance Moms where the mini team performed their first lyrical routine; and the elites were tested after the moms make a decision that left them without a group dance for competition? We have a full and detailed Dance Moms recap of the last episode, right here for you!

On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 24 as per the lifetime synopsis, “Abby assigns duets to the elites and minis to unify the two teams, but she continues to favor the minis, leaving the elites to choreograph their own dance. Later, Abby decides the season’s first solo will be given to a dancer from the winning duet.”

Tonight’s episode will surely be filled with the usual Dance Moms drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Dance Moms recap from 9PM – 10:30PM ET! While you wait for our recap make sure to head over and check all our Dance Moms recaps, news, spoilers & more!

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#DanceMoms starts at ALDC LA and Jill is worried about fallout from the girls winning with a self-choreographed dance. The mini’s moms talk about how they have to fight with the elite moms for Abby’s time. Stacey is annoyed with Yolanda and thinks she thinks her kid is the new Maddie.

Stacey asks Yolanda what’s her agenda here with her talking to the teachers alone. Miranda, an ALDC teacher, comes to talk to the elite moms and Kendall tells her about them setting up their own dance. The girls tell Miranda they won first place and Jill says the girls had so much passion.

Jill is annoyed because Stacey and Yolanda are screaming at another from the other room. Jill tells Kira to kick them out. Yolanda tells Stacey she doesn’t need her permission to talk to other people. Holly says the mini moms are creating drama and Kira agrees and Holly says they’re trying to drag them into it.

More mini meltdowns

We see a flashback to the mini moms telling the elite moms that their daughters were mean to their little kids. Abby calls them all in to pyramid. Abby says they had two big winning groups last week. Jill asks Abby to acknowledge what the girls did creating their own dance.

Abby says they trained the girls to do this. Abby says it was callous that the girls said they did their own dance. Abby tells the girls she’s proud of them. At the bottom of the pyramid is Brynn and Kalani. Abby says their duet let her down taking second. Then it’s Kendall and she says her duet with Nia was great.

JoJo was next and she says she was good in group. Nia is top of the pyramid. She says Nia did great with her costume malfunction. On mini pyramid is Payton last then Alexis. Meliana is next and then Ari. Abby announces they will have four numbers at Innovations Dance.

Minis mix it up

They have a group routine called The End of The Road for elite. The minis get Mime Your Business. There are two duets and Abby says she’ll mix a mini with a junior elite. Brynn gets a duet with Lily. Ashlee is annoyed and says Brynn needs something that’s more of a challenge.

JoJo gets a duet with Elliana. Jessa doesn’t like it but wants JoJo to beat Brynn. Abby starts the minis group acrobatic routine. Jessa talks to the mini moms about their fights and calls them stupid. Yolanda says Stacey attacked her. Jessa says they need to grow up and calls them clowns.

Abby is annoyed that the minis can’t do aerials properly and are touching down hands and have wobbly legs. The elite moms stare at the mini rehearsal that’s falling apart and you can tell they’re loving the issues Abby is having with them.

An appearance by Paul-la

Jessa brings in JoJo dressed up like a fan girl named Paul-la. It’s a character that JoJo does on her YouTube channel and Jessa says she’s going to blow it out of the water. The other elite girls are so excited to see the character. Abby plays along with it and loves it totally.

Abby says this is Jessa freaking out and scared and that’s why she’s bringing in this alternate personality. Abby works on the duet with JoJo and Elliana. Yolanda thinks that Jessa has a plan to make sure that JoJo doesn’t steal the show from Elliana. Ashlee thinks it’s stupid.

 Abby then does Lilli and Brynn’s duet rehearsal. Abby says this is a challenge for the girls to do a dark dance. Stacey says Jessa is in an instigator that is never happy. Jessa tries to stir drama between Ashlee and Stacey. Abby walks out of the elite group rehearsal and leaves the girls to sort things with Gianna.

Mini mayhem again

Holly says Abby has made it clear that she’s not spending time with the older girls. Ashlee says maybe it’s the end of the road with Abby since the elite team doesn’t need her. Holly and the other moms talk to Kalani about them helping choreograph but Holly is annoyed Abby is neglecting them.

We see a flashback to Kira telling the mini moms they’re disgusting and laying into Stacey for being horrid when she’s a shrink. Holly brings up the confrontation when the mini moms called their girls rude. We see Kira pushed one of the mini moms and she says they were in her way.

Screaming breaks out again between Kira and Stacey and Kira tells her to get her money back on her PhD because she’s stupid. Things get heated and even Ashlee is stunned by how vitriolic Kira gets with the mini moms.

Mime Time

The mini girls tell their moms that Abby wants them to be quiet. Payton says their moms just want to hear themselves talk and they’re too crazy to be mimes and are always talking. Abby runs group rehearsal with the minis. The mini moms think Abby is putting too much on them.

Yolanda is annoyed and thinks that the moms are trying to take down Elli. Yolanda says they need to stop name calling and attacking. Holly says she doesn’t want to deal with the mini moms. Ashlee says the mini moms attack each other ruthlessly.

Abby screams at the moms to shut up since the kids can’t hear the music. Abby watches the teens rehearse their dance. Holly says Abby knows that the girls are choreographing and that could backfire on them since she’s a control freak.

Abby yells and rants

Abby says the girls are getting older and are taking her for granted. She says they’re getting too big for their britches and think choreographing their number is a big deal. Abby gives them notes on their group routine. Holly says the girls are getting frustrated with Abby.

Holly says Abby is trying to bring them down a few pegs and is trying to break them. Jill says Abby came in, marked her territory, and the girls are collateral damage. Jill says the piece was fine and Abby tore it to shreds. Abby moves on to duets and works with JoJo and Lilly.

The elite moms complain that the mixed duets don’t benefit their girls at all. Kira says the mini moms should be worried about the team and not themselves. Jessa says the mini moms respect nothing and just want to get popular. Yolanda says she respects the elite team.

Moms vs moms

Jill says they all act entitled and they should earn things. She thinks they should be grateful to be there at all and says it’s a problem that needs to be dealt with. It’s competition day and Abby wants to light a fire under the girls because she doesn’t think it will be an easy win.

Abby tells both teams that the highest placing duet will get solos next week. The elite moms complain about the girls not in duets missing out. Abby calms them all down and they head inside. Abby splits them into two dressing rooms and the moms all complain.

She put the duets in one dressing room and everyone else to wait in the other room. The elite moms bicker. Then Ashlee fusses about the duet winners getting solos. Jessa says Abby knows who she wants to win and wants them to have solos.

Last ditch duet prep

Lilly tells Abby if her duet doesn’t win it’s her fault. Abby says that’s sad. Holly says both duets are banking on the solo and gunning for it. Kira says the mini shouldn’t get any solos at all. The mini moms fight back. Kira says Stacey has only been here a couple of weeks.

Even the mini moms agree that Stacey shouldn’t get an advantage. Abby had a special shirt made for JoJo for the duet. Abby tells them there are really good dancers and they have to work hard to win this. Abby tells Elliana she needs to be absolutely on point.

Abby says after eight, you can’t rely on cute and have to be good. Abby gives notes to Brynn and Lilly too and tells Brynn she has to be perfect in every move. Jessa says she and Ashlee have gotten closer lately but now they’re head to head competing and says Ashlee is going down.

Duet dance time

Jessa says Ashlee isn’t into this and Ashlee says they had to dumb things down to dance with minis. Abby explains things to Ashlee and says Brynn needs to work on her acting. Ashlee is confident and says JoJo has never beaten Brynn yet so she’s not worried.

Brynn tells Lilly some last minute notes about being big and looking right at the judges. Their duet is up first. Brynn tells her good job. Now it’s Elli and JoJo. Brynn gives Elli a pep talk just before she goes on. JoJo starts in the audience like a fan.

Elli messed up her choreography and Abby is annoyed. Backstage, Brynn comforts an upset Elli who is crying. Ashlee says Elli’s technique was perfect and made the dance good. Ashlee tells Jessa that it was a fun dance and JoJo didn’t even have to have her feet pointed. Jessa says she did have it right.

Group prep

The mini moms ask for help with mime makeup. Stacey goes to ask Abby how to do it. Stacey asks Abby if the junior girls can help. Abby says okay and let them know to do that and then rehearse. Abby says the mini moms have scary makeup and doesn’t want it to ruin the routine.

Stacey comes in and tells them that the girls should do the mini’s makeup. The moms tell her no. Stacey says she’s relaying the message from Abby. Jessa says go do the makeup. Jessa says it’s not their job to get the minis ready. Holly says she won’t be responsible for messing it up.

Stacey goes back and says the elite moms are sabotaging them. The mini moms flip out and try to figure it out. Yolanda says the makeup is not going well. Abby comes to see the elite team and the moms complain about her asking them to do makeup.

Group notes then performances

Abby tells the girls that there are some great groups and they have to do it well, no excuses. She says technique and timing are critical. Jill is annoyed that Abby isn’t choreographing but the girls are doing it themselves yet Abby messed with their confidence.

Jill hopes the girls win this week. Stacey is excited to see the girls win. The mini group goes first. The routine is pretty cool and the makeup isn’t awful. Kendall and Kalani are worried about doing well today since they did so well last week and want to win this.

The elite team does their Oz-inspired group routine. Ashlee thinks they nailed it and enjoyed it. She hopes it places well since the girls worked so hard on it.

Awards time

Duos are first and Ashlee hopes Brynn wins and gets a solo next week. 2nd place goes to Brynn and Lilly. 1st place goes to JoJo and Elli. Jessa is over the moon and Ashlee is annoyed. Jessa is pleased that JoJo will get a solo and not Brynn.

Now it’s group routines. Yolanda worries the mom stress has messed up her girls. Mini groups are first. The minis take 1st place. Jill hopes that the teen girls win since they again choreographed their routine. She hopes they win and prove something to Abby.

The elite group takes 5th place. Jill is floored and says she knows Abby won’t like this. Abby greets the minis with hugs and kisses after their win and congratulates them. She says the older girls were beautiful but they didn’t do enough.

Abby lays into them

Abby says the choreography was not what you put on the stage at a competition and they didn’t remember that and got too big for their britches. Abby says the little ones were cute and did well but there were mistakes with timing.

Abby says it was a hot mess and should not have won. She says they’re not dancing as a team and says they looked like clowns. Jill asks about duets and Abby says Lilly has talent and Brynn doesn’t need to coddle her and says they need to get tougher.

Abby says JoJo shouldn’t use acting to hide errors. Jessa calls Abby out for that. Abby says her legs and feet weren’t as good and repeats Ashlee’s comments. Abby tells Elli she can’t cry backstage again – she says that’s for when you’re injured, hurt or someone dies.

Post-competition brawl

The moms ask Abby about solos. Abby says it’s the first solos of the season and she’s been reluctant to give solos out since Maddie left and she won’t make a hasty decision but has to think about it. Jessa says the minis should not get solos.

Kira says Elli forgot her routine and cried backstage. Yolanda fights with the elite moms. Stacey doesn’t like all of this. Holly raises her voice and says their kids have cried and Abby was nicer than she usually is. Stacey says Holly is screaming at them and Holly says no solo of you cry.

Ashlee tells Stacey needs to talk less and listen more. Stacey says she can do whatever she wants and the elite moms say bye Felicias and leave them to stew over this. Next week there are three solos and all hell is going to break loose!