Dance Moms Recap 12/27/16: Season 7 Episode 5 “New Kid on the Block”

Dance Moms Recap 12/27/16: Season 7 Episode 5 "New Kid on the Block"

Tonight on Lifetime Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, December 20, 2016, season 7 episode 5 and we have your Dance Moms recap below. On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 5 “New Kid on the Block,” as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Abby Lee Miller brings in a new dancer with an eccentric mom and assigns her a challenging trio with two minis. Later, Abby encourages Brynn to be a leader; and the team’s moms fear a hip-hop routine will bring the ALDC’s winning streak to an end.

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There had been some recent cuts at Abby’s Dance Studio. Abby had felt that Daviana didn’t deserve to be on her elite ALDC Team because of her lack of stage presence and so she had had to let the teenager go however in true Abby fashion she had also quickly went about finding a replacement. So Abby decided to pick a young girl that had truly impressed her during try-outs and later made introductions. She introduced her elite team to eleven-year-old Maesi who had impressed Abby during try-outs. But then Abby managed to upset a few people with what she did next. She had said Maesi would make a great addition to the team and then said Maesi was going to be taking the lead on the next group routine.

However, the mini-moms didn’t like that. They both thought that the lead should go to their daughters who had been around longer. So they had resented the fact that Maesi had been given the lead during her first week on the team yet Maesi’s mother had defended her daughter. She said that if the younger girls hadn’t impressed Abby so far that it wasn’t her Maesi’s problem and so Jagmie’s introduction into Dance Moms hadn’t gone as well either. Jamie was outspoken and she refused to be cowed by anyone much less Stacey and Yolanda. Stacey and Yolanda had thought that Maesi and Jamie were being instantly welcomed when they hadn’t been and so they took that out on Jamie.

The mothers had watched practice along with everyone else and they had been especially critical of Maesi. They had said she had technical issues because she had gotten sickled feet and then continued to harp on and on about Maesi wasn’t ready to be the lead. Yet, Jamie had called them out on their jealousy and so the other Dance Moms decided to fill her in on about Stacey and Yolanda. They said the two women were instigators and that they were generally unpleasant to everyone though they had to decided to leave the others alone as they moved against Jamie. So Jamie had gotten the picture and she had tried moving past the others’ behaviors by focusing on the positive. Her daughter was the lead in the group routine and had a trio with the mins.

So Jamie had texted Stacey about Maesi and the mini having an extra practice, but she had never heard back from the other woman and had actually found out on the day of the competition that the minis had had a practice session without her daughter. Though Stacey and Yolanda had later tried to make excuses. They said they didn’t think Maesi had a place on the team and they completely ignored the fact that Maesi made their girls look good while everyone else had thought that the two mothers were stupid. They said that Maesi acted a bridge between their daughters and the older girls and that Maesi could still have a place on the team because she fit in with the older girls.

Maesi’s height was between Brynn and the minis so simply having around ensured that the minis wouldn’t be cut. But Yolanda and Stacey both felt and implied that Maesi was a mere filler. Someone that didn’t shine in her own right. So the other mothers had to sort of come together to get both women to back off and let Jamie and her daughter get treated fairly however the two that Maesi did with Lilliana and Elliana had had some issues. There had been a spacing problem in which one girl would dance too close to the other and so Abby had to take Maesi to task for that. Abby had said that Maesi had been the leader and that meant shouldered the blame if the routine hadn’t been flawless.

However, there had still been the group routine with everyone and that hadn’t been flawless either. The mothers that had been around longer had said that their team had never won hip hop and so they hadn’t thought they would do well again yet this year had looked as if it was going to different until Maesi messed up. Maesi had forgotten the routine and it was quite noticeable because she had been right in the front. So the future of her fate came down to how well the girls placed and unfortunately the girls lost. And the trio that Maesi had been in had placed third and the Hip Hop number had also placed third.

So Abby was prepared to cut Maesi from the team and she had even done so however the other mothers had all tried fighting for Maesi’s spot. They said they barely noticed the mistake and that she had pulled herself together before anyone truly noticed. Yet, one mother had pointed out that other girl hadn’t gotten sent home even when they made bigger mistakes and so Elliana had been used as an example. Ashlee had said that Elliana had once forgotten her whole routine and that she stayed and Yolanda had gotten offended. Yolanda had said that all of the junior mothers had been nothing but horrible to her and her daughter so she flew off at the mouth.

Yolanda had told Abby that Maesi could have her daughter spot because they were going to leave and the woman had refused to take back what she said despite Elliana being in tears!