Dance Moms Recap 9/20/16: Season 6 Episode 24 “Return of the Minis”

Dance Moms Recap 9/20/16: Season 6 Episode 24 "Return of the Minis"

Tonight on Lifetime after a Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, September 20, 2016, episode and we have your Dance Moms recap below.  On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 24 “Return of the Minis,”  Kendall’s left without a partner when Nia falls ill.

If you missed the Fall Premiere where Nia and Kendall performed tough head-to-head trios, but the moms were not satisfied with the group’s tribute to Madonna we got you covered.  We have a full and detailed Dance Moms recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 24 as per the lifetime synopsis, “The minis perform a beauty-pageant-themed dance; and the elites feel pressured to pull off a tribute to Prince. Later, Abby pits JoJo and Brynn against Kendall and Nia.”

Tonight’s episode will surely be filled with the usual Dance Moms drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Dance Moms recap from 9PM – 10PM ET! While you wait for our recap make sure to head over and check all our Dance Moms recaps, news, spoilers & more!

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#DanceMoms starts at ALDC LA and Kira and Jill greet the mini moms but Jill isn’t happy to see them there because that mean Abby will be too busy. There’s a new mini and mini mom. Stacey and Lilliana are new and Jill thinks the minis are going to screw up the elite team.

Jill and Holly tell the mini moms about Abby’s new lead and then Abby imploding and Jessa stepped up to be the new Abby. Then they see that Abby comes into the studio on a walker and they wonder what that’s about. Stacey goes to greet her with a hug.

Abby talks to the moms and says she had a treatment on her leg – a surgical procedure. She says the stitches burst and it was a mess at the hospital. Abby says it was knee surgery she’s been putting off for four years and mentions she’s got a lot of pain killers.

Abby doesn’t have a leg to stand on

She hobbles braced on a rolling chair into the studio and calls for pyramid. Nia comes in but is sick with a sore throat. Abby says the minis are back – they’re in the room too. Abby says last season was hard but the strong survive and she’s excited to grow the minis.

Stacey is a psychologist and says being there should be fun. She says Lilli has always wanted to work with Abby. Abby tells the minis they don’t want to see anyone crying and being a brat. Jessa asks if anyone wants to see a teacher sitting in the audience eating popcorn.

Holly demands that Abby apologize for flipping her off. Abby says the flip off was directed to everyone and says she has never done that in her life. Holly says she thinks Abby is more embarrassed than sorry but is happy to hear Abby make amends.

Pyramid from the top down

Abby starts at the top with Nia. She has Kalani, Kendall and JoJo next – the angels. She says they were amazing. Brynn is next since she didn’t have a special dance. Abby has the minis at the bottom of the pyramid.

She has Ariana first and says her solo was good last season. Alexis is next for strong work in the group dance. Next is Peyton and Abby says she needs to be stronger. Eliana is told she needs to fit better in the group. Lilli is last.

Abby says it’s Sheer Talent this weekend. She says there’s a Miss Cali title and asks the minis who will be the star of the team. The elite team gets a group number dedicated to Prince. Abby says he was a musical genius. Jessa says she knows someone who worked with Prince she can bring in.

Duets are assigned

Abby gives Kendall and Nia a duet in the teen division. She wants it inspired by Beyonce and Lady Gaga but Nia is worried since she’s sick and not feeling well. The other duet is JoJo and Brynn for pre-teen and it’s Mirror Image and is a contemporary number.

Ashlee wants it to do well and hopes she and Jessa can get along. Abby starts group rehearsal with the elite team. Abby starts the Prince number and talks about him wearing a cape to the Academy Awards. She hands out purple capes and the twirling starts.

Abby says they’ve done numbers honoring music icons before and this has to be over the top since he was. She doesn’t want to disappoint his fans. Jessa tells the other moms the Michael Jackson tribute flopped. Kira says the girls don’t know Prince’s artist. The moms worry.

JoJo and Brynn rehearse

Abby works with them on their mirror image duet choreography. Abby says they don’t dance alike so it’s a challenge for them. She says JoJo has a great personality but less technique and Brynn is the opposite. Ashlee and Jessa talk about this and Ashlee says it will be good for the girls.

Jessa says it will be good for them too. We see a flashback at some of Ashlee and Jessa’s bickering. Jill says Abby put them together to try and push their buttons. Jill says Abby wants to sit back with her popcorn and Coke and watch them fight.

Abby then works with Nia and Kendall based on Telephone by Beyonce and Lady Gaga. They work with a telephone cord as a prop. Abby has been trying to get Kendall a routine every week so she’s constantly working.

Moms talk about Nia as Beyonce

Holly says Beyonce is Nia’s idol so this is really exciting for her. Holly is worried though since Nia has step throat and that could be a problem for her. Abby coaches them and Holly says the last time Nia had to fill in at the last minute in a duet it was bad.

Jill is worried and says this is Kendall and Nia’s chance to redeem themselves. She doesn’t want Kendall in another duet disaster. Gia then works with the minis on their pageant themed number and how one of them will be crowned during the number.

Elliana wants the crown and says she works hard and is a leader and did seven classes on a day she had food poisoning. Abby checks out the mini’s group rehearsal. Abby is hoping to see them showing off their acting chops. The mini moms talk about the crown being symbolic.

Mini moms get mega mad

The mini moms debate about leadership vs people wanting to step up. Tiffani says her daughter can be the leader. Sari is annoyed and says Abby will decided who’s the next Maddie, not Tiffani. Tiffani says Alexis is the leader and the focus of the team.

Bickering breaks out among the moms. Sari says her daughter stands out no matter where she stands and tells Tiffani she’s tripping. Sari calls her delusional and says Ari is one of Abby’s favorites and she’s certain that her kid will get the crown.

Then Gia refers to Alexis to answer questions and Tiffani feels vindicated and thinks the moms need to accept it. Crown debate rages on and Stacey observes all this with interest and then Tiffani and Sari get in each other’s face. The name calling starts.

Mini moms monsters

Abby works with the minis. Tiffani is pouty as the other moms start picking at her again. Tiffani says she’ll let Alexis’ dancing speak for itself. Abby ponders which one to give the crown too. Abby then gives the girls some acting notes. Abby has them act like they won to see who’s best.

Jessa greets her pal Linsley who danced with Prince for five years. Jill asks about the loss and when she worked with him. She says there was a core group of people with him every day and was with him from 92 through 97. Jessa says Abby may be open today or not.

Sari asks how the winner will be picked and when and then Jessa comes in with Linsley. Abby lets her look at the dance and Jessa asks her to dismiss the minis. She does. Jessa says Abby is a flake when the minis are around. Linsley checks out the number.

Abby irritated and makes new plans

Linsley says it’s boring and tells the girls they need to listen to the lyrics and talks about the magic. Abby shakes her head. Linsley says Prince was very theatrical. She dances and shows them some more wild gestures that are more interesting.

Abby butts in and says Kendall needs to do bigger releases. She says be powerful. Abby says it’s wonderful that Linsley came in but they can’t change up the dance a lot since it’s a matter of time. Nia asks Abby and Kendall if they can postpone the duet.

Nia says she can barely hear and feels awful. Abby says she gets it. Holly says Nia has been waiting to do a Beyonce number. Kira asks if Holly knew she was going to drop out and Holly says Nia was trying to decide if she can do it and it’s up to her.

Substitute duet rehearsal starts

Kendall asks if she can do the duet with Kalani since she’s available. Abby asks if she can do it at the last minute and says last time they pulled Kalani because her back was out and it was a hot mess then they need to have Kalani fill in.

Abby says with Nia’s illness, they have to retool the dance and are sticking with the cord choreography and have to find a way to make it work. Kira can’t believe that Abby has put Kalani in this at the last minute dealing with a phone cord prop that’s annoying.

Jill says the cord is going to take an eye out. Abby tells Kendall keeps doing her feet wrong and it’s been wrong 100 times. Abby says they have to buckle down and learn this dance now and learn it fast. Time is running out.

Mini mom madness

The moms just can’t stop. Tiffani says they’re obsessed and wants anyone but Alexis to have it. The other moms pile onto Tiffani who finally walks off to talk to Jessa and complain about the mini moms. Abby comes over to talk to the moms.

Tiffani approaches Abby about the group dance and says the other moms are on her about Alexis’ choreography not being as challenging. Abby tells Alexis they need to work on other things. Stacey goes in to find out what Tiffani and Abby are talking about.

Kira is annoyed that they have one hour left before they get on the bus and the mini moms are stirring drama. Kira goes into the studio and yells at all of them to get out so they can rehearse. She shoos the mini moms all out and says the kids need to learn their dance. Abby thanks Kira.

Sheer Talent competition

Screaming fans await them at the competition. Abby is driven in on a golf cart because of her wounded knee. Ashlee thinks Abby is being a drama queen with the sash and crown on waving to the crowd. The girls get ready. Abby sends the minis to a separate room.

Tiffani asks why they can’t get ready in the same room and Abby says because she said so. Tiffani says they gave up a lot to be there and Abby says whoa. She says she doesn’t want to hear that again. Tiffani says they are equal to the others and Abby says think again.

Jill says five years she’s been there and Tiffani has been there in three weeks. Abby chews her out and says they didn’t start like this. The other mini moms are in the room they’re supposed to be in and complain that Tiffani is screwing this up for all of them. Abby says one more word and your kid is out.

Jill yells at Tiffani to get out

Tiffani gives up and walks out and Abby trash talks Tiffani about it. She curses and JoJo says there’s kids in the room. Abby says JoJo has heard it before. The mini moms tell Tiffani to stop this. She says they need to get their girls ready. Tiffani continues to rant.

Ashlee is happy with JoJo and Brynn’s duet but says it’s not as good as Kalani and Kendall’s – not as dynamic. Abby gives last minute notes on the duets and costumes and it’s performance time. Kalani and Kendall are up first with their phone cord dance.

It’s pretty interesting and the crowd seems to dig it. Kendall and Kalani are thrilled. JoJo and Brynn are next and Ashlee is happy that she and Jessa got along all week. Theirs goes off well too and the crowd digs them. Back in the changing room, Abby says it’s two great numbers.

Abby picks the mini winner to get the crown

Abby has the girls do their acting one last minute and she laughs the whole time. Abby says they liked one girl stomping on her exit. Abby gives the crown to Ariana. Tiffani is floored. Sari says that’s my baby and claps. Abby says Ari’s poise and personality screams pageant winner.

Abby says she also likes Ari’s mom and says she’s sweet to her. Abby tells the minis and moms this is not a gift. They have to earn what they get. She says you earn a spot on the team and you’re lucky to be here. It’s time for group numbers. Elliana is happy but nervous.

The minis are up first doing their Cali Cuties number. Yolanda is happy with the group number and says the girls were amazing. Now it’s the teens group number dedicated to Prince. The moms hope it’s not an embarrassment.

Prince homage group number – then the awards

Kalani and Brynn take a strong lead in this number. The minis watch from the wings. Abby is thrilled and Ashlee says it was her favorite group dance of the season but she thinks it won’t be an easy win. Now it’s award time. Duets are first.

Jessa worries if they don’t win, they’ll keep getting old recycled routines. JoJo and Brynn win 1st place in their category. Ashlee says them winning inspires her to get along with Jessa. Now teen duets. Kendall and Kalani win 1st place too.

Now it’s mini awards. ALDC’s mini team wins 1st place. Now it’s teen group. Kira says the group number was good but they have a bad record with tribute numbers. They won 2nd place and Jill thinks they didn’t get enough time from Abby who was focused on the minis.

More mini mom monsters

Abby gives notes and says Lilli was good but the group needs to work together better. Abby says Lilli and Stacey are a good addition to the group and she wonders if Stacey will comment on the psychos. Abby tells Tiffani that lots of kids will kill to take her place and she’s replaceable.

Tiffany says Alexis stole the show. Kira calls her out for talking like that. Abby leaves to go catch her flight. Abby says the mini mothers all act like seventh graders and call them disgusting. One of the moms tell Tiffani she cost her daughter the crown with her mouth.

The other moms tell her that the teamwork is in an issue and Tiffani needs to be more “we” than “me” and Tiffani says she wants her daughter to be the next Maddie. The other moms are tired of her and walk off.