Designated Survivor Fall Finale Recap 12/14/16: Season 1 Episode 10 “The Oath”

Designated Survivor Fall Finale Recap 12/14/16: Season 1 Episode 10 "The Oath"

Tonight on ABC their new conspiracy thriller Designated Survivor airs with an all-new Thursday, December 14, 2016, episode and we have your Designated Survivor recap below. On tonight’s Designated Survivor season 1 episode 10 Fall Finale, “Shocking information related to the Capitol bombing case gives President Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) reason to suspect there could be a traitor in the White House.”

Did you watch last week’s Designated Survivor where when classified government documents were leaked online, President Kirkman searched for the party responsible only to find that they had taken refuge inside a foreign embassy and were behind even his reach?  If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Designated Survivor recap, right here.

On tonight’s Designated Survivor as per the ABC synopsis, “President Kirkman fears there could be a traitor in the White House when he discovers shocking information connected to the Capitol Bombing. Confiding in Emily, Kirkman puts her in charge of quietly investigating. Meanwhile, new information surfaces about Congressman MacLeish, raising concerns regarding his vice presidential nomination.”

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#DesignatedSurvivor starts with Hannah’s car crash. She’s in bad shape and someone comes to check on her. Someone tells her help is on the way then spots the classified folder. He starts to strangle her – she gets her foot on the gas and escapes his grasp. She staggers away.

He goes to the car and grabs the file. Kimble is pressured to continue with the hearings but she wants to wait on her witness. She tries to call Hannah. The man is chasing her. He stops and calls someone and reports that he lost her. Hannah sees she’s bleeding from her side.

She gets farther from the site. Kirkman and Alex look at the file that shows the explosion was based on a plan from the government as a threat assessment. He says it was to show the weaknesses. He says someone gave the blueprint to Al-Sakar. He says only her and Mike know.

Kirkman says they can’t call anyone until they know more. POTUS says she needs to leave with the kids until it’s safe. Alex says they don’t know where is safe. Kirkman says they can’t trust anyone. Kimble is threatened if she doesn’t join the hearings ASAP.

Hannah hides at Chuck’s place

Chuck comes home and finds Hannah there. She says you can’t let them find me and tells Chuck not to call anyone. She faints in his arms. The committee approves MacLeish and should be a lock for VP. Seth, Emily and Aaron all toast this progress.

Seth talks about MacLeish’s staff he’s bringing. Aaron and Emily know some of them. Emily and Aaron watch the news on the new VP and she says she thought Aaron was going to target her but he saved her job. Aaron says he didn’t think she could handle it.

Aaron says he was wrong about her and is learning from her. They kiss. POTUS is freaking out. Mie comes in and brings in Dr. Enright, the guy that wrote the plan. Kirkman shows him the explosion plan. The doc confirms and says he has nothing to do with the explosion.

He says he wrote the file to try and prevent his not to cause it. POTUS asks why he didn’t come forward. Enright says he can see the explosion when he closes his eyes and says this is a conspiracy and he was scared. Kirkman says okay then says he needs to know who had access to it.

Conspiracy theories

He says it’s ORCON classification and the DOD security team had it and so did NORCOM and General Grady. He says he wrote it two years and six months ago when General Cochrane was the head of NORCOM.

Hannah wakes in Chuck’s bed bandaged and alive. She goes downstairs and sees the news that MacLeish was confirmed as VP. He asks if she’s okay. She asks if he glued her wound and where he learned to do it. He says YouTube then says MaCleish will be sworn in.

She says they have to stop it and Chuck says Atwood is in prison, someone tried to kill her and he’s been suspended. Chuck says she almost died and asks what else can they do before they drop this? She asks Chuck why he’s in the FBI. He says to help people.

Hannah says she did it to piss off her father who’s a surgeon. She says she walked out halfway through grad school and wanted to help too but in her own way. She says they have to stop them and she’s scared too. She says if they quit, the others win.

POTUS confronts the general

Chuck says she’s never been scared in her life. He agrees and says what’s next. She says they can’t talk to Kimble and then says they took the evidence. She says the woman who’s been calling me but Chuck says he’s out of his office and she says get creative to find her.

Mike brings in Cochrane to see Kirkman. He shows him the plan they found. Cochrane says it’s a reenactment and POTUS says no, it’s a defense plan. Cochrane says he’s never seen it before and POTUS says that’s not true. He says he’s the only one on the list that lived.

Cochrane says he never read the file and says it was reclassified by SEC DEF before he accessed it. He says it had never happened before and says he must have been given orders and that’s from the White House. POTUS says he’ll be detained for now.

Cochrane says this is a serious problem and he’s willing to help if he’ll take it. Emily wants to schedule hearings for the cabinet. Aaron brings up the kiss and he asks her for a date to an Elvis impersonator. She loves Elvis and agrees. She has to go see POTUS.

POTUS shares the secret

Kirkman pulls her in alone and says she can’t tell anyone what he says. He tells her about the capitol plan. He says someone in the last president’s administration was in on this and hands her a list of names. Aaron is on the list. He had clearance to know the file existed.

POTUS says she has to help him find the traitor. At a press briefing, Seth won’t give them answers on Nassar. Seth wants to talk about the VP swearing in. He ignores the traitorous reporter Lisa. She asks why he didn’t call on her and he says he didn’t see her.

Seth says he can’t get to everyone and says she can send him an email. Lisa says she gets that she betrayed his trust and says it’s her job to ask questions and his job to answer. Seth glares. Emily looks at the list POTUS gave her and thinks.

Aaron comes into the room and she hides the list. She makes up an excuse for why Kirkman asked to see her. He reminds her about the date and she says she has to work late. Aaron asks if she regrets the kiss and she says no, she’s just buried in work.

Hannah and Chuck get to work

He’s trying to hack info on cell towers to locate the call. His hack was detected and he’s racing while they chase him and try to track him. He scrambles. He says it came from a burner phone purchased in DuPont Circle. She heads out.

Kimble comes to see Kirkman and he asks about the info she had on MacLeish. Kimble says six weeks ago, an FBI agent approached her and wanted access to the blueprints and then told her she had evidence on MacLeish then never showed up.

He asks her name and says MacLeish told him she was obsessed with him and it was personal. Kimble says she didn’t strike her that way but says she hasn’t heard from her since. He asks why she wanted the capitol blueprints and she says it was part of the investigation.

POTUS interrupts MacLeish who’s working on security plans with Mike for the swearing in. Kirkman asks Mike to find Hannah for him ASAP. Hannah is ready to go out. She’s got gun in hand and leaves Chuck’s place.

FBI makes Hannah look nuts

Mike meets with Foerstel to ask about Hannah and tells him why he wants to see her. He tells Mike she totaled her car and fled the scene last night. He says he pinged her phone and tried local hospitals and can’t find her.

He hands Mike a file on her. He thanks him. Hannah is at the store asking about surveillance footage. The guy takes her in the back to show her. She gives him the date of the phone purchase. She sees a Virginia license plate and calls Chuck to run it.

Seth holds another press conference about the swearing in. Lisa asks about a suspect in custody about Nassar’s murder. Seth says the investigation is ongoing and he can’t comment. The room explodes and he ends the conference and walks out.

Emily comes to talk to the White House correspondence tracking team. She looks for a specific date on who contacted SEC DEF from the White House. The woman pulls the records and says the call was made from Charles Langdon, the Chief of Staff.

Mike gives an update

Mike fills POTUS in on Hannah’s car crash on the way to the hearing. He says Hannah has had a difficult time and Atwood made notes about her compromised judgment over her boyfriend’s death. POTUS says she’s crazy or knows something and wants to see her.

Hannah heads to a house in Virginia. She spots the car from the footage in the garage. She pulls her gun and checks out the house. She hears a loud noise and heads around the house. She goes to the front door and opens it.

Inside the furniture is covered and she sees someone running and goes after them. The person is in the woods but she makes them stop. It’s Langdon. She says everyone thinks you’re dead. He says they won’t stop searching for them.

He says it’s bigger than you think and someone in the woods fires on them. They take cover. Hannah takes down the shooter. Langdon drives off while she’s distracted.

Dead body at the farm

Hannah goes to the guy she shot and searches him. She calls Chuck and says she has a security key card and describes the logo. He says maybe Metway Security. She gives him the code from the card. She sees a neighbor walking her dog. The woman dials 911.

Seth tells Aaron and POTUS that Lisa knows someone was arrested. Kirkman says the FBI handed in the report and it confirmed Atwood killed Nassar. He says Lisa is keeping them honest. He says let’s give her an exclusive but she has to wait until tomorrow.

Aaron says he’s sorry about Atwood. Then he asks about what Emily told him why she was working late and Kirkman is clueless. Aaron knows Emily lied. Foerstel calls Mike and says he got a phone call saying Hannah shot someone.

Kirkman wonders what the hell is going on. Mike says the Feds are monitoring DC to try and catch her. Mike says he can’t explain her actions and the others might be right about her. He says they shouldn’t underestimate her. Chuck calls to warn Hannah about the search.

Plot to kill POTUS

Chuck tells her what the key card accesses. It’s a window facing the platform and she thinks they’re going to try and kill Kirkman at MacLeish’s swearing in. Security sweeps the area for MacLeish’s swearing in. Kirkman and Alex prepare to leave and he’s worried.

Alex encourages him not to go through with this but he says they don’t have hard evidence against MacLeish. Beth comes to see her hubby and says it’s time to leave. She asks what’s wrong and he says he doesn’t know if he can go through with this.

He says they need to rethink but Beth says this is a great day for all of them and what they’ve been working for and he asks at what cost. She says at any cost necessary and says he was chosen to survive to restore this nation to the empire it once was.

Beth says their friends placed faith in him and he can’t be weak right now. She says tell me you agree. He says okay. She says let’s go. Hannah races for DC. The president is on his way to the ceremony. Seth talks to Lisa and says she’ll get an exclusive soon.

Assassination plotted

Bags are checked and people are screened to get into the ceremony. The assassin scans his key card into the building. It’s Catalan. He’s in the room to take the shot. POTUS arrives and the crowd cheers. The assassin gets the gun out that was left for him. He assembles the rifle.

He prepares to take the shot. Hannah races on. Kirkman takes the stage and greet MacLeish first. Emily gets a call from the switchboard woman who says Langdon wasn’t there the day the call was made to SEC DEF. He was out of the country. The woman says it was Aaron that made the call.

Aaron pulls Kirkman onto the stage. He greets the crowd warmly. Hannah is still driving wildly to stop the assassin. POTUS talks about the chaos after the explosion. Hannah is in the crowd working her way through. The sniper is ready to take the shot. MacLeish comes up to be sworn in.

Emily stares worriedly at Aaron as this happens. The sniper trains his scope on Kirkman. The swearing in is almost done. Mike is alerted to Hannah’s presence. Hannah sees the open window. She raises her gun and shoots at the sniper. Secret service tackles her. The sniper gets on shot off.