Elementary Finale Recap – Morland Becomes Dr Evil: Season 4 Episode 24 “A Difference in Kind”

Elementary Finale Recap - Morland Becomes Dr Evil: Season 4 Episode 24 "A Difference in Kind"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Sunday May 8, season 4 finale called, “A Difference in Kind,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, season 4 ends with Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) facing reprisal from the perpetrator who wants Morland (John Noble) dead.

On the last episode, when Holmes and Watson discovered the perpetrator behind the attempt made on Morland’s (John Noble)life, they found a shocking connection to themselves. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “season 4 ends with Holmes and Watson facing reprisal from the perpetrator who wants Morland dead, and realizing they dangerously underestimated the scope of their new enemy’s influence.”

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#Elementary starts with the water bottle bomb in the living room where last week’s episode left off. Sherlock checks it out and he says it’s not on a timer – it’s set for remote detonation and no one saw them come in so they should be safe.

She wants to call the bomb squad but he says that will put their neighbors at risk and says this is a chance to get clues. She says it’s Vikner. Sherlock says Vikner fears Moriarty. He yanks a wire out of the bomb and he says despite movie plots, simple devices are the usual.

He says let’s go across the street and introduce ourselves to our would-be murderer. The alarm goes off when they break in and he says perhaps the bomber got in a way without a sensor. Sherlock tells her they need to go. Joan deactivates the alarm.

She says she fed their fish last year and knows their code. She says we may as well look around. She texts the couple who confirms no one should be in the house. Sherlock says someone was there recently with clove cigarettes.

Sherlock is confident it’s not Vikner because Moriarty will kill him. Sherlock says someone is trying to frame Vikner  – likely someone who wants his job. Sherlock says they need to find the dissenter and propose an alliance.

Joan gets a call from Marcus who asks if he knows Christopher Gray, the head of his dad’s security. He was found knocked out close to Sherlock’s place. He asks them to meet him at the hospital. Sherlock and Joan come in and ask about his attacker.

He says he can’t remember what happened. Sherlock find clove cigarettes in his jacket. Gray tells him to leave. Sherlock says they know he was spying on them. Joan says he saw a man breaking into the house and confronted him and that’s why he was beaten.

Gray says he answers only to his father. Gray calls the nurse and has them kick him out. Sherlock tells Joan to stay and meet Marcus while he chases down the bomber. He goes to a church that’s under construction nearby since he noticed plaster on Gray’s coat.

Sherlock finds three men there and a fourth dead on the floor. Morland is one of the men but says he didn’t do it. He asks his security men to step away and they do. Morland says Sherlock should send Gray a nice gift and Sherlock asks if this is the bomber.

Turns out Gray shot the guy. Morland says he was on the way to see him then says the body had no ID. He says he wanted to see his face before the body was disposed of. Sherlock rattles off info about him and says this is not the same person who bombed his office.

Morland says he was wrong and Sherlock was right that he didn’t know what he’s up against. Morland says he’s done with vengeance. He says he wants justice for Sabine but the price is now too high. He says he won’t’ lose Sherlock over this.

Morland says he can help him however he wants and they can do it his way. Sherlock says he’ll let him know if he decides he wants help from him. Joan comes home and he shows her he found a match and says the guy was from Iran.

Zoya Hashimi is at the local UN mission and that man was her personal driver. They wonder if she wanted to take over for Vikner. Sherlock says they can only guess at the motive but he thinks she sent the bomber. He says they need to meet to her.

Joan says they can’t stroll into the UN and he says Morland offered help. She asks if he believes his dad and he says they need some help to turn this woman. Sherlock tells Morland about Vikner. Morland asks Joan why she’s not talking to him – it’s a trust issue.

Morland says Hashimi can be motivated but the method may be problematic. They pull up at a large estate and Morland, Joan and Sherlock get out of the van. Zoya is there and she says she was expecting only two representatives from Riksar Energy.

Morland apologizes but she lets them into the house. Joan tells Zoya they have been looking into her and Morland calls her a murderous hag. Zoya says sorry about the bomb and says she’s glad there’s no pretense. She asks if they want to talk about Vikner.

She says he’s reckless and they need a scalpel not a hammer. She asks if Sherlock is there to help her kill him. Sherlock says they want the whole organization gone. Zoya scoffs and says he needs to see something. She takes them into another room.

There’s a massive wall of country names and she says these are UN votes then says the red notes are hers. She says notice the number of red notes and says it pertains to global activities. She says you can’t just roll up a network this large and says that’s why she tried to take out Vikner by bombing him.

Morland says they can expose her to Iran but she says she knows scarier people. Zoya mentions one other man and says when Moriarty was rounded up, they knew they need a leader. She says they wanted someone from outside the group.

Sherlock says they’re talking about Morland. Joan says that’s why Vikner tried to kill Morland. She says with Sabine dead instead, Morland was somewhat out of commission and that allowed Vikner to solidify his power. She says that’s what he does when he’s threatened.

Sherlock tells Joan that they need to frame Vikner for murder like Zoya was planning. Later, Joan tells Sherlock that she’s looking at Lance Chapel and says she thinks he set a fire in a neighbor’s apartment. She says he took the DANTE survey.

They are still looking for someone to use and he says stick to the psychopaths. She asks if his dad would have said yet to taking over Moriarty’s group and Sherlock says no. He says his dad will kill people if he has to but doesn’t engage in murder for profit.

He says Morland was never a threat to Vikner. Sherlock finds one likely crime and they talk about Arthur Tetch. He says Vikner was in town that night. Sherlock says they can produce a murder weapon that will tie Vikner to the crime.

He says they can get blood from the crime lab where the victim’s blood is stored. He says they need to tie it to Vikner. He says she’s going to do the hard part. Vikner is lecturing and is annoyed when a cell phone rings. He says he has a rule about cell phones in the class.

It’s Joan and she says he’ll want to take this call. He steps outside with her. He takes the call and it’s Morland on the line. He says he called to take him up on his offer of peace. Vikner says Sherlock said he wouldn’t be interested then says the offer is no longer on the table.

Vikner says the only thing that will make peace now is his head on a pike. Morland ends the call. Sherlock sits nearby. Vikner invites Joan to stay for his lecture and says she might learn something. She walks away. Sherlock tells his dad that went well.

They got his fingerprints from the phone that Joan handed him. He says they’ll transfer them to the knife and says they’ll send the knife to the FBI so that Gregson is not involved. He says Autumn Dunbar worked at the USPS so her case is federal.

Morland thanks Sherlock for what he’s doing and says he can’t like faking evidence. Sherlock says desperate times. Morland says it’s something realizing that you appear to be someone who would take leadership of a group like that.

Morland says he’s blamed himself for Sabine’s death and was sure he had angered someone and tried to figure out exactly what he did wrong but Sherlock says it was your life’s work, all of it. Sherlock says he would have failed leading the group and says he doesn’t have the stomach to be an evil mastermind.

Joan is at the FBI to meet her contact. She heads into the office with her pal who says the knife did have a match for Autumn’s blood and the prints match Vikner’s. He says they went to look for Vikner and he’s gone and asks if anyone else knew of her suspicions.

He says the guy’s phone is off and his credit cards haven’t been used. Joan says do you think someone tipped him off. He’s worried someone in the bureau tipped him off and he tells Joan to be careful and says there could be more to this guy than meets the eye.

Morland’s security guy says Sherlock called and said they need to be on high alert and ready the plane. Sherlock comes by and Morland says Vikner is on the run but Sherlock isn’t sure. Sherlock says the bad news is that Vikner now has nothing to lose.

Sherlock tells Morland to return to London or head to a Greek island or some secret volcano lair. Sherlock says he’ll sort this out. Morland makes a call to Zoya and says he’ll accept it. Joan finds Sherlock down in her office.

He says Vikner’s financials didn’t help then says the man is too well traveled to pin down. He says he also checked out his biological daughter. Gray shows up at their door and says he’s looking for Morland and can’t find him anywhere.

He shows them a letter he got by courier and says Morland just terminated him after 20 years of work. Sherlock says 10 million pounds severance is generous but Morland says he terminated his whole team this morning and said he didn’t need them because the danger had passed.

Sherlock calls his dad but he walked out without his phone. Morland goes to a dodgy building to meet Vikner. Morland doesn’t seem like a man walking to his death.

Sherlock is angry since Zoya’s people won’t let him talk to her. He thinks his father is surrendering to him. Joan gets a call from her FBI guy that Vikner’s phone is pinging at an abandoned factory in Yonkers. Joan and Sherlock go to meet the SWAT and FBI teams there.

Her guy meets them and says they’re still sweeping. There were no cars when they showed up. The guy gets a call and says they found a body. They head inside. It’s Vikner dead from a gunshot and no gun nearby. Sherlock gets a text that says rooftop.

He meets his dad later up on the roof of his place and asks if his bees stay there year round. Sherlock asks about the execution in Yonkers. Morland says he didn’t touch Vikner. He says he has a new friend – Zoya – who took care of that.

He says Zoya offered her assistance and Sherlock asks if she’s ascending to the throne and Morland says he is and Vikner is gone. Zoya gets a steady hand at the wheel. Sherlock asks if he’s joking and Morland says he did it for him and Joan.

He says this will keep them safe. Sherlock says Moriarty gave him safe passage but Morland reminds him that there was a bomb at his house the other night and says he can’t lose him. Morland says he will dismantle the group from the inside.

He says a threat from the outside is too difficult but from the inside is different. He says the group will no longer have a presence in New York and says he’s heading back to London. Sherlock says it’s suicide. Morland tells him he knows about Irene and says Zoya explained it to him.

Morland says being loved by Sherlock is a dangerous thing and that’s why he’s still alive. Morland asks who do you love more than any other in the world and what will happen if you stay with her? Morland walks away.

Joan meet Sherlock at his father’s safe house. He says it’s now his place. He says his father gave him the property. Joan says are we moving. He says he’s not but thought she might like it. She asks if this is about the junk his stuff said.

Sherlock says he said he was cancer to friends. Joan jokes maybe they should not be on the same continent and says he’s not his father. Joan asks if her sister can help them sell the place. She says they can talk about it over dinner and they can ask Marcus too.

She’s trying to match make Marcus and Lynn and Sherlock says she’s much more of a threat to their friends than him. She says what’s the worst that could happen.