Elementary Recap 5/1/16: Season 4 Episode 23 “The Invisible Hand”

Elementary Recap 5/1/16: Season 4 Episode 23 "The Invisible Hand"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Sunday May 1, season 4 episode 23 called, “The Invisible Hand,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) discover the perpetrator behind the attempt made on Morland’s (John Noble) life.

On the last episode, Sherlock’s father, Morland (John Noble), became Sherlock and Joan’s prime suspect in a murder investigation after one of his employees was killed under the guise of a robbery. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “when Holmes and Watson discover the perpetrator behind the attempt made on Morland’s (John Noble) life, they find a shocking connection to themselves.”

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#Elementary starts with Sherlock looking at a large chart and says murderous psychopaths are being used like tools. He says these are the same dark forces that tried to kill his father and he has no idea who it is. He says Moriarty is not pulling these strings.

Joan walked out of the room and asks if he’s talking to her since she left. He says he has to be sure she’s not behind this and looks at the love letters Jamie Moriarty sent him. Sherlock says her jailers told him that she mostly writers to him but some lawyers and others.

Joan asks if he’s sure but he doubts it since she has no communication channels active. He says he thinks someone took over Moriarty’s job. Joan says she had no job but Sherlock says it’s more of a network of operatives.

Sherlock says he lost sight of the truth that nature abhors a vacuum. Joan says why send someone after his father and says they need to bring the authorities in but Sherlock says no because then the person will know they’re coming for them.

Sherlock says they can’t trust anyone else. Morland is leaving his office and gets an update on the walk out of the building. Two guards are there and the secretary Allison asks if he’s all right. Morland takes her to task for running late on a request then leaves.

A man unloads bottles of water at the building and Allison asks why he’s there alone. The man shoots her dead then checks to make sure he killed her. He heads out and leaves a bomb on the water bottles. We see he killed someone else as well.

He detonated the bomb once outside then drives away in the water delivery truck. Later, fire and CSU works the scene and Joan tells Marcus about Allison, the one victim. Marcus says the guard was shot out like an expert and took the surveillance footage. He says the guy is good.

Gregson says the fire department wants them out due to structural concerns and Marcus says there’s no evidence anyway. Gregson says no traffic cam video and says they checked the cameras but the cameras were aimed away. Joan says Morland might have done that.

She says his clients are corporate vampires. Gregson asks where Sherlock took off to and she says he just went to check on his father. Gregson says Morland is in Malaysia on business. She says they don’t talk much.

Morland is in a safe house and isn’t happy. The guards tell him no one knows about it so no calls and no computers. The doorbell rings and the guards go on high alert. It’s Sherlock. They let him in and he says he’s clearly not in Malaysia.

Morland asks how he found him and Sherlock asks to speak to him alone. He says Morland is in more danger than he knows and says he’s got a what, not a who, after him. It’s an organization. Morland is stunned. Sherlock calls him an apex predator and that’s why he’s not scared.

Sherlock says the group tried to kill him years ago then set a bomb off after he left. Morland says the bomb is a warning to stop looking into Sabine’s death. Sherlock says his enemy is unmatched in depravity and says he needs to let him and Joan in since he might not survive.

Morland asks him to keep him updated. He says he thinks the man who killed Sabina also set the bomb – Krasnov – and hands him a photo. He says he had the man’s left thumb in his office in a jar. He says the warden of Krasnov’s jail where he escaped sent him the thumb.

Morland says Krasnov escaped on an oil tanker and just arrived in New York. Sherlock tells him to stay put so he doesn’t get more people killed as collateral damage. Joan comes home and calls to Sherlock. He yells kitchen.

She sees a painting of herself and it’s giant. He was working out and Joan says she spent the day running into walls. She asks where it came from and he says it’s on loan from the authorities. He says they need to know who Krasnov is working for and says three energy companies are involved.

Sherlock said most of the overlapped men are bad candidates. He points at Joshua Vikner, who is an econ professor, currently teaching in New York. He makes speeches to oil companies as a side line and has spoken at all three.

Sherlock says he thinks Vikner is Moriarty’s heir. He shows her a book jacket with him on it and says he had a Vermeer behind him and says he thinks she gave the painting to Vikner and the keys to her kingdom.

We see Vikner going to his office at the university. Joan and Sherlock are there waiting. He greets them by name then asks what took them so long. Joan asks when he took over for Moriarty. He says Morland has been turning over rocks that annoy him.

Sherlock rattles off some facts about him. He asks if he knows the invisible hand and Sherlock asks if he’s suggesting that’s what he is since he’s making assassins. He says when Jamie Moriarty went away, there was chaos and he brought order.

Turns out that Vikner is Moriarty’s baby daddy. He says Jamie told him that he could never harm Sherlock or Joan either one but he’s not sure why Joan made the list. He says he has a class to teach and Sherlock tells him his hand is no longer invisible. He walks away.

Joan says the Moriarty thing is weird and thought the father of her child would be less like herself. Sherlock says they need to find Krasnov and connect him to Vikner and they can get rid of both of them without more bloodshed.

Marcus hands them info on the explosive and says it’s homemade with a cellphone trigger. It’s acetone and peroxide. Joan says you can pick that stuff up anywhere. She asks who much it would take and he says 10 or 20 gallons.

She says the security at Morland’s office was tight and wonders why they didn’t hit the silent alarm. Sherlock says water bottles. They go to the water company and the supervisor says the guy’s truck was stolen that usually delivers there.

He says he called the cops but then his truck was brought back and nothing was missing so they thought it might have been a prank. The guy says the restaurant George was at had no cameras. He says he thought that he might have died in the explosion if his truck wasn’t stolen.

They go check out the truck. They notice what looks like a new hand truck and Sherlock spots two price stickers indicating a recent sale. They find the store and then security footage of Krasnov. The card was a gift card that he paid with and said you can buy it anywhere.

Joan says the card number can be tracked and the charges were some cheap hotels so maybe they can track him. Joan says Vikner may not be as good as Moriarty was and Sherlock says she never compliments her. Joan says she has great taste in shoes too.

Morland shows up and asks about Krasnov and the cops. He says why didn’t you tell me about this. Sherlock says he can’t let him take out Krasnov. Morland says he was going to convince him to give the name of his employer.

Sherlock says he should be made to testify not killed off. Morland says he thinks Sherlock knows who hired him and Sherlock denies it. Morland yells at him and says tell me. He says the NYPD is out of its league. Sherlock says the NYPD brought down Moriarty.

Morland says if Sherlock had cleaned up after her arrest, Sabine would not have been killed. Morland rants and says Sherlock has blood on his hands too. He demands the name and Sherlock says his father can read about it in the papers like everyone else.

His father leaves in a huff. Sherlock talks about their fridge going bad and he cleans out the fridge. He says he thought Moriarty’s group would fall apart without her and was mistaken. Joan says the American government should have taken care of it.

Sherlock wonders if Moriarty tried to kill his dad to get back at him. Marcus calls and says they nabbed Krasnov. He tries to tell them he speaks no English. Gregson says he spoke just fine to the clerk at the hardware store.

Sherlock asks if he thinks they’re fools. He answers in Russian and Sherlock rattles back in Russian and says they can talk in any language you like. He says he did not set off a bomb, he’s a tourist. Gregson says you’re staying and heading to prison.

Joan says tell me who hired you to plant the bomb. Gregson offers him a deal for cooperating. Krasnov says he has a photo of him buying a hand truck and isn’t enough to charge him. He says he’ll be out of here soon and says there’s no extradition treaty with Russia.

Sherlock says let’s put him on suicide watch and lose his belt, shoe laces and other things. Sherlock checks out his belt and says smell it. Gregson sniffs and Sherlock says there was a propellant added and it’s a chemical from pesticides and it corrodes metal and has a smell.

Sherlock says he built the bomb too. He says that component is uncommon and they can link him to the bomb if they can find where he bought it. Sherlock says there’s a sandwich shop out of the way. Marcus goes to follow up.

Sherlock says he has an appointment. He says Vikner asked to meet him and she’s worried about his safety but he says it’s very safe. It’s the memorial service of the bomb victim Allison. Sherlock meets him there and says this is an unsubtle display of insensitivity.

Sherlock brings up Krasnov and Vikner says he might have a shot at him. He says he was going to talk when they nabbed him in Russia. Vikner says he came to talk about Sherlock and says Jamie told him he’s brilliant but that he hated his father.

Vikner asks if that’s wrong and Sherlock says that’s none of his business. Vikner says if he must be with his father, he might have to sue for peace. Sherlock asks if he wants him to help forge a truce with his father. Sherlock asks why he tried to kill Morland.

Vikner says it was business and Sherlock says no it was not. He says he had nothing to gain from Morland’s death and failing to kill him caused horrible problems. Sherlock says he can’t stop his father from wanting his head. He says his father won’t make peace.

He says his father wants him in jail or dead. Vikner says then no peace it is. He walks out. Marcus shows Gregson the case of a missing security guard who worked at a chemical supply company near the sandwich shop where Kasnov worked.

Joan says someone broke into one of their sheds and there’s blood there and a missing barre of chemicals. They spot a partial handprint because Krasnov is missing his thumb. Gregson says that’s a crime on American soil.

Krasnov is brought to the station. A cop stops them and pulls his gun and shoots at Krasnov. Marcus and Gregson come out and find the cop shot himself after he shot Krasnov. Gregson rants on the phone about the shooting and says to round up the killer cop’s CO.

Gregson says Pennebaker was supposedly a rising star at his precinct. Pennebaker’s mother got an email that said I’m sorry. Marcus says he’s one of the Dante survey psychopaths. Sherlock says there are six on the survey.

One dead, one in custody and now Pennebaker. Sherlock says these mental defectives are killing people. Gregson says he was so crazy that he took money to kill himself. Sherlock says he was crazy and was likely blackmailed.

Sherlock tells Joan to get sleep since they need to be at their best for what’s coming. He says he knows she doesn’t like keeping secrets about Vikner from Gregson and Marcus. She says if Morland killed Vikner wouldn’t that just leave another opening.

Sherlock says Vikner is probably the most likely candidate but says she doesn’t want to be an accessory to murder. He stops them and heads the other way. He says he thought there were being watched and then takes her in another entrance.

There is a water bottle bomb at their place. The light is ticking and he says he’s not being paranoid.