Elementary Recap 11/13/16: Season 5 Episode 6 “Ill Tidings”

Elementary Recap 11/13/16: Season 5 Episode 6 "Ill Tidings"

Tonight on CBS their crime comedy-drama Elementary premieres with an all-new Sunday, November 6, 2016, season 5 episode 6 episode and we have your Elementary recap for you below. On tonight’s Elementary Season 5 episode 6 Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) disagrees with Joan’s (Lucy Liu) plan to help Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) when his criminal record prevents him from getting a full-time job.

Did you watch the last episode of Elementary where Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) had plenty of suspects when they investigated the murder of a man who led a secret life as a vigilante, “catfishing” sexual predators on dating sites and publicly shaming them?  If you missed it and want to get caught up before tonight’s episode we have a full and detailed Elementary recap, right here.

On tonight’s Elementary season 5 episode 6 as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes and Watson investigate a mass murder when a chef and his patrons are poisoned after dining on a tasting menu tainted with snake venom. Also, Detective Bell’s crush on a work colleague makes Holmes realize his and Fiona’s (Betty Gilpin) relationship is at an important crossroads.”

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#Elementary starts at a restaurant in a busy kitchen. A demanding chef yells at an employee. She says one day she’ll murder Chef Joe and another guy says stand in line. The chef’s eyes start bleeding and he collapses.

Marcus is testifying at a trial on an armed robbery. The defense attorney is grilling him about Samuel Cruz, a witness. Marcus leaves court and the prosecutor approaches him. Marcus syas he may have perjured himself.

Sherlock is video chatting with Fiona from Philadelphia. She says people here like cheeseteak too much but she likes the river. She wants to spend time with him in person. She asks him to come meet her in New Jersey halfway.

He gets a work text and then agrees to meet her. Sherlock and Joan meet Gregson at the scene of the chef death with bleeding eyes. Joan says it sounds like poison. Gregson says a line cook is also showing symptoms.

Venom for seven

Sherlock goes sniffing around and says the foie gras has snake venom in it. Sherlock says there is fiberglass there to create small cuts in the mouth so the snake venom could be absorbed. Sherlock says it’s subtle.

They talk to the line cook. He says the chef usually doesn’t share it with them so no one knows his special recipe. He says it’s stored in the prep fridge and he makes it himself at night. The cook says they had a break in last night.

He says the batch was for a private lunch. He says there was a seven top at the lunch. Sherlock says this might be mass murder. The medical examiner goes over the cause of death and it’s venom. He says it will take time to figure out what type of snake it is.

Gregson says they don’t know who ate it yet then gets a message about another victim named Tate Orvis and he died. Joan says they need to figure them out. Daniel Lukic is the name Gregson couldn’t find but Sherlock says he’s a Serbian national on vacation this week.

Hidden things

Sherlock meets Marcus at Lukic’s hotel room. Marcus tells Sherlock he was in court on the Leon Walker case. Sherlock says the witness was there and Marcus says maybe he didn’t see him. Sherlock says Walker knocked over the guy’s perfume display.

Sherlock asks why would they bring in the witness given all the hard evidence against Walker. Marcus says it’s a problem and he thinks Cruz is going on the stand and it could be a problem. Sherlock says they can prove for the court he saw it.

Sherlock finds a bottle of wine and then pulls the bottom out of it. He finds something in the fake bottom. They bring in a woman who knew Tate. She’s the HR lady at his company but Joan says she knows from her social media that she was at Tate’s summer home.

They know she was having an affair with Tate. She admits they were sleeping together and says they argued because he was two-timing her with an Italian woman. She says she eavesdropped on him talking to her then she found these weird key cards.

Affair but no homicide

She shows them a photo. They look the things Sherlock found in the wine bottle. She says Tate got mad at her when she mentioned the woman and she says she ended things with him but didn’t kill him. She says she was at home with her husband last night.

Joan comes home hungry and Sherlock has take-out. Joan says she and Gregson called the hospital but found no new leads. Sherlock says the key cards match ones he found in Lukic’s hotel room. Joan says Sydney thought Tate was having affair.

Sherlock says the cards are marked with the letters IAO from a secretive internet group and the seven people that met might be the leaders of the group. He says the NYPD is going to check on all of them. Joan says she thought it would be spies or assassins not tech support.

Sherlock says taking these people out is major since they control core security for the whole internet. They bring in Mr. Dalal, one of the diners that survived. Dalal says these people were friends of his. Joan asks him about the IAO and why he’s the only survivor. He says he’s a vegetarian.

Marcus worries but it’s cool

Dalal says it was lucky. He says he was at his hotel when the restaurant was broken into. He says why would anyone want us dead. Marcus says your group is secretive. Dalal says he understands little. He explains that they verify that web addresses are legitimate using an algorithm.

Dalal shows them key cards and says the algorithm is stored on hard drives in safes locked with these. Dalal says these are just the first line of defense and there are redundancies. He says he sees no plan that would benefit from killing his friends.

Sherlock says maybe the motive is personal. Joan says they need to check Dalal’s alibi first. Marcus asks Joan to take care of it while he and Sherlock deal with an old case. Marcus says he talks to Cruz and he admitted it but was being pressured to lie on the stand.

Marcus says they’re going to go see the ADA. Sherlock asks why he needs him. Marcus tells him they have to do it. Marcus says he got an affidavit so Cruz can’t lie on the stand. Marcus offers to go to the judge with the ADA. She’s confident it will be okay.

Marcus has a crush

The ADA tells Sherlock to be more careful writing reports. Marcus goes to accept blame but Sherlock won’t let him. Sherlock tells Marcus he has a crush on the woman. He tells him he needs a different color shirt to flirt with her and says he used him as a wingman.

Marcus admits he likes her. Sherlock says she has a wedding ring on but Marcus says she’s in a divorce. Marcus says Chantal is great at what she does. Marcus asks him about Fiona. Sherlock gets a call from Joan who says she found the motive.

She says someone sent a video to every news station in town. It’s an anonymous type message that says Wall Street is next and they can’t be stopped. The message tells people to panic. They go to the stock exchange to meet with a liaison there.

She says they get threats all the time but most are fake. She says the exchange has protocols to ensure security. She says they freeze all trading and only the techies are left. She says the audit is done by outside consultants.

Love labors lost

She shows them the trading floor from above and Joan says she’s used to the chaos. Sherlock says he thinks this is a hoax. Sherlock says this might be a bizarre ruse to provoke them to take their security actions. She says they have to run the protocols.

Sherlock says the killer is set to profit most likely. He says they need to see recent trading data. The woman says they can’t take the data with them but they can see it. Joan and Sherlock go through the data. She can’t find anything.

Sherlock brings up Fiona and says they don’t talk about their work like Marcus says couples do. Joan says every relationship is different and says her mom has never read one of her stepfather’s book. He wonders why he doesn’t want to share with Fiona.

He says he had one romance in his life and that was with Irene. He says Fiona is remarkable but the two don’t compare. He’s disappointed. Joan says his thing with Moriarty should never happen again. She says he loves Fiona or not.

Robbery most foul

Sherlock tosses a paper ball into a large vase and remarks on its antiquity then thinks about another motive for the hoax. He goes downstairs and sees three paintings of great value gone from the lobby. Sherlock says this is an art heist that went down under their noses.

Sherlock tells Marcus and Gregson the paintings are worth $60 million. Sherlock says it’s a flimper trick used by pickpockets. The poisoning and threats were to allow the robbery. Marcus says the cameras should have caught it but Joan says the system was offline for the audit.

Joan says Lillian offered them all records since they suspect it’s an inside job. Sherlock says there are a thousand employees and this must be done fast. He suggests burning down the haystack to find the needle. There’s a new story about the recovery of the paintings.

Sherlock had a counterfeiter friend make copies to feed the news story. Sherlock says the publicity should kill the sales market since no buyer will take them off their hands. He expects dark web rants about the thief. They are watching monitors.

Culprit discovered

Joan tells Sherlock that he’s never been through a break-up before and says just remember, speak directly about what’s going on if he splits with Fiona. Sherlock wakes Joan and shows her three possibilities that trade in stolen goods and they’re all complaining about the PoPo.

They all talk about the PoPo lying to them. He reads her some messages about the paintings. Sherlock says all three screen names belong to Brian Beale who works at the stock exchange. He’s a cybersecurity expert.

Marcus, Sherlock and Joan meet at Beale’s apartment. They find a crowbar with paint on it that matches the color of the restaurant door. Joan has found Beale dead and says he’s still warm so about 30 minutes and he’s dead from venom.

Sherlock says the deadly snake is still in the room. He says he’ll Google it, but don’t get bitten when Joan asks what to do. Joan brings Sherlock a package that came for him and she sees Clyde is walking the floor while the snake is in his aquarium.

Ioacane powder resistance

Sherlock says he’s getting it to a friend at the zoo. He says the snake is beautiful but she says dangerous. Sherlock says Beale had a partner that killed him. Joan doesn’t think so. Sherlock says that snake didn’t belong to him but his partner.

Sherlock tells her to sniff the snake and it’s musky but the apartment was not. He says the apartment was too cool for a snake. Sherlock has a snake skeleton. Sherlock says someone was milking the snake successfully and then suddenly messed up.

Sherlock has evidenve. They go see Mr Lima who bought supplies for a Coastal Tai Pan. He denies knowing Beale. Joan says he signed Beale’s yearbook. He’s the guy who was the sick line cook. He asks why would he dose himself with snake venom.

Joan says he’s immune to it. Joan says Iocane powder is fictional but you can make yourself immune to snake venom over time. Sherlock says he saw the scars from the snake’s bite pattern on his hand. Sherlock looks around the guy’s place with all his snake cages.

Breaking up is hard to do

Lima says he went to high school with the guy but so many people did. Sherlock pokes around. Lima offers explanations for the evidence they have which he calls circumstantial. Sherlock opens a cage where there’s a tree python. He finds the paintings.

Joan tells Sherlock that the painting he found was the real deal but the other two were sold. She says Lima turned over his buyer for the other two. Joan is leaving while Sherlock prepares for a video chat with Fiona. Joan tells him to tell Fiona about the case but it seems he’s prepping for a split.