Elementary Recap 11/6/16: Season 5 Episode 5 “To Catch a Predator Predator”

Elementary Recap 11/6/16: Season 5 Episode 5 "To Catch a Predator Predator"

Tonight on CBS their crime comedy-drama Elementary premieres with an all-new Sunday, November 6, 2016,  season 5 episode 5 episode and we have your Elementary recap for you below. On tonight’s Elementary Season 5 episode 5 Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) disagrees with Joan’s (Lucy Liu) plan to help Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) when his criminal record prevents him from getting a full-time job.

Did you watch the last episode of Elementary where Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn) lobbied to include Holmes and Watson when his unit was selected to receive a city commendation for its exemplary work?  If you missed it and want to get caught up before tonight’s episode we have a full and detailed Elementary recap, right here.

On tonight’s Elementary season 5 episode 5 as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) have plenty of suspects when they investigate the murder of a man who led a secret life as a vigilante, “catfishing” sexual predators on dating sites and publicly shaming them. Also, when Shinwell’s criminal record prevents him from finding a full-time job, Holmes disagrees with Watson’s plan to help him.”

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#Elementary starts with Joan loaning Shinwell some clothes of Sherlock’s for an interview. He admires a hat and she says take it, Sherlock never wears it. He tries another shirt and they agree that one is good. He says it’s his fifth interview and asks if she thinks a shirt will help since he’s an ex con.

Joan says you just need one chance. A guy trims his nose hears and talks to his wife about having to turn in TPS reports (that’s from office space). He slides off his wedding ring and chills some champagne at a hotel room. There’s a gunshot outside. He lies and says it was Howie popping champagne.

Another shot and a body falls through the window of his hotel room. Damien Novak is the shooting victim and Marcus, Joan and Sherlock are at the morgue checking out the body.

Catfish and murder

Marcus says Damien was not a guest and Sherlock notes that his wrists were bound. The guy was married and that’s all they know right now. Sherlock says Damien was a sexual predator who was going to meet an underaged girl and someone took him out.

Sherlock says this has happened before. The zip ties are very specific to this serial spree. They look at a video of a guy being tortured. Sherlock says this is the fifth case and the killer catfishes the victims to lure them into thinking he’s a young girl.

Sherlock says he only preys on those that want to get with a 15 year old girl and meet the vigilante. The guy lets them go after he videotapes their confessions. This case might be an outlier since it was out of the guy’s hunting area and he’s never killed any of them.

Predator and prey

Sherlock says a red zip tie was used and Damien’s zip tie was the same. Sherlock says maybe the catfish has migrated and they wonder if Damien liked young girls. Novak’s wife Stephanie says no way would her husband do that since his sister was molested by a family friend.

Joan says there is evidence suggesting her husband was targeting a man after sexual predators. The wife admits she found a file of photos of young women but he said they were college girls. Her brother is there and says Damien took advantage of his sister.

He says he’s been working late at the gym a lot and Stephanie believed them. Her brother Garrett says maybe Damien is a pervert. Marcus asks to look at the laptop. She says he put a password on it after she confronted him about the pics.

True romantics

Garrett says Stephanie sent him the file and hands it over to Joan. The girls look young. Sherlock goes to True Romantix and asks for info on the profiles that are suspicious. The owner says the men have a right to privacy.

The owner says this matter is in court so he won’t help them out. Sherlock approached a woman who says she wants to help him and he can tell. Sherlock says you don’t like the guy right? He says she hates her job and she says don’t get me fired.

Sherlock says she’s a coder so she can give him what he wants easily. The woman says her boss is a bad guy from a comic book. She tells him to give her an email address and she’ll send him the info he needs. Joan comes home and finds Shinwell waiting.

No job for Shinwell

He says he came to return the clothes. He says the clothes don’t help since his experience in the prison cafeteria is not a real qualification. He says it’s the ex con thing. Joan says keep the clothes just in case but Shinwell says he’ll just try to get more hours at the gym.

He hates it there but says work is work. Inside, Joan finds Sherlock working the case. He says he couldn’t get Shinwell to wait inside. He says Damien isn’t in the database of True Romantix. Sherlock says the predator used different cards to create unique profiles to catfish them and punish them.

Sherlock says none of these men are victims – they all wanted to have sex with teenagers. Sherlock says if he didn’t kill last night, he’d be happy to let the guy keep going. Joan talks to Sherlock about Shinwell learning a trade. He looks at the phony profiles.

Victim to perp

Joan goes to get the pics from her phone. She says Damien was the catfish. The pics from the profiles are the ones the catfisher was using. Joan and Marcus update Gregson on the theory that Damien Novak was the catfisher punishing them.

Joan says they found three profiles still active to catch new prey. They think Damien went to the hotel to meet his next victim and the guy took him out. Marcus found a mask like he worse in the other attacks blown across the street. They’re waiting on a DNA match.

They bring in Mr Utz, the guy from the hotel room, and tell him they know he was planning on meeting an underage girl for sex. Utz cries and says he’s sorry and says he loved Kendra and says he didn’t know and had nothing to do with what happened with that man.

Sex lies and videotape

Marcus says they know he didn’t have anything to do with the killing but they think he might have seen or heard something. Utz says don’t tell my wife and I’ll help. Gregson says it’s a deal. He says after the second shot, a white Toyota left the parking left and might have been the killer.

Marcus asks why he didn’t mention it the other night. Utz says he saw it after and Gregson asks what that means. He had a phone set up filming the room and Gregson says the perv was going to film himself with the teenage girl.

Joan asks if he’s going to tell his wife. Gregson says he’s not telling the wife, but he will arrest the guy for a Class E felony. Joan comes home and hears loud jingles playing and Sherlock says one of the men that Damien attacked would have tried to kill him.

One suspect

One is in jail, two fled, and one is in a coma. One man is still in town and is an advertising man. The guy was fired after Damien shamed him and then his wife left him too. They head to the marina where he’s living on his boat on a boat sprayed with the word pervert.

He says he was on the boat that night and is always there since he’s got people threatening him. He says his wife moved to Boca and his kids won’t talk to him. He says the only visitor was the turd that vandalized the boat. The guy says he was never on that site.

He says someone posed as him on the site. He says why would he use his own name and photo when he was known in his industry. He says he was lured to the hotel by a guy who says he had info on a civil suit that he’s in. He says Yvette Ingram set him up.

Sherlock doubts Shinwell

The guy says Yvette’s case was going badly and she got a settlement from the company when his video went public. Sherlock and Joan wonder if Yvette catfished the catfish. Sherlock says if she wants to teach Shinwell our trade, try it. He says he doesn’t think it will work.

Marcus called and says they cracked into Damien’s laptop and he was the shamer. Marcus says there was a link on another profile and he was after a woman. He’s got a guy named Raphael online and he’s a CIA. Marcus says he was after one particular woman.

Yvette Ingram is the woman that Damien was poking online with the profile. They bring in Yvette to talk to her. Sherlock says the man broke his pattern to try and contact her online. She says she never preyed on anyone and Marcus says they think she catfished Damien Novak.

Catfish conundrum

Yvette says Jack told that theory to anyone when the video first come out. Marcus says they think Damien wondered if she had tricked him and that’s why he stalked her online and then she killed him. Sherlock says with the $10 million settlement, she had more motive than anyone.

Yvette offers an alibi for that night. She says she got just a little bit of money and says the litigation financing firm got most of the money. She says it wasn’t about the money and says Jack made her life hell when she worked for him and she wanted to make sure he didn’t do it to anyone else.

Yvette says talk to the people that paid for the lawsuit. Joan comes to see Shinwell and he’s working on his oven and says he’s worried about a gas leak. He says he helps with repairs but most of them seem to be in his apartment.

Sherlock finds love online

Joan talks to Shinwell about being a private eye. He says he’s just an ex con and doesn’t have any detecting skills. She says they have experience teaching and they would pay him a stipend while he learns. Joan says he’d be his own boss and his daughter could be proud of him.

Shinwell says no. He says he appreciates it but says he won’t always agree with her and thanks her for the offer. Joan leaves. Sherlock is online and joined True Romantix with a fake idea. He’s romancing a secretary from the litigation firm that paid for the lawsuit.

Garrett works at the investment firm that paid for the lawsuit and looks like he set Damien up to punish Jack so they could get a settlement. Garrett asks if they told Stephanie about this. He says he wouldn’t do that because it would destroy his sister.

Brother in law trouble

He admits he tricked Damien but needed him alive. He says he was at the library that night and wanted to use Damien for another sexual harassment suit. He says he was there creating a new profile. He says he tricked Damien but would not have hurt him.

Sherlock tells Joan that he and Marcus confirmed Garrett’s alibi. Joan says she dug into other suspects. She says there are two that left the country. Sherlock says she’s been crying in the last hour. She says it was because of these and hands him a file.

There are statements from the two men’s victims. One is a girl named Nadia Swain who was abused by one of the men when he was her field hockey coach. Sherlock reads it and says he knows who killed Damien and says he liked her.

Revenge on an avenger

They bring in Ms Parsons, the coder from the dating site. Sherlock says she was listening in to hear more about Damien Novak’s murder. Marcus says they know her real name and that she’s Nadia Swain. She owns a white Camry like was leaving the parking lot.

She also has a 9 mm handgun like that killed Damien. Marcus says they wondered why she killed the man that shamed the perverts. Sherlock says they ID’d a second and third girl that he hurt and he was about to be arrested so Fitzhugh left the country and was never arrested.

Sherlock says she got a job there to hunt the hunter and have her revenge on him for denying her justice. Nadia says she wanted to shame him and show him what he had done. She says she came up behind him and put a gun on him and made him tie his hands.


She says when he turned and saw her, he wasn’t afraid and says sorry she’s upset but he wasn’t going to stop. She says he saw what Shane saw – a victim. Nadia says she didn’t mean to kill him. Joan finds Sherlock online chatting with a cop in Bali.

Sherlock is looking for the guy who is lurking in a country with no extradition. He says the Balinese police will arrest Fitzhugh for cocaine possession and will spend the rest of his life in prison. Joan accepts the decision quietly.

Shinwell comes home and finds another guy there who asks why he didn’t hide his gun better. The guy asks about Joan and says she works for the cops and they have big plans. He says it’d be a shame if you died before we made them happen.