Elementary Recap 10/30/16: Season 5 Episode 4 “Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling”

Elementary Recap 10/30/16: Season 5 Episode 4 "Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling"

Tonight on CBS their crime comedy-drama Elementary premieres with an all-new Sunday October 30, 2016,  season 5 episode 4 episode and we have your Elementary recap for you below. On tonight’s Elementary Season 5 episode 4 Gregson (Aidan Quinn) lobbies to have Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) included when his unit is selected to receive a city commendation for its exemplary work.

Did you watch the last episode of Elementary when Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) learned a secret about Captain Gregson’s girlfriend when she hired him for a case she wanted kept off of Gregson’s (Aidan Quinn) radar?  If you missed it and want to get caught up before tonight’s episode we have a full and detailed Elementary recap, right here.

On tonight’s Elementary season 5 episode 4 as per the CBS synopsis, “Captain Gregson lobbies to include Holmes and Watson when his unit is selected to receive a city commendation for its exemplary work. Also, as Holmes and Watson consult on the investigation into a financial analyst’s murder, they are drawn into the world of asteroid research, on the 100th episode.”

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#Elementary starts with Sherlock working with Marcus on a crime scene witness. He’s got him holding a large bowl of water. Sherlock helps him narrow down to another suspect. Gregson’s boss is in the office and Marcus worries about it but says he’s minding his own business.

Gregson hands his boss a thick file. A couple rants about an AirBnB type rental and a party trashed their house. The man rants and says he’s calling the cops because they destroyed a $50k rug. He sees a fireplace poker in the wall and yanks it. On the other side is a dead man.

At his house, Sherlock sits staring at a wall of info on solved cases. Joan comes down and asks what’s up and Sherlock says Gregson’s boss was looking at old cases and he thinks they’re ones of theirs. Joan says they haven’t broken any rules lately, no more than usual.

No worries, worries anyway

Sherlock says it can’t be “nothing” as she says. Joan says Gregson has their back. Sherlock’s phone rings and Marcus says there’s a murder. Sherlock says at least they’re not benched. Sherlock checks out Russell Cole, the stabbing victim. He’s a math guy at an investment firm.

Marcus says no forced entry but signs of a struggle. Sherlock pokes around. He moves a heavy table back and says this murder was premeditated. He says the killer came with a gun and hands over what he found. He says the magazine isn’t seated properly and so it failed to fire.

Sherlock says this crime seems specific and the killer came, then was disarmed, and then stabbed him. He says it was just as Cole came home and the laptop is missing. He says the laptop sleeve is missing off a suitcase in the place.

Boss interview

Sherlock gets a text from Gregson to come by and tells Joan. She rattles off a list of reasons they would come after Cole. She and Marcus head to Cole’s office. His boss says they were close to him and says he considers Cole family.

The boss asks why they think it was work-related. They tell him the laptop was taken. The boss says Cole was a mad genius and he went off and did his own thing so he gave him a long leash since he proved himself consistently.

Barrett says his wife will be devastated. He asks what they need for the investigation. Sherlock goes to see Gregson who tells him to relax. Gregson says the meeting isn’t what he thinks. Gregson mentions Medal Day and says they hand out Unit Citations to exemplary squads and they’re getting one.

Awards day

Sherlock congratulates him and Gregson says civilian employees are on the award and he wants them listed on the official record. Gregson says he got some resistance on it and that’s it. Joan chases down Mrs Barrett and says she knows Cole was in Hawaii with her.

She says she thinks they were having an affair. Mrs Barrett says her husband didn’t know and says she’s a wreck about it. Joan says she’s not a suspect then asks where Cole was the last few weeks. She says he has a cabin near Bear Mountain upstate.

Sherlock and Joan are there with Marcus. Sherlock caught a helicopter ride and beat them there. He says one vehicle left with recent tire tracks and it matches the victim and so do the footprints he found. They head inside together.

Mad science and math

In the cabin, they poke around and see papers and files all over. The papers aren’t financial, they’re scientific. Joan says they are physics equations and Sherlock says astronomy. Sherlock says the fate of life on earth is why he was killed.

Sherlock explains that Cole was working on the end of the world. Cole submitted a paper on asteroids and calculations on collisions and the threat to human existence. Gregson asks if Cole’s theory was correct and why was he studying this to start with.

Sherlock doesn’t know and says the paper is beyond his expertise so he’s going to consult someone he hates to work with. Gregson says they need to know if the world is coming to an end. Sherlock and Joan go to the New York Science Center to see Julius Kent, the celebrity astronomer.

Jazz hands

Sherlock says they went to boarding school together and he’s very theatrical and does astronomy with jazz hands. Sherlock tells Joan about the unit award. He says the honor committee is challenging Gregson on including them. Sherlock says he doesn’t like it.

Kent greets them wearing a space-themed vest and tells Joan that he embarrasses Sherlock. Kent says he knew about Cole’s paper already and says he’ll explain it to them in layman’s terms. He grabs some rocks from the gift shop to explain.

He talks about using temperature to measure them. He says Cole’s theory is that the asteroids’s makeup can affect the temperature. Kent says they could be seeing things wrong. He says Cole had a lot of errors in his papers and they have to look into it.

Dead drop, dead guy

Sherlock says Cole mentioned a solution and Kent says NASA already shelved a satellite proposal thanks to Cole’s paper and it could have cost companies $500 million so it’s a motive. Marcus calls Joan and says a waitress recognized Cole on the news.

The waitress says Cole was behaving strangely. Sherlock sends Joan without him while he goes to look at companies that could have lost money. He says he has an appointment also. The waitress tells them Cole ate alone and didn’t talk to anyone.

She says Cole never used his laptop but he had it with him. She says he would work on the laptop standing out there then would get in his car and leave. They go outside to look where he stood. Joan spots a thumb drive stuck in a wall. She thinks it’s a dead drop.

Gregson’s boss

Sherlock goes to see Chief Proskey, Gregson’s boss. He brings up Medal Day and Sherlock says he respects the men and women in blue and commendations for service are important. Proskey says including him in the citation is unorthodox.

Sherlock says he doesn’t want to be considered and asked Gregson to withdraw them. Sherlock hands him a list of plausible excuses to disqualify them. Proskey says Joan was there and was all into getting the award.

Joan tells Gregson that Cole had a partner on the paper. Marcus tells him about the dead drop. Gregson says how can the paper be sloppy. Joan says the mistakes were left in there in error and were designed to kill the satellite project. His partner was paying him.

Back to Barrett

They were set to meet the night Cole died. The guy who hired him to write it probably killed him too. They bring Barrett, the boss, into the NYPD. He’s upset and accuses them of lying to him. He says he loved Cole like a brother.

Joan says she thinks the paper Cole wrote was market manipulation and the target was Cygnus Optics, which made an opportunity that Barrett took advantage of. Joan says he told Cole to lie low but he got greedy and you killed him.

Barrett says they are right about him investing in Cygnus and says he didn’t hire him to write a paper. He says he was at dinner when Cole was killed and 12 witnesses can ID him. Then Barrett says Cole was his golden goose. He says Cole was worth millions to him.

Money matters

He says he would have given him any amount of money he asked. He says they’ve got the wrong guy. Marcus tells Gregson that Barrett has an alibi and isn’t looking good. Joan says they need to look into Cygnus and competitors.

Sherlock says Congressman Salazar might help since she works in Congress on these projects. He says he asked Kent to try and get her to meet with them. She greets Joan and Sherlock there and her science advisor Grant is there too.

Salazar says it’s tragic and Sherlock says Cole undermined Piazzi intentionally. Joan asks who got the $500 million and Salazar says the money didn’t go anywhere. Grant says this impacted a lot of projects. He says all proposed projects are on hold and this is catastrophic.

Stars in our eyes

Grant says the peer review has to play out and it halts a lot of funding. Salazar says it could take a decade to get asteroid research back on track. Joan finds Sherlock looking at stars. He says he has a new theory. She sits to look at stars with him and says he smells like banana muffins.

He says it’s anti-itch remedy. She says he got poison ivy at the cabin and he denies it. Sherlock says what if delaying the research for a decade was the point. Sherlock says what if asteroid mining would profit and says there are precious minerals up there.

Sherlock tells her to come on and shows her evidence he’s lined up about different company CEOs. He says four companies are looking at asteroid mining and so are governments. He says fear of asteroid impact is critical and says the last event was 66 million years ago.

Conspiracy theories

Sherlock says these CEOs might want to slow things down so they can mine the skies for gold. Joan says it makes some sense. Sherlock says he went to see Proskey and asks why she didn’t mention it. Sherlock says she conspired against him.

Joan says the honor committee called and she answered questions. He shows her his two one year sobriety chips. He says trinkets are just symbols that don’t matter but their work matters. Joan says why not take a certificate, where’s the harm.

Sherlock says it’s a slippery slope. He says if you eclipse the department, people get angry. Joan says he doesn’t want credit because he thinks he deserves too much credit. Joan says she gives up and is going to bed and walks off.

Rash is suspect

Joan wakes up startled to him sitting in bed with banana goo. He says his rash spread. She asks how he has it. He says he has a suspect and a cause of his rash. He says they have been in contact with Cole’s killer.

Joan tells Sherlock they’re included in Medal Day and says Gregson is going on behalf of the squad. Sherlock asks what she would do if the world was ending in a month. Joan says the work they do is important.

Sherlock says he knows her merits as a detective and how she helps him. He says he’s better because of her. He says over the years, things have flipped and now he values the work because he does it with her. He says that’s why he’s overprotective of their system.

Grant killed over grants

Joan says he accepts the chips is bigger than him and he accepts them as part of the group and that’s why he shows up. Joan goes to get ready. Grant shows up to the Science Center on an invitation from Kent. Joan says they called him there while the police search his office.

Sherlock accuses him of killing Cole and co-writing the paper. Sherlock says they looked into asteroid mining companies and found he was lobbying for those companies before he worked for Salazar. Joan says they know about his tangled relationship with Cole.

They also say that he is working for the companies while a public servant. Grant calls them crazy and asks if they have proof. Sherlock says he brought the laptop there and it had poison ivy oil on it. He says he sat on his couch and picked it up there.

Grant caves

Grant says he doesn’t have poison ivy. Joan says his couch is going on the lab and his photo is going to the diner in New City. Joan says cooperate now – it’s your only chance. Sherlock says they can match the oil on his couch to the plants by Cole’s cabin since the plants have DNA.

Gregson comes back from Medal Day and tells the squad he’s seen a lot of things over the years as a cop. Joan is there with Marcus. Gregson says what brings him to work every day is all of them. He says this squad is the finest he’s worked with.

Sherlock shows up and surprises Joan. He says he wanted them all recognized because they all work together and they amaze him. He calls them family and says they keep him going. He says give yoursevesl a hand. They all clap. Sherlock stands stiffly.