Elementary Recap 2/11/16: Season 4 Episode 12 “A View With a Room”

Elementary Recap 2/11/16: Season 4 Episode 12 "A View With a Room"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday February 11, season 4 episode 12 called, “A View With a Room,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) is asked by Narcotics to orchestrate a perfect heist inside the heavily armed and virtually impenetrable compound of a drug-dealing biker gang

On the last episode, Holmes and Watson had to search for a killer without any physical evidence to aid them after a bomb was detonated in the New York City morgue. Also, Watson was suspicious when an NYPD detective she’s in a grudge match with asked her to consult on a case. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes is asked by Narcotics to orchestrate a perfect heist inside the heavily armed and virtually impenetrable compound of a drug-dealing biker gang. Meanwhile, Watson assists Fiona Helbron on a case and makes a surprising discovery about Holmes.”

Are you looking forward to the season 4 episode 12 tonight? Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our awesome recap of this episode. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know how excited you are for season 4 and what you think of it so far.

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#Elementary begins with Joan looking at Sherlock’s investigation board into his dad’s attempted murder. Joan tells him she’s meeting Fiona Helbron who wants a detective but asked for just her. Gregson calls Sherlock down to meet Will Lombardi, who’s in narcotics, and a pal of Gregson’s.

Lombardi asks if he’s heard of Satan’s Brood – it’s a motorcycle gang that distribute meth and are heavily armed. Lombardi says they want to pull off a heist from them. Sherlock says he’s so excited he’s practically engorged and asks when they start.

Lombardi and Sherlock look over surveillance photos of the Brood’s lair. Lombardi tells him they don’t go down easy, and Gregson shows him a pic of the undercover guy Ryan Dunning. They think Ryan is a dealer. Sherlock asks what they’re stealing.

Gregson says Nicholas Farris is the New York leader, and he has records of the whole operation on his computer. Lombardi says if they can get that, they’ll have everything. Lombardi says Dunning could be wrong about it and says no one has been able to check the computer.

Sherlock says he gets it, if they storm and it’s not there, they have wasted the time. Lombardi says they need to buy time for Dunning to get to the computer. He says his people have been working on it for weeks and Sherlock says he should have come to him before.

Fiona tells Joan she’s late, and it’s awkward. Joan sits, and she asks how she’s been. She says her new boss Greg may be a criminal since her last boss was. Joan says she knows and says most people are not criminals. Fiona says she can’t let anyone use her work to hurt people.

She wants to pay her to investigate Greg to make sure. Joan refuses payment and says they owe her a favor. Fiona thanks her. Sherlock has built a model of the lair and Joan teases him about his Barbies. He bought toy dollhouses to build it.

Sherlock shows her where the computer is and says he’s going to talk to the undercover guy. He says he’s not sure when he’ll hear from him. Sherlock asks Joan about Fiona, and she says she can handle it. Sherlock gets a text from the detective and says he has to meet him at Staten Island.

He tells Joan to touch nothing, and he takes off. Dunning shows up on a motorcycle looking badass. Sherlock makes small talk then tells Dunning he has all his respect. He says he has more photos and hands him an envelope.

Sherlock thanks him and Dunning says he told Lombardi he didn’t want his help. Dunning says he won’t do this again, and Sherlock watches him go and Sherlock says the real hole in the info is him. He says he’ll do and Dunning glares and leaves.

Joan comes home and gets a call from Sherlock. She asks where the furniture is, and he says come to the roof. He’s laid out lights and says they need to do a test run. He has routes laid out and is using Joan’s bed as a substitute pool table.

Joan says to get my bed back in my room in 10 minutes. She can’t get back in since he’s put a new lock on the roof and he asks her to pick it while he times her. He says they need a distraction to draw people out so Dunning can pick the lock.

He says they will do it during the Wednesday lunch buffet at the local strip club. Gregson says Dunning is dead. Sherlock and Gregson watch the body cam footage, and they see that he was taken down when he tried to get the computer himself.

Joan says the shooter didn’t say anything to him and wonders why he didn’t give a warning. Gregson says they must have thought he was just trying to steal. Sherlock says he’s an idiot. Gregson says the unit went in, and they got a bunch of them and a pile of drugs but not Farris, the leader.

Sherlock puts the footage back on and shows them a mole on the shooters right wrist that’s shaped like Iceland. Sherlock wants to go to the scene. He heads to the bikers’ lair with Joan. Sherlock says the place smells horrible.

Marcus tells them no one has the Iceland mole, and they assume the killer was Farris. Sherlock leads them to the office. Joan notes that the rug is gone from the pic and the forensics people tell them there was no rug.

Marcus says this is an antique British kick starter from an old bike. Sherlock says the bike is likely in the shop and few shops work on bikes like this. Joan takes off to see Fiona when she gets a text. Joan shows her some research she did.

Fiona says people thought her last boss was supposedly a nice guy too. Fiona thanks her and then says she has something for her. She gives her a book by TS Eliot – a first edition. Joan says it’s too generous. Fiona says it’s Sherlock’s and he loaned it to her.

She says she didn’t like the poems but don’t tell him that. Joan says she won’t. They bring in Farris at the Triumph shop. He says he didn’t kill anyone. They flip his wrist, and there is no mole, but flames tattooed there. Gregson asks who they missed in the arrest.

He says he wasn’t there, and his guys know the no guest rule. Marcus says they have his computer, and he’s looking at 15-25. Gregson says help us find the shooter and maybe you get a deal. Farris says this is the first time he and the cops want the same thing. Farris agrees to help.

Sherlock tells Joan he missed something, and she says Marcus texted her that Farris isn’t the shooter. He says the gang members told him that no one broke in. Sherlock says he believed them. Sherlock says no rug yet.

He says the gang members told him they got rid of the week before because it was messed up during a party. Sherlock wonders if Farris replaced it. Joan asks if he wants to know how it went with Fiona. She says the boss checked out.

Then Joan says he could have told her that he likes Fiona. He says she’s honest and unpretentious. Joan says she’s pretty and he like likes her. She shows him the book Fiona sent back. Sherlock says so, and Joan says hundreds of books in the house and no poetry and says he bought it for her.

He gets prickly and Sherlock storms away. Joan follows to tease him and asks why he’s being weird. Joan says it’s amazing that he likes a woman. He says he likes women all the time, usually in pairs. Joan offers to find out if Fiona likes him too.

Sherlock says Dunning’s autopsy came in, and they look at it – it’s multiple GSWs. Sherlock says they need to go to the morgue. They wheel out Dunning’s body. They find the Iceland mole on his right wrist. Sherlock says Dunning shot Dunning.

Joan tells Lombardi that Dunning staged the shooting with a partner. Sherlock says they assume his partner did him in, and Sherlock says the killer knew a video was being made. Lombardi says it’s just a mole, and Joan says they also tied more of the body as a match to Dunning.

He says the person wearing the camera was only 5’7” and slightly favored his left leg. Lombardi says it’s unbelievable then asks why stage it – what would he gain? Sherlock says their motive is a theory. Sherlock says maybe he was working with a gang member.

Joan says maybe it’s a mutiny. Lombardi says the Mexicans have taken over the corners left when the gang taken out and wonders if Dunning was working with one of them. Joan asks Sherlock who he’s calling, and he says CCS.

He says he wants to know if the computer really held good intel. A woman from CCS says it’s loaded with evidence. She shows them international bank accounts. She says someone cleaned them out late yesterday morning of about $5.5 million.

That was before Farris was picked up. They wonder if the accomplice took the money. Sherlock tells Joan she’s right that he likes Fiona. He says it’s a bad thing and worries that if he started a relationship with her, it would end badly.

Sherlock says he can’t date her because she’d be easy to hurt and confused. Joan says he was in a relationship with Irene, and she broke his heart but Fiona might not. The woman comes back and says they can keep all the info and says she has to go.

Sherlock looks at her go, and Joan says she has a nice butt. Sherlock calls her back and says the Captain wants a word. Sherlock asks how tall Joan thinks she is, and they notice she favors her left leg and has the right leg length.

Sherlock and Joan watch the video, and he says Detective Hagen is the one who played Dunning and says the camera had to be on her since she’s a woman. Sherlock says the whole thing was about getting the computer to steal the $5.5 million once it’s in Hagen’s hands.

They decide to fake Dunning’s murder to get the computer but instead she killed him. Joan says none of it makes sense. She says Dunning brought in a female cop which would stand out. She asks how Dunning could sneak her in to make this video.

Joan points to his little model and says both would be dead. She walks away. Sherlock says Lombardi, Hagen and Dunning worked closely on a prior assignment. They debate why they needed to get the computer out instead of taking files off it.

Joan asks who they prove it. She says Hagen would have cleaned off any digital tracks she left. Joan tells him to get out so she can sleep. He goes. The doorbell buzzes. It’s Fiona, and she says she’s there with a present for Joan for helping her. She has flowers and babbles.

She asks if Joan is there and Sherlock says she just turned in, and Fiona admits she wanted to see him too. She says she liked talking to him. She asks if they can do it again. He takes her to the roof. She says it’s a better view than hers.

He asks her about work, and she says she sent her new boss an email about her condition and what she needs and what he can expect from her. She says talking is hard for her since she doesn’t pick up on signals from other people. She says like now.

She says she can’t tell if he’s happy to see her and he says he is. She asks if he’d like to kiss her. She says she would like him to. She says she’s been thinking about him and says he’s handsome and smells nice and a lot of people don’t.

He gets a text. She asks if that was his phone. She asks why he’s not checking it. He says it’s a colleague who wants him to call. She says it was hard to come here and say things and needs to stop talking and go now. She does.

Joan wakes to find her bed in the media room. She screams for Sherlock. He comes in and says they found the missing rug. He says it was in a landfill and had been soiled like the bikers said. He says it’s not soiled in the staged video.

She asks why move his bed? He says he didn’t. He just made her room look like the media room. She says he made her think he was there. Sherlock says one rug is real, and she says one is a prop. She says they built a replica of the office. Sherlock says they need to find it.

Sherlock comes to get a box of materials back to Hagen, and he says the last meeting was productive. She asks how the case is going and asks about Dunning faking his murder and about the accomplice. Sherlock asks her to come in here and open the door for him

She does, and it’s Gregson’s office. They have her union delegate there. Joan says they know she did it. Sherlock says they had to figure out where they shot the fake video. Joan says they searched her family’s warehouse and found the set they made.

Joan says she shot Dunning for real to look like the video. Sherlock says she did a good job scrubbing but says evidence sticks around. Gregson says they could have ambushed her but didn’t. Sherlock says the only thing that can save her is who’s idea it was and if Dunning came at her or anything.

Sherlock comes to see Fiona, and he asks if they can resume their conversation from last night. She lets him in. They stand there awkwardly. She says she’s had boyfriends before, and he says he has not and maybe he hasn’t met the right guy.

He says she’s a remarkable woman, and he isn’t surprised. She says it takes a little more work and time to be with her. She says she heard that before. He asks if the offer to kiss her still stands and she says not right now – she’s a little afraid. He says he is too.

She asks if he wants to get coffee and he says he’d like that. They leave together.