Elementary Recap – Cortes Back for Joan: Season 4 Episode 11 “Down Where the Dead Delight”

Elementary Recap - Cortes Back for Joan: Season 4 Episode 11 "Down Where the Dead Delight"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday February 4, season 4 episode 11 called, “Down Where the Dead Delight,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) search for a killer without any physical evidence to help them after a bomb explodes in the New York City morgue.

On the last episode, Holmes’ relationship with his father suffered a setback when he discovers Morland had been keeping a secret that threatens their safety. Meanwhile, Sherlock and Watson investigated two murders linked to a college and its illegal recruitment practices. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes and Watson must search for a killer without any physical evidence to aid them after a bomb is detonated in the New York City morgue. Also, Watson is suspicious when an NYPD detective she’s in a grudge match with asks her to consult on a case.”

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#Elementary starts with Joan sparring with Bob when Sherlock comes in. She’s boxing him and tells him that Cortes is back. He says he thought they settled things. She says Marcus told her that Cortes came by the 11th looking for her.

Joan says she’s going to drop by her precinct tomorrow and see how she likes it. Nicki wheels a body into the morgue singing and Eugene comes down. She says Omar Velez is a homeless guy found dead in a park from knife wounds.

He says they’re backed up and tells her to park him in a drawer. She says she took TOD from temp for detectives and says he died at about 515 am. Eugene nervously invites Nicki to the Rangers game tonight. She agrees then leaves singing.

The morgue drawer explodes as she leaves. Eugene says there was a sound, and then Nicki was gone. He insists he wants to stay and help. Gregson tells him it was a bomb about the size of a loaf of bread. He says he was alone all morning.

Sherlock says it was from the cooler, and he asks about the guy Nicki dropped off. Eugene says Omar and Joan wonders about the lacerated torso. Eugene asks why blow up a morgue, and Gregson says to cover up other crimes.

Eugene says Sombra Roja and says they have gang shootings. He says don’t be too careful when you arrest them and says the people who did this deserve to be there. Sherlock says the Red Shadow is known for using explosives.

Joan says they did a car bomb to kill a judge in Brooklyn. Sherlock says they shouldn’t look only at the cartel. He says Joan should work with Gregson while he pairs with Marcus. Sherlock and Joan go to where Omar’s body was found.

Marcus asks about Eugene and Sherlock says he’s upset about Nicki. Sherlock pulls off his jacket and hands it to Marcus. He wades into a pond and then looks at footprints and a scrap of crime scene tape. His phone rings.

It’s Marcus asking what the hell he’s doing. Sherlock says this was an active crime scene right her 30 yards away and says the footprints were from police-issued boots. They wonder about that and look into it.

Cortes shows up and Joan snaps at her. She says table your issues for now. Cortes says she came to ask her help. Joan asks what she wants, and Cortes says it’s a case. She says no one can find a suspect she needs.

Joan says she told her real cops don’t use consultants, and Cortes says she’s desperate, so it was her or a psychic. Joan tells her to leave the file. She goes back to work and Cortes tosses it down then goes.

Joan talks to a lawyer for the head of Sombra Roja and explains why they think he blew up the morgue. Gregson says they know Barrancos’ nephews got into town last week. The lawyer says Barranco and his nephews are all legitimate businessmen.

Gregson says the FBI is pretty sure about the murdered judge. Joan says they think he distracted the judge while the bomb was planted. The lawyer asks if the bombs were similarly made. He say commercial plastic explosives are heavily regulated.

He says most cartels are smart enough not to use it. Gregson says scumbags make mistakes. The lawyer says what if the autopsies were done and maybe one of the men was a rogue member of Sombra Roja. He says the cartel would have no reason to bomb the morgue.

The guy says he can use resources to help them ID the soldier that was in the morgue. Joan’s phone blows up – it’s Sherlock. She steps out. He’s down in evidence and says Sombra Roja was not involved.

He says this young woman is the target, and her remains were destroyed. He says in the park where Omar body was spotted, he saw police tape. He says her body was sunk after she was strangled. He says this creek separates jurisdictions.

He says they were close to each other, but their cases weren’t linked because of that jurisdiction. Joan asks why she was in their morgue and Sherlock says it was overflow because the other county morgue was full.

The killer’s DNA was under her nails. Sherlock says he was sure the body of Omar would go to the same morgue and destroy her remains. Joan says they need to know who wanted the woman dead. Sherlock says she’s a Jane Doe.

Sherlock and Joan meet with Gregson and Marcus to talk about the woman. Marcus says beaten and strangled and a lot of bruising that shows kicks or punches. Sherlock says TOD is hard to determine but a couple of days before her body was found.

There was a number three on her soldier. Joan says Janet of the Apes and shows them a photo. She says she treated a girl in the ER with similar bruises, and she was in Roller Derby. She says the players write numbers on their arms.

She found it on a derby website – the Brooklyn Betties. Sherlock and Joan go there, and he asks her about Cortes. She says she asked for help on a home invasion case. She’s looking for Hector Mendoza and wants her help. Sherlock asks why.

He says he thought Cortes was her enemy. Joan says she has no enemies and suspects what Cortes is up to and says be cautious. They talk to a woman who says the woman is Janet Heffernan. She says she joined the team a few weeks ago.

The woman says Janet offered to sell her some oxy when she busted her knee. Sherlock asks for her address, and the woman goes to pull her medical release. They go to her place, and Joan says she found a work email on her laptop, and there’re oxy emails.

Sherlock suggests Derby names for Joan – Joan of Bark, Swatson. He finds her oxy stash hidden under the sink. They decide she was a minor drug player. Joan says most of the messages are small transactions. She shows him an email from a regular named Toby.

It looks like a jealous guy and mentions someone named Dylan. They agree to contact Toby to ask. Joan finds his email in one of the emails. Sherlock calls Marcus. He goes to see Toby and finds his father is less than agreeable.

Marcus says he needs to talk to his about his murdered drug dealer. Toby says he did buy oxy, and his father lectures him about working on one of his sites high. Marcus sends the man out and then tells Toby this is just about Janet.

Marcus says she was strangled three days ago. He asks about Dylan and Toby says it’s Dylan Hess then says that was her on and off boyfriend and says he was a jerk. Marcus asks if he got with Janet.

He says Janet told him Dylan didn’t want her around drugs – using or selling and said people like him were part of the problem. He says Janet broke up with him and says they had a fight a month ago, and Janet ended up at the hospital.

Toby says he doesn’t know who else would have hurt her. Joan goes to meet Cortes and says what are you up to. She says there have been no home invasions and says Hector Mendoza is in a gang and isn’t wanted by anyone.

Cortes says she wanted to waste her time, and that’s all. Joan says she’s lying about all of it. Joan says she wants him found but won’t tell her why. Cortes gives away nothing then walks away. Joan meets Sherlock at the station and says Dylan Hess is in custody.

Sherlock says Hector Mendoza was beaten by someone who fits Joan description. He says Cortes had her ask around about him then he was assaulted. Sherlock says the brownstone cameras alibi her so it won’t work.

Dylan says he wouldn’t kill Janet and says he hit her once, but it was in self-defense. He says to check my hospital records. He says Janet was ready and then says he’s not her ex. He says they broke up for three days then they got back together.

He shows them pics on his phone from just a few days ago of them together. Sherlock looks at a couple and says it looks like they were together. Marcus asks if they can look at him since she scratched her attacker.

He strips to his undies and turns around for them. Sherlock walks off with his phone. Joan asks what’s with the phone. Sherlock says there’s no jack in the photo, and there is at her place now. He says it’s a spy cam in a coaxial jack.

Marcus says wouldn’t she notice? They take it apart, and Joan says it’s the golden age for perverts. Marcus is with them. Sherlock says it’s all stored on the drive because the person had no technical expertise.

He plus the drive into her laptop and Marcus says it’s Toby Dannon, the guy he talked to last night. They go to Toby’s house, and his parents answer. His mom, Beverly, is played by Kate Burton (Ellis Gray from Grey’s Anatomy and Sally Langston from Scandal).

Must be her that killed Janet – it’s always the famous guest star. The mom asks if they think Toby killed the girl. They admit he was difficult in school but got him help. The hubby says to stop talking to them then says he doesn’t consent to their search.

Marcus hands over a warrant and tells them to move aside. Sherlock asks if Toby always lived at home and the dad says half the kids still live at home after they graduate. Marcus spots a fake book section and wonders what was there.

He goes to search the trash cans while Sherlock sits and bounces on the bed. He asks if Toby has many friends. He says the photos on the walls are just the three of them, and they said he was different. He pulls out the bed.

His dad says his son is not a loner creep. Sherlock pulls out a box of photos from under the bed. It’s photos of women with the eyes crossed out in red. Joan goes to see Cortes and shows her photos of him before and after the beating.

Joan says she wants to know why she did this to him. Cortes says come with me – I have something to show you. She shows her a video of a woman being fed with a spoon and is nearly catatonic.

She then shows her a video of the same young woman playing basketball and healthy. Cortes says the girl embarrassed Hector on the basketball court and he pistol whipped her into brain damage. She says the kid son the court were too scared to say anything.

Joan asks how she found out and she says sources. Then she says Hector was on the top of the King’s hit list, a rival gang. She says last night, she found out where he was crashing. Joan asks if she gave him what he thought he deserved.

Joan says she thinks she did this before. Cortes says she could use her help. Joan says she doesn’t hurt people, but Cortes says Sherlock does and asks her just to think about it. Joan goes home and Sherlock says Toby has gone missing.

They wonder if his parents tipped him off. They look at Toby’s oxy stash, and Sherlock says he thinks he was buying it, not using. Joan tells Sherlock that Cortes wasn’t framing her, but it’s complicated.

The cops run in Toby, who says he doesn’t know anything about Omar. He says he doesn’t understand any of this. Marcus says they know he was obsessed with Janet and worked in that park on a project of his dad’s.

Sherlock says he has an injury by his elbow. He says he would never hurt her. Joan says Janet scratched him while she fought for her life. He says Janet brushed him off, and he was working through it by journaling. He says those are private.

Sherlock says someone choked her to death Tuesday night. Toby asks what time. Toby says Tuesday he was on the A train all night. He says the noise soothes him and says check the surveillance footage.

He asks when the bomb guy died then says he was in Queens all day on a paving job. Toby says he’s sorry to disappoint them and gives a weird giggle then says he’s not their man. Later, Sherlock and Joan watch the train footage – the kid has an alibi for both murders.

Joan says Marcus confirmed the alibi for Omar. Joan says he’s surprised that Toby didn’t do this. Sherlock asks who else might have looked at his journals. Sherlock pulls prints off the journal. He says Toby had two hiding places for his stuff.

He wonders if he moved the stuff because someone got into his stuff. He says he found two right thumbprints on the journal. It was Neil Dannon that read the journal – the dad. They tell Gregson. Sherlock says his dad noticed the obsession.

Gregson says crazy is not contagious. Sherlock says Neil knew his son had psych issues and wanted to protect him. He says the dad read the plans to hurt Janet. Sherlock says killing Janet keeps Toby from becoming a killer.

Gregson says they can’t prove it was him since her remains were destroyed. Sherlock says he doesn’t think they need proof. They bring in Neil and Beverly. Gregson says they found a guy at the transit authority that Toby was trying to bribe to switch security tapes.

Gregson says they need their help and says Toby is being surveilled, and they want to arrest him safely at the home. Marcus says they need their help to arrest him smoothly. Joan says they can say goodbye and says Toby will never get parole.

Beverly agrees, and Neil says Toby is innocent. He says he did this. He says he killed Janet. He says he didn’t mean for it to happen. He says he found his journals and confronted Toby and knew he wouldn’t let it go.

He says he went to Janet and asked her to stop talking to his son and offered her money to go away. He says they argued, and she came at him, and they fought. He says it was self-defense. Sherlock asks if Omar’s murder was self-defense.

Neil says oh God and he and his wife start crying. Joan says she went to see the girl Nyoka. Joan asks if she told her she was bullied at school for being gay. Joan says she thinks Cortes did this for herself and says she wanted to hurt Hector.

Joan says she will help her by warning her not to do this again. She says she knows she can’t be tied to Hector’s assault since she was careful. Cortes says Joan has seen nothing and says she keeps changing careers.

She says she and Sherlock are already on the edge and says maybe she’ll put them away. Joan says race you to the bottom and walks away.