Elementary Recap 2/25/16: Season 4 Episode 14 “Who Is That Masked Man”

Elementary Recap 2/25/16: Season 4 Episode 14 "Who Is That Masked Man"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday February 25, season 4 episode 14 called, “Who Is That Masked Man,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the identity of Sherlock’s (Sherlock Holmes) mother is revealed and his strained relationship with Morland (John Noble) reaches a breaking point. Meanwhile, an elderly woman emerges as the prime suspect in the murders of three gang members.

On the last episode, Holmes and Watson searched for a murderer who used poisonous mushrooms to kill a botany professor and a group of the instructor’s students. Meanwhile, Joan learned that her neighbor was renting his home through a vacation site that catered to hard partiers. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “when Holmes’ investigation into the attempt on Morland’s life pushes their strained relationship to the breaking point, the identity of Sherlock’s mother is revealed. Also, when three gang members are murdered, Holmes and Watson are amazed when an elderly woman emerges as their prime suspect.”

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#Elementary starts in Quebec at a house. A woman is watching an old horror movie with her dog. Joan says her car broke down and asks if she can use her phone. The woman lets her inside. Joan pets her dog and the woman says her name is Soleil.

Joan introduces herself as Nicolette. She offers Joan tea and then Joan goes to the back door and unlocks it when she’s out of sight. She comes back to the car where Sherlock waits. He asks why Nicolette and she says everyone there has a sexy French name.

Soleil is Sabine’s daughter and Sherlock suspects Sabine set his dad up. A guy runs through an arcade chased by a man with a shotgun. He screams out in Chinese then is shot. The man puts the gun into a cart and wheels it outside – he looks to be homeless.

At the crime scene, Sherlock and Joan cross the tape line and meet Gregson. He says three Chinese gangsters were gunned down. He says Meng Zhou is lurking and his guys are died – he’s the head of a major Triad.

Another Triad recently came to town and they were worried about this. Gregson says the victims owned the arcade and were into a bunch of shady stuff. Gregson says the whole neighborhood could go up. Joan asks about witnesses and Gregson says no one.

Someone saw a little old woman and Joan says no surveillance cameras. She spots $25k off MDMA and Gregson says it was in a safe behind the camera and isn’t a robbery. Sherlock says it was an ambush by a rival. He says the killer put a bicarbonate in his mouth to fake a seizure.

Sherlock says one of them called 911 which they wouldn’t have done for anyone else. They wonder if the killer switched to Ghost Mountain – the other Triad – and was a double agent. They go see the Ghost Mountain boss Xi.

Joan says the department has been watching him since June. They talk about the Snake Eyed Boys deaths and he looks at photos and says he’s not the leader and knows no Ghost Mountain. Sherlock says the carnage benefited him.

Xi says he was with a lady friend last night and says they were with her nephew last night at St Pete’s and says the kid was mugged. He says police don’t keep them safe so they have to pay for protection. Sherlock swapped a fake phone for Xi’s.

Sherlock is on the phone speaking Chinese and ends a call. His doorbell chimes. It’s his father. Morland asks why Sherlock is looking into Sabine and says he’s still in contact with Soleil. He says he talks to her often and knows the beautiful Asian woman was Joan.

Sherlock says Sabine was involved whether unwitting or not. Sherlock says the killer knew too much so Sabine couldn’t have chosen the restaurant on the spur of the moment. Morland says it’s his fault for Sabine’s death. He says he loved her.

Sherlock invokes his mother’s memory and Morland says he hasn’t changed. Sherlock says he’ll keep looking at Sabine and his dad leaves mad. Marcus gives Joan a call and says the nephew’s assault may be connected to the crime last night.

Kevin Chang was assaulted nearby the arcade and close to the shooting time. They wonder if the kid was hit by the shooter who had no ammo so he tried to beat him to death. Joan looks at the photos and says it looks bad. The kid is in a medically induced coma.

Marcus says maybe the people who found him saw the perp. This guy says two drunk homeless guys found them. Joan asks the guy what he saw. He says Kevin was covered in blood and the kid was babbling. He says an old lady did it.

Joan says someone saw a little old lady leaving the scene. Sherlock says it’s not an elderly woman but may have looked like it – he found part of a disguise. Zhou is brought into the station and Xi is there. They refuse to be in the same room.

Gregson says their gangs don’t need to go to war. Marcus says they’re sure it’s not a gang thing unless they have a bak gwei in their crews. That means white man. Marcus says Kevin Chang is a known mugger and tried to mug the wrong guy – the killer.

They show them the mask and there were Caucasian hairs in it. Gregson says DNA on the hairs matches the seltzer tablet. Marcus says a white man dressed up like an old Asian woman to gun them down. Looks like the gang war threat is done.

Sherlock comes in and says there is no master of disguise but if there is one, it would be him. Sherlock says it’s too hard to mimic another person. Sherlock says there was a dirty window and it was night. Sherlock says the guy was dressed as Bai May-Lung.

She just got out of jail and is a Triad herself. Gregson says go see her and Sherlock says she won’t cooperate with anyone with a badge and says he sent Joan to talk to her since she won’t talk to a badge. She curses at Joan in Chinese.

Joan forces her way in and says Zhou told her this isn’t Triad business. She says a white man dressed up as her and shows her a pic of the mask and says it fooled the men who died. Joan says she knows who did it.

Bai says a white man came and told her that she needed a picture ID for her retirement home. She says he stole her laundry when she went to call security. Joan asks what he looked like. She says white man brown hair then says she doesn’t see well anymore.

Sherlock shows up and Joan says these organizations fund money to the Triads and try to trick them to leave money when they die. Michael Hass shows up to greet them – he runs the facility. Sherlock asks for security footage and the guy says the only camera is closed circuit, no recordings are made.

Joan asks for employee records and Hass says there are privacy rights and they need a warrant. He says the guy they’re looking for don’t work him and says he’s the only white guy there. He says it just worked out that way. Joan asks about the visitor log.

He says the place is not a prison and says they can copy the log. Sherlock glares. They look at Adam Tsai, they first guy shot. Sherlock says looking at their criminal histories seems too broad. Sherlock looks at the visitor log.

He says Morland came over annoyed since he’s more involved with the daughter he never had than with either of his sons. He says he told him that Sabine’s death is his fault. Sherlock says they never talked about his mom and Joan says they never did.

Sherlock says anything good in him came from his mother May. He says his father divorced her when he was eight. He says Morland threw her out – she had a prenup that gave Morland full custody. He says she lived in a tiny crappy flat that went up like a tinder box when he was still young.

Joan says sorry after he says he didn’t talk to his father for two years after that. They look at a name on the list and she can’t read it. Sherlock says look at the name and says it was left handed with a slanted base line.

He says he thinks it’s Sven Eklund, the guy who reported the mugging. He works at a funeral home where they use mortician’s putty which was used in the mask. He also does work with the old folks home. Gregson goes to Sven’s house but the guy is gone.

Marcus finds missing shells of the same type used in the arcade. Marcus says Sven also made a mask of one of the Triad leaders and then a third guy they don’t recognize. They wonder what he’s up to and Marcus says he may not be done killing people. Sven even left his family behind – they’re all crying.

Joan tells Sherlock that Marcus called and told her Sven’s life sent a text from a burner phone. Sherlock asks if the wife knows anything. She says Sven has a terminal diagnosis and he’s going to die within a year. Sherlock says meh.

He says Bai’s mask was used to kill three gang members. They wonder who the last man is. She says Zhou is coming to the station so they can warn him about the mask. Sherlock shows Bai the third man from the mask and she doesn’t recognize it.

She says Sven looks like the guy who came in but with a bigger nose. Joan and Gregson try to talk reason to Zhou and he says he’s never seen Sven before. Then he points out the third mask and says that’ Terry Perez – the man who fixes machines at the arcade.

He says Ray Mui, one of the victims, told him that Terry came over and waved at them to open the arcade but they wouldn’t because it was late. He says Ray called Terry but he denied coming by. Joan says that must be why he made the Bai mask to get in.

Joan says the masks were for the arcade so now they need to know why the Zhou mask. Sherlock mocked up some pics of Sven with a larger nose to include on the APB. Sherlock comes to see his dad and gives him back Sabine’s things to return to his believed Soleil.

Sherlock says he would like access to Sabine’s business emails to put this to rest. Morland gives him passwords then says come back and apologize when you’re done. Morland says he has more in common with his mother than he realizes.

He hands Sherlock something and says it’s records of his mother’s stay at rehab and says Sherlock is not the first addict in the family. Morland says he loved his mother then forced her to get help. He says Mycroft was born then Sherlock.

He says she fell off the wagon so he sent them to boarding school. He says he told her to get clean but she fought him on it. He says he lied for decades to keep his mother’s secret. Morland says he cut her off and it was petty and he was angry.

He says he never forgave himself but enough is enough. Sherlock says it’s not his decision but Morland says it is. Sherlock takes the info and goes. Joan calls Sherlock again and then Gregson says they got Sven at JFK with a putty nose and brown wig.

Sven tells them all about the arcade shooting. Marcus, Gregson and Joan sit in. He tells them Kevin tried to mug him and he beat him too much. Gregson asks what is this about? Joan asks why the Zhou mask. He says the arcade but then he knew it wouldn’t work.

Marcus says no I don’t believe you then asks if there are any more bodies. Joan asks about a fresh scar on his body. He says he hurt himself at work and Joan says it looks like a knife wound. She says Ray used a switchblade. She asks if the arcade incident was enough revenge.

Sven clams up and Gregson says why not talk now and says there must be something else he’s hiding. Sven says get me a lawyer or take me to jail and says he won’t talk. Joan and Gregson talk and she says Sven was stabbed and went to an ER.

She says the docs knew he lied and filled out a police report. They wonder if Ray stabbed him. They wonder if Snake Eyed Boys attacked Sven at his work. She says he was supposed to do a viewing at noon. They wonder why the Triad came into a viewing and stabbed Sven.

Sherlock comes home and catches up on the case. She says he confessed but wouldn’t talk about motive. Sherlock says hmm. Joan says the body he was working on was Brent Arieta, a resident at the same old folks home where Bai lives.

Joan says Sven called Michael Hass partway through. Sherlock says they have to dig up Arieta. They bring Hass into the morgue and he asks why he’s there and says the smell is terrible. Marcus is there too and Sherlock asks why did Sven call him then get stabbed.

Joan says they were up late figuring this out. Marcus says Arieta died of an OD that was forced on him. Joan says Sven would know it was a sign of muscle relaxer OD. Sherlock says Hass killed him. He says he called the Snake Eyed Boys who attacked and threatened Sven.

Joan says he took the posters down and that gave him away. She says the three dead guys owned the outreach organization. Marcus says Hass pressured the residents to sign their assets to that bogus organization.

Hass says he’s done and Marcus says they are digging up people to trace dirt naps to charitable giving. Hass says he wants immunity and will testify against the three guys. He says he’ll roll on Zhou but they tell him that Zhou never knew about the three guys at the arcade.

Joan says the guy came to see him but Joan says that was Sven in disguise. Sherlock comes to see Morland and says Sabine did send an email and says she told a pal where they would be. Sherlock says her emails were being read by a mercenary and she didn’t know she was being hacked.

He says Sabine decides already where they would go. Sherlock says a man named Ruslan Krasnov, a Chechen hit man, was the one who set it up. He says Ruslan was just the hit man and Sherlock says the man is serving time in a super max in Russia now.

Sherlock asks if he gave him the info on his mother to be horrible? Sherlock says his mother is no less dead, he still an addict and Morland is a bad father still. Sherlock says these are dangerous time for Morland and says tread carefully then walks out.