Elementary Recap 3/3/16: Season 4 Episode 15 “Up to Heaven and Down to Hell”

Elementary Recap 3/3/16: Season 4 Episode 15 "Up to Heaven and Down to Hell"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday March 3, season 4 episode 15 called, “Up to Heaven and Down to Hell,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Watson (Lucy Liu) discovers Capt. Gregson’s (Aidan Quinn) secret relationship with a former female NYPD officer and inadvertently sets the couple’s breakup in motion.

On the last episode, when Holmes’ investigation into the attempt on Morland’s life pushed their strained relationship to the breaking point, the identity of Sherlock’s mother was revealed. Also, when three gang members were murdered, Holmes and Watson were amazed when an elderly woman emerges as their prime suspect. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Watson discovers Capt. Gregson’s secret relationship with a former female NYPD officer and inadvertently sets the couple’s breakup in motion. Meanwhile, Holmes investigates the murder of a wealthy woman who left her vast estate solely to a beloved dog.”

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#Elementary starts with Sherlock and Joan sitting in the bitter cold at the park and Sherlock says just a couple of more hours. There is meth-tainted meat in front of them. He says he thinks the medical examiner miscalculated TOD in a cold case.

They are at the park where a body was found and Sherlock says bugs are very particular and lists off a bug that only lives in 10 blocks of Manhattan. She says she’s starving. Gregson is out on a date with Paige. Joan runs into them at the restaurant.

She says she and Sherlock are on a steak stakeout. Gregson remarks his date looks tired. An angry guy is furious that someone took his parking space. The guy is smug as he walks to the door with balloons and a large stuffed animal.

The other driver hears a thud and sees a body fell on the man. A crowd gathers and someone calls 911. Sherlock is in the morgue with the ME Eugene and they are looking at the two bodies – the one that fell and the one that was fell upon.

Roslyn and Jason are the two victims. Sherlock isn’t sure Roslyn tried to kill herself and says her physical limitations preclude the suicide theory. Eugene says if she’s a homicide, so is Jason. Sherlock says the woman may be a murder weapon.

Joan comes to see Gregson and remarks on him introducing her as a doctor last night. He says he and Paige knew each other a long time and says she used to be a detective. He says she was under suspicion for drug money gone missing.

He says she took the cut from the other dirty cops because she felt like she had to go along but then they got caught and she has to resign. Turns out he didn’t want Paige to know Joan works with him since she’s worried about his reputation.

Gregson says she broke up with him over running into Joan, said it was to protect him. Sherlock and Marcus go to Roslyn’s apartment. Turns out Roslyn owned the whole building and the other residents were renters.

Sherlock sniffs and finds a long hair. He says it’s a Shi-Tzu. Marcus says it’s in the notes that someone picked the animal up. Sherlock says it’s strange that a dog was that well cared for by a woman they said had dementia.

Sherlock goes onto the porch and climbs onto the ottoman. They agree it was too heavy for the arthritic old woman to move. Marcus says the meds are wrong because his mom takes these pills and they should be pink.

They wonder if she was drugged and Sherlock spots a small drop of blood on an exposed staple on the large ottoman. At home, Joan and Sherlock talk about the case. He says the pills in her bottle were clonazapem. Joan says it’s heavy stuff.

Sherlock asks if it could give you dementia symptoms. Sherlock says she had no symptoms until a few weeks ago and that may have been to stage her “suicide.” Sherlock says she has three children and only one lives locally – a doctor who isn’t taking calls.

Sherlock asks Joan why she’s cyber-stalking Gregson’s GF and she says she’s not prying. Joan says after she bumped into them, Paige dumped him. Roslyn’s son says she changed her arthritis medication and then they tell him that his mother didn’t kill himself.

Marcus says they thought he came to confess. He says his mom rewrote the will to cut them all out because they were ingrates who didn’t care about her. He says he changed her meds to make her seem muddled.

He wanted her to look like she had dementia to get the new will thrown out. Gregson says that’s motive. There was a competency hearing but since she’s dead, the new will stands. He says Eustacia Vye is the new beneficiary. Sherlock says that’s her dog.

He thinks that since it’s a dog, that rules out the beneficiary as the killer. They bring in the dog and the lawyer. He’s the trustee so they accuse him of dropping her off the roof. He’s intended to move into her place until the dog dies.

He says Roslyn was a hard ass and says he tried to talk her out of changing the will but she wanted to give her kids the finger. He says he’s seen this thing before and says Leona Helmsley tried to do it and it was a mess.

He says he accepted a job in Chicago and says someone else can live with the dog unless they want to. Joan goes to see Paige at the book store where she works. She says Gregson didn’t send her. Joan tries to reassure her.

Paige says she doesn’t understand and Joan says Gregson would take the heat for her. Joan asks if she dumped him for another reason and Paige asks her to leave. Joan says please tell him the truth and then leaves.

Joan meets Sherlock at a pricey high rise apartment and he says his dad owns it. There is a building sketch taped onto the window. Sherlock says the victim’s estate is in a legal deal. He says William Hull was trying to make a deal with her.

He says Hull is building another monstrosity and Roslyn was going to sell Hull her air rights. He says those limit how high you can grow a building. He says one owner can buy other’s air rights. He explains how you can buy them up and build a skyscraper.

Sherlock says the loss of Roslyn’s rights means his project is dead. Sherlock thinks someone wanted to stop his project. They go see Hull who remembers them. He says they worked for him on the casino deal and Joan brings up Roslyn Graham.

He says he doesn’t have time for them to accuse him of murder. Sherlock says this time they’re on the same side and says he thinks the killer wants to stop the project. Sherlock chats with the architect and most people seem to hate the design.

Hull says there are plenty of people, including his ex-wives, who would want to stop the project. Hull says he build the future and these buildings are his legacy. He says he has a meeting today to discuss alternatives.

Joan finds a letter from Save the West Side, a protest group, in the stacks. Sherlock reads the letter calling the building a modernist nightmare. The architect says local groups always make a fuss. Derek O’Neal is the group’s leader.

Sherlock says his address indicates that the new building would obstruct O’Neal’s Central Park view and diminish his property value by $1 million. Joan and Sherlock go to Save the West Side and finds them packing up.

The office manager asks what she can do for them. They ask about Hull’s project and the woman doesn’t know that the building project is done. They ask about O’Neal and the woman says he was stabbed today here last Friday night during a break-in.

Joan says someone killed him five days ago, so he couldn’t have killed Roslyn. Sherlock, Joan, Marcus and Gregson look at O’Neal’s murder case. Gregson wonders if Roslyn and O’Neal’s murder are related and Sherlock says they have opposing motives.

Joan is annoyed with the reams of paperwork and Sherlock asks about Paige. Joan says she thinks the woman dumped him for some reason aside from her troubled past. She says she didn’t say anything to Gregson.

Joan finds something about O’Neal debating an environmental study on the Hull project. Joan says he should never have had access to that study. They think there’s a mole at Hull’s company. Joan says the killer stole the computers to keep from being caught.

Austin Reem is a file clerk at the architect’s office who was giving O’Neal info. The architect admits to firing Reem because he was copying private files. They wonder what was in the files. He says it was nuisance stuff and nothing worth killing over.

Sherlock asks to see the leaked files. He says no because there’s confidential information in them. Sherlock thinks the architect is the killer since he has shoes that match a shoe print left at O’Neal’s crime scene.

Paige comes to see Gregson at work which surprises him. She tells him she wasn’t honest with him and says she was diagnosed two months ago with MS. She says that’s why she broke up with him because she didn’t want to ruin his life.

She says he doesn’t deserve this and Gregson asks can’t he have a say in it. She says no and tells him goodbye then leaves. Sherlock yells for Joan and she lets him in. He has a box of files and says this changes the case.

His pal at the Department of Buildings gave him a bunch of it. He says Hull put out a press release about moving forward with the project. He says they are building a shorter building and they wonder how they had plans drawn up so fast.

Joan sees Busquet’s office plans in the pile – he’s the architect. Sherlock used those plans to break into the architect’s office to steal the leaked files. Sherlock says he now thinks both people were killed by the same killer in order to make the shorter building happen.

They bring in Hull to the PD and he agrees to give them five minutes. Sherlock talks about math errors and Joan says they can have big consequences. Sherlock says Busquet’s plans were off on the wind calculations. The 63 stories was structurally unsound in a stiff breeze.

Joan says they think Busquet figured it out but it was too late to stop it. They explain why Busquet killed O’Neal and Roslyn. Joan says they need his help to get a DNA test from Busquet since they found this out through less than legal means.

Sherlock says they can save Hull a PR nightmare on this. Sherlock says if you give us all these materials, then it’s legitimized, and they get a warrant to arrest Busquet. Joan says he can be a hero in this. Sherlock says that’s better for his political aspirations.

Joan meets Gregson at a coffee shop across from Paige’s book shop. He tells her about the MS diagnosis and why she dumped him. He says she wanted to spare him. Gregson says he was reading up on the timeline of the disease.

Joan says it gets really bad. He says his first thought is that he doesn’t care and wants to be with her. Then he says he knows you have to go in with your eyes wide open and wanted to talk through it with her since she’s a doctor and a friend.

Gregson asks what the online info didn’t tell him. Joan says MS is cruel and say the progression will be tough on them both and could take months or years. She says once the disease takes hold, she’ll need lots of help.

Gregson says she’s worth it. Joan says his friends will be there for him He sees Paige come back early from lunch. He tells Joan to wish him luck. She says she does and gives him a hug. Joan watches as Paige and Gregson go into her shop to talk.