General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Jason Turns Back to Stone Cold – Beatings for Nik and Curtis, Threats and Gun Violence

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Jason Turns Back to Stone Cold – Beatings for Nik and Curtis, Threats and Gun Violence

“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers tease that on this week’s upcoming new episodes Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) may be more Stone Cold than Quartermaine soon. A recent GH spoilers video shows Jason brawling, making threats, and playing the tough guy that GH fans have grown to love.

We know that Jason found out that Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore) was gunning for him, but he doesn’t seem to blame the trigger man, why would he? But does Jason have some lingering hostility towards Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) for ordering the hit?

Perhaps Stone Cold would get it, but new Jason is not that guy in terms of understanding how someone could dispassionately order the death of another human. The General Hospital spoilers video shows what looks like a tense confrontation between Sonny and Jason, but that could be clever editing.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Jason Turns Back to Stone Cold – Beatings for Nik and Curtis, Threats and Gun Violence

What’s certain, though, is that Jason is holding Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) responsible for having Hayden Barnes-Rachel Berlin (Rebecca Budig) shot for trying to tell him the truth. Jason will physically assault Nikolas in coming days.

In the fight scene, we see Nikolas in the same blue shirt he was on Monday’s show and a suitcase nearby so it looks like Nikolas is heading back to Wyndemere (or is already there) and ready to figure out what to do about his angry wife.

GH spoilers reveal that Jason and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) will both be stunned by something Nikolas says to them and Jason will react badly. Nikolas usually backs down, but will he this time? There’s no balcony there for Jason to throw him off of, so maybe not!

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Jason Turns Back to Stone Cold – Beatings for Nik and Curtis, Threats and Gun Violence

We also see Jason brawling with Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) in the spoilers video. GH spoilers reveal that Curtis will offer to work for Nikolas soon but really is scheming with his pal Hayden to keep her safe and secure her future.

Does Curtis intervene when Jason is beating Nikolas and ends up with a job working security for Nikolas? Whatever he does, it looks like Curtis will end up on the receiving end of a couple of vicious hits from the former mob enforcer.

If anyone can hold their own with Jason, it’s tough guy Curtis. What’s curious also is how Jason will deal with Sonny now that he knows for sure that the Port Chuck mob boss tried to have him whacked back when he was Jake Doe.

Will Jason forgive and forget? Will the brawl between Curtis and Jason result in those two becoming enemies? We know that Sam will ask Jason to take it easy on Nikolas – let’s hope that the brutal punishment Jason handed out to Nik wasn’t him “taking it easy.”

Is this the start of a slippery downhill spiral to Jason turning violent once again? What do you think GH fans? We know Nikolas can’t stand up to Jason in a fight, but how will Curtis do? Is Curtis just as big of a tough guy as Jason? Is Jason turning Stone Cold again?

Share your comments below and come back to CDL often for more “General Hospital” spoilers and news.

Ready or not…This week on #GH.

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  • Kevin Pham

    Will Jason forgive and forget?

    of course NUJASON will forgive he is a coward…
    he always is written to forgive dumb people who play a part to mess up his life
    go ahead and talk trash and nit and pick about LIZ
    but don’t forget how much TARNISHING was involed just to devalue LIZ for the audacity by the writers to make SAM look like this FAKE MOTHER OF GOD…. to fish and pimp out the jASAM relationship for ratings… =__=…

    are the ring leaders of destruction to OLD JASON and NUJASON’s life
    back in 1999
    dude came bak bleeding from his chest on the verge of death to report to sonny after an ambush to find carly and SONNY just sealed the deal..with CARLY….
    and despite all that…. u know the story and old jason then went to the old train station to die alone in pain.. and the only person who came to his rescuse was LIZ

    and then if not so.. there would be NO JASON today…

    then again during 2006…
    freaking SAM is in the hospital and ALEXIS won’t allow JASON to have the right to have patrick and liz operate illegally to save SAM’s pathetic life…

    despite all odds.. LIZ and PATRICK saved SAM’s pathetic life..
    and alexis had LIZ and PATRICK arrested with JASOn….
    how ungrateful is ALEXIS and SAM.. gawd i hate them so much…
    and JULIAN he is so lucky FRANCO wasn’t around when NINA learned the truth about JULIAN being a sabetor
    this is how SAM… ALEXIS… and JULIAN get away with everything
    they always get DEALS… and swear to secrecy with the people they OFFEND>.. it’s ridiculous….
    then after SAM is cured…. and alive and safe…
    LD JASON has to break up with SAM… when it was really to go on BREAK in the first place.. because after saving SAM’s pathetic life… JASON had to concerntate taking over the business for SONNY… and then huntting down MANNY to avenge SAM

    And what does SAM do… after everything JASON and LIZ did for SAM…. OMFGGG

    SAM goes and sleeps with RICK

    and SAM knows exactly what she was doing.. she imploded and exploded with RICK LANCSING to make JASON feel pain and hurt..

    for what…

    JASON was concentrating on his businss his life to keep his friends and family SAFE… and SAM… OHHH SAM.. sweet samthan freaking sleeps with RICK… how stupid..
    SHE BASICALLY STILL CHEATED ON him…. because she was too impaient and selfish and couldn’t give JASON TIME to operate and concentrate on keeping her safe along with everyone else in his life..
    and she cheats on him for that…

    JASON was securing his familiy and friends and especially honoring her to keep her safe… and even LIZ explained that to SAM…

    and SAM rewards JASOn by sleeping with RICK a man that SAM knows JASON SEVERALLY hates..
    SAM is disgusting… case closed.. if i am in love with you.. and you do that to me..
    there will be no PROCREATION or a marriage with you ever.. everrrrrrrrrr in this life.. or the next.. just sensing your aura.. will tell me you are the same person from the previous life… and i swear it on my great grandma’s grave if she ever learned in hell that i would marry a woman like SAM.. she would crawl out from hell and drag me there to cut me into pieces and mail me to familiy friends back in vietnam and korea… case CLOSED>….

    back to this horror soap story..

    and after all this nonsense and what SAM did to liz cameron jake and JASON during 2006-2009

    JASON was still scripted to procreate and marry SAM after all of this unlogical bull crap…
    just to appease the ALMIGHTY JASAM FANBASE

    so this whole topic about JASON or OLD JASON and NUJASON… of course he would easily forgive SONNY…. lmaoooooooo…
    NUJASON doesn’t even know his wife’s past and the hell she has put him through…
    she is not worth it…..
    but NUJASON will never be allowed to KNOW THAT.. he is stuck with the only 2011-2012 memories of SAM.. and instincts around certain people….
    so of course NUJASOn would it put this behind him and subconciouslly release his anger on NICK intentionally…. for the writers to SCAPEGOAT NICK and LIZ and RACHEL for characters agression in the place of SONNY and SAM… SONNY deserves a whole lot but at the end of the day his CHARACTER has more morals and values… but SAM.. she is just a GOLD OPPURTUNIST and characters are scapegoated to be allveiated in the place for more characters to be rail roaded and scape goated in her place… just to logically give SAM reasons to be free to roam around port charles without people looking down at her for her own issues and problems she did upon the lives of little children.. as fara as i am concernced she doesn’t deserve a kid…
    look at how RAFE died… she swore she would always be tehre for him.. the first sign of SAM hearing about JASON supposedly being alive at a lab.. she leaves RAFE like he is nobody….
    and ventures to the unknown with patrick then when she comes back

    RAFE is dead…
    oh by the way how’s kiki
    kiki who is Sam’s cousins
    hasn’t even seem SAM since the day SILLAS died.. we are now in the rolling of past 5 months.. RIDICULOUS…..

    Sam is just a handbag to JASON’s life.. to be used to pimp out raitings and save AIR TIME on this show… CASE CLOSED…
    so here’s my message to NUJASON
    me: you have your wife.. your one kid to raise with that wife… go to her tend her careless needs and stupidly get yourself killed again.. because you are basically reliving your history….. by staing with her and living that life you have… i even bet ALLAN and EDWARD would agree.. at least those chracters that are dead like EMILY have the chance to revisit all the history and realize what kind of person NUJASON is and who he is foolishly married too

    while AJ is rolling in his grave.. acknowledging his own mother didn’t even tell NUJASON that SONNY killed him… and MONICA encourage her NUJASOn to maintain a friendship with SONNY
    all intended to enrich and encouraage the society and appease the JASAM fanbase for raitingss…
    what debauchery..
    RIP 1963-2002 the real ERA of general hospital

    • blackrose

      Lot of time to write such a venomous post of fictitious characters

    • Iffat Ansare

      Not to forget what Sam did to Jax he could notbe there for his dad when he was dying and just stood and watched when JaKe was kidnapped.And dont even get me started about Carly and Sonny

  • Sexylove06

    I don’t want Jason to be stone cold again i love him just the way he is now. No more violence

  • keon

    shut up

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  • Iffat Ansare

    I miss the Golden Boy Jason Quatermaine he was such a promising young man honest brilliant med student gentle and loving and beloved by all why do you want to glorify criminals and deception

    • NeronWillRise

      I kinda agree, although it seems we’re in the minority.

  • Rachelle Pierre

    me too and I hope he’s now a nice balance good and bad not just one way and more scary because people will not know which jason is showing up

  • Kevin Pham

    the only way for STONE COLD can be stone cold and still JASON QUATERMAINE
    but he should have like minor slip ups of maintaing his NICE NESS
    that is the only way to sell us all that he is STONE COLD….
    and we need more whipping boy characters that STONE COLD could naturally bull besides just NICK….