General Hospital’ Spoilers: Where Is Tyler Christopher – Why Hasn’t He Returned as Nikolas Cassadine?

General Hospital’ Spoilers: Where Is Tyler Christopher - Why Hasn't He Returned as Nikolas Cassadine?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that fans are critical of Nick Stabile’s performance as the Nikolas Cassadine replacement for Tyler Christopher. Plus, ABC and Tyler himself have been strangely silent on his prolonged absence from the ABC soap.

So what does it mean that there has been no word from the actor that originated the role of Nikolas Cassadine, GH showrunners, or the network on the recast? Does this mean that the soap is trying to make Nick Stabile a permanent replacement for Tyler Christopher on the sly?

Another casting conundrum?

Consider these recent GH actor upheavals – when ABC/GH was messing with Liz Webber portrayer Rebecca Herbst on her contract, fans were in an uproar. Things got even worse when Nathan Varni waded into the fracas with an ill-advised Facebook post that made things worse.

Ultimately, the network caved and renewed her deal, but the pressure from fans may have made it worse. There was also the outcry when GH killed off fan-fave Michael Easton out of the blue when they stabbed character Silas Clay in the back. The network also caved on that one.

Now we have Easton back as Hamilton Finn. Then there’s the Maxie Jones situation. Kirsten Storms has something going on – she said it was about her skin – and GH recast with Molly Burnett. But Storms was back in a flash and was sure to be in constant contact on social media.

Tyler Christopher’s unexplained absence

Tyler Christopher was radio silent on Twitter for a month and now has broken the silence only to promote GH fan events. GH fans know that there’s a contract dispute going on and that Tyler Christopher is taking some “personal time” but other than that, there have been no updates.

So what is happening? Has ABC decided to replace Tyler Christopher with Nick Stabile but isn’t making an official statement to try and sidestep fan outrage? Are they hoping that GH fans won’t notice that what was supposed to be a short-term recast has turned into a permanent replacement?

What do you think about Nick Stabile vs Tyler Christopher as Nikolas Cassadine?

Nick Stabile is a good actor, there’s no doubt about that, but most fans seem to want Tyler Christopher back as Nikolas. One thing seems certain. Stabile’s chemistry with Ava Jerome portrayer Maura West is off the charts. That’s a good thing. General Hospital spoilers tease things there will continue to heat up.

However, it also feels like Stabile hasn’t really tried to make the part his own. It seems like he’s playing the role like an understudy, not as if it’s his part to command. If Tyler Christopher has been replaced with Nick Stabile, then Stabile needs to step up and be more forceful in the role.

That being said, those are big shoes to fill. Tyler Christopher originated the role but left it back in the early 2000s for four years, and Stephen Martines/Coltin Scott played the part well, so we know it can be done. So far, though, Nick Stabile seems to be playing it safe – but he needs to be wowing us.

What do you think GH fans? It seems like a strange time to throw in a recast. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the Cassadine Island drama will continue to build in coming days and Nikolas will be central to it all – so it’s difficult to have a new guy in the part.

Do you think that Nick Stabile is here to stay as Nikolas and ABC and GH showrunners just haven’t told GH fans yet? Or are there still contract negotiations going on behind closed doors and Tyler Christopher may yet return as Nik?

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