Gotham Premiere Recap – Bruce Taken But Doppelganger Turns Up: Season 3 Episode 1 “Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell”

Gotham Premiere Recap - Bruce Taken But Doppelganger Turns Up: Season 3 Episode 1 "Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell"

Tonight on FOX their hit drama series Gotham airs with an all-new Monday, September 19, 2016, episode and we have your Gotham recap below.  On tonight’s Gotham premiere, Bruce’s (David Mazouz) doppelgänger roams the streets; and Barbara (Erin Richards) and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) open a nightclub.

If you haven’t watched Gotham before the origin story continues on Season Three of GOTHAM, and the stakes are higher than ever, as Super-Villains more ambitious and depraved are introduced.  The series stars Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock and David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne.

On tonight’s Gotham season 3 premiere as per the FOX synopsis, “Gordon (Ben McKenzie) works in a monster-ridden Gotham as a bounty hunter and seeks to find answers about the Indian Hill escapees, and why their powers appear to be killing them. Meanwhile, Bruce’s (David Mazouz) doppelganger roams the streets, and Barbara and Tabitha open a new nightclub.”

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#Gotham starts with Jim headed up to a lovely house with a bouquet of flowers. Before he knocks, he hears laughter and sees Lee kissing a man and laughing. He pulls a face and steps back away. Back in Gotham, an alarm sounds in a pharmacy.

The pharmacist comes to check and has a gun. He threatens to call the cops. The other person growls and snarls. It’s a tall man with spikes on his back. He grabs the pharmacist and throws him out the window. Jim is there and tells the guy to come quietly.

They fight but the guy is huge and super-strong. He’s run down by a tanker truck. Jim shrugs. At the police station, Chief Barnes announces the perpetrator was another Arkham escapee. He’s grilled on why a bounty hunter took the individual down.

Jim’s a bounty hunter

Aubrey James is there and says the person that brought this down should be lauded. Harvey tells Jim that he’s a good bounty hunter but should be a cop. He tells Jim to stop blaming being a cop on him splitting with Lee. Lucius Fox shows up – he works at the GCPD now.

He tells them he has some evidence but then complains about his ratty lab after working at a posh one at Wayne Enterprises. He tells them the drug the person was looking for was is sold at just a few pharmacies and the other two were also robbed.

Harvey tells Jim they can work the case together but Jim says no, let me know if you need me to hunt someone down. Valerie Vale grills Wayne on why Strange is the only one who’s been arrested. Penguin shows up at the press conference and says tell the truth.

Penguin scares the press

Penguin says he was there the night the creatures broke out of Indian Hill. He says he told the police and they won’t listen. Penguin comes down front and center and says Fish Mooney is the enemy. Barnes says she’s long gone but Penguin says she’s a monster thanks to Hugo Strange.

He says no one is safe until they find Fish Mooney. Jim listens with interest and then Penguin smiles as he and Butch pass him. Oswald says he heard that Jim is quite the bounty hunter and asks why he hasn’t found Fish yet. Jim say no one has made it worth his while.

Penguin says he has a point. Oswald and Butch head to the club to meet Barbara. She calls him Ozzy and greets him with a kiss. He says she did a great job with the place. Butch drools as Tabitha walks past him to perch on Barbara’s arm. Penguin sends him away to wait.

Butch falls prey to Selena

Barbara says break-ups are hard on Bunny. Oswald says he wants to kill Tabitha but Butch is hoping for a reconciliation so he hasn’t yet. Penguin says to spread the word there’s a $1 million bounty on Fish alive, dead or in pieces. Selena comes to sit by Butch and he says scram.

Butch tells Penguin that seeing Tabitha gets to him. Oswald tells Butch that Selena stole his wallet. We see her and Ivy in the alley and she hands cash to the Bruce Wayne doppelganger that hides his face behind his lanky hair.

At Wayne Manor, Alfred and Bruce have just arrived back in town. Bruce questions whether they were right to leave but Alfred says they had to. Jim sits in a bar reading the paper, drinking coffee. Valerie Vale shows up and asks to sit with him.

Jim is tempted by the cash

Valerie mocks a headline about trying to find a new director for Arkham Asylum. She says good luck. She says someone should do a story on him. She asks about the night at Indian Hill and says why has no one else been arrested and Wayne Enterprises wasn’t implicated.

Jim tells her to go away. She asks if Oswald is right about Fish Mooney. He says Penguin is a liar and he hopes it’s not true. She tells him about the million-dollar bounty on Fish’s head then leaves. Jim perks up immediately.

Edward has a visit at Arkham from Oswald who has brought him a puzzle. He says he was told it’s difficult and unsolvable. Edward has it undone in moments. He asks if Edward got the other gifts he sent and Edward asks why he’s being so nice.

Edward has a visit at Arkham

Oswald says talking to him is what helps him get by. He says he’s surrounded by morons and lunatics and Edward says he understands. Penguin wants to know why Fish didn’t kill him and what she’s up to. Edward tears off a scrap of paper and talks about the Gordian knot.

Edward crafts him an origami penguin and says remember, penguins eat fish. Fish and two henchmen are together at a warehouse. Selena meets them there – she scouted for them. They head inside together. It’s a pharmaceutical center. A security guard confronts them.

Fish touches him and says drop the gun but she’s in pain. She tells Selena to watch the door. Jim makes a call to Fox about the pharmaceutical warehouse then he’s on the way there. Jim heads inside and sees signs of a struggle. He finds Fish.

Fish makes a play for Jim

Fish asks if he’s there for Penguin’s bounty. She gets closer and says cuff me. He says ‘do it yourself’ then tosses the cuffs to her. He asks where the others are and she says they’re all with me, all the wretched souls Hugo Strange experimented on.

One of her monsters attacks him and then runs off. Jim gives chase. The guy jumps off the balcony and runs off. Alfred and Bruce sit in the waiting room at Wayne Enterprises making small talk. Bruce tells Alfred if he does this, there’s no turning back.

Alfred says say your piece and I’ll get you a good breakfast. They head in to address the board. Bruce thanks them for meeting him. He says he wants to talk about Indian Hill and says he knows Strange wasn’t working alone. He says he knows forces at Wayne Enterprise controlled this.

Bruce confronts the board

One man laughs out loud and Alfred asks the guy’s name. He says ‘Crowley.’ Alfred asks if he has any manners. Crowley says he doesn’t have to listen to this. Alfred says he does. Bruce says he has proof of the group that exists and he knows they’re in this room.

Bruce says contact me within 24 hours to talk or I’ll release the information to every news outlet in Gotham. He walks out. Alfred asks if he wants pancakes. He says he does. The white-haired woman takes a call from someone on the board and says we have no choice.

She tells a masked man to take care of Bruce Wayne quietly. The man leaves to do her bidding. A guy comes into Barbara’s club and his henchman breaks some things. The guy says she built in his territory and he heard Penguin doesn’t have her back.

Barbara loves a good beat down

He slaps her face and says the club is his now. She says don’t hit me. She acts like she’s crying then breaks into mad laughter. Tabitha kills two of the men and Barbara attacks the third then stabs him repeatedly while cackling. She and Tabitha smile.

Selena asks Valerie Vale if she’s still paying for tips on Indian Hills and says the name Fish Mooney. Valerie goes to find Bruce at his usual haunt. He says he has to find a new bar. She asks if he wants to find Fish and says he knows where she’s headed next.

Valerie says she needs something from the cops. She also wants to come along while he hunts. He says okay. They head out. Jim meets Harvey who hands over something that Jim asked for and says don’t get me fired over this.

Bruce chats up Selena

Bruce shows up on Selena’s rooftop while she’s tending her birds. She asks when he got back and he says he tried to find her before he left. He says she might be in danger because people know they know each other. He says he’s sorry he was gone so long.

Selena is dismissive. She says see ya and takes off. The Bruce doppelganger lurks on the roof listening to them talk. Jim handcuffs the reporter to the car and says he got what she wanted. She’s pissed off but he walks away. She curses and he promises she’ll still get a story.

Jim heads to a police car and calls in on the radio to report to Barnes. A pair of cops at a building comes out, gets in their car and drives away. Jim heads into the building and knocks on a door. He finds Ethel there alone and he asks why she’s not in jail.

Jim makes a pawn sacrifice play

She says she testified against Strange. He asks where’s Fish then says whatever she and Strange did to Fish is making her sick and Fish will come for Ethel who says no one can find me. He says the cops could give a reporter the info and then Fish will come.

Ethel is mad but he says Fish is worth a million. The door opens and a girl is there. A couple of super monsters are there. They beat Jim down and drag Ethel out. A third creature comes into the room and spars with Jim. He goes to jump out the window and Jim grabs him.

Valerie is outside and starts snapping pics. The guy has wings that flap open but Jim drags him back into the window and puts him in a choke hold. Barnes chews out Jim and Harvey later and tells Jim he’s done with him. Then he tells Harvey that he was proud of him and it’s gone now.

Jim kicked out of the PD again

Barnes wheezes after they leave. He seems sick. Harvey tells Jim he liked playing captain and then tells him to stay away from the GCPD for now. Valerie comes in and throws his cuffs at her. She asks if he knew Fish was using her.

Ivy asks who Selena is doing runs for and Selena tells her it’s dangerous and not to follow. She leaves and Bruce 2.0 steps out and says he wanted to talk to Selena and says she was kind to me. Ivy thinks he’s Bruce and the kid freaks out and asks who is that and runs off.

Barbara and Tabitha have one of the guys they beat drug in front of Penguin. He says it is his territory then asks what Barbara will give him. She hands him a cherry from her drink. Barbara says Butch is behind this and sent the ding dong to squeeze them so they’d come running to them.

Fish wants Strange

Butch denies it and says she’s crazy. Tabby asks if it’s true. Oswald is annoyed, glares at Butch, shoots the guy and tells Barbara to run her club. Oswald tells Tabitha the only reason she’s alive is for Butch and as soon as he gives his consent, he’s coming for her.

The guys walk out. Fish is with her monsters and Ethel who says her body is rejecting the changes to her DNA and that’s why she’s having pain when she uses the power. She says stop using the power and she’ll recover. Fish says she likes the power. Ethel says she can’t fix her.

Fish grabs her and demands that she finds a way. Ethel says Strange is the only one who can fix this. Ethel says they hid him away. Fish says she wants an army like her and Strange will give it to her or die. Marv, one of the monsters, comes at Ethel and takes off his glove.

 Marv the monster

Marv grabs Ethel’s hand and she ages rapidly then drops dead all desiccated and icky. Ivy is dragged in and Selena tells her she shouldn’t have followed. Ivy tells Fish to stay away from me or I’ll tell. Ivy runs and Selena shouts at them to leave her alone.

Ivy runs off and then Marv grabs her for a moment. Ivy wriggles loose and falls into a drainage pipe running with strong water. Selena cries. Ivy is gone. Jim sits in the bar drinking and thinking. He’s looking at a pic of Lee. Barnes and Harvey look at their special squad weaponing up.

The party is popping at Barbara’s club and she and Tabby toast their success. Valerie develops a pic she took of the winged monster wrestling with Jim. Alfred sets the new alarm system at Wayne Manor. He shuts the windows. Bruce walks away.

Bruce is taken

The assassin is there and Alfred stares at the man. They face off. The masked man stares as Alfred throws knives. The man attacks Alfred and they fight. The man gets the better of Alfred and knocks him out cold. Bruce comes into the room and finds him on the floor.

Bruce runs to him but the masked man grabs Bruce and knocks him out. He throws Bruce over his shoulder and takes him out of Wayne Manor over his shoulder.