Grimm Recap – Don’t Go in the Water! Season 5 Episode 8 “A Reptile Dysfunction”

Grimm Recap - Don't Go in the Water! Season 5 Episode 8 "A Reptile Dysfunction"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday February 5, season 5 episode 8 called “A Reptile Dysfunction,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, a secret government agency takes Nick (David Giuntoli) into the heart of their Portland operations center; at the same time, he and Hank (Russell Hornsby) investigate the possibility that a famous lake monster is responsible for the death of a tourist.

On the last episode, the surprise return of “Juliette” sent Nick on a quest for the truth; Trubel had information that could be valuable; Monroe and Rosalee turned to the Wesen Council for answers as the uprising escalates. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “a secret government agency takes Nick into the heart of their Portland operations center; at the same time, he and Hank investigate the possibility that a famous lake monster is responsible for the death of a tourist. Elsewhere, Rosalee’s past comes back to haunt her; and Capt. Renard continues to support a candidate for mayor.”

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#Grimm begins with a car driving down a heavily wooded trail past a sign that says Diamond Lake is the home of a monster with a cheesy image of a creature from the black lagoon looking drawing. A couple rents a boat, and the wife takes pics of her hubby.

She says she’s excited. Nick tells Hank, Wu and Renard about Eve and says he was her backup for a hit, and it was a test. He says she took off as soon as it was over. Nick shows Renard the target was Samuel Rankin, and he was with Black Claw.

Renard asks how he knows, and he says Meisner told him and says he’s running Eve and Trubel and did run Chavez. Nick says they can blame it on the bodyguards. Nick says Eve didn’t touch the guy and never came close.

Rosalee worries that Nick hasn’t called them after he saw Juliette. Monroe gives her a letter that’s postmarked from Seattle. He offers to handle it. She opens it and reads it out loud. It says maybe you don’t want to hear from me and says he’s thinking of coming to Portland.

Monroe says they need to figure out what this guy wants after all this time. Rosalee says he thinks they had a relationship, but she says they didn’t except for the drugs. She angrily rips it up. The couple fishes and the husband catches a tiny fish.

His wife Elizabeth teases him. A shadow is under the water. Allan says it’s just a catfish. It comes at the boat then circles them. They look and wonder. It comes again fast, and he says get a picture. She snaps one, and it dips under the boat.

It comes back, and he fires a gun at it. He fires all the bullets then the boat is bumped, and Allan falls over and is dragged under the water. Blood bubbles up while his wife screams. The Wesen lake monster comes out of the water and explains to the other guys that he had to kill him.

He says the guy was shooting at him, and he should have killed her too. Looks like the guys who run the place hired him to be the monster. Wu says they have no leads on the two bodyguards. Trubel comes in and says she’d be pissed and says they should have told him.

She says the guys are Sig Ganz and Otto Grenwaldt. She says they were recruited a few years ago. He asks her about Rankin, and she says Rolf Kleineger and says he’s a Black Claw founder. She says Meisner wants to talk to him now.

Trubel takes Nick to the tunnel and Meisner is there. He says he had to prove himself to Eve. He walks, they follow. They go into an elevator and get out where there’s a caged door. They’re let in and then Trubel shows him her cell in the place. He comes inside and looks around.

There’s a wall of weapons. He says they put you here. Meisner says they put all of us here. He says they work for the Federal government. A surveillance system monitors Nick and identifies him. Nick asks about Eve.

Meisner says this is bigger than the resistance, but he doesn’t know how high it goes or how much funding they have. Nick knocks and Eve says enter. He opens the door and sees her there. He says she wanted him to prove himself. She says – you did.

He says she should have told him, but she says they had to know how he would react and that his emotions wouldn’t get in the way. He comes closer, and she says at first she didn’t believe in anything. He asks what about now.

She says she found a reason to live. He looks around her room and asks if she feels any remorse. She says for what she did – then says, you still think you’re talking to Juliette. She tells him to accept it. He says he can’t.

Eve says if they are going to work together, he can’t live in the past. She tells him quietly her only regret is that he didn’t get to bury Juliette. She tells him to come see the rest. They bring him into the command center and tell him there are more like it around the world.

They show him hot spots of Wesen uprising. Eve says the goal is the world run by Wesen like Hitler wanted and Black Claw is now trying again. Meisner takes him outside to their graveyard and says Chavez and many others are there.

He says three days after they took Juliette, they found where Kenneth took his mother’s body. He says they buried her here and offers him a photo as proof. He looks at it then looks away. Meisner says they need his help for what’s coming.

Trubel asks Meisner if Nick is okay – he says he will be. She watches kneel by his mother’s burial patch. The cops are out at monster lake, and Elizabeth says it hit their boat and dragged her husband under. She shows them a photo of the monster.

The brothers argue, and he says they hired Logan to scare people, not kill them. One brother wants to close up shop and run off. A couple shows up to rent a boat. They’re reporters. The reporter says if it bleeds, it leads.

Her camera guy buys caps and t-shirts for fun. They say they hope they get a chance to see it. Hank asks Nick if he’s okay when he comes back. He says they’re at war, and no one knows it. Renard tells them to come into his office now.

They watch the news with the reporter at the lake. They show the image and Renard pauses it. He says the sheriff called because he knows they work strange cases. Renard says this monster is guilty of murder.

Hank and Nick show up to a mad scene, and Sheriff Purcell greets them. He says something attacked the boat, Allan shot at it, it rammed the boat, and he was knocked overboard and was killed. The sheriff says he doesn’t know what to think.

He says someone shot a blurry photo back in the 60s and says there are a few sightings, but no one has been hurt. He says the theory is that someone dumped a gator out there that’s gotten huge. They ask Elizabeth what happened.

She says something swam around them and says it came out of the water. She says Allan shot at it, and it knocked Allan into the water. They ask if any other boats were around and she says no. Hank asks if they rented the boat there and they go check out the shop.

Hank says she’s Wesen and killed her husband then shot the gun and blamed it on the monster. Nick says that theory doesn’t explain the photo. Logan, the monster, is in human form and comes over to tell her he heard what happened, and he’s sorry.

She thanks him and he walks away.  The shop is doing a booming business as Hank and Nick come in and introduce themselves. The brothers tell them they’re busy but the older brother, Wayne, steps over to talk to them while Oliver minds the register.

They tell them they took the boat out and an hour later, they heard shots, so they called 911 and thought, at first, she shot her husband. Wayne says he’s never seen any monster and says these are all gawkers.

Wayne says his parents opened the place 50 years ago and says his dad swore he saw it twice and started the hat and t-shirt thing. He shows them a picture of it. The brother drops something then woges nervously.

Outside, Nick tells Hank that Oliver is Wesen and looks sort of like an Eisbieber. Rosalee and Monroe mind the shop then they hear a motorcycle. Rosalee looks nervous, but it’s just Trubel, and they crush her into a huge hug.

She says she missed them, and they ask about her motorcycle. Trubel says she needs to talk to them and locks the door and flips the Closed sign. She asks if they know about Black Claw and says there’s more they need to know.

Nick and Hank research Wayne and Oliver and find out that they’re in financial trouble, and this sighting was a big help. Hank wonders if it’s a Wesen for hire. Wayne says they made $9k today. Oliver says it’s blood money.

Wayne says his parents worked themselves to the bone and Oliver wonders what if the cops find out about Logan. Wayne says just restock the shelves – that’s their only concern. He says he’s going to the bank laughing all the way.

Wayne goes to find Logan at the bar and says he wants him to do it again tonight. There are some teens out by the lake. Two decide to go swim. A girl jumps off the dock and swims to another dock. She tells the guy to swim to her, but he’s scared.

She says are you afraid? Then she says there’s something in the water. She yells for Kevin to get out of the water. She tells him to get out. Logan comes for him and yanks him under. The girl screams. Monroe lets Hank and Nick into the shop.

They tell him they think it’s a water loving Wesen, and they have a sketch of him in one of the old books. They ask about Juliette, and he says call her Eve now. Monroe asks if they talked and Nick says she’s not really Juliette and says whatever they did made her someone else.

Rosalee says it’s confusing. Monroe says Trubel came by and filled them in on the whole thing. Rosalee asks if he’ll help them and Rosalee says they all need to decide the same thing, and Hank agrees they’re in on this together.

Renard does a rehearsal for his endorsement of Dixon as Mayor. A woman works with him on how to adjust his words. She closes the door and locks it then asks him to run it again. She says they may need to run it more than once. She gives him a knowing look.

The sheriff meets Hank and Nick and takes them to the teen’s body. The lake is now full of boats with armed men in them. Nick says they need to squeeze the brothers. He says they have to scare them. Logan is there and lurking – did he hear them?

Sales at the shop are booming, and Logan is there mad and demands to talk to them. Wayne goes into the office with him. Logan says he wants half of everything. He says he’s been taking advantage of him and making all the money.

He says he’ll be back at midnight to collect his half, or they’ll pull them out of the lake. Eve watches a video on her laptop, and Meisner comes in eating. She tells him Nick is too emotional. She says maybe they should have changed her face.

She eats from his plate and says it’s chicken. Oliver rants to Wayne about why Logan would kill that kid. Wayne has a gun in hand and says when he comes back, he’ll ask for money, and they’ll give it to him. Wayne says he’s going to shoot him for robbing them.

Oliver says this is all out of control and says just give him the money. Someone bangs on the door – it’s Trubel. She says she’s looking for the Wasser Zahne. She kicks the door, and they play dumb. She pushes Oliver out of the way. She tells Wayne don’t be stupid when he pulls the gun.

She says there’s a contract on his head, and she’s going to collect. They woge and freak and she takes the gun. They play dumb and then tell her Logan set them up, and it was all his idea. They tell her that he threatened to kill them and she asks how to find him.

They tell her he’s coming at midnight, and she can get the bounty then they will also give her their money too. She says she’ll be back, and Logan better show. She takes their gun and leaves. Wayne says this is perfect, but Oliver is freaking out over her being a Grimm.

Wayne says she’s just what they need. Trubel meets the guys and fills them in on Logan. She says he kills, they collect, but claims that he’s taking all their money. They pull up Logan’s record and sees he’s got a history of violent assaults.

She asks how far to take this and Nick says they can’t arrest him even though he’s killed two people and she says good to know. Wayne goes to find Logan at the bar who asks for his money. He says come to my place because I can’t walk around with all that cash.

Wayne tells Logan that Oliver is going to double cross him and hired someone to kill him. Logan says he’ll kill the bastard. Wayne tells Logan just to kill Oliver. He says he can’t let Oliver get away with doing this to him.

Wayne says Oliver won’t expect him til midnight and says come at 11 and kill Oliver then they’ll kill the assassin at 1130. Logan asks how he hired to kill him, and he says some girl. Logan says this will be easy. Wayne says they can dump the bodies in the lake ad blame the monster.

Logan shows up at 11 ad goes inside. Hank sees him. Trubel says something else is going on. She says she’s ready. Oliver freaks out and then Logan is there. He asks who Oliver was talking about and says here’s your cash.

Logan says he knows about his plan to cheat him. Oliver has no idea what he’s saying, and Logan says the girl you hired to kill me. He says that’s what Wayne told him. Wayne says he told Oliver the truth. He says he couldn’t let him betray Logan.

Logan throws him to the ground, and Oliver says he did nothing. Logan says he’ll taste good. Oliver screams for help then Trubel is there and says – you’re early. Oliver says Wayne did all of this. Logan says whatever and woges. She stares and Logan says you didn’t say she was a Grimm.

Wayne says oops. Trubel and Logan brawl. She knocks him out. Wayne says she’s good then offers her double the cash if she kills his brother. Hank and Nick come in, and Wayne freaks and Oliver says to go around the door goes out back.

Nick and Hank give chase. Wayne woges and dives into the water. All the monster hunters see him and open fire. The sheriff looks at the dead bodies of Logan and Wayne as Oliver is arrested. The sheriff asks how a local drunk ended up in the lake with a broken neck.

Nick says maybe the monster is real. He, Trubel and Hank walk away talking about how reality is so different now.