Grimm Recap 3/11/16: Season 5 Episode 12 “Into the Schwarzwald”

Grimm Recap 3/11/16: Season 5 Episode 12 "Into the Schwarzwald"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday March 11, season 5 episode 12 called “Into the Schwarzwald,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell)  find trouble in Germany after discovering a treasure that has been hidden for centuries. Back home, there’s havoc in the streets of Portland as Capt. Renard.

On the last episode, Newly gained artifacts took Nick (David Giuntoli) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) closer to the source of a long-gestating mystery. Elsewhere, Black Claw made a deadly move that was sent Portland into disarray. Bitsie Tulloch, Russell Hornsby, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, Bree Turner and Claire Coffee also star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Nick and Monroe find trouble in Germany after discovering a treasure that has been hidden for centuries. Back home, there’s havoc in the streets of Portland as Capt. Renard, Hank and Wu attempt to stop a deadly assassin; at the same time, Eve is hunting down the same man. Meanwhile, Rosalee is tracked down by someone from her past.”

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#Grimm starts with Nick and Monroe down in the cavern where they fell. Monroe thinks they’re in the church from the map and thinks they’re close to where the early Grimms hid their treasure. Back in Portland, the shooting drama is still ongoing.

Hank spots a likely sniper point. Renard is with the bleeding Dixon. Hank says no one in or out of the building and lock it down. Eve is there too and looks up at the building. Hank kicks in a door and he and Wu find the dead resident.

Marwan the sniper is on the roof. He woges. Hank heads for the roof while Wu calls in the body. Hank is on the rood looking around. He doesn’t find anything. Marwan scales down the side of the building. Juliette sees and moves in.

Renard backs off as medics tend to Dixon but it does not look good. Marwan walks away and Juliette follows. She closes in. Monroe and Nick are digging around looking for the treasure. Monroe say they’re already in the catacombs of an ancient church.

Monroe says archaeology didn’t exist back then and says they need to think about it differently. He says think like them and Nick says okay. They think back 800 years about superstitions. Monroe says maybe it’s behind dead people.

They look at tombs. There are skeletal remains and they start poking around them. Adalind is at the tea shop with Rosalee and she tells her she did enough work. They worry about not hearing from the guys yet. They try to reassure each other.

Kelly fusses and Adalind goes to get her crying son. Monroe drops a bone and says sorry. They hear noise and then more bones explode onto Monroe. He triggered something. Nick says it’s something they’re not seeing. They wonder if they’re looking too hard.

Nick says think back 800 years. He says no one would come down without light and they think about torches. Nick thinks light may be the trouble. They turn off their lights. It’s pitch black. Nick points out something and they see a circle of glowing skulls – seven of them.

It looks like a G for Grimm. Those skulls are all facing in. They turn their lights back on and Nick pulls out skulls and so does Monroe. They found the x behind it. Marwan reports that the task is done and says to send the car.

Eve magics a biker into running into Marwan and the sniper is taken down. Eve tells the driver to call 911. She magics the phone off and puts it in her bag then woges and breathes black ick into Marwan’s mouth. She stands when done.

Monroe and Nick pry a shield out from the wall. Behind it is a small chest. Monroe tells him to be careful and they pull it out. There are seven keyholes on it. They insert the keys they have. Nick gets one lock to turn. They laugh in glee.

Monroe gets one too. Monroe says they’re touching history. He’s thrilled. Nick focuses on unlocking it while Monroe geeks out about the history of it. They need the other two keys or lock picks. Monroe says he forgot his at home.

Nick says they have to take it to Portland. First they have to figure out how to get out. They look for exits and split up. Monroe spots more skeletal remains – these in remnants of fancy clothes. Nick calls out that he found stairs.

He goes up and sees it’s blocked. Monroe joins him. They dig into the rubble. Adalind makes tea while Rosalee talks to a customer. She tells Adalind that Dixons was shot at a rally. Someone else comes in. It’s Tony and Rosalee isn’t happy to see him.

She tells him she can’t help him but he says she owes him. Rosalee says no and he says he went to jail for her. He says Carlos is dead, JJ is gone and Burt is in jail. He says he needs $5k. Rosalee tells him to leae and he breaks something.

He says she thinks she’s better than him and calls her Rosie. He says don’t piss me off. He starts breaking things then hits her. Adalind comes out and tells him to stop. She says she’s calling the cops. He woges and she cramps up.

He goes to hit her and Adalind’s face twitches then his fingers start breaking backwards. He screams in pain. He runs out horrified. Adalind says oh my god and totally freaks out. Rosalee is freaking too. Adalind is upset and says she doesn’t want it back.

Rosalee tries to reassure her but Adalind cries and says don’t tell Nick, I don’t want it back. She says he’ll get rid of her and Kelly. Rosalee says she won’t but she needs to tell her. Adalind says she can’t go back to it and says being a hexenbiest is awful.

Rosalee says maybe they can boost the suppressant. Monroe sticks his head up out of the ground and says they’re out. He struggles out of the dirt and Nick hands him the lanterns and the chest. They laugh and head out.

Then they see lanterns and hear voices. Nick says they need to go and they head out. The priest and the other men move on while Monroe and Nick hide. Monroe wonders why the priest is out there. Nick says he thinks they’re Grimm hunting.

The priest spots the disrupted ground and looks down into the cavern. He calls the other men over urgently. Monroe and Nick come upon one of the men who woges and comes at Monroe. They grapple and he bites Monroe. Nick says let’s go and they run.

The man calls to the others to alert them. They go after them. Renard is back at the PD and Hank and Wu says they missed the guy. Hank says it must be Marwan. Renard says why kill a Mayoral Portland candidate. They wonder if Dixon was Wesen. Renard doesn’t think so. The FBI shows up.

Renard says to tell them they saw a shooter but then stay out of the Federal investigation. Renard looks at the blood on his hands and is upset. Nick and Monroe see other guys down by their car. Monroe says call to them in German while woged.

Nick says it’s dark and they won’t think a Grimm will be with a Blutbad in the Black Forest. Monroe woges and does it. He gets closer and comes up and says they need your help. It’s the Grimm – fast, fast. The other men take off and they get into the car.

They stab one tire on each car to disable their pursuers. The men run up and the priest is alarmed. The priest says they’re idiots and yells at them to go get them. Nick hears them and they get into their car and peel out. The men run for their cars to give chase.

They look at their tires and see they have been vandalized. Eve comes back and says she has Marwan’s phone. She says he won’t be awake for a while and is at Overton. Meisner says they need to get the phone back to him before he wakes.

They clone his SIM card so they can see who he calls when he wakes up to lead them to Black Claw. Nick tells Monroe they need to go straight to the airport. Monroe’s arm hurts from the bite but he doesn’t want to stop to deal with it.

Marwan is still asleep at the hospital. Eve slips his phone back into his bag, breathes on him again when she’s woged and goes. Marwan wakes in the hospital and sees bandages on his arms. Adalind tells Rosalee she needs to go home.

Rosalee tells her about Tony and the bad part of her life. She says she was broke and into rough stuff. Rosalee says did you do things you regret when you were young? Adalind says no, she was a nerd who was trying to make her mom proud.

The phone rings and Rosalee is happy to hear from Monroe. Adalind is there. He says they’re in a Stuttgart headed to the airport. Nick asks for Adalind and he asks about her and Kelly. She says they’re good and he says they’re coming home. Monroe’s arm still aches.

Adalind says be safe and Monroe tells Rosalee she loves him. They end the call. Marwan calls his guy and Eve and Meisner listen in. Marwan says he was hit by a bicycle and says pick me up now. His local guy says he’ll be there in 20.

Renard tries to figure the Dixon thing out. Hank says they have nothing yet and Renard says the guy avoided every surveillance camera. Renard gets a call that says he knows who shot Dixon. They’re told that the shooter is at Overton.

Renard says just the three of them will go. Marwan leaves and Eve monitors him. He waits for a car. A car pulls up and he approaches it. Eve watches with Meisner. Hank gets out and Marwan walks the other way. He can see his badge hanging out. He runs.

Hank chases. Eve says the guy is running and they wonder who from. Wu cuts the guy off and Meisner says he’s being chased. They have the signal but no visual. Renard corners him. He woges and then so does Renard who comes at him and throws him down.

They struggle and Eve says someone caught him. They’re upset that someone is screwing up their plan to track BLack Claw. Renard throws him down a flight of stairs. Eve says he could be dead. Meisner is furious. He says to tell him if he moves. Renard says to call it in.

Hank wonders who called the tip in since he looks nothing like the photo they put out. Hank says this has to be some sort of set up. Eve tells Meisner that Marwan’s cell is on the move towards the police precinct Renard runs.

Renard watches the shooting footage again. He looks at Rachel as she glances up towards the shooter’s perch while on her cell phone. She’s the only one looking up right before he’s shot. His bed buddy is in on Dixon’s death.

Meisner goes to see Renard and says he screwed it all up by taking down Marwan. He says they needed him alive and says they should have told him. He says they got an anonymous tip and Meisner says Black Claw set him up.

Renard says he should have told him and Meisner says this is bad for all of them and storms out. Renard goes home and Rachel shows up and acts upset and says she needs him tonight. He takes her inside and kisses her.

He says he wants to play rougher then woges. She does too. He asks who the hell she works for. She says the people who are going to change his life. Adalind sits freaking out and notices water boiling in her glass. She’s terrified of herself.

Rachel introduces Renard to Lucien. He says Dixon was meant to die and Renard was meant to kill him. Rachel says Renard is one of them and Lucien says they can make him the most powerful man in the city. Renard says you’re Black Claw.

Rachel shows him a poster and he says you’re kidding. She says you’re a hero- you can win. It’s a political poster of his face. Renard looks at them with undisguised interest. Monroe and Nick come to the tea shop and Rosalee runs to hug her husband.

He flinches and says he was bitten. Nick tells Rosalee to call everyone in. Rosalee thinks the bite is infected. She wants him to see a doctor. They all put in a key and pick the other two locks. Nick says he hopes this is worth it. It still won’t open.

Monroe is frustrated. Rosalee says it may take more than the keys. They spot a seal and Rosalee asks what would hold that long. Nick says they were all Grimms. Monroe suggests Nick’s blood. He cuts his finger and runs it around the seal.

Smoke puffs out of it and they cough. Nick opens it. Inside is an ancient cloth wrapped object. Nick unwraps it. It’s a wooden stake. Rosalee says it can’t be just a stick. Hank says maybe it’s an important stick.

Wu says maybe it’s a stigmata. Rosalee says maybe from the tree of good and evil. Nick touches the stick and looks at it. Rosalee wants to get Monroe to a doctor about the bite. Wu points out writing on the cloth. Monroe looks at it and he’s dizzy. He stands then keels over.

Rosalee says it must be his arm. She says they need a tourniquet and they belt his arm. Rosalee says to call 911 and Wu calls. Nick had the stick in his hand when he touched Monroe and he heals. Rosalee says that’s something new. Monroe is fine. Monroe asks what he did and Nick says it’s this and they all look at the stick.