Grimm Recap 3/4/16: Season 5 Episode 11 “Key Move”


Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday March 4, season 5 episode 11 called “Key Move,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) travel overseas on a dangerous journey that brings them closer to the source of a long-gestating mystery. Elsewhere, a deadly move by Black Claw sends Portland into disarray.

On the last episode, Monroe received a call from a relative in Germany that brought Nick closer to his ancestors. But things got complicated when the nefarious group Black Claw also took an interest in this discovery. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard helped a mayoral candidate gain an edge on his opponent; and Trubel confronted Eve about Nick and Adalind. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Newly gained artifacts take Nick (David Giuntoli) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) closer to the source of a long-gestating mystery. Elsewhere, Black Claw makes a deadly move that will send Portland into disarray. Bitsie Tulloch, Russell Hornsby, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, Bree Turner and Claire Coffee also star.”

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#Grimm begins with the gang talking about where they need to go in the Black Forest. Trubel says the village was built in 1084. They wonder if it’s under a modern day city. Rosalee wonders if there’s a clue on the map. She goes to make coffee.

Nick looks and says they must be missing something. Renard meets Rachel and offers her a flash drive with the dirt on Gallagher. He was recorded buying an eight ball. He says they were looking for the dealer and he evaded arrest.

Rachel says they’re doing this for the right reasons and Renard agrees. Then she says she was thinking of going home, but isn’t tired. She gives him a look. The gang wonders what they are missing.

Trubel says she would have done a big X. Nick thinks about what his mother told him about the keys and how there were made. She told him the knights hid something precious there. Nick says they were Grimms that hid something to be found again.

Hank points out three rivers that converge there. Rosalee says what were they fighting for as knights? Trubel says maybe a church. Monroe says he was checking them. They count seven churches.

Nick says all the churches have steeples except one that has a cross. Monroe says it’s not a cross it’s an x. Hank says maybe X marks the spot. They all stare in wonder. Rosalee comes back down and gets excited.

Monroe says holy ground makes sense as they thought churches would be around. Nick says they don’t know what it is, the only know about where it is. Monroe says he’s going since he speaks German.

Trubel worries about Black Claw knowing they have the keys and the trunk. Monroe says they need to go now. Trubel says they can’t travel under their own names. Rosalee says she knows someone who can get them fake passports.

Rosalee asks what he’ll tell Adalind and Nick says the truth. Later, Adalind tells Nick these keys lead to death and it’s not worth it. Nick says his aunt gave him a key and believed in it. He says he owes it to her.

He thinks back to her trying to kill his aunt. Adalind says she owes it to her too. He says Trubel will be with her. He says he’s leaving tomorrow. Nick says he knows she’s worried. Adalind says what if they buried something evil.

He says they wouldn’t have made a map. Adalind says she knows she can’t stop him but there’s a chance he won’t come back. She says she can’t let him go without knowing how she feels about him. She kisses him.

She says she doesn’t care if it’s a mistake then says she loves him. She unbuttons his shirt and he pulls it off. He kisses her and pulls off her shirt. They fall onto the bed. Eve says Hanano should have been picked up by now on camera.

Trubel shows up and they catch her up. Eve says they need to know why he’s there and says where he goes, people die. Trubel says Eve could be the target. She says then the sooner she finds him the better.

Two men wait on the target they are supposed to shoot. Marwan shows up and they give him the gun he asked for. Hanano says he just needs one bullet. He assembles the rifle and takes aim. He woges and shoots a basketball out of the air as a kid shoots it.

He undoes the woge and says the rifle will do. He goes. Nick lies in bed with Adalind and thinks about their ugly past. He thinks about their fight where he undid her powers. He strokes her shoulder and she wakes.

She asks if he’s okay. He says yeah. He asks if she is and she says given how they met, last night did not seem like a possibility. She says all the complications went away for a little while last night. Trubel calls and says needs to see something.

She shows up and shows them the info on Marwan Hanano and says he came in from Ecuador. She says Meisner thinks he’s there on assignment. Rosalee says their flight leaves before 9 pm. He says he’ll be there at 5.

He tells them he’s leaving tonight. The guys go tell Renard about the Marwan info on the Wesen terrorist. Renard asks if HW will deal with him and says let’s find him but don’t engage. Nick tells Renard he’s going to be off the grid a couple of days.

Renard asks if he needs to know anything and Nick says not yet. They put out an APB on Marwan with a local murder charge. They tell Nick to be careful. Nick goes home to pack. He checks on Kelly and says take care of mommy while I’m gone.

He kisses Kelly and Adalind says come back so she doesn’t have to explain to Kelly why he didn’t. Nick hugs her and goes. He looks back at her before he leaves. He goes to Monroe’s place and Rosalee says she researched the churches.

She says only seven are Catholic so they have to focus on those. She hands them passports. Nick thanks her. They head out. Nick goes to the car to let them say goodbye. Rosalee tells Monroe to be damned careful. He says he loves her and goes.

Marwan is looking around a Dixon campaign rally site and looks up at apartment buildings. He spots a man on a balcony then he woges and looks again. He’s a bird and can see great distances in his Wesen form.

He checks out the guy on the balcony. Two bike cops spot Marwan and point him out. The female cop calls it in while the bike cops follows him. Wu and Hank get the call and head out. Marwan gucks down a side way and the bike cop hops off and follows towards a parking lot.

He sees a cup of coffee dropped and goes to check out an open door. Marwan attacks him.

The guys touch down in Germany and get their passports stamped in Stuttgart. They drive and Monroe says he hasn’t been in the Black Forest since he was in his 20s. He says his family hunted in the Black Forest for hundreds of years.

Nick asks if he means “hunted.” Eve gets the APB hit and they see that Marwan attacked a cop but didn’t kill him. They pull up surveillance. Hank and Wu show up and Fogel’s partner says he said a monster thing attacked him.

They show her the photo and she says that’s the man they were following. They wonder why Marwan didn’t kill Fogel. They also check surveillance. The Dixon rally is being set up and Rachel greets Renard as they’re setting up.

She says Gallagher is on the news channel and it’s bad. She asks him to stay on the stage after he introduces Dixon. She hands him some talking points. Rachel is called to check out some banners. Renard gets a call from Hank and says Marwan attacked a cop.

Renard wonders why he was there. Marwan meets his contact and says he was made and his contact says even if they know you are ere they don’t know why. Marwan says they’ll do it later. Both woge and he tells Marwan he has to do it.

He gives him a photo of Renard and says he’ll be out of the country by morning. Monroe wonders how they will know what they’re looking for. Nick tells him he slept with Adalind and Monroe is stunned.

He says the last time you slept with her you didn’t know it was her. Nick says the first time he thought she was Juliette then he slept with Juliette when she looked like Adalind and says this time it’s the mother of his child.

Monroe agrees she’s changed but hopes she stays that way. He asks if Nick is in love with her and he says he doesn’t know. They spot the church and turn nearby. They look at it and Monroe says it looks newer than he expected.

They get out as the church bells begin to ring. They head inside. Monroe says empty churches give him the creeps. He crosses himself sloppily and says you never know. Monroe says this church is too new and what they want may be underneath.

They hear a noise and spot a man cleaning. Monroe touches a man who is startled, woges, then says Ein Grimm and runs screaming. A priest comes out and says the man can’t hear and is easily frightened.

The priest asks how he can help them. Nick says they are looking at some old architecture. Monroe says they are looking at older churches. The man says enjoy your time. Nick asks how old the church is. He says it’s 1594 and is the oldest church.

Monroe says they thought it was older and Nick asks about an older church. The priest asks if he’s talking about Crusades era. The priest says nothing that old is near here. They thank him and go. The priest glares. The man runs back out and says he’s a Grimm.

He says he’ll kill us all. The priest asks if he recognized him. He says yes. Monroe wonders if they made a mistake. They check the map. Nick suggests maybe they need to be closer to the two rivers.

They look at the map and decide to check out a nearby hill. Nick wonders if it’s not a church they’re looking for at all. They head out and say they need a shovel and lanterns. Monroe says into the woods we go.

The priest and the Wesen janitor watch them drive away. The priest woges and is annoyed. Mawan mixes up hair dye and then shaves his facial hair. The priest leads a service at the German church. It ends and he talks to some men afterward.

They tell him they know what must be done. He says may God be with you and they head out to kill Nick. They are out in the woods and head up to the top of a hill. Monroe wonders what could be there and if it’s the 10 commandments.

At the Dixon rally, Rachel stirs up the crowd and then introduces Renard. Marwan is now blond and rides up to the rally on a bike. He goes inside the apartment building and knocks on the apartment he targeted.

He attacks the owner. Hank and Wu wonder why Marwan is there. Wu says maybe he’s scouting. They wonder what’s there and Hank mentions the rally and Wu says it’s kind of a small target. Hank calls Renard and gets voice mail. They head out.

The crowd chants Dixon’s name and the candidate pulls up. He gets out waving to the crowd. Marwan assembles his rifle. Eve and Trubel work the surveillance and get a hit on blond Marwan. Eve calls Meisner over.

They try to figure out where he’s going and decide he’s going back to where he attacked the cop. Renard takes the stage at the rally. He addresses the crowd as Marwan assembles the last piece of the rifle.

Renard talks about how much integrity and passion that Dixon has. Marwan loads a bullet and goes to the window He pushes the blinds aside and looks down on Renard at the podium. Renard introduces Dixon. He shakes his hand.

Marwan woges and takes aim at Renard. Monroe tells Nick about all the peasants that were killed in these woods. He says they hid in the woods from the nobles and were all slaughtered. He says this ground was once soaked in the blood of these poor bastards.

Nick asks him to stop it. They get close and Monroe apologizes. Trubel tells Eve there’s a rally there. Meisner says don’t engage if you don’t have to. Eve leaves and Meisner tells Trubel to pack and head for Santiago for a job.

Hank and Wu show up and look around the crowd. They wonder if he has a bomb and look for backpacks. They check out people in hoodies and with backpacks. Renard sees them in the crowd and Rachel pulls out her phone and takes a call.

She steps away. Marwan is ready to shoot. Renard looks around. Dixon waves to the crowd and Marwan shoots Dixon. Renard runs to him and Hank calls for backup. Rachel calls out for help. Monroe and Nick make it to the top of the hill.

Monroe says this is where the x is and then Monroe says there are a lot of rocks here. He points out the rocks look like they’re aligned. Nick says it looks like a pattern sort of with a Stonehenge look. Nick finds a square one and they wonder if it’s the foundation of a church.

Monroe tries to pry it up. Another car pulls up behind theirs. The men get out and the priest woges and sniffs the air. There are two cars’ worth of them. Monroe gets the stone loose and they decide it’s a foundation stone. The ground collapses and they fall screaming.