Grimm Recap 4/1/16: Season 5 Episode 15 “Skin Deep”

Grimm Recap 4/1/16: Season 5 Episode 15 "Skin Deep"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday April 1, season 5 episode 15 called “Skin Deep,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, a beauty regiment proves deadly for a young woman, who seems to have aged 70 years when Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) find her lifeless body.

On the last episode, a forgotten Wesen disease made a terrifying return, as Nick and Hank learned while investigating a brutal attack in the woods. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “a beauty regiment proves deadly for a young woman, who seems to have aged 70 years when Nick and Hank find her lifeless body. As they search for proof of Wesen involvement, they are led to a local doctor, and end up enlisting Rosalee’s help in their investigation. Meanwhile, Eve takes a bold step to learn more about Capt. Renard’s nefarious dealings.”

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#Grimm starts with a young woman, Summer, putting on lipstick at a cosmetics counter and a man says she has an amazing look and says his name is Malcolm Caulfield and he’s a professional photographer. He hands her a card and says he’d like to do some test shots.

He says check out my website and her friend Amy grabs it and looks up at his website. Nick plays with Kelly who’s smiling. He asks Kelly to say daddy, mommy, and Grimm. She says he’s too young for the last one. His phone rings and Nick asks her to get it.

She does and is stunned when it’s Eve. They swap phone for baby. Adalind is stunned. Nick takes the call and Eve says come here now, I have more information. Adalind says that’s creepy and Nick says she talks about as much as Kelly. He says he has to go and she says she heard.

Summer shows up to Malcolm’s studio. He has her change outfits and starts shooting photos. They do several outfits and a bunch of poses. She’s blinded from the flashes and he says it’s not as glamorous as people think.

He pours her some water and she drinks it down. He checks out the photos and she asks how she’s doing. He says she’s a natural and shows her some pics. He says she could have a career. She drinks some more. He shots some more pics and then she gets woozy.

He says it’s just the lights and she says she needs to sit down. He goes to his computer to check the shots. She sits and then passes out. He calls her name and checks on her. He woges and latches onto her face. Eve tells Nick he needs to know some facts about Dixon’s assassination.

She tells him about Marwan and how they ID’d him. She says she saw him leaving and caused him injury to get his contacts from his phone while he was at the hospital. She says Renard got a call and was told about Marwan and either he knew or was being used.

She says Renard will run for Mayor. She says they need to know who he’s involved with. Nick says if he makes a move on him, he’ll know they’re onto him. She says he doesn’t need to know anything, just let her know where Renard will be. She tells him he can go.

Malcolm wakes Summer and says she fell asleep. He says come look at these shots. She says they look amazing and he says he’ll send her some. Her friend loves them and says she’s a supermodel. Amy says she looks like she has a little wrinkle and then heads out.

Summer stares into the mirror then goes to look in the bathroom. She then sees more stuff happening to her skin. She grabs some moisturizer but her skin is going nuts. She can’t reach her phone. Malcolm meets Dr Forbes with a jar of goo and says he made all he could.

He looks at Forbes and says you’re using it and says he told him not to use it. He says a little goes a long way – it’s powerful. Forbes promises not to use it anymore and hands over cash. Forbes wants more soon and Malcolm says when he’s ready.

As soon as Malcolm leaves, he use more on his face. Summer’s pal comes home in the morning and calls out to her. She sees her on the floor and screams. She looks like she’s 100 and she’s dead. Nick comes to work and Hank says he looks weighed down.

Nick says he saw Eve then asks about Renard and says Eve thinks he was set up by Black Claw to kill Marwan and may have been in on it. Hank says no way. Renard calls them in and says he’s been asked to take Dixon’s place to run for mayor but wanted their thoughts.

Nick says it’s sudden and Hank says what if you win and Renard says he’d have to resign. Nick says that would make things hard here. Hank gets a text and Nick offers their support. Hank says they have a body and they take off.

Nick says Eve was out and they wonder if he’s in on it or is being played. Nick says they can’t say anything until they know. Eve plays over the events of the assassination in her mind and then how she became Adalind. She sits up suddenly.

Eve opens her closet and then a drawer. Inside is a tall traditional witch’s hat. Dr Forbes is in the lab and uses the goo along with other ingredients to mix up something. His assistant says they’re ready to open and have a dozen women waiting.

He says don’t keep them waiting. He calls it Dr Forbes Foy Cream. The women are allowed in and they are all eager. A guy is among the group. Dr Forbes smiles. Wu says Amy Diaz found an old woman dead in her apartment and her roommate Summer is missing.

Wu says Summer’s car, phone and purse are still here. Wu says Amy says the elderly woman is eating Summer’s clothes, rings and anklet. Wu says why would a woman in her 90s come try on her clothes and die. Nick says lets fingerprint her.

Amy says she saw her there last night and shows her the pics that the photographer took last night. Wu gives them a nod and says the prints are a match for Summer – she had a DUI last year so she was in the system. The agree it must be Wesen.

A woman raves to Dr Forbes about how her friend can’t stop talking about the treatment. He smears some on her face, shields her eyes and turns on a light. It sizzles and foams. He clicks the light back on and shows her how she looks. She can’t believe how great she looks. She calls it a miracle.

The ME says it’s hyper progeria. It’s a genetic disorder which degrades your DNA and causes accelerated aging but never happens this fast. She says she can give them some research but Nick and Hank know this has to be something else.

Malcolm is on the phone scheduling a photo shoot when he sees Dr Forbes on a TV ad and ends the call abruptly. It’s for Dr Forbes FOY (fountain of youth) cream, you can turn back the clock. Dr Forbes nurse says they are booked for six months solid.

He tells her to go ahead and go home. She takes off. Malcolm calls him and asks if he’s crazy making that ad. He says he told him to stay small and go slow. Dr Forbes says going slow is not possible and Malcolm says you have no idea how hard it is to get.

Forbes says he used half the jar today and needs more. He offers to cut him in for 50/50 partners. He says they can both make millions. He says Malcolm can have a million in three months and the wesen says he’ll see what he can do. Forbes look at his own face and puts some of the pure stuff on his skin.

Then he goes nuts and rubs a bunch of it all over his skin. He smiles and looks insane. The wonder if it’s a spinitad. Rosalee finds something in Arabic from an Egyptian Grimm and says Musasat Al-Shabab is the creature. He tracked it and the victims were left aged beyond their years.

The Grimm writes that it woged and its mandibles pierced a woman’s face and it sucked something from her and then disgorged the yanbue – a substance that is an addictive product that makes people look young but also makes them monsters.

The Grimm says that it was the supplier of the yanbue. Malcolm goes hunting for prospects. He takes a young guy back to his place, gets him to model, drugs him, and sucks out the stuff from his body then spits out the thick white goo – the yanbue.

Nick reads some research on extreme aging and says there have been a cluster around Portland. He has before and after photos and We says they got a call about a guy who ran off the road. Looks to be 90 – license says he’s 19. They go to check it out.

Wu says the guy’s name is Brian Grady. They check him out and find a business card for Malcolm and his cell phone. They look at his phone and Nick decides to see the photographer. They head to the studio and it looks legitimate.

Hank wonders if he’s the Musasat. Malcolm lets them in and ends the call he’s on. They introduce themselves and show him photos of Summer. They ask about Brian Grady and he says yes he shot photos of him too.

They tell him they’re both dead and he asks why. He says he just took photos and Nick asks why and he says he discovers talent. He says many of his client have gone on to successful careers. He says they all want to be gorgeous like that.

He asks how they died and they ask Malcolm where he met them. He says all over the place. Nick says they just have to backtrack where they’ve been and Hank leaves their card with him. Nick says he thinks the photos on the wall look like trophies.

They decide to put surveillance on him. Forbes calls and demands he bring him the stuff now. Forbes looks at himself in the mirror and says he looks fabulous. Nick and Hank check Malcolm’s phone records and see a call to a clinic – a beauty treatment place.

They watch the commercial for Dr Forbes’ FOY cream. Nick thinks they found their buyer and need someone to check him out. They go see Rosalee and Monroe and he’s worried that Rosalee might turn into a monster if she uses it.

They just want her to get a sample of it. She heads there and goes inside. She has an appointment and the guys listen on the comms from the car. The nurse says there’s no appointment but Rosalee says she confirmed.

They tell her it’s $5k for the treatment and today is just a consultation. She sits and talks to some other women. One says her friends look amazing and they’re older than her. We see Eve brewing a potion of some sort. She follows instructions in the book and she has a bit of hair to add.

The spell book shows the witch hat. Eve stirs the potion and it bubbles. Rosalee has to wait for a work-in appointment and she checks out one of the women who looks amazing. She winks at Rosalee and heads out.

The nurse says she can see Dr Forbes now. The nurse leads her back. Dr Forbes greets her and the guys listen. He turns around and Rosalee sees his face looks monstrous and weird. She asks what’s in the crème but he says it’s a secret.

He says he can see lots of imperfections and she says what imperfections. Monroe panics and says they can’t let her put the stuff on her face. They see Malcolm pull up outside. Monroe says time to pull the plug. Dr Forbes wants to treat her then puts some on his hands and rubs it on his own face.

He turns on the black light and says guess how old it is. Malcolm is there and asks who she is and demands he give him the stuff. Monroe is there and threatens him. The jar breaks and Forbes goes nuts. Malcolm woges and the brawl begins.

Monroe woges and gets into it and then Nick hits the guy and beats him brutally. Rosalee and Hank join in but then Forbes stabs Malcolm in the neck with a scalpel and rants like a lunatic. His face goes wonky and hideous and then Forbes collapses.

Renard holds a press conference where he accepts the nomination to run for mayor. Hank and Nick are there and Hank says here we go. Eve puts the hat over the potion and smoke comes out of it. She sucks it in and then keels over.

Her body does something funky and ripples and grows. She turned herself into Renard!