Grimm Recap 3/25/16: Season 5 Episode 14 “Lycanthropia”

Grimm Recap 3/25/16: Season 5 Episode 14 "Lycanthropia"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday March 25, season 5 episode 14 called “Lycanthropia,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, a forgotten Wesen disease makes a terrifying return, as Nick and Hank learn while investigating a brutal attack in the woods.

On the last episode, an ancient Wesen warrior tradition found its way into the modern world of Luchador wrestling thanked to a local maskmaker. As Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee tried to put a stop to the bloodshed that was taking place, Capt. Renard mulled over an offer that could bring him closer to claiming his destiny. Meanwhile, new questions were raised as a result of Eve’s snooping around. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “a forgotten Wesen disease makes a terrifying return, as Nick and Hank learn while investigating a brutal attack in the woods. Elsewhere, Adalind considers entering into an uneasy alliance in order to get back what she wants most; and Eve discovers a surprising revelation.”

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#Grimm starts two nights ago with Nick waking up beside Adalind and creeping out of bed in the dark of night. He goes to a backpack and puts it on then heads down into the tunnel passage. He climbs down the ladder, and goes to a crumbled brick wall.

He shoves the box in it that contains the magic stick and replaces the bricks. This evening, a guy named Baske drives down the road before sunset on speaker phone talking to someone at his office. He’s told that his friends are celebrating their anniversary.

He says to get them something under $500. Baske’s mom then calls to ask if he’ll be late to dinner and says she made casserole. He ends the call, cranks the radio and drives on in the rain. His tire blows out and he crashes into a tree.

The airbag triggers and he survives the wreck. He coughs and staggers out of the car. He sees the car is ruined and then panics as he looks at the sky. He starts running. We see Nick shirtless banging on the metal door in the tunnel.

He gets a click and laughs – he’s able to turn the wheel that locks it. He opens the door and looks inside. There’s a drop off. He tosses something over to see how far it goes down. The think indicates it’s way deep. Baske runs fast and hears voices.

He hears people talking about how they they need to find a place to camp. We see a creature and then a woman screams and groans. We hear howling. Adalind gets a call –  it’s Renard. He asks if Nick is there but says he wants to talk to her and then asks her to meet him in the morning but to not tell Nick.

Nick comes back up and tells Adalind he got through the door but found more tunnel and will have to check it out later. He goes to take a shower. The next day, Baske lies in the road and a truck driver stops to check on him.

He’s bloody but gasps and his eyes open – the guy says – you’re alive! Nick and Hank meet Wu at the scene and he says Baske drove his car into the tree and was attacked by a guy with a big dog and fell down a hill. Wu says it looks like human bites, not dog bites and no major wounds.

He has more blood than is explained by his injuries. The EMT wants to take Baske to the hospital and he says he’s fine. Hank asks for ID and he says he works downtown in commercial real estate. He says he was on the way out to see his mom.

Hank offers to give him a ride to his car and he agrees to go with them. They drive him back to his car and they ask if he was attacked there. He says he had no signal so was walking to try and get signal then a dog came at him and he ran into the woods.

He’s confused and says it was dark and says he’ll get his head checked out but needs to get to his mom’s. Hank asks what kind of dog it was. He says big and hairy then says he’s not a dog guy. Nick offers to drive him to his mom’s and he grabs his briefcase.

Adalind and Kelly go meet Renard for breakfast. He thanks her for coming and checks out Kelly. She asks what he knows about Diana. Renard says you look good and she asks again. Renard asks if she knows Meisner. She says he’s here.

Renard says Meisner killed the king and got Diana that night. He says he doesn’t know who has her, but it’s the Resistance. Renard says he hasn’t seen her and says she’s not with the Royals. Adalind says she wants her back and then a glass flies into her hand.

Renard says that’s interesting and asks if Nick knows. She says no and you can’t tell him. He says if he finds out, things may not go well. She says she and Nick have a son and Renard says they have a daughter. She says maybe they should all live together.

Renard says remember what happened to the last hexenbiest he lived with. Renard says he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. She threatens him and walks away with her baby. They pull up at Baske’s mom’s and he asks them not to mention he was attacked.

Hank says they need his shirt since there was a lot of blood on it and could ID who attacked him. His mom comes out and she panics. She panics over the blood but he says it’s no big deal and Hank and Nick introduces themselves.

Hank asks if she called the police when he didn’t show. She says she thought he was just running late. Hank thinks Baske is acting strange. He comes to the door and tosses them the shirt and thanks them again.

They check out Baske and find out they’re old money. He’s single and Hank says he was over the river and to the woods. Wu says no dog blood, all human. He says there are three blood types, no dog. Nick wonders if it was a Wesen dog.

Nick tells Wu to check out hospitals for dog bite victims. They pick up Monroe to use his nose and go back out there. Rosalee came along for the ride. Nick has the bloody shirt. Monroe sniffs and says he’s got it. Monroe walks sniffing with Rosalee and Nick and Hank follows in the car.

The black claw guy calls Rachel to ask about her progress with Renard. He says he wants him to make the right choice. She texts Sean that she needs to see him and asks if she can come by. Monroe says he went off the road and veers into the woods.

Monroe says it’s just Doyle he smells so far. Hank gets out and Nick says Monroe says he went off the road. Looks like Doyle Baske lied to them. Eve is outside Rachel’s and when she sees her leave, goes up to the door and inside.

Eve searches the house. She finds a tube and opens it. Inside is the Renard campaign poster. She snaps a pic of it and puts it back. She snaps a pic of the mailing label and puts the tube back. Monroe says he smells something and Rosalee can too. They tell them it’s death. They find two dead campers.

Rosalee wonders who attacked them and Monroe sniffs and says it smells kind of like a Blutbad but not quite. Monroe sniffs and goes off another way. Hank and Nick search the bodies  – they’re from Tillamook and both were slaughtered – the Kaminskis.

Monroe sniffs and walks and Rosalee follows. Monroe stops and says this was not a Blutbad. He comes and tells Nick and Hank says last night was a full moon and says this could be a Lycanthrope. Rosalee says OMG. Hank asks if it’s Wesen. Monroe says yes and no.

He says it’s a Wesen disease that Blutbaden get. Rosalee says it’s a rare recessive trait and only crops up during the full moon. Monroe says it makes Blutbaden temporarily insane. Monroe says he heard about Blutbad family that killed their kids if they showed symptoms.

They think Baske is the lycanthrope. Rosalee says she doesn’t think there’s a cure and they go tell Renard about it. They tell him it’s a lycanthrope. Nick says they need to bring him and lock him up but Renard says the guy is from old money and he could sue.

Renard says Baske’s mother would know about it and why he ran off from the car. Renard says hold him overnight but don’t charge him. Wu says the Kaminski’s lab work is back and the blood matches Baske’s shirt. They catch Wu and tell him to prep the isolation cell.

They have three hours before dark to make it happen. They talk about knocking Baske out so he’s not dangerous. Monroe says the cure is old school – you bury alive any kid with symptoms. Nick calls and they break the news.

They tell him they’re going to put him in a cell and if he turns, they’ll sedate him. Rosalee agrees to mix up some knockout and Monroe says do a double dose. They go to the house and ask Doyle’s mom if they can come in. She says she’ll get him.

They wait and Baske comes to the door. He says he can come to the police station in the morning and they press him to come along and he says he’ll get his coat but he goes running. Nick gives chase while his mom screams that this is private property.

Baske begs them to let him stay and says he has to be there with his mother. They tell her to stay out of it when she protests. They take him away and she looks worried. HA! It’s the mother that’s a lycanthrope – that’s why he comes to see her once a month.

Rachel comes to see Renard and shows him Gallagher’s poll number are down because of the drug allegations. They put Baske in a cell and he asks what about the photos they wanted him to look at. They walk away and leave him in isolation. He looks very upset.

Rosalee and Monroe are there and have a crossbow to tranq him. They have five minutes til dark. Eve calls Nick and says bring Hank and come to parking garage to talk right now. They head down to see her. Nick asks what she wants.

She shows them the campaign photo and asks if they knew about it. They didn’t. She shows them the shipping label and tells them to look at the date – the 15th – four days before Dixon was assassinated. She says Rachel Wood, Dixon’s media chick knew about this.

Eve says they have to find out if Renard knew. She walks off. Hank says he didn’t know at the time but Nick wonders if Renard knows now. They go back and catch Monroe and Rosalee up and he says it’s night and they need to check Baske.

They go back to the cell and ready the tranq dart. They load the mini crossbow and see the cell is empty. Someone showed u to bail him out. They chase him down and shove him into a room. He woges and then Rosalee says he’s not a lycanthrope.

Nick realizes it’s the mom. She’s at her house duck taping her legs and wrists together. Her eyes start glowing red. Baske says he had to protect his mom and ran as fast as he could but got there too late to stop her. He says he got bloody trying to stop her.

He says then she came after him and he ran and fell down the embankment. He says his mom can’t stop herself and doesn’t know what she’s doing. He says he has to get out there and stop her or she’ll kill. At the Baske house, there’s pounding on a door.

They rush back to the house to try and stop her. They go inside but Baske says don’t shoot her. They tell him it’s a tranq. He sees she got out and says without him there to bar the door from the outside, she got out. They hear howling and Monroe says she’s on the loose and points.

Baske says you can’t shoot her and Rosalee says she’s hunting and Nick says he’ll try to tranq her but if it doesn’t work, that’s it. They take off. Monroe leads them towards Doyle’s mom. He slows them and says they crossed her path.

He woges and sniffs and leads them on. He says she’s really strong right here. They realize Baske is gone and Wu and Hank head off another way with guns at the ready. Baske tells Wu to run and they hear Hank fire shots.

They think she circled aback and they tell to warn Wu. She tackles him and Baske woges to try and calm her down. He unwoges and tells them he got this. She goes to attack him and they have to shoot her down.

Her face goes back to human, he says he’s sorry and she dies. Baske woges and howl in misery then collapses sobbing on his mom. Wu got scratched! He goes home and we see him pull up his pants leg. There’s a small wound.

Later he lies in bed sweating and panting. The full moon blazes outside his window.