Grimm Recap – Sean is Mayor – Eve is jealous: Season 5 Episode 20 “Bad Night”

Grimm Recap - Sean is Mayor - Eve is jealous: Season 5 Episode 20 "Bad Night"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday May 13, season 5 episode 20 called “Bad Night,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) fears there’s a chance he’ll lose everything to Black Claw; Renard (Sasha Roiz) ramps up his campaign as the election draws near.

On the last episode, Wu’s primal instincts kicked in as a result of the bite he suffered, and he ended up getting entangled in an altercation that could land him in hot water. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Nick fears there’s a chance he’ll lose everything to Black Claw; Renard ramps up his campaign as the election draws near; Adalind faces a very difficult decision in order to protect her children; Hank’s relationship with Zuri moves in an unexpected direction; and Wu struggles to get a grip on his new reality.”

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#Grimm starts with Nick crumpling the note and throwing a chair. He says this won’t happen and makes a call. He calls Hank who ignores his call because he’s getting busy with his Black Claw GF. Adalind gets out of the cab at Sean’s house with Kelly in the baby carrier.

He’s surprised she brought Kelly. He says they’ll bring Diana and says they wanted to make sure she came alone. Sean says they’re not in complete control. He says he’ll deal with Nick and she asks what if you lose the election tomorrow. He says Kelly is one of them.

She says nothing better happen to my son. Sean says he’ll treat him like his own and says they have Diana and Kelly and are a family. He says she made the right decision. Nick goes to Renard’s other home and goes in with gun out and finds it empty – no furniture or anything.

Nick is devastated. Wu lies awake in bed thinking about the guy he killed. He thinks about the video they made of him as a beast. He wakes and gets up with a growl. Wu goes to the bathroom and stares at himself. He wills himself to shift.

He screams show me what I am but nothing happens. He screams in rage and starts destroying his apartment. He punches the wall and then his hand starts to shift. He runs to the bathroom and stares at himself shifting. He calms himself down.

The shift reverses and he’s himself again. Wu says – I did it. He’s happy but looks a little crazed. The news is on and Sean is winning the mayoral race. Rosalee clicks it off and tells Monroe to come to bed but then Nick beats on the door. They let him in.

He fills them in on Adalind and he says Sean pressured her. Nick tells them Sean’s place is empty. Rosalee tells him she babysat Kelly a couple of nights ago. They tell Nick that Diana is why she left. Nick freaks out and Rosalee says let’s talk it out so you don’t put Kelly at risk. He sits.

Diana shows up and hugs Adalind. She takes her to meet Kelly. Diana asks to hold him and she’s not sure. Diana floats the baby and Diana says that’s not a good way to pick up a baby then says it’s bed time. Conrad is there and tells Adalind she’s part of the family now.

Monroe and Rosalee advise Nick to go to HW and they want to go along. They make a plan to sneak out and lose their tails. Nick drives and notices a car behind him. He pulls over and gets out. Two men get out of the other car and one follows Nick.

He follows Nick into the woods but then loses him. He goes back to the car and finds the one guy dead and then Nick says sorry, I’m in a hurry – and shoots the other one. He meets Rosalee and Monroe. They ask if he lost them and he says sort of.

Trubel meets them at the elevator and says Black Claw is all over them. Meisner says there are a lot of Black Claw peeps in the Pacific Northwest. They show them a Black Claw org chart. Eve tells Nick that Diana was mentally contacting Adalind and she got the signal.

Trubel says they know where Renard is but the house is heavily guarded. Everyone cautions him not to act emotionally. Eve agrees and Nick says it’s easy for her to say because Kelly is not her kid. She agrees he’s not. Trubel tells Meisner they have to help.

He says we can’t do anything stupid and tells Trubel to watch Nick. She follows him out. Zuri wakes and goes downstairs. She rifles Hank’s jacket pocket and pulls out his cell phone. She hands it over to a Black Claw guy at the door.

He says leave the door unlocked so he can return it. Then Hank is there and asks if heard something. She says she just got cold and got up to turn up the heat. She tells him to come to bed and he follows. The guy hacks Hank’s phone and downloads all the data.

Adalind and Sean tuck Diana into bed. She and Sean tentatively take hands. Then she asks what he’s doing. He says it’s Diana who must want them together. Adalind says no one knows how powerful she is and he should not underestimate her.

Sean says they had good times and she asks if that’s what he’s looking for. Sean tells her get with the program and she stomps away. In her bedroom, he asks if she’s in love with Nick. She says this won’t start in the bedroom.

She says she’s not the hexenbiest she once was and he says he’ll take what he can get and starts to come to her but she magics something at his head. She tells him this won’t stop in the bedroom and says get out then locks the door.

Nick says Adalind left a note saying she had to protect him and loves him. Trubel says she already knew that Adalind loved him. Sean calls Nick and says we need to talk. He says they need to talk face to face and says my office, one hour, but says Kelly is safe.

Trubel offers to go ahead of him and kill Sean but he says he wants to hear what he has to stay. Nick orders her to stay back. The Black Claw dude is done with the phone and hides it in Hank’s pocket but someone is there and the door shuts.

He creeps for the door and then Hank grabs him. The guy attacks Hank who fights back. The guy woges and Hank beats the crap out of him. Zuri comes in and denies knowing him then he says he has to call it in. He grabs his phone and makes a call for a breaking and entering.

Zuri acts like she’s freaking out over a break in and says thank God you were here. Nick meets Sean and he shuts his office door. Sean says he’s not his enemy and says he gave his daughter to his mother because he trusted him.

Sean says the only way to protect the ones you love sometimes is to let them go. He asks if he thought he’d settle down with Adalind and live together. Sean says Nick understands how things work and says the humans ruined the world.

He says it’s the only way to true progress and the Wesen must come out of he shadows. He says they will with or without either of us. Sean reminds him they all have blood on their hands and says revolutions are forged in blood.

He tells Nick if he works with him, they can keep the bloodshed to a minimum. Sean says you can’t win this fight. Nick says there will be no winners and says again he wants his son and storms out.

Hank tells Zuri he’s worried the burglar came for her and tells her to go back inside and lock her door. She thanks him and goes back inside. A cop reports they found the guy’s car and says a bad smell was coming inside and found pills and some other stuff.

The cop also points out a laptop under the seat and says the plates were stolen. The trunk also has a dead cat and more stolen license plates. Hank takes the computer and says impound the car. Nick comes back and Trubel asks if Sean is alive.

Nick says he tried to recruit me and says Black Claw wants Grimms. Trubel says she wishes there was something she could do. He says he has something to show her then goes to get the magic stick. Hank checks out the laptop and a cop says the guy was part of a hacker collective and a druggie.

Hank says why didn’t the guy steal anything and says he caught him on the way out. Hank says the laptop has a password so he’s stuck there too. Nick gets the box and Trubel asks if it’s Pandora’s. He says not that he knows of and shows her the stick.

He says it’s more than a stick. She says it looks like a stick. He says it saved Monroe’s life and tells her the story. He tells her how the wound healed. He shows her the cloth and says one of the words says miracle. Trubel says it looks like it broke off something.

He says other words are dangerous hazardous perilous. She wonders what else it can do and where its powers come from. Trubel says the Crusaders had to believe it came from God. He shows her where he’s keeping it so Black Claw can never find it. He says HW can’t know either.

He says Hank, Wu, Monroe, Rosalee and now her. He says he never told Adalind. Nick says as a Grimm, this is for her if something happens to him. They store it back behind the bricks again.

It’s election day and it’s a close one. Trubel tells Meisner and Eve about Sean trying to recruit Nick. Trubel goes to the weapons room and Eve follows. She asks if he blames Adalind. Trubel says he thinks she had no choice. Trubel asks what she thinks.

Eve says there is a choice whether you think there’s one or not. Trubel asks what Juliette thinks and Eve says that’s too dangerous to think about. Hank tells Nick about the Wesen B&E. He tells him about the hacker link and says the guy had to come through the front door.

Hank wonders if the guy was there for him and might be Black Claw. Nick fills him in on Adalind and Kelly and that Sean has them. Then he says Sean tried to recruit him. They go talk to the prisoner Tony. Hank prods him about his fake ID, drugs, and B&E.

Nick says he knows he’s Wesen and he woges. Nick slams his face into a table and the guy does not woge. Nick walks out. They send him back to lockup. Nick says he knows who we both are. Wu shows up and says he feels good. He says he got a handle on it.

Wu says he needs to stay busy. Hank says they can keep him busy and hand him the laptop. Hank and Nick go see Rosalee and Monroe to try and figure out what the guy was and Hank says that’s him and his name is Tony.

Turns out it’s the same Tony that came to see Rosalee and Adalind broke all his fingers. Wu calls and says Hank’s cellphone data is on the laptop. He says all his texts, contacts and emails. Hank says that explains why his phone was in the wrong pocket.

Nick says hang on to the laptop so we can take it to HW. Nick asks Hank if Zuri could have let the guy in and Hank admits she could have. Monroe wonders if that’s why she hooked up with him again. Nick says she won’t admit she’s Black Claw and Hank says they can make her.

Conrad and Rachel watch the election news. Diana asks Sean what he’ll win and he says he’ll be mayor if he gets enough votes. Adalind comes in and they tell her just an hour. Conrad tells Adalind they worked hard to bring Diana back to her.

Conrad asks her about the Grimm and Kelly. She says he was good to me and didn’t have to be. Conrad says the Grimm will try and stop them and she can’t take personally what happens. She says she won’t help them.

Nick goes to Zuri’s door and she’s surprised. He asks to come in and he says Hank is getting a safe house ready. He asks if she’s heard about Black Claw and says they were after Hank and may be after her now too. He says pack for a week and don’t make any calls.

He says lock the door and I’ll wait outside til Hank gets her to pick you up. He goes to his car and she calls Conrad and says they want to take her to a safe house. Conrad says to cooperate. Hank is there and says stop lying. She says they made me.

She says she loved him and did what she had to do. She woges and comes at him and he knocks her down. She wakes tied up. Meisner, Eve and Trubel are there. She asks where she is and Meisner says that’s not how to begin.

Zuri quotes the Black Claw mantra and Meisner says I’ll leave it to you. Eve says if you don’t want to talk, you won’t need your mouth and seals it shut. Trubel says it doesn’t get better from here. Sean wins the election by a landslide. Nick and Hank watch the news.

Sean comes down to make a victory speech. Sean thanks the crowd and congratulates his opponent on a well-fought battle. Diana is there cheering. Sean says it’s time to work together to make Portland a greater city than it already is. Diana looks at Rachel with anger.

She knows her dad was with her. Sean introduces Adalind as the love of his life and mother of his children He picks up Diana and then kisses Adalind and she holds Kelly in her arms. Conrad takes a call about Zuri and says if we know where she is, we know where they are.

Nick stares at the TV and says – you’re dead.