Hawaii Five-0 Finale Recap 5/13/16: Season 6 Episode 24 & 25 “Pa’a Ka ‘Ipuka I Ka ‘Upena Nananana; O Ke Ali’I Wale No Ka’u Makemake”

Hawaii Five-0 Finale Recap 5/13/16: Season 6 Episode 24 & 25 "Pa'a Ka 'Ipuka I Ka 'Upena Nananana; O Ke Ali'I Wale No Ka'u Makemake"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new back to back Friday May 13, season 6 finale called, “Pa’a Ka ‘Ipuka I Ka ‘Upena Nananana; O Ke Ali’I Wale No Ka’u Makemake ,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Five-0 gets trapped inside a dilapidated building in Oahu’s Chinatown.

On the last episode, a woman was murdered in her home and Five-0 learned that one of their own had a deep connection to the victim’s young daughter. Did you watch the last episode? We did and recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Five-0 gets trapped inside a dilapidated building in Oahu’s Chinatown, where they try to protect a wounded Gabriel and plan their escape. But gunmen looking to kill Gabriel storm the building; also season 6 ends with McGarrett and Danny working undercover as drug pilots to stop a meth epidemic on the island.

When McGarrett is seriously wounded, Danny is forced to break their cover and land the plane in order to save his partner’s life.”

This is definitely one finale that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-o.

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Recently Chin had a chance to meet and even get to know his niece Sara however Chin knew that he couldn’t be the one to take her on tonight’s episode of “Hawaii 5-0”. He liked the little girl who was sweet and loved bunnies. So it wasn’t Sara’s fault that Chin couldn’t take her in, it was her father’s. Sara was Gabriel Waincroft’s daughter and so Chin knew that the right decision for her meant that he shouldn’t drag Sara between him and her father. Who just so happens to have an ongoing bloody history with Five-0.

But that doesn’t mean Chin didn’t later think about what if. What if he had taken the little girl and raised her? So Chin was already feeling guilty about what he had done when the call he’s been on for years finally came in. Gabriel Waincroft had apparently been found at an abandoned warehouse by some crackheads and one of them had been fortunate enough to injure him so Gabriel was left practically immobile. And that only made Five-0’s job at picking him even easier.

Once they got the call, they then moved as a task force to go get him and so finding him wasn’t the problem. He had been lying on the dirty floor and was in fact bleeding out when they caught up to him. Yet, Five-0 weren’t the only ones that managed to pinpoint Gabriel’s location. Michelle Shioma had also learned of his whereabouts and she sent teams of her people in to find and kill Gabriel. Even if it meant they had to kill anyone that got in their way.

Which in this case includes Five-0.

Earlier, Michelle had tried to let Five-0 know that they shouldn’t get in her way yet she’s always been able to surprise them with her attacks on anyone close to Gabriel. So maybe they should have brought along more people when they went to apprehend Gabriel and maybe they should have found the leak in HPD department before anything else because Michelle was getting her information from someone. But it was too late to do all of that and Michelle’s people had corned Five-0 at the abandoned building before they knew it.

So Five-0 was forced to shoot their way to the next building while they waited for the SWAT Team. Though the SWAT team themselves were under siege. Michelle’s people had taken precautions before they entered the building so they knew the exact moment Five-0 called in for reinforcements and they had already come up with a plan to delay if not stop the SWAT team from ever reaching Five-0. Or Gabriel. Gabriel was known to be bleeding out so it didn’t matter if Michelle’s people got to him first, but there was a definite risk that he would die if he didn’t receive medical attention.

And so the only way that Five-0 could stop Gabriel from bleeding out on them was for them to take the risk of going through the city.

Apparently they knew that Gabriel didn’t have much time however the ambulance wasn’t going to come to them so they had go to the hospital. But the hospital was directly in the middle of the city. So Five-0 tried to come up with a tactical plan that would assure that they all moved out together. And therefore they had tried doing as Jerry suggested by boarding a bus yet that plan failed when Michelle’s people attacked the bus.

So McGarrett told Chin to take Gabriel to safety while the rest of them held Michelle’s people off. However, Abby had something else planned. Abby had gotten separated from the group during the first shoot-out and so she returned to headquarters where she hoped to gather enough forces to return for her friends. Only while she was there, she realized that her friends wouldn’t be able to move until they found the mole in the police department. And so that’s when she turned to her old boss Robert Coughlin.

Robert had just as much reason as anyone else for wanting Gabriel dead, but he wasn’t going to condone Gabriel’s actual murder. So when Abby asked for his help in identifying the mole, he found Natalie Ochoa of Hawaii PD for her. Natalie happened to have been related to the dirty correctional officer and she was also in charge of emergency call-ins. Which explained why Michelle’s people were always able to find Five-0’s position.

But with Natalie out of the way, they were able to use her system of alerting her friends to instead them walk straight into a trap. So Michelle’s second in command and all the low hanging fruit were rounded up and Michelle herself was forced to flee the island with her family in order to escape conviction. Although wherever she was, she was probably still happy to hear that Gabriel later suffered a cardiac arrest. And died during surgery.

Gabriel, though, had extracted a promise before he went in. He had made Chin promise to look after Sara who was Malia’s blood and therefore family.

Though remember that crackhead that had found and shot Gabriel, it seems she and her boyfriend had become part of the problem that the big island had been experiencing. Apparently there had been several overdoses in under a week and they were all dying from the same thing. Which was an unlucky batch of fentanyl-cut meth. So McGarrett had promised to look into it when he first heard about the deaths, but then everything happened with Gabriel and that made him completely forget about the meth problem that was slowly turning into an epidemic.

McGarrett later remembered, however, when teenagers also began to overdose. A sixteen teenager had died from the same thing and so McGarrett felt it was time to bring Five-0 before the epidemic spread even further into the schools. But to find who was making that particular brand of meth, Five-0 had to find and then harass all the many suppliers on the island. So they found themselves going into crack dens where they found a seller, who then them to supplier whose life they threatened, and slowly they worked their way up the drug hierarchy.

And when they found the transport guy, McGarrett convinced him to call his boss and recommend a different pilot for the next mission. Yet, to really sell the fact that the man co no longer pilot the drug plane himself, McGarrett had broken his arm. So Five-0 weren’t taking any risks on this one. They wanted to find and stopped the shipment of drugs that were killing people and they weren’t afraid to break the law just to get that job done.

So McGarrett and Danny got what they wanted. They were brought in as a pilot and a mechanic and Jerry made sure their background checks were all in order. However, the plan to track Dae Won back to his factory had had a serious flaw. They had thought that it would be safe up in the air with just Dae Won for company yet someone took that opportunity to shoot at the plane. And McGarrett ended up getting seriously injured.

He had been shot multiple times and was therefore no longer able to fly the plane much less land it. So Danny had to break cover when he called for help and Dae Won had nearly killed him though the known drug dealer had thankfully realized that Danny was best chance at making it out of the plane alive. The gunshots had taken down the pilot and it had also caused the plane to lose fuel by the bucket. And so the two men had been told by ground control that they were going to have to ditch the plane.

Only neither of them were familiar with what was required to do that and somehow they had to get McGarrett who was unconscious off of the plane as well.

So Danny managed to turn the plane inland to the nearest beach and his people cleared the ground so that there would be no mass casualties if the plane were to explode. But while forced landing was a bit rough, everyone’s main concern had been McGarrett. He had been no responsive onboard and so his life was in jeopardy though there was something that Danny wanted out of Dae Won. And he managed to get to the other man before anyone else.

Danny had wanted to know everything about Dae Won’s business and who might his enemies be. And he wanted those things for revenge. He later went to Dae Won’s factory on the next island over and had gone to destroy their planes, their drugs, and so that had brought down their infrastructure. Which meant they were firmly out of business.

Yet, back at the hospital, Five-0 received unfortunate news. They had been told that McGarrett took a bullet to the liver and so he required a new one however he had to receive within the next twenty-four hours. Else he was going to die. So Danny did what any good friend would have. He got himself tested to see if he would be a match for McGarrett and then he agreed to do a partial liver transplant once he realized he could save his friend’s life.

And with two of their friends and team members in surgery, Five-0 were forced to worry out in the waiting room.

Though all was well. Both McGarrett and Danny had made it out of surgery without complications and so naturally they were some celebrating going on in the waiting room, but a week eventually passed before anyone mentioned Dae Won. So both men had been told that the DEA had gotten involved and that Dae Won’s contacts in Korea were being investigated. And so both felt like they could put everything that happened behind them.

And McGarrett ultimately chose to take the unusual way that Wo Fat’s father chose to forgive him for what happened to Wo Fat as what it was rather than make himself worry about what else it could have been. So let’s hope it won’t turn into something else and that McGarrett’s mother doesn’t become involved. Or make a sudden reappearance!