Heroes Reborn 2015 Recap 1/21/16: Season 1 Finale “Project Reborn”

Heroes Reborn 2015 Recap 1/21/16: Season 1 Finale "Project Reborn"

Tonight on NBC their new show Heroes Reborn returns with an all new Thursday January 21, season 1 finale called, “Project Reborn” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the world’s end approaches as Tommy (Robbie Kay) faces his greatest challenge and Erica (Rya Kihlstedt) takes drastic measures to ensure her plan’s success.

On the last episode, Erica Kravid’s past surfaces as the end of civilization approached. Meanwhile, Malina scrambled to unite with Tommy and was joined by Luke as Quentin and Phoebe plotted against them; and Matt Parkman tried to ensure his family’s safety, jeopardizing Taylor’s life in the process. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC’s synopsis, “the world’s end approaches as Tommy faces his greatest challenge and Erica takes drastic measures to ensure her plan’s success. Meanwhile, Malina tries to fulfill a prophecy to save the world, and Emily and Ren search for Miko. The series finale.”

Tonight’s episode of Heroes Reborn is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. Definitely tune into this amazing series! Hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about this new season.

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#HeroesReborn series finale begins with Carlos carrying Farah out of the gym and into a hospital. Micah uses his powers to charge up the equipment and Carlos goes to work trying to save her life.

Emily and Ren wonder where Tommy is. He tells Emily that Tommy is trapped in Evernow and Miko is the only one who can go in there to get him out. Tommy is in a long digital corridor that seems endless in both directions.

He says he has to go back, save his sister, and save the world. It looks like a Rube Goldberg design… He wonders where he is. He’s deep in the game. Richard tells Erica he’s in there and they’re ready.

Erica tells Richard to run the announcement – it’s a video of her telling them it’s time for those in Gateway to go on. A cable comes out of a corridor and snakes towards Tommy – he hears her word. Erica says an invitation to Gateway is an invitation to the future.

The cable slams into the back of Tommy’s neck. Erica says it’s time for Project Reborn. The watches all begin to glow. Tommy screams in pain. Erica says we extend our gratitude for your bravery and skills. Tommy is lifted in the air.

Erica says thank you for your sacrifice. The place starts to shake. Ren and Emily cover their ears as noise and light flares. Eric says welcome to our brave new world. The system goes offline and the computer thanks Tommy and it drops Tommy to the ground.

The computer says safety protocols are engaged. Richard asks if it worked. Erica sets let’s find out. They walk outside and look around. They are all there – including Ren and Emily – and see that they are in the only greenspace in a desolate area.

They made it to the future – Erica welcomes them. It’s 7957 years from now. Back at Gateway in the present, Phoebe looks around at the deserted place. Her eyes glow with anger. An intro video explains that the watch is needed to help them navigate.

Ren and Emily are down in the basement looking around. They run into the area where the EVOs are being storied. Ren’s laptop is destroyed when he tries to block the door. He uses his key in a spot they see and they hear the EVO regeneration is in process.

The EVOs are waking. Miko is there too. Ren wakes her but she has no idea who he is. She says she’s never seen him before. He only knows katana girl. Tommy wakes in Evernow and looks around. He sees someone and runs after him.

In the present, Luke, Quentin and Malina are at Gateway. They see that it’s deserted. Q points up at the solar flare that’s visible in the sky. Luke says they need to take cover. They head into a bunker looking building.

Malina says she has to do something and Luke says it’s not her time, it’s his. He says she saved him and there’s a reason. She begs him not to do this. He tells Quentin to keep her in there and get her to the clock tower. Luke shuts them inside.

Luke walks back out into the street. Malina yells his name as Luke faces the incoming flare. His body glows as he takes in all the radiation. His body rises into the sky and he glows with power. It looks like he explodes but he took the flare with him and it’s gone.

Jose reaches through Farah’s body and gets the bullet out. Farah comes to and asks about Malina. Carlos says she’s okay and headed to Gateway. They hear a door open and some people ask for help. Injured people stream into the hospital.

A man asks if they can help his daughter. Carlos tells Micah and Jose they have to stay. Tommy faces off with himself and he tells himself he needs to go back and he needs to remember. Tommy tells himself that time has no meaning here, just memories.

He says time is a circle and Tommy says his memories were erased. Tommy says not in here and tells him to think deep so he can save their sister and not be stuck there forever. Tommy recalls a memory of his mom calling him Nathan and telling him life is changing.

He sees himself with his mom watching Claire jump off the Ferris wheel. Nathan asks his mom who she is and she tells him that’s his mom. Young Nathan/Tommy was confused and then his mom says he needs to know the truth.

Tommy thinks about the 9th Wonders comic and Emily telling him he’s different. Then he gets memories of Hiro, his grandmother, and Hiro telling him he’s the best son he could have. The memory stream cuts off and Tommy looks determined.

Quentin and Malina come out and they see debris falling from satellites. Q says he has to get her to the clock tower. Phoebe is in the clock tower and hears them. She hides upstairs and watches them. Phoebe begins to churn darkness.

Q sees it and calls out to his sister. The darkness attaches itself to Malina and lifts her up. Q tells Phoebe to stop but she doesn’t. He pulls out the gun and runs upstairs towards her. Phoebe pulls Malina up to her at the top. Q comes up with his gun and says it’s over.

Phoebe says Erica is coming back but Q says she’s not and she just used her and was never going to take them. He says Erica made her a monster. He says he let it happen and they were wrong. She says he’s lying. The window behind her breaks from debris.

Quentin says stop so we can fix this. She’s killing Malina with her darkness. Quentin shoots his sister several times. The darkness abates and Malina grabs onto a level below. She’s safe. Q looks outside and sees his sister lying dead below.

The EVOs wake and Emily asks why doesn’t Miko know Ren. Richard is there with a gun and then Otomo stabs him through the chest and calls him a treacherous snake. Miko runs to her father. He hugs her tight.

He tells her there is a lot to explain and says Ren risked his life to save her. Emily says her BF is stuck inside his video game. Otomo says Erica made him do it. He says someone has to go into the game and free him. He looks at Ren.

He tells Ren he’s spent hundreds of hours in there and is the best player he’s seen. He says he has a warrior’s heart and says that’s why he chose him. He calls him Reckless Ren. Otomo touches him and digitizes him into the game.

Katana girl is there and she says the game world is dying and so is she. She attacks someone who came at him and Ren says they have to get the master of time and space out of there. She says it’s their final mission and they run off.

Malina finds Quentin with his sister’s body. They watch solar debris rain down and she says it’s time. Malina walks into the fray. Q has to step away as explosions burst all around them. He has to take shelter. Malina raises her hands and fights off the incoming solar flare.

Ren and digital Miko attack the fortress which is already destabilizing. They fight off one attacker after another. Ren unlocks the door to the corridor where Tommy is. He’s looking at a memory of 9th Wonders and himself when he was taken by Primatech.

We see Angela introducing him to Malina – she tells him that’s his sister. They stand close to each other and Angela tells them they are meant to do something extraordinary. She says she dreamed of them before they were born.

She says they have to test the bond. Rene is there too and Angela says don’t worry, you won’t remember it. She tells the kids to take each others hands. They do and power courses all through them. Tommy is thrown back.

Tommy tells himself he has to go back. Miko is there and Tommy runs off. He calls out to her in Japanese. He hears her and Ren fighting. Miko tells Ren to complete the mission. The door opens and Ren digitizes then disappears.

Suddenly he holds the sword and he and Ren are back in real time. Erica is there and has guards with guns on her. Erica says it’s over. He says his name is Nathan and says she can’t stop someone who stops time.

Erica says the future they are in exists because the HELE happens. She says all of this and all of them won’t exist if he stops it. She asks which world he’ll choose. The one with his sister or the one with his GF and is mother and thousands of innocents he brought there.

Erica puts a gun to Emily’s head and she says he can’t be two places at once. He says he can and Hiro trained him for this. He says he had an eternity in Evernow to practice thanks to her. Erica aims the gun at him and shoots. He stops time.

Then he touches himself and makes another of him – then one of him goes back into the past to Gateway where he also stopped time. Malina is there. In the future, Tommy takes the sword and now both of him has it.

Tommy sends his mother, Ren, Emily and Otomo places. He kisses Emily and she’s gone too. In the past, Tommy lets time go and Malina says it’s about time. She says it’s too strong. They touch hands and power flares.

They’re not strong enough and he loses touch with her hand. She screams as the flares worse. He says he has to go back and disappears. He goes back to when Angela had their younger selves trying to use their power.

Rene told her that he had to stop because there was too much power. Their power killed a scientists. Rene says it didn’t work and they’ll die. Angela say they need a conduit – someone willing to come between them who will sacrifice himself.

Tommy goes back to Odessa and takes Noah just before the car crashed down and killed him. That’s where Noah has been… At Primatech, seven years ago, Angela is with young Malina and young Nathan. Noah sees the experiment.

He hears Angela saying they need a conduit. She says it all makes sense now. She says there was a third person in her dreams with no face. Rene asks who it will be. She says she knows who it was. Noah watches it then Tommy is there.

He tells him he kept going back and they failed so they needed him. Tommy says he had to see that and says he followed the smallest butterfly like his dad taught him – save him to save the world. He asks Noah what they do now.

Noah says – take me back to the end of the world, to Gateway. Tommy brings him there and they see Malina fighting it off. Noah walks over to his granddaughter and takes her hand. He tells her it’s okay. He helps her stand.

Tommy says there must be another way but Noah says it’s his destiny. He holds out his other hand to Tommy and tells him it’s time to save the world. They take his hands and the power flows through them and up and into the flare. Noah screams in pain.

The other Tommy uses the sword to slice off Erica’s watch. He goes then to sit in the portal chair and then unfreezes time. She looks as he powers the portal then he’s gone as she screams. The power flows through Noah and fights the flare.

It dissipates in a blinding flash of light and is gone. The future that Erica is in disappears. Tommy and Malina come to in a pile of rubble and run to Noah who is barely alive. Malina says she’ll get him to the hospital and Tommy says he’s sorry.

Noah says he’s so proud of them. Then he slumps over dead. Malina cries and says help. Tommy comforts her as she cries on Noah. He holds them both. Three months later, Quentin is in an orange jumpsuit. He’s been detained.

Government agents ask him why the EVOs saved the world and didn’t ask for anything in return. He says no one does that then ask Q who they are. He sits closer and says – want to know who they are – someone’s sister, brother, son, daughter.

We see Ren and Miko sparring under Otomo’s watchful eye. Quentin says they are ordinary. We see Carlos working on his supersuit and Jose asks Farah and Carlos when he can fight crime with them.

Q says they did the right thing and didn’t think about themselves and want to be left alone. We see Tommy and Emily at the ice cream shop. Malina is in high school. A customer leaves something on a table. Malina finds something in her locker.

It’s a Tarot looking card. Quentin says this is the beginning – an awakening. He says they were here to save us. He says they’re you and me on our best day. He says that’s who they are. After school, Malina gets in a car with her grandmother who asks how her first day was.

Malina shows her the card and on it is twins. She says when she touched it she got the feeling someone was watching her. She asks Angela if she knows what it is. She says it’s a message from her father. She says he’s coming back for her and her brother and no one can protect them this time.

That’s the end of this volume.