iZombie Recap 1/12/16: Season 2 Episode 10 Winter Premiere “Method Head”

iZombie Recap 1/12/16: Season 2 Episode 10 Winter Premiere "Method Head"

Tonight on the CW iZombie airs with an all new Tuesday January 12, season 2 winter premiere called “Method Head” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Liv (Rose McIver) is crushed when she discovers that the lead actor on her favorite show, “Zombie High,” has been murdered on set.

On the last episode, Liv (Rose McIver), Detective Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) worked together in solving the murder of Chris Allred (guest star Jay Hindle), who was a high school shop teacher by day, and a vigilante crime-fighter named “The Fog” by night. Liv got into trouble while on superhero brains and became a little too much for Clive to handle. Meanwhile, Major (Robert Buckley) had an eye opening conversation with a new friend. Lastly, Blaine (David Anders) forced Liv to do the unthinkable. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Liv (Rose McIver) is crushed to discover that the lead actor on her favorite show, “Zombie High” has been murdered on set. Meanwhile, Vaughn (guest star Steven Weber) tests Major’s (Robert Buckley) loyalty, and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) delivers bad news.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 episode 10 of iZombie on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#iZombie starts with Liv asking Ravi why he’s all muddy. He says he was digging. He tells Liv and Major that the cured rat, New Hope, reverted to zombie state meaning the cure is only temporary. He says there was a latent virus in New Hope and reactivated and may in Major as well.

Ravi says it could be a day or a year but he needs to run some tests to figure it out. He says that means the two of them can have hot zombie sex so that’s a silver lining. Liv says they broke up. Ravi says he was looking for the tainted utopium to make more cure.

Ravi says they narrowed the location to a hundred acre field to find the drug dealer that died with it in his stomach. Ravi and Liv also go break the news to Blaine who says – as soon as I was out, they pull me back in.

It’s Christmas and Liv and Ravi are doing an autopsy on Santa. Clive comes in and asks what it is. Ravi says this pipe bashed his head and teeth. Clive says Santa is David Biel and she says she’ll let him know if she has a vision but he rushes out – he still won’t investigate with her.

Liv gets to eat Santa brain. Major and Ravi are out later with a metal detector digging for the drug dealer. They are going grid by grid and decide it will take til Easter to dig up the field. At home, Liv comes in with Chinese and is thrilled to see she got Zombie High, Season 2 on DVD as a gift.

Blaine talks to his staff. He hands out cash bonuses and wishes them Merry Christmas. Don E says some of the customers miss Natalie. He says zombie hookers don’t just show up under the tree. He shows him some more indictments against Mr Boss’s people.

Then Chief comes in with the head of the guy who shot him in the face and Blaine is pleased. Now it’s New Years and Clive sits with Dale who tells him to come by after work for sex. A woman comes in with Santa Claus murder info – she says a really pale girl told her to come in.

Now it’s to the present and Liv is digging with the guys but she gets a vision and leaves to go see Clive. He’s got a guy in interview but goes to talk to Liv when she waves. She says this might help and hands him a slip of paper then leaves.

Clive reads it then sighs and says a witness placed him at a bar across the street right before Santa was killed. Blaine says being a rich zombie is nice but then some nutbar starts picking off your kind. Chief comes in and shows a text saying he may have scratched a client’s bodyguard that attacked him.

Blaine says he hopes all zombie hell doesn’t break loose. We see a girl running from zombies and she insists she wasn’t scratched. A friend is ready to shoot her anyway just to be safe. Another guy stands up to stop him from shooting. The guy shoots anyway.

The other guy falls down to the floor and the director says they need to go again. Turns out the actor was really shot and is really dead! An actress screams in shock. Ravi and Liv are on the set of Zombie High to check into the murder.

Liv is fan girling. She tells Ravi she was watching Zombie High last night then she’s there. She says it’s so cool but not cool since the lead actor was killed. She says the show is about love, friendship and facing the exam of survival.

She points out areas where Burdick did key scenes. They go check out the body and Clive says the prop gun was swapped for a real gun. The actor who shot it had no idea. Wyatt Carver pulled the trigger and Liv gasps and says that’s Cody.

Liv tells Clive to get them to show him footage of the shooting and Clive says he’s on it and dismisses her. She looks bummed and he stops her and asks if she really knows the show. He says it could come in handy and asks if she wants to help out. Ravi says okay.

He tells her not to get carried away and they watch the footage of the shooting. The director shows them and then Liv asks to see dailies so they give them the password to the online site where they are stored.

Major works with Vaughn for a training session. Major gives him a fitness band and Vaughn asks if they’re going steady. He says he appreciates the way that Major is plowing through his list. Vaughn gets a call to go see Dr Lockett and Major asks about it. He is vague.

The prop master talks to Clive and Liv. Clive asks how the actor wouldn’t know. He hands him a prop gun the same model that Clive carries and he agrees it’s like a real one. They go talk to Wyatt who says Jordan, the dead guy, was a real professional.

Liv gets all fan girl again and Clive glares. He says Jordan saved his life then gets dramatic about how he couldn’t save his. Clive asks where he put the prop gun down and the guy says he never put it down because it’s the top rule.

He says the gun that shot Jordan was the gun he was handed. He tells them to help themselves to a snack and Clive starts pocketing candy bars and nibbling warm muffins. Liv wonders if prop guy Fitz gave him the real gun or if Wyatt set it down and it was swapped.

Clive is too busy snacking. They walk out and Liv says Wyatt looked devastated. Clive says he sees motive then Liv says they kill off a major character each season. He points out how the posters have changed each season and that Jordan was prominent.

Clive is with Liv and Ravi in the morgue and Clive is skeeved out because Jordan has pierced junk. They tell him that he had a sex tape that showed it and the tape had co-star Starlee in it and says her laptop was stolen since she and Jordan were IRL GF and BF.

Ravi says the lighting was good for a celeb sex tape. Liv shows them a partially removed tattoo that said “never forget” they wonder what that means. Liv eats brains and Ravi watches some footage and complains about the bimbos and himbos.

Ravi sees the brain is kicking in as Liv starts talking about how to draw on sense memory to inspire acting scenes. She says you act with your soul, not words. She demonstrates plucking an apple and eating it. Ravi is less than amused.

He gets out pretend popcorn and they carry on. Gilda tells Vaughn they have a problem with Major and says he’s playing him. He says Major has blinded him with man bonding. She says her mom used to say that Vaughn du Clark is the smartest man in the world until you stroke his ego.

Liv and Clive are on set and ask for Starlee – they tell her tomorrow. Clive asks if they decided who to write off the show already. The extras talk to Liv and one thinks Liv is an extra. Clive asks if he ever saw Wyatt lose track of his prop gun.

They says Wyatt loses track of it all the time but is a nice guy then call Jordan “Marlon Bran-douche.” He says they get no respect and says a show would be fun with a zombie star and Clive says that’s dumb then fixes a plate from the lunch buffet.

They tell them that Jordan didn’t care he was going to put them all out of a job – they tell him that Jordan wanted to pursue a movie career so was trying to get the showrunners to move the show to LA – so all of them would lose their local jobs on the show.

Liv asks why Clive is being so touchy and he says “zombies kind of freak me out.” Liv freaks when she sees Kell Guthrie – she says he’s deaf and plays Daniel, the gifted student. They see he has a tattoo that matches Jordan’s.

They ask him about and he signs that it’s for Jenny, an AD who died last year driving home. They ask why Jordan was taking his off and he says the guy wouldn’t answer to anything but his character name and demanded 30 takes and had them working late all the time.

He says Jenny would be alive if he didn’t work them so late and she fell asleep. Wyatt tells Liv she can come to set with him and Clive says go ahead. Wyatt gets a new script and tells Liv that he can lock in a new script and asks her to run lines as Hayley. She’s thrilled.

She starts crying realistically. Wyatt does his lines. Liv slaps him and does the lines so realistically. She hands him his prop sword and he says – let’s do this thing. The cast and extras applaud when they’re done. He tells her the slap was an interesting choice. He says see you and goes to set.

Clive says Jordan will be front and center on Season Four’s poster. Ravi is online and she finds he’s addicted to the show – he calls it mental pork rinds. He says he found episode 210 interesting and shows Starlee starting to kiss Daniel then Jordan ranting about being upper deckered and all the pranks.

He says he’s going to catch who did it. Liv wonders if he ever put in the cameras. Dr Lockett approaches Major and signals for quiet then says he’s going to expose Max Rager and take his research to the press. He says he wants Major to tell the world if something happens to him.

He hands him a flash drive. Major takes it. Clive and Liv go to Jordan’s trailer to try and check for cameras. They find Starlee in his trailer and on Jordan’s computer. She says Jordan never took back his key. She says she thinks he made another sex tape of them.

She says he’s a real… then Liv gets a flash of her accusing him of releasing their sex tape not a burglar. She also sees Jordan showing her something from the computer. She’s called to wardrobe and Liv says there was something on the sex tape that he was using to leverage Starlee.

Clive says the security cameras are fakes and shows her one. They find Lana the AD outside and she says Bonnie lied – the writers did decide who to kill off the show. Liv guesses a bunch and then Lana says it was Wyatt and he knew because she told him after they were sleeping together.

She says he read for a part in a new Power Rangers movie as the blue ranger. She says he was agonized it might interfere with work on the show so she told him he was being killed off. She says he didn’t get the movie then he dumped her.

Ravi is stunned about the Power Rangers movie news. Liv says she thinks Wyatt is so innocent and can’t believe he did it. Clive comes in and shows them what’s on the hard drive. They see Jordan with Starlee. Then she says she can’t keep a straight face working with Kell.

She mocks the deaf guy’s accent. Liv says that would destroy Starlee’s career. Major finds Vaughn dancing with a Chinese robot and says Dr Lockett gave him this and throws him the flash drive. He says he told him he was going to the press with it.

Vaughn takes Major with him down to Lockett’s secret lab. They go inside and Vaughn tells the doc to show him a feeding. He says they get a brain from a medical testing facility. Lockett grabs a brain from the cooler and takes it into another room.

Vaughn asks if he’s ever seen an old school zombie and says that’s why they have safety doors. Lockett realizes he’s locked in. Then he turns up the lights and opens the other bay doors to release the zombies. Lockett screams to open the damned door.

He tells Major help him. The zombies come for him. Major doesn’t do anything. Vaughn lets him out then tells Major this was all a test and he passed with flying colors. Liv shows Clive the new Porsche he got. She gets a flash of him finding Jenny’s headstone in his car.

Jordan shouted that he was coming for whoever did this. She tells Clive and says the car was also filled with dirt. Liv says it could be anyone with a never forget tattoo. They go see Jenny’s husband. He says he told her to quit but she wouldn’t leave the job.

They ask about the tattoos and he says some loved her some not. Blaine takes a call from a customer and says the order is on the way and he’s sending something else over. He apologizes for sending a bulimic’s brain then says he’s delivering personally.

The doorbell rings and Blaine goes to get it. He takes the cooler with. Dale is at the door and flashes her FBI creds. He says it’s fine and lets her in – he sets the cooler down. She thinks his name is John Deaux. Blaine says the disappearances are terrible.

She says she found a phone number of his in two of the victim’s phones. Tim Addis and Trudy Holt both called it and he says it’s a funeral home number. He says young people call all the time usually on behalf of old people.

He says he’ll look in his database and sends an email that the FBI is there and to come get the cooler. He tells Dale he found nothing. Chief comes in and distracts her. Don E grabs the cooler. Clive brings Fitz back in and talks about him sleeping with Jenny on the sly.

He says her husband told him. Liv comes in and acts all dramatic. Clive says it’s day by day. He says do your job down in the morgue. She says she won’t let him push him into a murder one charge. She says he’s not a monster – he just lost the woman he loved.

Fitz says she’s right and says he hated Jordan for the accident and when they were moving the show for Jordan, he snapped and handed Wyatt the real 45. He says it was a split second decision. Gilda watches her dad play with the robot then asks if Lockett is made about the ruse.

Vaughn says he’ll get over it and now they know Major is on board. Major listens in from the bug he planted in the FitBit he gave Vaughn. Clive applauds Liv’s acting job in the interrogation room. She says she wants to work with him more.

Dale comes in as Liv is leaving. Clive says he’ll see her tomorrow. Dale says she got a lead on the Chaos Killer. She says the dog in one case had a GPS tracking device. He says maybe she’ll get lucky. She sees sketches of Blaine and asks who it is.

Clive says a suspect in the Meat Cute massacre. Dale says she talked to him about her case – she says – it’s the guy!