James Matthews Stalked Pippa Middleton For Decade, Kate Middleton’s Future Brother-In-Law Big Creep Or Fairytale Romantic?

James Matthews Stalked Pippa Middleton For Decade, Kate Middleton's Future Brother-In-Law Big Creep Or Fairytale Romantic?

According to reports, James Matthews, Pippa Middleton’s current fiance, stalked Pippa for nearly a decade before finally winning over her heart! Kate Middleton chased Prince William for 10 years, too, and finally manipulated the future King into marriage. James Matthews must have taken lessons from the Duchess of Cambridge because it appears he adopted similar tactics.

While Pippa was busy partying and dating Nico Jackson, another hedge fund manage, James was quietly building his empire friends revealed to Daily Mail. Pippa did briefly date James in 2012 but then decided Nico was the man for her – at the time anyway.

James and Pippa met at least 6 years before briefly dating in 2012. Insiders divulged that James knew Pippa was THE one the very second he saw Kate Middleton’s younger sister arrive in St. Barts a decade ago.

The story from friends goes on. When Pippa and Nico reunited, James was heartbroken. There seemed to be no chance that James would ever have the opportunity to win over Pippa’s heart. Then, Nico moved to Switzerland in 2015 and called it quits with Pippa.

Finally, James Matthews was able to swoop in and romance Pippa Middleton as she had never been romanced before. The insiders revealed that James “patiently pursued his bride-to-be for a full ten years – strategically planning his advances while waiting for Pippa to outgrow the eight-year age gap between them.”

This all sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it? James toiling away, amassing a fortune all in the hopes that it would impress Pippa. James wants to give the Duchess of Cambridge’s little sister the luxurious life he believes Pippa deserves.

James wooed not only Pippa, but also Carole Middleton. The multi-millionaire flew the whole Middleton clan to St. Barts on his private jet and everyone stayed at his parents’ luxury Eden Rock hotel.

Now, Pippa has a £250,000 art deco engagement ring with a three-carat Asscher-cut diamond at the center. James also gifted Pippa with a £14,500 Cartier Ballon Bleu watch.

And there you have it, the story of a wealthy hedge fund manager named James Matthews engaging in a patient 10-year wait for the love of his life, Pippa Middleton. At least Pippa had a man pursuing her, unlike Kate Middleton who chased Prince William for 10 years before the future King put Princess Diana’s blue sapphire on Kate’s ring finger. The Pippa Middleton wedding is sure to stop the world (hopefully in a good way), so be sure to keep checking CDL for all the important details leading up to her big day!

Image credit to FameFlynet