Josh Duggar Got Anna Duggar Pregnant With Baby Number Five?

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Is Anna Duggar pregnant with baby number five? Josh Duggar is home from rehab, although according to his 19 Kids And Counting Family it was a Christian “relearning” program. Whatever you want to call it, the scandalous reality TV star is back home with Anna Duggar and their four children.

Despite her family and basically the entire internet encouraging Anna to divorce Josh Duggar and leave him – she stood by her hubby after he was accused of molesting his own sisters years ago and caught up in prostitute sex scandals.

It’s no secret that the Duggar Family does not believe in birth control (Jim Bob and Michelle have 19 kids to prove it), so already sources close to Anna and Josh are speculating that she is pregnant with their fifth child. According to In Touch Magazine, we should be expecting the couple’s baby announcement any day now.

An inside source dished to In Touch Magazine, “I would have hoped they’d have put the brakes on sex after he got out [of rehab], but they are back to their normal sex routine. I would not be surprised one bit if Anna is already pregnant.” The insider added, “It may be too early to make any announcement. But there is almost no chance that Anna is not pregnant by now.”

Josh Duggar has no shame in his game, since his return he is already popping up in family photos and even attended a funeral for Anna’s grandmother. According to In Touch Magazine, Josh was just as loud and obnoxious as before, and he apparently didn’t show any remorse or changes.

We’re going to have to agree with Anna’s disgruntled family members on this one – you would think after everything, Josh would slow his roll and be a fly on the wall, not attract even more unnecessary attention.

So 19 Kids And Counting fans, do you think that Anna is pregnant with baby number five? How will everyone respond to her having another child with Josh Duggar? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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