Kate Middleton Disgusted: Sarah Ferguson Flirts With Antonio Banderas Just Hours After Split From Boyfriend Manuel Fernandez?

Kate Middleton Disgusted: Sarah Ferguson Flirts With Antonio Banderas Just Hours After Split From Boyfriend Manuel Fernandez?

Kate Middleton has reason to be disgusted with Sarah Ferguson once again. Sarah was photographed flirting with Antonio Banderas just hours after it was reported Sarah and long-time boyfriend Manuel Fernandez had called it quits.

Life has a funny way of turning around quite quickly. Sarah may have been devastated by the breakup with Manuel, but it certainly didn’t show! The paparazzi snapped photos of Sarah shamelessly flirting with Antonio at a press event in Mexico City. Sarah seemed very bubbly and happy; she did not appear devastated, weepy, and inconsolable.

Manuel, who is half-Irish and half-Spanish, is a handsome and wealthy Internet entrepreneur nine years Sarah’s junior. Has the Duchess of York found herself a wealthy and handsome full-blooded Spaniard to fill Manuel Fernandez’s shoes?

If the photos splashed across the Internet are any indication, Sarah acted like a schoolgirl with a crush around Antonio Banderas at the press event. The two were touching, hugging, and smiling, and it’s quite obvious Sarah Ferguson was flirting with the actor.

As if the Duchess of York and her daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie haven’t given Kate Middleton enough reason to be embarrassed with their constant vacationing and excessive spending. Now Sarah is throwing herself at Antonio Banderas? The shame!

No one is exactly sure what caused Sarah’s breakup with Manuel Fernandez. All that’s been reported is that the couple spent two happy years together and that Manuel was a frequent guest at Sarah’s ski chalet in Switzerland. Then, one day, Manuel wasn’t around anymore. Poof! He just disappeared. Allegedly, Manuel just wasn’t as into Sarah as she was into him.

A heartbroken Sarah seems to have rebounded nicely despite reports that she was devastated when the relationship with Manuel ended. The smiling redhead and Antonio were quite cozy at the press event before the Starlite charity gala, where Sarah was honored for her philanthropic work.

Antonio was reportedly dating Dutch investment banker Nicole Kempel a couple of years ago. It’s clear Antonio is ready for a new relationship. Could Sarah Ferguson be the one? Maybe Kate Middleton is hoping Sarah Ferguson and Antonio Banderas will ride off into the sunset never to be heard from or seen again.

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Celebrities at the ‘Starlite Gala’ press conference at Hipodromo de las Americas in Mexico City, Mexico on March 07, 2016.

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12 responses to “Kate Middleton Disgusted: Sarah Ferguson Flirts With Antonio Banderas Just Hours After Split From Boyfriend Manuel Fernandez?”

  1. Sigi says:

    LOL !

    Waity the ass flashing baboon has no right to be aghast at anyone. She’s disgusting enough all by herself, no need to involve other people !

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  3. LisaRowe says:

    I think her background/relatives are appalling; why her history wasn’t checked, I don’t understand at all. I have no idea why people fawn over her – she is a very ordinary woman whose greatest ability is patience. She waited it out for 8 years and hung on for grim death until she got the ring.
    Both she and her husband are a waste of space and hopefully their incompetence will bring down the House of Windsor eventually.

    • Ladyhawke says:

      I have often wondered why she didn’t seem to come under the same scrutiny as others.
      The fact that her uncle is involved in very murky business activities surely should have rung alarm bells. Anyone whose residence is referred to as “Villa de Bang Bang” (lol – very funny!) would certainly have aroused some curiosity.
      There must be some level of concern for the state of the monarchy, once the Queen passes.

  4. Sigi says:

    William really did avoid marrying Waity. you’re right. He was more interested in other women, whom he dumped her for. Did she have any dignity after that ? Did she go off and find someone else and get a life ? Oh no. That’s how she got the “Kattie Wait” title. And was called “the mattress” too. Horrible, but she did nothing to dispell all that. She was a bimbo on a mission, {from Carole}, LOL.

  5. Sigi says:

    I agree with you. Waity is a very bizarre phenomena. This whole thing is worse than a soap opera. The RF was already weird enough, corrupt and strange….then they added WAITY. Good Lord – !

  6. Sigi says:

    You should have your own gossip column somewhere ! I’d sure like to see Sarah and Waity in an elevator !

  7. Ladyhawke says:

    Another little gem!

  8. Ladyhawke says:

    Yes! Start a blog! I’ve been thinking of starting one and accepting advertising. You could do the same!