Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) Recap 11/6/16: Season 12 Episode 19

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) Recap 11/6/16: Season 12 Episode 19

Tonight E!’s most-watched series Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) returns with an all-new Sunday, November 6, 2016, episode.  On tonight’s KUWTK called, “Lord of the Cougars,” Scott Disick develops an unlikely friendship with Kris Jenner and her girlfriends.

Did you watch the KUWTK Fall premiere where the family celebrated MJ’s birthday in San Diego, but could not escape the drama when Rob Kardashian did not show up for the party and could not be found after a fight with Chyna Blac? If you missed the episode and want to get caught up we have a full and detailed Keeping With The Kardashians recap, right here.

On tonight’s Keeping Up With The Kardashian episode as per the E! synopsis, “A serious bout of sleep paralysis takes a heavy toll on Kendall Jenner’s work and travel life; Kim Kardashian searches for a method to control her anxiety; and Scott Disick develops an unlikely friendship with Kris Jenner and her girlfriends.”

So make sure to come back to this spot between 9PM – 10PM ET! for our Keeping Up With The Kardashian recap of the Fall premiere episode. Meanwhile, while you wait for our Keeping Up with the Kardashians recap head over and check out all our KUWTK news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Jonathan and Kim are having lunch. Kim tells him “I have been having non-stop anxiety. Even driving here I was thinking I will never let North drive up this hill.” Jonathan tells her “That’s not you.” Kim tells him “I know it’s not, but that’s how I have been feeling.”

Scott is on his way to have High Tea with Kris and her friends when Kourtney calls him. She asks him “I was wondering what you were doing.” He tells her “I am going to have tea with your mom and her friends.” Kourtney seems shocked to hear this. When he gets there the ladies are all dressed up. Scott says “I didn’t realize that this was such a dressy affair.” Kris laughs and tells him “Just put your sunglasses on.”

They are all sitting around talking and Kris says “I think we should plan a trip to Mexico.” Scott says “I’m there. Someone has to supervise you ladies.” Everyone laughs. After being with them for awhile he tells them “I really enjoy being with you ladies becauuse I get to listen and hear things. It isn’t all about being on your phone and texting all the time. I have to go because I have a meeting.” The ladies bid him farewell. Kris tells him “Don’t forget about Mexico.”

Kendall calls her mom. She is doing a shoot out of the country. She asks Kris “Have you ever heard of something called sleep paralysis?” Kris tells her “No.”Kendall tells her “It’s a disorder where your brain wakes up, but your body doesn’t.” Kris tries to reassure her, but Kendall is not hearing it. She tells her mother “Wait until I end up in the hospital and something happens to me. Then you’ll know that I was telling the truth.”

The next day meets Kris at her house. He is met with the unexpected however when everyone is there to do water aerobics. He says “I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to be half naked in the pool with Kourtney’s mom and her friends doing these highly suggestive exercises.”

Scott is hanging out with Kim and Kendall. They are giving him a lot of grief about hanging out with Kris and her friends. Kim says “I was just curious about what goes down.” Scott tells them “The only difference between you and them is that they don’t spend all of their time on their phone. We talk.” Kim laughs and says “About menopause.”

Kendall is doing a live event to open a water slide. After she finishes her hosting duties she is backstage talking to her sister about her sleep paralysis issues. She tells Kim “I haven’t slept in two days because of the sleep paralysis.” Kim says “I thought I had issues. Kendall is having issues with sleep paralysis.”Kris goes to visit

Kris goes to visit Kim and tells her “Kendall is having issues with her sleep paralysis. You called me the other day having anxiety issues. I think you two need to see someone to help you deal with these issues so that you don’t get as bad as Kendall is because I can remember flying to Paris and having Kendall jump on me and fall asleep because she was so scared.” 

Kris arranges for Kim and Kendall to meet with a woman named Michelle to try and help them deal with their anxiety. After speaking with Kourtney she asks her to mimic her symptoms of a panic attack. This freaks Kendall out and she decides not to participate. Kim is a lot more receptive. She tells Michelle “I never used to be anxious. Now I have an intense fear of driving.” Michelle tells Kim “We can deal with your anxiety by putting you in the car and driving and dealing with your fears on the road.” Kendall decides that she is going to go home.Kim and Michelle head out

Kim and Michelle head out onto the road and they discuss what makes Kim anxious as they are driving. Kim finds herself becoming calmer. She is more able to control her anxiety and feels more in control of her surroundings.

Khloe goes to visit Scott. She asks him “Why have you stopped hanging out with my mom?” Scott tells her “Your sisters were giving me a hard time about it.” Khloe tells him “Who cares? Hanging out with them is better than some of the other people you have been dealing with.” Scott agrees. He says “I enjoyed hanging out with your mom and her friends.” Khloe tells him “Then go for it.”

Kris and her friends show up for a paint and sip event. Scott is there and Kris is happy to see him. Everyone has a great time at the event. After it is over Scott apologizes to Kris for flaking out on lunch with her. She tells him “You only have one life so just enjoy it.”

Kim and Kendall are hanging out. Michelle calls her. Kim tells her “I haven’t had any anxiety since I met with you.” She is happy to hear that. Michelle then asks “How is Kendall?” Kim tells her “She is still the same.” After she gets off the phone Kim tells her sister “You are either going to have to get over this or change careers and I know that you don’t want to do that.” Kendall agrees. Kim leads her out into the backyard where she has set up a meditation appointment. After it is over they call Kris. Kendall asks her “Did you cancel everything?” Kris freaks out and tells her “No. These people will lose their lines. They are counting on you.” Kendall laughs and tells her mom “Calm down. I’m going to do it. I learned some meditation to help me deal with my anxiety.” Kris tells her “I love you.”