LeAnn Rimes Disappointed By Fans: Country Music Career Struggling?

LeAnn Rimes Disappointed By Fans: Country Music Career Struggling?

LeAnn Rimes was humiliated by her own fans recently. In fact, reports indicate that the former chart topper was left in total despair after very few fans showed up to a recent album signing.

According to Naughty Gossip, things were so bad at the signing that a visibly flustered LeAnn Rimes couldn’t help but “hiss” at her handlers and demand they do something to get more people to participate or at least wait in line.

Yet, one source says that the turnout was so pathetic that LeAnn’s entire event only lasted 30 minutes before everyone left and went home. No matter how hard they tried, LeAnn’s publicist and assistants simply couldn’t get more people to come to the signing.

For anyone who has been following LeAnn Rimes’ lukewarm career for the last few years knows that the ‘How Do I Live’ hit maker has been struggling to keep her fan base alive.

LeAnn has been trying to reimage herself as the Queen of Country Christmas, but no matter how many holiday albums she tries to sell, no one simply wants to buy them. She’s gone from singing in sold-out arenas with some of Nashville’s biggest talents to performing at small town festivals and parking lots.

Yet, LeAnn is having a hard time realizing that she simply isn’t the star she used to be and that’s mostly because of her scandalous personal life. Even though she tries to convince the public that she and her husband Eddie Cibrian are ‘so in love’ and completely happy in their marriage together, no one wants to buy it.

LeAnn single handedly destroyed her reputation and her career by not only having an affair with a married man – who had two children at the time, no less – but by getting into spiteful Twitter fights with Eddie’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville.

Instead of simply letting go of the drama, LeAnn continuously provoked Brandi by making it appear as though she replaced her in Eddie Cibrian and his sons’ lives.

Sure, many celebrities have been accused of being ‘home wreckers’ in the past, but no one has been as vindictive, jealous and nasty about it as LeAnn Rimes. And that’s why her fan base has completely abandoned her, as they want nothing to do with her or her music. At this point, the only person that doesn’t realize that her career is completely dead is LeAnn herself. Do you agree?

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LeAnn Rimes Disappointed By Fans At Album Signing - Country Music Career Struggling?

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  1. tahoegeminii says:

    Karma is brutal-funny how all the washed up poptards go running to a Xmas album like MeMe the annoying whale-next she will do Christian Rock

  2. All that Leann needs to do to recapture her massive megastardom is return to the now GODLY United States of Jesus! Our glorious leader is leading us to the eternal afterlife and Leann will be the heavenly voice to guide us home!!! God Bless Leann: The greatest mother on earth.

  3. You sure took the time to read an article and search out other articles about someone you admit to hating. You sure read my comments which you can’t help yourself from replying to.

  4. So if a surrogate has a child on behalf of a couple where the woman is unable to carry a child to term then that woman is not the mother of the child? Clearly Leann is Mason and Jake’s mother.

  5. Just ask Brandi: she is so far gone into the depths of depravity, alcohol, and drug abuse that she propositions innocent local Los Angeles men, services them, and then is too wasted out of her mind to remember to collect payment when she is passed out in the gutter afterwards. Something SAINTLY LEANN would never do and has never done!

  6. I am saying that Leann is Mason and Jake’s mother and that Brandi is mere degraded afterbirth.

  7. Beach says:

    She’s mentally ill. Someone should help her. All these different accounts spouting the same crazy nonsense.

  8. Leann is the most amazing mother and she has had a town named after her called MOTHERTOWN pronounced MOTHER-TUN Because all mothers in the universe can go to Mothertown to praise adn worship Leann the patron saint of CHRISTIAN MOTHERS!!!!