Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Premiere Recap 4/4/16: Season 5 Episode 1 “Of Kings and Queens”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Premiere Recap 4/4/16: Season 5 Episode 1 "Of Kings and Queens"

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs with an all new Monday April 4, season 5 premiere “Of Kings and Queens” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mimi Faust’s new relationship gets everyone talking.

On the last season finale, Momma Dee’s children may not have made it to her wedding; Margeaux shared a secret with Nikko; Stevie had a proposition for Mimi; and Joseline delivered a big performance without her husband by her side. Did you watch the season 4 finale episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “In the fifth-season premiere, everyone’s gossiping and talking about Mimi’s new relationship; and Momma Dee suspects treason in the palace after Rasheeda and Kirk leave Scrappy high and dry. Later, the King family puts everybody on edge.”

It sounds like the 5th season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be packed full of can’t miss drama that you won’t want miss and neither do I. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop tonight at 8PM! Excited for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? What kind of drama do you think is going to unfold during the season 5 premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think!

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This week on the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta everyone is showing up for a tribute to a local Atlanta rapper. Karlie tells Tammy and Rasheeda about out ofopening of her new store in Los Angeles. Rasheeda tells them that her store is doing well and that Kirk’s old Buckhead apartment is now her new spot. Tammy is a bit unhappy that Waka is not home to enjoy their new house. Rasheeda notices Kirk talking to Young Joc. Karlie goes over and there is a small altercation between the two. Karlie asks Joc if he is still sleeping on other people’s couches. The King family shows up and take their places of honor. Karen King tells her son’s girlfriend Tommie to be careful because she “Smells a rat and I don’t want my son to hurt you.”

Scrappy meets with Momma Dee to ask her what happened when she went to jail on her birthday. Momma Dee tells him “It wasn’t my fault. My friends were supposed to be treating me for my birthday and when I came out of the bathroom they had charged up a $500 bill. I was going to pay my portion but I wasn’t going to pay for everyone else. They arrested me for dining and dashing.” Momma Dee asks Scrappy about his love life and he tells her “I don’t have a love life. Bam and I broke up and I finally got things straightened out with Ericka. I have never been a bachelor so now I am just going to enjoy being single. I think having a lady has always held me back.” Momma Dee agrees.

Mimi is dating someone new. She is now dating a woman named Chris. Mimi says “Chris and I have been dating for a while now and we have kept our relationship under wraps because we wanted to keep everyone out of our business. Now I think it’s time to reveal to everyone who Chris is.” Chris asks Mimi if she Mimi says is ready to come out as a Lesbian. Mimi says “I am not coming out as anything. This is what I want tto do.”

Karen King meets with Tommie and tells her that the threat to her and Scrap is his son’s mother Tearra. She tells Tommie “Scrap is going over there and sleeping overnight and we need to pu a stop to this.” Tommie says “I have never had a problem with Scrap’s son’s mother, but if Karen feels like it’s a threat then maybe I should go check it out.”

Scrappy and Joc now have a bachelor pad. Joc says “Things with K.D didn’t work out and and Sienna and I are strictly co parenting now. I am all about business now and enjoying being a bachelor.”

Karlie, Tommie and Jessica Dime go to Tierra’s job to spy on her and so that Tommie can check her out. They sit and talk about Stevie J and Joseline. Tommie tells them “I have known Stevie and Joseline for two years. Jessica scoffs and tells her “You don’t really know Joseline.” Tommie asks what their beef is with Joseline. Karlie tells her about the incident at Joseline’s fashion show. Jessica says “She told people that she didn’t know me and then turned around and talked badly about me behind my back.” Just then Tierra comes over. introduces herself and takes ther drink orders. Karlie invites her to go to Mimi’s party. She tells them “I like her. She is a bad girl.”

Momma Dee shows up to Rasheeda’s store to confront her about not showing up for Scrappy’s child support hearing earlier this summer. The two get into a heated argument Sherleen, Rasheeda’s mom intercedes and tells Momma Dee to back off.

Scrap is visiting with his son King and Tierra. Tierra says “Scrap and I are in a sometimes relationship. Sometimes he’s my man and sometimes he’s not. I know Scrap is in love with me and I am definitely in love with him. Tierra tells Scrap about meeting Karlie, Jessica and Tommie. Tierra says “I heard them talking about you, Stevie J and Joseline so I let them know that we were family.” When Scrap hears this he gets upset and tells Tierra that he has to leave. He says “Tommie didn’t confront Tierra at her job because if she had Tierra wouldn’t be so calm.” She also confronts him about the fact that he contines to sleep with her without a commitment. She tells him that it’s not fair and says “I don’t want to share you and have half of your heart.”

Tommie says “I want the truth and that could only come from Scrap.” When he gets there he imeadiately confronts her about the confrontation she had with Tierra. Scrap tells her “No.” Tommie says “I don’t believe this right now.” Scrap asks her what she is talking about. She tells him “I don’t believe you. Does she know about me?” Scrap tells her that Tierra doesn’t know her. Tommie tells him “Either you tell her about me or I’m going to tell her about me.”

Mimi prepares to introduce Chris to everyone. Jessica shows up and Karlie introduces her to everyone. She tells them that Tierra is friends with Joseline and this seems to leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Tierra doesn’t care and says “I can see that everyone has a problem with Joseline and that they are throwing shade. It doesn’t matter to me because I like her. I wonder if they would be throwing this much shade if Joseline wasn’t three thousand miles away.”

When Mimi introduces her friends to Chris they are all shocked to find out that she is a woman. Rasheeda says “Leave it to Mimi to leave me speechless.” Everyone seems to like Chris and Mimi says “I have been through the worst of the worst and now I am finally happy.”