Love & Hip Hop Atlanta LIVE Recap: Season 5 Episode 2 “Full Disclosure”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta LIVE Recap: Season 5 Episode 2 "Full Disclosure"

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs with an all new Monday April 11, season 5 episode 2 “Full Disclosure” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Tommie and Tiarra create chaos at Mimi Faust’s party; Tiarra gives Scrappy an ultimatum

On the last episode, Mimi’s new relationship got everyone talking; Momma Dee snuffed out treason in the palace; the King family put everyone on edge. Did you watch the last episode? Did you miss it, we’ve got a detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Tommie and Tiarra create chaos at Mimi’s party; Tiarra gives Scrapp an ultimatum; Tammy learns surprising news about a new model.”

It sounds like the 5th season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be packed full of can’t miss drama that you won’t want miss and neither do I. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop tonight at 8PM! Excited for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? What kind of drama do you think is going to unfold during the season 5 episode 2 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Sound off in the comment and let us know!

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This week on Love and Hip Hop Tiarra shows up at the party. Tommie confronts Tiarra and tells her “I know your kids because I am messing with your baby daddy.” Tiarra tells Tommie “My man would never mess around on me.” Mimi glances over and sees the fight going on and says “Chris and I are having a great time and I look over and see a fight going on with two hood rats that I didn’t invite and Jessica and Karlie are all in the middle of it.”

The next day Rasheeda tells Kirk about the party and they end up talking about the incident at the store. Rasheeda says “I can’t believe Scrappy had his mother come to the store and start some mess. Did you see her rolling around on the floor?” Kirk says “I had no idea he was going to send his mother in to do his dirty work. I will have to sit down and have a word with him about the situation and if he has something to say he can say it directly to me.”

Tiarra ends up having to go to Urgent Care because of the fight between her and Tommie. She says ” This girl needs to know who I am and that Scrapp and I are still dealing with each other.” When she goes to the studio Scrapp seems very upset to see that she is injured and asks her what happened. Tearra tells him “Your girlfriend jumped me at Mimi’s party.” She gets mad and tells Scrapp “You better tell her who I am and that we are still dealing with me. I am the one who holds you down and takes care of you.”

Scrapp tells her “I will tell her about us.” Tearra tells him “I want to be there when you do and until you can clean up this mess you will not see your son.” This makes Scrapp angry and he tells her “Don’t do that the kids are innocent.” Tiarra yells at him “I don’t want that girl around my son so make a decision and straightCen up.”

Arianne goes to visit Mimi, who is packing up to move into her new house. Chris is there and the three women engage in a conversation about Mimi’s “coming out.” Mimi says “I need to clear this up because I figured you wouldn’t understand. I identify as female and Chris identifies as male. Therefore we are not in a lesbian relationshibp.” Arianne doesn’t believe her and a small argument ensues. Arianne asks Chris how they have sex and Chris tells her “That is not your business. I am not sleeping with you so what goes on in my bedroom is not your business.”

Mimi heads to a fashion show. She says “I am hoping to leave all the drama of Chris’ birthday party behind.” Mimi sits with Rasheeda and a couple of other friends. Rasheeda asks Mimi “Have you heard from any of them? They need to apologize.” Mimi says that she has not heard from them.

D Williams is heading to the fashion show and she is with her friend. The other young lady tells her “I messed with Scrappy. Bambi was calling his phone and eventually he shut down the video shoot.”

Tommie meets with Karen and tells her about the party. Karen says “I didn’t expect Tommie to snatch the girl up, but I am glad she let her know what the deal is.” Tommie tells Karen “Scrap keeps calling me, but I am not answering “ Karen tells her “You should answer and talk to him.”

Young Joc and Scrappy are out at a bar. Joc is really feeling one of the models Taylor and he approaches her in the bar. She is not really into Joc’s lines and tells him “I know that you and Scrappy are living together in your bachelor pad and that doesn’t fit what I have going on.”

Kirk shows up at the model call to confront Scrappy about Momma Dee coming to Rasheeda’s store. Scrappy has no idea that his mother showed up at the store and confronted Rasheeda after he’d asked her not to. Momma Dee tries to defend herself, but Kirk won’t let her. Scrappy gets upset and tells Kirk “What happened to you? You guys were supposed to be there to help me get my daughter.”

Kirk tells him “We couldn’t get a flight out and we had business to handle.” Scrappy is not mollified by this explanation. He tells Kirk “You were supposed to be there for me; remember you’re little brother? Did you even want to be there?” Kirk comes out and tells him “No.” Scrappy gets angry and Kirk gets up and leaves. Scrappy tells him “Keep it pushing.”

D Smith is meeting with Tammie about modeling for her clothing line. D tells her “I don’t know about that because I am transitioning from Male to female.” Tammie is shocked but tells her “I don’t care what you have going on because you look beautiful.” D also addresses some comments that Waka Flaka made in an interview.

Tammie says “My husband doesn’t hate the LGBT community. He was talking about Caitlyn Jenner and how her transition was overdone.” D says “I still don’t know about this but I am going to roll with her because she acknowledged the comments.”

Scrapp goes to Tommie’s house bringing flowers and a gift. Tommie is not really in the mood to deal with Scrapp. He tells her “I told Tiarra who you are and who you are to me.” Tommie asks him “Are you sleeping with her?” Scrapp is silent for a moment before he tells her “Yes I am. Why do you ask me questions you know you don’t want the answers to?” Tommie tells him “Just get out of here.” Scrapp tells her “I need you to meet with Tearra so that we can settle this and I can see my son.”

Tammie is meeting with D and her friend Betty. Betty says “I don’t like Tammy or he husband Waka. He has made some derogatory comments about transgender people and I don’t like that.” Tammie tries to talk to Betty and the conversation quickly disintegrates into an argument. Betty tells Tammie “If you want to know who I am then google me.”

Tammie tells her “And if you want to know about me and what I do then you can google me as well.” Betty tells her “I don’t want to google you.” They begin yelling at each other as D sits at the table and watches. All of sudden Betty throws a drink on Tammie and Tammie tries to grab her.