Lucifer Recap 3/28/16 Season 1 Episode 10 “Pops”

Lucifer Recap 3/28/16 Season 1 Episode 10 "Pops"

Tonight on FOX Lucifer airs with an all new Monday, March 28, season 1 episode 10 called, “Pops,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Lucifer (Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) investigate the killing of a prominent restaurateur, and upon meeting his son, suspect him of being involved.

On the last episode, when a therapist was murdered, Lucifer and Chloe enlisted the help of Dr. Linda to look into possible suspected. Meanwhile, Malcolm confronted Chloe about the night he was shot, and Lucifer experiences his first bout of jealousy. Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Lucifer and Chloe investigate the killing of a prominent restaurateur, and upon meeting his son, suspect him of being involved. Meanwhile, the return of Chloe’s mother turns her life upside-down, and Lucifer discovers what real family dysfunction is all about.”

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Tonight’s episode of Lucifer kicks off at a supermarket where Lucifer is shopping for strawberries, he flirts with a woman there and convinces her to taste one of the strawberries. The woman says “Oh God” and turns him all the way up.

Lucifer heads back to the crime scene in the middle of the supermarket where a famous chef, Javier Arias was found murdered. Lucifer is devastated, he says that it was a “Crime against good taste.” Apparently Javier made amazing tamales. Chloe says that the cause of death was poisoning, and he dropped dead in the middle of the store.

Chloe and Lucifer head to Chef Javier’s restaurant to question his staff. The entire staff calls Javier “Pops,” they insist that they are all family there. Chloe warns Lucifer not to let his “daddy issues” cloud her judgement.

Chloe’s mom Penelope crashes their investigation – and she thinks that Lucifer is “just delicious.” Apparently, Penelope tracked Chloe down because she has been avoiding her phone calls. Penelope was a fan of Javier’s cooking as well. Chloe drags her mom out of the restaurant, and says she needs to go home – Penelope insists on having a “family dinner” later that night, and invites Lucifer to come.

Lucifer and Chloe get to work questioning the waiters and other chefs at the restaurant. They all complain that Javier was never satisfied with their work – but they all loved him and insisted that Javier was “like a father to them.” They meet Javier’s real son Junior, he reveals that he and his father had a strained relationship. But, Junior had no motive to kill his father – he didn’t leave him anything in his will. Lucifer isn’t buying it, he is convinced that Junior is a good suspect.

Meanwhile, Mazikeen pays Lucifer’s therapist a visit – she says that she needs help figuring out how to be more “normal.” His therapist whines that she really shouldn’t be seeing any of Lucifer’s employees, it’s kind of a conflict of interest. Mazikeen offers to have sex with her for advice. But, the therapist says that her advice is free today. She encourages Mazikeen to start building relationships and having some friends – Mazikeen storms out and says that her advice is dumb.

Dan is riding around with his new partner Malcolm. Dan tells Malcolm to just rat him out for the shooting – he is sick of being blackmailed. Dan reveals that he has plans to kill Lucifer, he warns Dan that if he has any plans to take him out, he “better not miss.”

Chloe and Lucifer meet with Javier’s mentee Ann – who coincidentally will also inherit the restaurant according to his will. Ann insists that never would hurt Javier. Chloe gets a phone call and learns that Javier died from a combination of heroin and mercury. While Lucifer is talking to Ann, she projectile vomits blood all over his shirt and then passes out. Chloe calls for an ambulance and they rush to the scene to care for Ann – it looks like she is going to survive.

Lucifer is still certain that Junior is their killer. Dan arrives at the restaurant, he has a lead, there is a disgruntled waitress named Naomi that was just fired. She had a bone to pick with Javier, and she showed up at the restaurant screaming and yelling a few days before he was killed. Before Dan leaves, Chloe invites him to her family dinner with her mother and Lucifer.

Lucifer and Chloe head to Naomi’s house – Lucifer barges in to snoop around, even though they don’t have a search warrant. Lucifer finds a bag of Junior’s clothes, he was staying with Naomi. And, the coffee table is covered in used heroin needles.

Naomi returns to her house, and finds Chloe and Lucifer there. She confesses that she went to go see Javier – apparently she was trying to get Javier’s blessing because he didn’t approve of their relationship. Naomi insists that she has an alibi, and she was with her sponsor when Javier was poisoned. She didn’t go to breakfast with Javier an Junior because Javier wanted to see his dad alone.

After they head back to the police station – Chloe ditches Lucifer and says she has to go, she has a family emergency. She rushes home because her babysitter called and said that her mother showed up. When she arrives, her mother has Trixie all dressed up. She says that they are going to an audition. Chloe freaks out and says that she can’t force Trixie to be a child star like she tried to force Chloe. While Chloe and Penelope are arguing, Trixie slips out the door and runs away.

Chloe and Penelope start searching for Trixie, apparently she is a very smart little girl, and she ordered a ride with her mother’s Uber account. Trixie shows up at Lucifer’s bar, but he isn’t there.

She sits down at the bar and chats with Mazikeen instead. Mazikeen finally makes a friend – they chat about what Trixie really wants to be when she grows up, and it’s not an actress. Chloe shows up in a huff, thankful to see that Trixie is okay.

Lucifer sits at Naomis apartment and waits for Junior to return. He finally slips in during the middle of the night, he says he came back for a knife that his dad gave him – it’s all that he has to remember him by. Lucifer and Junior have a heart to heart about Javier, and Lucifer is alittle devastated when he realized that Junior really isn’t the killer.

Chloe shows up for their family dinner with Dan and Trixie – she is shocked to see that Lucifer is already there and he cooked all the food, with the help of his new BFF Junior. Chloe takes Lucifer aside and scolds him for bringing Junior to her family’s house. Lucifer insists that Junior is innocent, he promises Chloe that after dinner she will think so too. Dan gets upset and interferes, he informs Lucifer that he and CHloe might get back together and they kissed. Lucifer doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about their possible reconciliation.

After the dinner goes haywire, and takes Junior down to the station to put in a formal statement. She gets a phone call from the lab – the heroin that was used to kill Javier was not the same heroin that was at Naomi’s house. That means Junior really is innocent. Chloe calls the hospital to check in on Ann and learns she checked out against doctor’s orders and is just fine. Chloe and Lucifer realize that Ann is really the killer – and she poisoned herself, but didn’t take enough to die, just to throw them off her trail.

They rush to the restaurant and sure enough they find Ann there in the middle of the night, she is trying to destroy evidence. She ha a meltdown and reveals that she didn’t mean to poison Javier, she met to poison his son Junior. Now that he was back and sober, Ann was scared that Javier would change his will and leave the restaurant to his son and not her. Ann knocks over a vat of oil and throws a match on it – she makes a run for it as the kitchen goes up in flames. Lucifer and Ann manage to take down Ann before she escapes, and the fire department arrives and puts out the flames.

Mazikeen heads to the therapist’s office to tell her that she made a new friend – an 8 year old girl named Trixie. Now that she is getting the hang of this friend stuff, she invites the therapist out for drinks with her.

Chloe heads home, her mother Penelope is waiting up for her. Penelope says she has a flight out first thing in the morning and she wanted to say a proper goodbye to Chloe, they share a moment and Penelope swears she just wants her daughter to be happy – and encourages her to take a break once n a while and relax.

Tonight’s episode ends with Dan tracking down Malcolm. He says that he hates Lucifer as much as he does, but he can’t let him kill him. He pulls his gun on Malcolm and handcuffs him and then proceeds to try and put him in the back of his car. Malcolm resists and they wind up in a brawl in a dark parking garage. Malcolm chokes Dan with his handcuffs until he passes out and then leaves him for dead.

Meanwhile, Chloe shows up wasted at Lucifer’s and pours herself a drink. She texted Dan and said she wanted to get back together with him – but Malcolm took Dan’s phone and dumped Chloe via text message. Chloe tries to kiss Lucifer, but he pushes her off from him. He is shocked, but he can’t do it. Chloe starts crying, she’s embarrassed, she can’t believe that she got drunk and threw herself at Lucifer … she is just like her mother after all. Lucifer comforts Chloe, and she falls asleep snoring on the couch with him.