MacGyver Recap 9/30/16: Season 1 Episode 2 “Metal Saw”

MacGyver Recap 9/30/16: Season 1 Episode 2 "Metal Saw"

Tonight on CBS their action adventure drama MacGyver airs with an all-new Friday, September 30, 2016, episode.  On tonight’s MacGyver season 1 episode 2, Jack’s ex-girlfriend goes missing after securing evidence against an international arms dealer in Venezuela.

Did you watch last week’s episode  where Angus “Mac” MacGyver (Lucas Till) and Jack Dalton (George Eads), special agents for the Department of External Services (DXS), joined forces to recover a missing bioweapon.  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s premiere MacGyver episode as per the CBS synopsis, “MacGyver and the team attempt to rescue Sarah (Amy Acker), Jack’s former CIA partner/ex-girlfriend who went missing in Venezuela after she obtained evidence to take down an international arms dealer.”

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The show starts out with Mac (Lucas Till) and Jack (George Eads) being chased and shot at in North Korea.  Mac asks Jack if he could “smooth out the ride”, and Jack tells Mac not to drink any of the fuel he is syphoning.  Thornton (Sandrine Holt) tells the guys that they want the asset to arrive there alive, Riley (Tristin Mays) works with the guys trying to get them away from the men chasing them, as Mac throws out homemade bombs out the vehicle window.

Jack turns off their radio contact and he tells Mac that he needs to get his head back in the game, and stop worrying about his ex, Nikki who escaped two weeks prior.  When they get back online, Mac reverses the vehicle and they drive in backwards towards the border.  Mac and Jack tell them to check with the US Embassy to prove who they are, and when “Python” starts kicking in their trunk, they are let through, when they learn he is on the FBI’s wanted list.

MacGyver is sleeping on the couch when his roommate, Bozer walks in wearing a Chinese costume, Mac jumps up and tackles him, both men end up on the floor and Riley asks if she should come at a better time?  Riley meets her parole officer, who wants to know how she got a deal like that?  She is lying through her teeth with every question.

He then says that it’s a good thing she is involved with Bozer, because as an ex-con she is less likely to offend if they are in a healthy relationship with stable people.  Bozer continues to hit on Riley and asks her for her “digits”.  She puts in her name and adds one number.  She explains that as long as he successful pretends to be her boyfriend, he will get a digit every week.  He thinks that only means 6 weeks, but she says 9 because of area code.

Thornton has a private meeting with Jack, who tells her that Mac is doing okay.  He is heartbroken, but he doesn’t need to be taken out of the field.  Jack reassures her that he will not be looking for Nikki because he knows that agents are already looking for her.  At the same time, Mac goes to Nikki’s apartment and Jack joins him there, admitting that he knows Mac has been there every day since Nikki disappeared.

Jack and Mac are called in for a new case, on a woman named Sarah Adler.  She is now in prison in Venezuela, as a spy but she isn’t just an American citizen, she is also Jack’s ex.  She was sent in to chase an international arms dealer, and gain intel.  No one actually knows where she is, the Phoenix Foundation is the only option she has of being rescued.  As they are travelling to Venezuela, Jack can’t stop thinking of the memories he shares with Sarah.  Mac tells him, they will find her!

Riley tells them they are 30 minutes from wheels down.  Mac tells Riley that Jack worked South America back in the day, and Riley sarcastically says, “Ohhh, when they invented fire!”  Mac laughs and says, “Couple years after that!”  Jack retorts that nothing happens down there without his contact knowing, and that him and his contact are BFFs.

When Jack arrives to see his contact, Marco punches him out and tells them to leave.  When his contact Julio refuses to speak to him, Mac sets the bar on fire to distract the men in a bar fight.  As they chase Julio down, Riley just hits him with the car.  Julio reveals where Sarah is being held.  Mac, of course, figures out a way to open a 3” thick steel door, jumper cables and copper.  He gets them inside.

Mac goes down the elevator shaft, in spite of his phobia of heights.  He tells Jack to watch the perimeter, and Riley is acting as his eyes.  She cuts the hydro to the building, and Mac admits that he was afraid of the dark.  He takes apart a security camera, finds a tv remote, some medical tape, a digital microscope and safety glasses and creates night vision “goggles”.  He knocks out one of the guards with a fire extinguisher and tries to rescue Sarah, but she didn’t believe who he was until he mentioned Jack.

Riley informs Mac that they have a generator, the power comes back on and the guards start shooting.  Jack drives into the building and asks, “Did anyone call for an uBer?”  Jack and Sarah begin to argue.  He thought she got out of the business and she said, he wanted kids and she wasn’t ready.  Sarah thanks him for saving her, and the love is still there; which doesn’t go unnoticed by Mac.

Jack is hoping that this is going to be his second chance to make it right with Sarah.  When they arrive at Sarah’s place, they find her landlord beaten to death.  Mac confirms that he has been dead for less than 24 hours.  Sarah hands Mac the ledger, and orders them all to leave.  Jack begs Sarah to come with them.  Riley is with the team, when they decide to go rogue and not follow Thornton’s orders.

Riley goes to an internet café in Caracas and orders 8 hours of Wi-Fi.  She is sending it to Thornton, who says she isn’t worried about it, that by the time Mac gets back, he can give it to her.  Thornton’s assistant says they have lost all contact with Mac, Jack, Riley and Sarah.  Mac puts things together to set some of the ammo on fire, so then can have access to the terrorist.

Thornton arrives in time to save Riley, and they meet to arrest Barios, but he escapes on his motorcycle.  The team is determined to stop him.  Mac creates a net with wrenches causing him to fly off his bike.  Sarah points a gun at him and Thornton orders her to stand down, Jack drags her away from Barios, so she can’t kill him.

When the team returns to US soil, Thornton confronts them all, where each of them claim they forced the others to go along with the plan.  MacGyver asks how back it is and Thornton tells them they will have a debriefing and the program doesn’t like things being unsanctioned.  Just as they are done talking, a man walks in and Sarah runs into his arms.

She introduces him to the team as her fiancé, Jeff.  Jack is devastated, and Jeff hugs him for saving her.  Sarah whispers into Jack’s ears that she tried to tell him.  He says it’s okay.  Jack starts to laugh, and Mac asks him what he is laughing at, and he says he is just terrible with woman, and that Mac shouldn’t be laughing because he isn’t any better.

In the next scene, MacGyver sitting inside Nikki’s apartment, saying he doesn’t want her any more.  He simply wants her caught and in jail where she belongs.  As he is sitting there, he notices a fly coming out of her electric socket in the wall.  He removes the cover and he finds Nikki’s stockpile of passports!

Riley is spending time with Bozer, who is teaching her how to make the perfect hamburger.  She tells him it’s just a burger!  Jack and Mac are playing basketball and Jack thanks him for being there is Caracas.  Mac admits that Jack was right, and Nikki was in his head.  To end the episode, MacGyver says it’s sad that Riley is the closest they will ever be to a real relationship with a woman.