Major Crimes Recap 6/20/16: Season 5 Episode 2 “N.S.F.W.”


Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday, June 20, season 5 episode 2 called “N.S.F.W.,” and we’ve got your Major Crimes recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a detective in the Sex Crimes unit is murdered in a case that leads Major Crimes into the realm of “barely legal” porn.

On the last Major Crimes recap a teen vanished while volunteering at a homeless shelter in the Season 5 opener. Also: The decades-long cold case of the murder of Buzz’s father and uncle heated up, and Andy Flynn mulled over selling his house. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis, “a detective in the Sex Crimes unit is murdered in a case that leads Major Crimes into the realm of “barely legal” porn. Meanwhile, Rusty’s biological mother returns with unexpected news.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our Major Crimes recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 5 episode 2.

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#MajorCrimes starts at a bar where Julio waits at a table. He checks his watch and then checks his phone. He looks at a pic from the dating site. His waiter asks if he’s waiting on a late woman and says next time just ask for drinks or coffee since women like that better on a first date.

Julio looks at his foster child application and starts to fill it out. It gets later and later and he finally gives up. He goes to pay his check. He notices a guy nearby – another cop – and asks if he’s working. The guy nods and Julio zips it. He signs his check and goes.

Next day at a crime scene, the team is there. Andy says Drew Hudson is a D1 from sex crimes – that’s the guy that Julio saw at the bar. Amy says the guy was supposed to be on vacation and his body was loaded with drugs. They go check out the body.

He’s been stabbed more than 20 times and died around midnight. The guy never pulled his gun. Amy says he has crystal meth and they see baggies of drugs and ligature marks on his ankle. Amy shows him holes and says there was a trip wire.

He tripped and the killer jumped him. The house is empty and no food in the dishwasher. Julio tells them he saw him last night and thinks he was working a case. Provenza asks why he was there and Julio says he was stood up. Tao says this is a prop house.

He says they shot an episode there in season one of Badge of Justice. He says they had different décor and he texted the location manager to ask and got a name of the rental service. 18 and Up Entertainment is about to film there.

They are told by sex crimes detective Jordan that the guy, Bo McLaren, runs a site called “Finally Fair Game.” He films sex with girls who just turned 18. Julio finds notes from Hudson and says he was watching McLaren and someone named Juliette.

Jordan says she doesn’t know the girl’s name. Andy asks about his vacation and Jordan says he asked for a week off four days ago. Provenza says they found 20 grams of meth on him. The Chief says don’t mention that outside of this and Jordan says he was a great cop.

Buzz has the security video from the bar ready to go and Sharon says to bring in the porn star. They see Hudson come into the bar and then they see Julio sitting and waiting. Julio leaves then a woman comes in and approaches Hudson.

The girl is young and beautiful. They wonder if she’s Juliette. Jordan stares and says she has no idea. They talk for 20 minutes and she gave him an envelope. Amy says it wasn’t on his body. She drank until last call after Hudson left.

Sharon tells Jordan to send all the material on Bo McLaren to Major Crimes. Sharon meets with Rusty’s mom Sharon Beck who says something happened with Gary last year.

Sharon says she’s pregnant. She says she’s four months along and says she didn’t say anything because of miscarriage risk. Sharon congratulates her and Sharon Beck says she doesn’t know what Rusty will think.

She asks Sharon if she’ll tell Rusty for her and says Gary won’t be involved in their lives but would like Rusty to be a big brother. Amy and Julio are shown the video from Bo McLaren who is there without his lawyer and shows them video of the girl.

He reads them a prepared statement about the legality of his business and his tax records and says he’s been audited every year. He shows them permits, insurance, and customer reviews. Julio asks where he finds the girls and Bo says they find him.

He says he treats them well. He says last night he was home alone and went to bed at 9 pm. He says he’s used to being on the shit list of cops and they show him a photo of Hudson and says he questioned him and sent city employees out to hassle him.

Julio says Hudson was murdered last night in a house he was renting for a shoot. Bo says he has video surveillance around his house that will confirm his alibi. They show him a photo of the woman meeting with Hudson and he says it’s Lisa Cornell, his producing partner.

He says since it’s a murder, he might call his lawyer. Julio says Hudson had drinks with her then was murdered. They bring Lisa in and she says she gave Hudson $15k to try and get him to stop selling drugs to their performers. She says he sold meth and ecstasy.

She says they don’t even let alcohol on the set but he came around selling cheap drugs and took payments in favors too. Tao asks why she saw him last night. She says the drugs were too strong or tainted and two girls Jody and Kim OD’d after they left the set.

She says she was paying off a drug dealer to leave her alone, not bribing a cop. She says Bo doesn’t know about this and Provenza says why wouldn’t he notice the money gone and she says she handles the money and all he cares about is being the stud.

Tao asks her why Hudson turned up dead at one of their locations. She says talking to him upset her so badly she had a few drinks. Morales says he has a third girl dead of the same symptoms but the first two girls’ bodies were already released.

He says there’s a pattern here that’s striking and says they died on or after their birthdays and all had just turned 18. Sharon stares at the latest dead girl.

Rusty is with Buzz getting ready to look at the security video from the ATM where his dad and uncle died. Rusty offers to watch it first for him. Buzz says he can digitize the video and get some still images. The VCR is not being cooperative.

Sharon lurks outside listening to them and Rusty asks about his vlog. Sharon comes in and he says the Communications Department is streaming Identity. She asks to talk to him but he’s staying at GU’s place tonight. She says they can talk tomorrow.

Sharon tells Buzz to take his time and he gets impatient with Rusty then walks out. Rusty sits down to look at the VCR. Amy says Madeline Kimball’s death was treated as an accidental OD. They know from a hair test she wasn’t a regular drug abuser.

Madeline was staying at a hotel and Bo was paying the bill. Hudson was on her Snapchat and so was Bo. They don’t have enough for a warrant. Sharon says to bring in Madeline’s brother. He shows them photos and says Bo was the worst influence on his sister.

The Chief is worried the guy might sue them if Hudson sold her drugs. He says his sister’s Instagram blew up and says he doesn’t know why she needed this kind of attention and says Bo flew up to see her before she turned 18 and says Bo posted a pic of her.

Tao checks Bo’s Instagram and confirms that he was there before she was 18. The brother says Madeline flew out after graduation and says Bo must have sent her a ticket. Then he says that a cop met her at the airport. He says a detective was there when she got off the plane.

He says his sister left a screaming voice mail accusing him of calling the cops. Juliette is her name on the Instagram and the Chief is upset because they think that Hudson was running her as a CI off the books. Provenza says Hudson was looking for Madeline’s killer.

Sharon says that’s why we don’t investigate alone. The brother says they can’t let BO release the video since his sister is dead. They bring Bo back in and Provenza says he’s a scum bag. Bo’s lawyer is there too and says talk to me.

They show him a photo of Madeline dead from OD. Provenza asks why he didn’t mention her before. The lawyer says Madeline had an accidental OD. Charles the lawyer tells Bo to be quiet. Provenza says Bo killed her for talking to Hudson.

Bo says he never bought girls drugs or gave it to them. He says he never touches drugs and Provenza says three girls died. Bo is stunned and says Lisa told him those girls went back home. Bo says sometimes the girls get stage fright and Lisa might give them something.

Charles says if an actress gets nerves, production shuts down. Sharon doesn’t like the way the lawyer is talking and she goes into the room. She tells Bo to call Lisa and to tell her he has two new girls to film with and the girls might be “anxious.”

Rusty finds Sharon waiting at home for him and asks if they can talk. He wonders what’s up. Sharon says his mom came to see her yesterday and says it’s not negative. She says Sharon Beck is pregnant and Gary is the baby daddy.

Rusty is stunned and asks if she really said that. He says this is not just upsetting. Sharon says she doesn’t know what to think either but says his mother seems stable. He says his mother can’t pay rent and is house hopping since she can’t afford a place.

Sharon gets a call from Provenza and encourages Rusty to think about the child and says she told his mom to come there tonight. Rusty says she shouldn’t have the baby but Sharon says that’s his mom’s choice, not his.

Provenza says Lisa is making a pit stop on the way to meet Bo. He’s with Julio watching her. She’s at the same bar where Julio was and says she’s there for the To-Go order. Julio and Provenza had inside and the woman and bartender both run.

Amy catches Lisa and Julio goes after the bartender. Ta and Andy are waiting with guns out and Julio cuffs him too. Andrea comes in and says Brady the bartender has invoked his rights so they have distribution only so far.

Sharon says they found keys to the house where Hudson was murdered at Brady’s place but nothing else – no murder weapon, etc. Andrea says she doesn’t want Bo to walk. Provenza tells Lisa that they have her and Brady and one deal to hand out.

The lawyer says make a reasonable offer. Andrea says she can prosecute for two murders instead of four. The lawyer says Lisa has an alibi for the cop murder and the girls took the drugs. They tell her they found keys she gave Brady.

Julio says talk or Brady will and Provenza says it will all come out how she drugged vulnerable teams and Andrea says it’s special circumstances including killing a cop. Andrea says she may not have killed Hudson but placed him at the place where he was murdered.

Lisa whispers to her lawyer. The lawyer says manslaughter and possession with intent to distribute. Lisa says she never gave meth to anyone that didn’t want it. She says Bo was happy that the scenes were going smoothly and the girls sometimes crashed hard.

She says Brady read that anti-depressants can help people come down from meth. She says the motel maids found the girls and she didn’t know for a couple of days that they were dead. She says Madeline was nervous and she offered her just a little bump.

She says she was saying that it happened to her what happened to Jody and Kim and says that’s how she knew that she was talking to the cop. She says she drove her back to the hotel and Brady took her to her room.

Lisa says she thought that Hudson as going to kill her and says Hudson told her he was working the case alone and he would spare her if she got him Bo. She says she told him there were drugs at the location in a bag with Bo’s prints on it.

She says this was all Brady’s plan and she argued against it. Andrea says if she says all this in court, she can have one count of murder two and one of conspiracy to commit murder. She says that’s as good as it gets or Brady can have a deal.

The Chief says Madeline’s brother won’t sue so long as the video of his sister with Bo are destroyed. Sharon says she’ll take care of it and calls Amy over. Buzz asks Tao if he can look at the VCR and Julio says he can help too since his mom has one too.

They walk off and Provenza looks at the foster child application on Julio’s desk. Sharon arrests Bo for rape and he says women apply to sleep with me. Sharon say the girls he had sex with used drugs. Charles says oh my god.

Andy says if you knew the girls were high, they can’t consent to sex. Bo protests and says he would never rape anyone. They haul him off. Charles tells Sharon the girls got what they asked for and Sharon says the meth took away their ability to understand their actions.

Sharon Beck tells Rusty that he was an unplanned pregnancy too and says he turned out okay. Rusty says he witnessed a murder victim being buried and that’s the only reason he’s okay. Sharon Beck says she can’t have an abortion since she’s too far along.

Rusty says put the baby up for adoption so it has a decent chance at a normal life. Sharon Beck says she won’t hold this against him for saying this because she’s done terrible things and Gary did too. She says she can’t do this on her own.

Sharon says if he can’t support her even a little, she might have to let someone else have her baby. Sharon Beck says she’ll think about what he said and he should think about it too.