Major Crimes Premiere Recap 6/13/16: Season 5 Episode 1 “Present Tense”

Major Crimes Premiere Recap 6/13/16: Season 5 Episode 1 "Present Tense"

Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday, June 13, season 5 premiere called “Present Tense,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a teen vanishes while volunteering at a homeless shelter in the Season 5 opener.

On the last episode, the conclusion of “Hindsight” tied all the threads of seven murders together, with the field of suspects narrowed to three. Did you watch the season 4 finale? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “a teen vanishes while volunteering at a homeless shelter in the Season 5 opener. Also: The decades-long cold case of the murder of Buzz’s father and uncle heats up, and Andy Flynn mulls over selling his house.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 5 premiere.

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#MajorCrimes starts with Gabe videoing a girl. She laughs. At a homeless shelter, missing girl flyers are handed out. We see her mom taping her while she puts on makeup. Lots of volunteers are thee. Her name is Amanda. She’s the girl in the videos.

Volunteers check cars in a parking deck and then down in alleys. Looks like more than a hundred people showed. The major crimes team is there too. Oderno fills them in on the missing girl. Amanda argued with them about the boyfriend Gabe who’s a couple of years older.

Oderno says Gabe is supposed to be camping. Jane Wolf chews them out for showing up late. She runs Care First – Amanda volunteers there working with homeless kids. Jane says they don’t seem to be concerned. One of the volunteers found her purse in a dumpster.

They also find hygiene packets she hands out. Jane says Gabe and Amanda argued – she says Jenny Stratton told them. David and Tucker were with them. David shows them a video of the start of an argument and he says he turned off the camera.

Jane has the parents in her office but Provenza is dismissive and says take them down town. Julio goes with Jenny to talk to the homeless guy that found her stuff. Amanda’s parents unlock her phone for Tao. Her mom calls Gabe a horrible boy.

Sharon asks her about when Amanda ran away before. The parents are freaking out and Bella, the mom, cries and says she hopes her daughter is in Joshua Tree with her BF even though she hates him. Provenza gives Buzz case files into his family’s murder investigation.

Provenza is stunned by the new cool tech room they have. Tao says more cool stuff is on the way and Provenza says he feels like a dinosaur watching a meteor. The admiral, the homeless guy, is rambling to Julio. Andy talks to Sharon about picking up dinner and talking.

Julio introduces them and the admiral acts like he’s giving a report. He says the dumpster is where the messages are. He says he’s a vigilant soldier. He says Amanda is kind and invited her to stay at her house when it rains. He asks if there’s a reward.

Sharon offers him a sandwich and shower. He says he can’t shower but takes the sandwich. Amy says Gabe is an angel according to his mom. Amy says he has no record and was texting Amanda from Joshua Tree. Tao says Gabe is in Tijuana partying. Sharon says have the FBI take care of it.

Andy talks to Sharon about selling his house and moving to Silverlake. Sharon says they’ve been taking things slow and he says moving in together is a big deal. Rusty is there – they didn’t see him. He says he and Gus are not going to Palm Springs.

Rusty says they were shopping at The Grove and he started holding his hand in public then he pulled his hand away and Gus got mad. He says now he won’t return his texts. Sharon asks why he pulled his hand away. Rusty says it made him uncomfortable.

Sharon asks which is worse – holding hands in public or sitting there alone. Rusty walks away and Andy says nice haircut as he leaves. Sharon and Andy talk about Gus and Amanda. Provenza says the Federales didn’t find Amanda.

Amy runs the timeline for them. Andy says the guys are sleeping off their hangover and no trace in the car – just Adderall. Buzz asks Tao to look through the murder book on his father and uncle’s case. He thinks something is missing.

Julio wakes Gabe who is in bad shape. Provenza says where is Amanda. Gabe asks how he should know. He says he bailed on her and went to TJ for the weekend. They tell him Amanda has been missing for two days and she was last seen arguing with him.

Gabe says he’s not a liar. He says he lied to his parents but that doesn’t count. He says he didn’t have his phone in Mexico. He says Amanda was mad because he was skipping her birthday party. He says he gave his phone to a friend because his mom tracks his phone.

They ask if he took Amanda’s body to Mexico. He freaks out then vomits. Buzz calls for a clean-up. Gabe mentions that Amanda lets the homeless guys stay at her house sometimes. He says it’s their other house and he doesn’t know the address but knows how to get there.

Amy runs to search records. They ask Gabe to draw them a map. He does. The house is supposed to be vacant but there’s lots of noise there. The cops spot a guy with groceries. The guy runs. They chase. They bust in the door and people freak.

They call out for Amanda. Shirtless people try to run. Provenza goes calling for her. Amy and Oderno chase the guy. He’s fast. Oderno yanks Amy back and the guy is hit by a car. Julio finds a hygiene pack near a stack of wood.

He pulls out some wood and asks Buzz for the camera. He spots her and calls her name. Julio can’t reach her. Tao calls for paramedics but Provenza says call the coroner when they look at the footage of her still body.

Sharon calls Rusty and talks to him about Gus being in Palm Springs. He’s pissy. Sharon encourages him to follow up with Gus, maybe go by his place. Provenza tells Sharon that Amanda was letting three homeless guys stay there.

One is having a breakdown, one got his by a car and there’s another. Julio says the people here worked jobs at night arranged through Care First. Tao shows them the basement entrance – it was used as a speakeasy.
They decide she wasn’t killed there and was placed there. The ME says late Friday or early Saturday is time of death. He spots something and Morales says someone did a tracheotomy on her. He says she was strangled but then CPR was done on her.

Morales says someone tried to help her – that’s all he knows. Sharon asks if the person did mouth to mouth. He looks and says her mouth has been swabbed. They wonder who did it. Her mother is a doctor. Provenza says Gabe fought with her.

He’s convinced Gabe did it. Amy says none of the men that Amanda were helping had medical expertise. Tao says the toys in the crawl space were there a long time. He says he got a good thumbprint on the battery case. It’s a guy named Ethan Young.

He was a Care First alumni and was a lifeguard for 12 years so he’d have the training. He also has a sexual battery of a minor charge. Sharon says get him but do it carefully so they don’t destroy any signs of struggle with Amanda.

Rusty is online looking a story about Buzz’s dad and uncle. He gets a ping from Gus who says he got his note. There’s a knock at the door. Rusty answers. It’s Gus. He tells him he’s sorry for walking away. Gus says Rusty did a great apology note.

Gus says it’s hard that he’s so freaked out about being gay. Rusty denies it. Gus says he missed him. Rusty says he missed him too then says let’s not say more than that. Gus says he won’t say more. He asks if he can hang out.

Rusty says he can’t wake his mom to ask if he can have overnight company. Then Gus says let’s go out to eat at 1 am. Rusty wants to go to Palm Springs. Buzz looks at the same story that Rusty was looking at. Tao says that some photos were missing.

Buzz asks where they went. Buzz wants to reopen the investigation. They bring in Ethan who calls his foster daughter he was accused of molesting a slut. He says she lied and then recanted in court. They ask him about the Game Boy next to a dead body.

He says a kid named Kevin, that was one of his foster kids, brought it in then another kid stole it. Sharon says put in a battery and check the scores. DTY has the top three scores. They bring in the Ponds. They admit they had a foster child who stayed four years.

The dad says they almost adopted him but then they called it off. The mom says she got pregnant so they canceled the adoption. Tao says they just gave him back. The dad says the adoption was just three-quarters of the way done.

They packed him up and had child services pick him up. The dad says then they moved to a new house. He says they sealed up the basement because it wasn’t up to code. Sharon says the killer left their daughter’s body down there.

They tell him the boy’s name was Dawson Tucker Yale. Tao recognizes the name Tucker. Provenza brings the Ponds out and they look at Tucker. The mom recognizes him. It’s Jesse McCartney! He says hi mom, dad and says he didn’t think they’d recognize him.

They bring in Tucker with the DA to talk about the case. His lawyer, Amala, says no premeditation. Tucker says he was scared after the Ponds sent him away and was sent to eight homes, some of them not so nice and some bad things happened to him.

He says he graduated Magna Cum Laude and went to medical school until last year. He says he was expelled for plagiarism because he didn’t footnote some sources. He says it was last October so he went back to Care First for a job.

Tucker says the foster system kicks you out at age 18 and says he lived there for a while. He says Amanda never showed up until they had been there for two months. He says then his dad came to pick her up but never recognized him, neither did his mom.

Tucker says he gave Amanda a ride home a couple of times and she complained about how awful her parents were. He says she lived in a big nice house. Provenza asks about the other house. He says lots of people knew she let people stay there.

Sharon asks what happened last Friday. Tucker says she asked him to drive her to her BF’s house to say sorry abut he tried to talk her out of it. He asks why wouldn’t she want to go home to a beautiful house and parents that loved her.

He says they chose her instead of him. Tucker says no, he was taking them home. He says she started yelling at him when she saw he was driving her home. He starts crying and says he just wanted her to go home.

He says she tried to get out of the car and things got out of hand. Sharon asks about that. He says he tried to save her. He says he couldn’t. Sharon looks at Andrea. Amy says he must hold on to things. Julio says because no one held on to him.

Provenza isn’t happy to find Rusty in his chair. Rusty says he has a problem. Provenza says the dead girl has problems – he has challenges. Buzz asks Provenza to give him back the photos from the murder book. Tao says it’s not necessary but Buzz says he can handle it.

Provenza says he was thinking of him and hands them over. Provenza asks what’s up with Rusty. He talks about a traumatic even in childhood can affect your identity. Rusty says he wants Buzz’s story but he won’t let him tell it.

Provenza says give Buzz a minute then go check on him. Julio asks Amy how long it takes to be approved as a foster parent. He says there’s an obvious need. Tao rattles off the list of problems – single, male, guns in the house, history of anger issues.

Rusty goes to talk to Buzz who says it’s not how he remembers his father. Rusty asks how he’d like him to be remembered. Buzz is upset. Sharon tells Andy they should talk about alternatives like moving in together maybe. She hugs him but looks unsure.