Major Crimes Recap 12/7/15: Season 4 Episode 16 “Thick as Thieves”

Major Crimes Recap 12/7/15: Season 4 Episode 16 "Thick as Thieves"

Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday December 7, season 4 episode 16 called “Thick as Thieves,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the murder of a fugitive diamond thief is investigated. Meanwhile, Flynn (Tony Denison) goes on desk duty while recovering from injuries, and Rusty’s (Graham Patrick Martin) relationship with Slider is uncovered by Marianna’s brother.

Major Crimes follows the departure of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson from the Los Angeles Police Department, Captain Sharon Raydor(McDonnell) is selected as the new head of its Major Crimes Division.

On the last episode a young man was pushed off the top of a parking structure. Mysteries deepened when it’s discovered the victim lived in a luxury apartment without any visible meant of support. Meanwhile, Flynn tangled with an overly cheery physical therapist. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “With Flynn on desk duty as he recovers from injuries, Sharon and the team investigate the murder of a fugitive diamond thief whose body was found by his bail bondsmen. Rusty is put in a tight spot when his relationship with Slider is discovered by Marianna’s brother.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 4 episode 16.

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#MajorCrimes starts with a guy banging on a door calling for Corey. A woman is with him and they check the windows. They kick in the door and go inside. The lights are all out and they look around with flashlights. The guy starts to cough and they smell something horrible.

They open a door and find flies buzzing – they head down into the basement, gagging the whole way. The woman is horrified. Corey is dead. They call 911. At the crime scene, Carmen the bounty hunter tells Provenza that Corey was 21 and they’ve bailed him out a few times but he didn’t show.

Amy asks how they knew to find him and the other bounty hunter says they put GPS on his car. Provenza says they contaminated a crime scene. The guy tells Provenza they wouldn’t have known he was dead if not for them. Provenza calls them thugs.

Amy says he should be happier since he’s engaged. Tao says the kid had petty charges including hotwiring a car but this time it was an armed robbery for diamonds and there was a second suspect plus the jewels were never recovered. His accomplice is the likely suspect.

Kendall says he’s been dead a week or so, just after making bail and was shot one time in the back of the head and no casing, so it was execution-style. Provenza says let’s tear the place up in case Corey had the diamonds. He says find out who owns the house.

Buzz says he can look into it and Provenza calls him Colombo. He tells Andy to get them the info. Andy is with Sharon and they talk about the robbery. Sharon says Corey made a lot of mistakes. Sharon asks how Andy is feeling and he says great. He wants to be back in the field.

Sharon says no and he has to testify against Slider today. Rusty stops by to give him a ride and Andy realizes they’re plotting to escort him. Sharon and Rusty swap a look. Rusty says he has a moral dilemma and Sharon asks about what.

He says Gus is back there to testify and he’s worried about Slider waving to him and Gus sees it. Sharon asks if Gus has been following his story about Slider. He says they’ve texted a few times but that’s it. Turns out he hasn’t responded to all the texts.

Sharon recommends he talk to Gus before the trial starts for the day. Provenza says one of the bad guys was clueless and the other was experienced. Sharon says it was like he wanted to get caught. No one saw the partner.

Jagger the Jeweler is the guy who got robbed. Sharon asks how the thieves knew he had diamonds on him. Sharon wonders if the accomplice picked Corey up when he was bailed out. They check security cameras and see Corey make a call then get into a mini van.

Andy looks at the plate. A woman gets out and hugs him. It’s Selma Hewett, Corey’s mom. They bring Selma in and she says Corey is not a bad person. Provenza reminds her he’s an armed robber and she says he fell in with a bad crowd.

They ask why she didn’t call 911 and she says she didn’t want him to get in more trouble. They still have not told her that Corey is dead. She says she picked him up, dropped him back at the house, went to work then when she got home, he was gone.

Provenza thanks her then says she needs to know something. He points to Amy who says Corey is dead. Julio says Bryce Fowler is a guy that he called and it’s an identity theft of a dead kid from years ago. They wonder if this is their guy and pull up his Oregon license.

At Slider’s trial, Andrea is questioning Gus. The defense lawyer then asks Gus if he comes from a violent family. Andrea objects and Judge Grove overrules. Gus says his step-father is violent then says he’s not violent. The lawyer, Monroe, tries to implicate Gus in the murder.

Andrea asks where he was when the LVPD arrested him and he says he was in his mother’s apartment and says his step-father was beating his mother and says she was screaming so he broke the door down and he hit him with a cutting board.

Tao says they found the accomplice has a bunch of other names and the IDs are all under investigation. He’s ripped off charities and a bunch of other crimes, but nothing violent they can find. They go back to Selma and ask if she recognizes them.

Amy comes in and says she found a lead – a woman named Dolly reported Marvin missing a few weeks ago. They bring Dolly in and she says he lied and stole from her. She says she already told Oderno all of this. She says she met him at the bar in the hotel where she works.

She says he claimed he was opening a restaurant and was meeting potential investors. She says she invested $20k for him and wrote up his business plan. Tao asks if she knew about Marvin’s involvement in a robbery of a guest at her hotel.

They say the name Jagger and she says she gave him no information about Jagger’s car service and says she didn’t do it on purpose. She says she told him in bed and says Marvin lied to her and she fell for it. Provenza says she can help then nail Marvin.

She’s worried about losing her job and Tao asks why file a missing persons report and she says she was still clueless and was worried about her. She says when cops showed up, she realized he had screwed her over so she withdrew the missing persons report.

She says she even went to his restaurant and it was closed. She gives them the East Hollywood location. Amy, Julio and Buzz grab Mike and head out. They hear a noise when they get there and all draw weapons. They head inside and hear banging.

Selma is there with a hammer and is busting up the walls. She drops the hammer and puts up her hands. Gus approaches Rusty in the courtroom and says Rusty must have been too busy to respond to his texts. He asks if he was too forward and Rusty says he’s bad with his phone and apologizes.

Gus asks if he can sit with him and then Slider waves at him. Rusty gives a small wave and then sits with Gus. Andy takes the stand. He testifies to the physical evidence they found but then Andy freezes up on the stand. He says that was 10 seconds and it was six times longer than that.

Gus grabs Rusty’s hand in distress. Sharon and Provenza go off on Selma and Provenza says this is felony murder. Selma says it’s not about money and says she had to be sure that he killed Corey. She says she trusted Avery Cook (aka Marvin) and says she’s been in a relationship with him for a year.

She says it was all Avery’s idea and they did the robbery together. She says Avery told her that Corey ran off with the diamonds and left them owing the bail. She tells them he was supposed to be at a meeting at the hotel and says he told her they could all leave as soon as she found Corey.

Sharon asks her to write it all down then they’ll double check it when they find Avery/Marvin. They bring Marvin in who says Corey is a great kid and Selma is trying to keep him out of jail. He schmoozes the cops and says this is a big mistake.

He’s with Sharon and Amy and says Selma is just protecting Corey. They ask about the robbery and he says that will make Corey look bad. Andy comes in and says Slider took the stand and looked like an idiot so it should be a done deal.

He says it’s an exaggeration to say he planned the robbery. He says he told Corey and Selma about his concierge friend Dolly who told him about a jeweler friend who carried diamonds. He says he was just gossiping and he didn’t know Corey would rob anyone.

Marvin tries to work them and says he didn’t disappear. He says Dolly had feelings for him so he gave her some space. He says it can be hard for men and women to be friends. He says he feels sorry for Dolly. Then Amy brings up the identity thefts and other thefts from women.

Marvin says they don’t need to dwell on the past and can help them find Corey. Sharon says he’s dead. Marvin says he’s not – he took the diamonds and skipped town. Amy shows him a photo of dead Corey with the flies all over him.

Marvin says they were going to help Corey skip bail but then he disappeared. He says he thought he took the diamonds. He says he was at a used car dealership buying a Buick Regal for the escape. He’s all teared up. Andy confirms he did buy a Buick with cash.

Then he checked into a motel and Corey was dead by then. Sharon wonders about the house where Corey was found. Sharon finds Rusty up early and asks him about the trial. He says he thinks the jury will convict but isn’t sure they will give him death.

Rusty says he just wants it to be over. She asks about Gus and he says he had a rough day and left after Andy’s testimony. Sharon asks about Gus and says he would never have found out about Gus and tells him to look at her. She says this is not a good way to maintain a relationship.

Rusty promises to tell Gus today about the video project. Provenza says Corey went missing while Selma was at work since she has a work alibi. They know that Marvin wasn’t home then and Andy asks about Dolly. Provenza asks why file a missing persons report.

Jose Vasquez is the guy who owns the house but he’s locked up and they can’t find a tie between Jose and any of the suspects. Sharon suggests looking at Vasquez’s finances. They tell Selma that Marvin didn’t kill Corey.

They offer her a deal if she will answer one question honestly. Andy says she has to tell the truth to find the killer. They ask how she paid for Corey’s bail since she doesn’t have money and her house is mortgaged to the nines.

Selma says what happens to Marvin if she answers. Andy says she can talk to Marvin after she answers. She says Carmen wouldn’t take the house as collateral so she took a few diamonds and used them for Carmen. Turns out the house he was found in was put up for collateral to Carmen for Vasquez’s bail.

They bring Carmen in and Tao shows her stacks of cash they found from her safe. Sharon says that’s a lot of cash even for a bail bondsman. Then Tao says they found the box of chocolates Selma told them she put diamonds in.

They tell Carmen they know she knew about the diamonds then she went to Selma’s house after she dropped off Corey and then she forced Corey to take her to the rest of the diamonds. Carmen denies all this and says the house was for a bail she funded three years ago.

Carmen denies it all and says she called the cops so she wouldn’t lose her bail money and she left the wrecked car from the robbery out front hoping someone else would call in the body. Carmen calls their bluff and says this is all circumstantial. She asks for her lawyer.

Sharon says they are putting all the cash into evidence as proceeds of illegal sales. They tell her Eddie, the other bond guy, who told them about the jewel fences she’s bailed out and has met with recently. Carmen asks what gets her out of this.

Sharon says she can have murder two with parole versus death penalty. Carmen says offer in writing and then they’ll see. Andy gets a text that that jury is coming back. Carmen says Corey was scum and no one gave a damn about him. Sharon says two con artists cared about him.

Sharon says she’s going to make sure she’s held without bond after she’s arrested for murder. Sharon meets the others at the courthouse and she wonders at how short the deliberation is. Sharon says the lawyer is working on a deal with Carmen.
Rusty says Gus has been pacing in the hall and he didn’t get to talk to him yet. They go inside for the verdict. Slider is found guilty on all counts. The judge says the penalty phase starts Monday and tells the jurors not to talk to anyone.

Slider is taken away and Rusty goes to talk to Gus. He says nothing can bring back his sister but he’s a bit relieved. Julio tells him he can get on with his life. Monroe comes out and slaps Rusty with a warrant to testify for sentencing. He mentions his relationship with Slider.

Gus gets angry and Monroe says he’s the only friend he has on earth and has no choice. Gus gets angry and asks if he was friends with him. He says he thought Rusty was there for Mariana and him. He storms out of the courtroom.

Rusty says they had a deal he wouldn’t testify at the trial and Monroe says this is not the trial – it’s the sentencing. Sharon says he has no choice but to testify.