MasterChef Recap – Who Was Eliminated: Season 7 Episode 10 & 11 “The Weakest Links/Sweet Surprise”

MasterChef Recap - Who Was Eliminated: Season 7 Episode 10 & 11 "The Weakest Links/Sweet Surprise"

Tonight on FOX Masterchef returns with an all new back to back Wednesday, August 3, Season 7 episode 10 & 11 called, “The Weakest Links; Sweet Surprise,” and  We’ve got your MasterChef recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the losing sweet-16 team members must bake a three-layer birthday cake in 90 minutes in the first part of a combined episode, which also includes a team field challenge of cooking for 100 farmers.

On the last episode, the remaining 12 contestants were broken up into two teams to prep, cook and plate 30 dishes for teenagers celebrating their Sweet 16 birthdays. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we’ve got your MasterChef recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “the losing contestants from the Sweet 16 Challenge in last week’s episode are faced with the Birthday Cake pressure test and will have 90 minutes to bake a three-layer birthday cake. After a dramatic elimination, the remaining contestants are dropped off in the middle of a vegetable field and surprised by the judges – Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi and guest judge Edward Lee – who inform them of their next team field challenge.

The teams go head-to-head with 75 minutes to prepare and cook their dishes, followed by 45 minutes to serve more than 100 hungry farmers. Then, the Top 10 contestants have 60 minutes to prep, cook and plate a Nutella breakfast dish. The winner, who is safe from the next elimination challenge, also gets to choose what dish the other contestants must prepare for the challenge. Will it be paella, bibimbap or risotto?”

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The Top11 were in for another Team Challenge on tonight’s episode of “MasterChef” when they were taken to a vegetable patch in Northern California and told about their unique dinner guests for the evening.

The Top 11 were apparently going to be cooking for farmers. The judges had told them that they were going to be honoring an amazing industry so they were going to be cooking for 101 farmers however, there was a drawback to this challenge. The judges it seems had also wanted to shake things up a bit so they had actually picked the team captains for both teams. So Diamond found herself as the captain of the Red Team while Dan who had recently been chastised for not being serious enough had been chosen to be the captain of the Blue Team. But as it turns out there was a second drawback.

There were unfortunately not enough contestants to make up even teams so the judges had decided to flip a quarter. Whoever got heads would pick their protein and that protein would decide who would have the additional member. However, Dan had been played that coin toss quite smartly because he decided to forgo the additional chef if that meant he didn’t have Nathan on his team. Nathan wasn’t really that bad guy of a guy yet he came across as epically tiresome if not outright annoying because he constantly wants his hand held. And so it was because of that type of personality, that Dan allowed Diamond to get Nathan while he got to cook with the pork chop.

Dan had chosen the pork chop because he knew he wanted to create a southern dish so he went on to pick an all-southern team. Dan picked Tannoria, Katie, David, and Brandi while Diamond had picked Shaun, Andrea, Terry, Eric, and she had gotten stuck with Nathan. Yet, both teams had tried to do their best and so most of their mistakes came down to the fact that neither team had strong leadership. Dan had been so focused on getting the barbeque sauce right that he had shut out everything and anything else while Diamond had just been a little too scared to issue commands. So truthfully it had been both Diamond and Dan that were dragging down their teams because neither knew how to direct anyone or be an authoritative figure in the kitchen.

Though after the judges kept stepping in to remind the captains that it was their team that they were leading, they did kind of step up their game and the dinner service had been running a lot smoother. That is until Nathan dropped the ball. Nathan had been put on an easy station because all he had to do was cook the kale and so it had been surprising that he had even managed to fail at that. Nathan had apparently oversalted the kale before he told his captain that he was done and had been reassigned. So his disastrous work on the kale wasn’t until they started serving dinners and two things happened. They both ran out of kale and had dinners spitting the kale that did out in time out into the field.

So was it really all that shocking that the Blue Team won the Team Challenge. While they may have a few problems here and there because it had taken Dan some time to step up, they at least had been on point and hadn’t had diners spitting up. But sadly the Red Team didn’t take their defeat graciously. Andrea and Shaun were probably the most vocal when it came to dumping on Nathan yet they shouldn’t have guessed that Nathan wouldn’t bark back. Nathan had gone for Andrea (because he probably knew he could) and he had held the fact that she needed help to make the sauce against.

Andrea though had chosen to laugh at Nathan’s criticism. She said that she couldn’t wait for him to go home after the pressure test so she had been hoping that the pressure test would knock him out. However, the Blue Team had ruined her plans when they used their advantage in saving one member of the Red Team to save Nathan. The Blue Team it seems had deliberated back and forth on this and they felt that it would better to save the weakest chef on the Red Team so that it would be easier to knock him out on a later date. So Nathan was saved while everyone had had to prove themselves by cooking their own sausages.

When cooking sausages, the chefs had to pay attention to seasoning and how they cased the sausage itself in the pig intestines. Though one other thing they should have focused on was cooking the dish itself rather than getting into an argument with someone up on the balcony. Shaun who had been considered one of the strongest chefs there had gotten into an argument with David because David had been taunting him a little. So Shaun had gotten distracted and he had ended up causing a minor fire in the kitchens when hi sausages began to go up in smoke.

Shaun proceeded to try and make the best out of his sausage, but one of the few things he had going for him was the fact that he had walked his sausage to the table in time. Yet, Andrea on the other hand, had gotten so caught up in putting sausage in the bun perfectly that the judges had to make a ruling on whether or not her dish qualified. So she had gotten super lucky that the judges were even willing to taste her dish because her sausage had been one of the best in the competition while Shaun had been one of the worst. He could have been the worst with his grainy sausage and cheese however Diamond’s dish had simply been inedible.

Ramsay had gotten up to check Diamond’s dish himself and it turns out that the sausage was still raw. So he actually couldn’t eat it even if he wanted to. But the color on the sausage was so off that it didn’t looking appealing and so odds are that no one would have wanted to try out that dish in the first place. No matter how much they liked Diamond! Diamond’s problem though had proved to be her cook time. Diamond had taken the sausages out of the boiling water before it was ready and then she hadn’t cooked it on the grill long enough either.

However, the most shocking thing about tonight was the fact that neither Diamond nor Shaun were eliminated because they had at least had something to offer on time while Andrea hadn’t. So Andrea who was one of the most talented chefs this season much less in the Top 11 had been given a surprising elimination because of timing. She had the best sausage tonight and if she hadn’t froze for those few seconds then she wouldn’t be going. And Diamond most likely would have gotten eliminated.

But enough with tears and demanding a recount. Andrea had been eliminated on the first hour of “MasterChef” however there had been another new episode tonight and it had involved a Mystery Box Challenge.

The Top 10 had walked into the kitchen tonight and had found a mystery box at each of their stations that contained one ingredient they had to include in their dish. So when the chefs found out that they were going to be working with Nutella, they had been a little confuse about what they were going to make with admittedly sweet ingredient most often used in desserts. Yet, the judges told them that they were going to be instead making breakfast. The Top 10 had to cook up breakfast dishes with their Nutella and as an added bonus they were going to be cooking alongside Christina.

Christina though was a bit of a show-off so she ended up making three breakfast dishes with her Nutella and the only person that had even come close to making more than one was Dan. Dan apparently used to make breakfast for his younger brother and sister because his mother had to get up extra early for work. So he had made the decision to cook two dishes over the traditional one dish. Although, while Dan had made two seemingly perfect dishes, others chose to cook up something that they knew would grab the judges’ attention.

Brandi for instance had cooked a crepe because she knew that it was something just elevated enough for the judges. However, the judges could only pick three dishes that they felt warranted a taste test. So they went with Dan who cooked up two kinds of pastry and proved that he knew how to cook pastry. Then they chose Tannoria who slightly overloaded her stuffed fresh toast with even if no one was complaining about the calories after a single taste. And the last person they chose ended up surprising them because Terry had went out and cooked several variations of breakfast without anyone noticing.

So Terry had actually cooked up more than Dan although his presentation hadn’t been as colorful as Christina thought it should have been. Terry had made beignets, crepes, truffles, and French toast with a Nutella crème yet admittedly it had looked like a breakfast sampler plate than something that would be served in a top restaurant because it hadn’t been styled in the best way possible. But other than plating, Terry had executed his dish so it had been his dish that went on to win the Mystery Box Challenge.

The winner of the Mystery Box Challenge however, had an advantage over everyone else. So Terry got the chance to pick what the remaining nine contestants would cook in the Elimination Challenge while he’s safe up on the balcony and Terry ended up picking one of the hardest dishes he could have. Terry had lived in Koreatown for several years so when he had been given the choice between a paella, a risotto, or a Korean bibimbap; he chose to go with the traditional and complicated bibimbap dish. Mainly because he knows how much the others would get fooled by its simplicity.

People that have never cooked bibimbap tended to think of it as a mostly rice dish so it throws them off their game when they realized how they had to cook everything from the veggies to the rice perfectly. Though Nathan it seems hadn’t known how to cook rice so there had been a few that laughed at him. Like David who he stated that even his five-year-old knew how to cook rice yet Davide ha then decided to do an Italian version of a traditional Korean dish. That in all honestly like a hot mess. So everyone should have just focused on their own bibimbap and at least maintaining its Asian authenticity seeing as the Italian feel didn’t go over well with the judges.

Like, Brandi! Brandi had wowed over the judges with her bibimbap and she was a southern small town girl that decided to take a risk on her flavors by keeping the Asian feel and adding pineapple. So the judges had truly liked her dish and they had gone to enjoy both Dan and Nathan’s dishes because the guys have truly stepped it up. What with Dan using duck fat to fry his rice while Nathan’s rice turned out to be pretty good for a first-timer. Yet, with the good also came more bad. Katie had failed to even cook her vegetables properly and Diamond had simply gone off-script by throwing a bunch of thanksgiving food together while calling it a Thanksgiving bibimbap.

So their dishes much like David’s had been disappointing. Katie hadn’t thoroughly cooked her dishes properly even though she was supposed to the healthy eating queen, David had made an Italian dish on rice that didn’t look appealing, and Diamond had failed to understand that bibimbap wasn’t just several things thrown on rice. However, Diamond had also compounded her mistake by adding gravy which isn’t something Koreans generally see in a bibimbap so Diamond knew from the second Ramsay called her dish one of the ugliest he’s ever seen that she was going to be up for elimination. And so she pretty much called it!

Diamond, David, and Katie had all landed in the bottom three. But the judges had more faith in David than in others so he had been first one that they told was safe while the girls had gone up against each other. So between Diamond and Katie, the judges ultimately felt that Diamond had gone as far as she could and they voted to eliminate Diamond.