Nashville Season Recap – Vita’s a Thief – Riff Can’t Sing: Season 4 Episode 13 “If I Could Do It All Again”

Nashville Season Recap - Vita's a Thief - Riff Can't Sing: Season 4 Episode 13 "If I Could Do It All Again"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday March 30, season 4 episode 13 called, “If I Could Do It All Again,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Luke (Will Chase) regrets being hasty about planning a tour with Riff (Steve Kazee) and thinks Riff’s not ready for the road.

On the last episode a familiar face was back on the Nashville music scene when Luke recruited his old friend Riff Bell (played by Tony Award-winning actor, singer, musician Steve Kazee) to join him on tour. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Luke and Riff are excitedly planning their upcoming tour, but Luke soon realizes he may have moved too quickly in the decision to have Riff (played by Tony Award-winning actor, singer, musician Steve Kazee) on the road again. Meanwhile, Deacon and Frankie clash about Vita, with Frankie making a damaging decision that could change everything.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville starts with Rayna and Deacon wondering what’s up with Vita. He says he tried to call her and Rayna says she did too and got voice mail. She says she’s supposed to come see her and Bucky. Deacon say he’s hoping Riff will come to a warm up show at The Beverly.

Gunnar is freaking out over the listening party for his album but Will says they’ll be respectful. He says a gay label from Atlanta called him called Three Dollar Vinyl as in “queer as a three dollar bill.” Gunnar heads out nervously while Will debates what to do.

Luke and Riff hold a press conference about how much ticket sales have jumped and they ask if Riff is ready and he says he’s going to be at The Beverly and Luke says get tickets now to that and says the tour sold out.

Layla tells Glenn that working with Avery is her favorite thing and says she just loves him. Avery is with Cadence at the park and talks to a mom there who also has a baby. She’s kind of flirty. Hope she’s not a reporter.

Rayna and the Hwy 65 gang listen to the album and she applauds Gunnar and Scarlett and says it’s career making. Bucky says it’s a game changer. Gunnar thanks them for letting them make the album they wanted to. They discuss the first single to launch it.

Gunnar hugs him and Rayna says she loves the story it tells and Scarlett hugs her too. Vita shows up to see Rayna. Deacon finds Frankie at the bar who says he never left and says he wanted to make sure that nothing else was taken. He’s sure Vita stole it.

Frankie is annoyed when Deacon says Rayna is going to get a read on it if Vita shows up. Frankie is upset when he hears that Deacon is bringing Riff Bell in tonight when it’s his night on the stage. Vita seems calm when she sits to talk to Rayna.

Rayna asks her about money that went missing at the bar and Vita asks how but seems totally innocent and clueless. Rayna says he has to ask and Vita says she can go through her stuff to check and says she’s not a thief and wouldn’t steal from someone who just gave her a job.

Rayna says she’s relieved and Vita says she’s sorry it happened. Rayna says let’s focus on the music. Deacon says Vita didn’t do it and they need to talk to the rest of the staff. Frankie says a thief wouldn’t admit anything. He says he doesn’t want her there.

Deacon argues with him and says let it go since they have a busy night. Frankie is angry and storms away. Avery and the other mom talk about managing raising their babies. He says his ex hasn’t been involved much and she says same for her ex.

His phone chimes and he says he has a work thing. The mom invites him and Cadence over for dinner. He says great. Scarlett and Gunnar drink with their manager and he says they need writing credits and licenses for the launch.

Scarlett asks Gunnar if her song being the first single is okay. She says it’s mostly her vocal and she wrote it but he says it’s fine with him. Vita plays and sings for Rayna. Bucky sits in for the session to listen. They look at her beat up guitar as she sings a loving ode to it.

She stops and says that’s all she got – Rayna says it’s beautiful and Vita says her guitar is all she can count on except her sister. Will goes to the Three Dollar label and asks why me, why now. They tell him they’re relatively new and the head says he’s glad he is back on stage.

They tell him this would be gay-friendly and says Will would be their first country artist. Coly comes to see Maddie at school and has flowers in hand. He says his granddad told him actions speak louder than words and says he loves her even though things have been weird.

He says he’s at his mom’s if she wants to come over. Cash is there to pick her up and she asks if Colt can come to the Bluebird. Daphne asks if she can come and she says no. Colt says he can bring Maddie home but Cash says he’s not authorized by the school.

They drive off and Daphne tells Colt that Cash is her new BFF. At The Beverly, Riff rages to Luke about the band sucking and storms off but the band leader says Riff is pitchy and sounds like he hasn’t sung or played the guitar in years.

At the studio, Avery tells Layla about his date when she asks about his day. Luke goes out to talk to Riff who says he can’t stand people who can’t play the classics. Luke says he knows he might be rusty. Riff rants that he has four platinum idols.

Luke says get your ass back in there and rehearse. Riff says he’s going to his daughter’s soccer game since his kids, unlike Luke’s, actually want him around. Luke is irritated and Riff says make sure your band knows my songs by tonight.

Vita tells her that she and her sister wound up in the system after her mom OD’d. She says they bounced around then were split up when she was 12. She says don’t feel sorry for me since a lot of people have bad childhoods. She says music saved her life and Rayna says her too.

Colt and Cash talk and Maddie says he’s a tastemaker on social media. He says he hasn’t been online a lot and has been working on the farm. He says the whole star thing is fake and says his granddad fought in Vietnam and that’s real – he says Luke just prances around on stage.

Vita shows up for work and Deacon says go clock in. Luke talks to Penn who says Riff has to pull out of the Beverly and made need to lip sync on tour. Luke is unhappy. Cash takes the stage at the Bluebird and plays a song they wrote together.

Colt doesn’t like the line about lying to me to get in my pants. He asks if she wrote this and Maddie says almost every word. It’s like a T-Swift diss song about him. Avery has a nice evening with the mom he met and says he checked her out at the park before.

Avery kisses her. Colt asks Maddie to hang out and she says she has to work with Cash. Then she asks Cash to reschedule so she can see Colt. They kiss goodbye and she takes off with Cash after she reminds her about Maddie’s curfew.

Frankie gets ugly with Vita about the money and she says she took it but was going to pay it off. Frankie says he was right about her and is really nasty with Deacon. She storms out. Deacon is up early when Rayna finds him in the kitchen.

He says he hates to tell her but Vita took the money. She’s surprised. Luke meets Riff to talk. Luke says he can give him an out and he can keep his legacy intact and says he knows he sounds like crap. Riff says he’s sorry about the remark about his kids and says his ego was talking.

He asks if Riff wants him to cancel. Riff says he wants to do it but needs practice then asks if his band can get him into gear. Will comes back to the label to talk music. He asks which one of his singles he liked. The guy says he liked them all then admits country music is not his thing.

The guy says Will’s look and their demographic spells a hit. He says no other indie label can market him like he wants. Will says he’s not a gay country singer, he’s a country singer who happens to be gay and says he doesn’t know if he can sign with a label who doesn’t know the difference.

Colt is with Maddie when Cash starts blowing up her phone with texts. Colt asks Maddie if she thinks writing about sex makes it a good song. He says she’s pretending with writing like that. Maddie gets upset with him and he asks doesn’t she want to do something that matters.

He says audience love is nothing to base your life on. Maddie says she loves him but doesn’t like him anymore and walks out. Scarlett comes to Bucky about choosing another single. She says she doesn’t like launching a duo album with a song that is mostly her. He says he’ll talk to Rayna.

Layla calls Avery and offers him another ticket to the Riff thing tonight. He says he’s seeing Sienna again tonight and says it exceeded expectations. She says have fun. Layla is bitchy at a press event because she’s frustrated.

Cash brings Maddie home and then Daphne asks to play her a song. Maddie is crying and asks her to leave them alone so she can talk to Cash. Deacon tells Frankie he should have listened to him about Vita and says he should have asked before he gave Riff his slot.

He says he’s his partner and Frankie says thinks. Deacon asks to put it all behind them. They toast with their coffees and Frankie says get to work. Rayna goes to find Vita at her car and she asks what she wants. Rayna says she’d like an explanation about why she lied about the money.

Vita says she needed the money and couldn’t wait. She says her sister was in trouble and says it was $500 or her life. Rayna doesn’t believe it and Vita says she wants to be the person who rose above her crap but couldn’t ask her for cash to pay off some bad guys.

She ask Rayna to start over with her and Rayna says she can’t take the risk and says sorry. Glenn is with Layla at the photo shoot and she’s irritated and being bitchy. Glenn asks why she’s acting this way and says she’s talented but he’s been down the bad behavior road and can’t do it again.

He says what are you really worried about? She tells him she invited Avery out but he had plans. He says she and Avery have both been through a lot. He says working closely can feel like an answer to the void you’re left with but says time is the only answer. He says just be friends with the guy.

She nods and then says if he sees he acting like Juliette again kick her since that’s the last person she wants to become. Gunnar comes to see Scarlett and says Noel called him about changing the single. He says they need to go with the other song and says he’s confident enough to handle it.

Scarlett says she owed Gunnar her confidence and says he’s the one who helped her find her way as a songwriter and performer. Reporters are at The Beverly and Deacon jokes to a waitress to give them lots to drink. Deacon can’t find Frankie. He sees Deacon on stage and walks away.

Deacon says he got Colt and Maddie on the list but Luke had no idea his son was in town. Frankie storms off. Rayna comes to find Daphne in her room upset. She says Maddie doesn’t care anything about her and it’s all about Cash.

She says Maddie makes her feel like she’s nothing. Rayna says she doesn’t mean to make her feel that way and says she broke up with Colt today. Rayna says she and Daphne can stay home and hang out. Riff takes the stage and Penn frets to Luke about the press.

Riff says it’s been a long time and the crowd cheers. Penn says so far so good. Luke says it’s going to be one hell of a tour. Sienna and Avery are out on their date and says it’s hard to be with a big star. She says she knows now and he says sorry for talking about her.

Sienna says they skipped a few steps and says she doesn’t think he’s ready. He says he wants to get past this. She kisses him and says see you at the swings. She goes inside her house and leaves him on the sidewalk. The crowd cheers for Riff who then says he used to perform with a mullet sporting Luke.

Then Riff introduces Deacon as owner of The Beverly and calls him up. Frankie is angry and pouts. He crosses his arms and glares. Some people near Frankie talk about hoe he turned this place around and says it was a dump.

Frankie goes to the store room and opens a bottle of whiskey and gulps it down. Deacon says he opened the place to make great music – he failed to mention Frankie at all. After, Luke asks Riff to have a drink and a hot chick waves at him. He says he has to get home to his wife and kids and takes off.

Luke calls Colt who doesn’t answer. Maddie calls Cash and says she’s not sure about her split with Colt. Cash reassures her that breaking up with him is right. She says Colt always supported her so much. She wonders if something is wrong with Colt.

Cash says girls mature after and Colt may be a little lost. We see Colt staring at a military recruitment poster. Deacon comes home and Rayna says sorry but he says it’s fine. He says it was a good show and says he hopes Frankie calms down.

Rayna says she talked to Vita who begged her for another chance and she said no. She tells her that she was just Daphne’s age when she went into the foster system and says kids age out and have nothing and says she’s not sure if Vita was telling the truth about her sister.

She says she wishes she could at least get them into a shelter. Will is at a coffee shop and sees the barista’s CD is for sale there and he asks about the label. She says she did it on her own. Gunnar and Scarlett tell Noel they want a 50/50 split and shared writing credit on everything.

Layla shows up to the studio and finds Avery there. He says his date was messed up and says he needs to focus on friends like her. She invites him to The Beverly some night and he says okay. Rayna shows up to see Vita and sees her car was burned and her guitar is in splinters.