Once Upon a Time Fall Finale Recap – Gold and Belle’s Son Will Kill Emma: Season 6 Episode 10 “Wish You Were Here”

Once Upon a Time Fall Finale Recap - Gold and Belle's Son Will Kill Emma: Season 6 Episode 10 "Wish You Were Here"

Tonight on ABC their popular fantasy drama Once Upon A Time returns for an all-new Sunday, December 4, 2016, episode and we have your Once Upon A Time Fall Finale recap below. On tonight’s OUAT season 6 episode 10 “Wish You Were Here” A magic lamp is stolen by the Evil Queen, (Lana Parrilla) and the wish she makes could sideline the Savior permanently.

Did you watch last week’s episode where in a Fairy Tale Land flashback, Rumple (Robert Carlyle) collects Jack and Jill’s son as bait to lure a powerful being to him? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Once Upon a Time recap, right here of it!

On tonight’s Once Upon A Time season 6 episode 9 as per the ABC synopsis, “When she learns that our heroes possess a weapon capable of defeating her, the Evil Queen steals Aladdin’s magic lamp from Jasmine and makes a wish that could sideline the Savior forever. Unwilling to wake Snow while Emma is missing, David works with Hook and Henry to hold the Evil Queen at bay in Storybrooke, as Regina goes on a rogue rescue mission.”

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#OnceUponATime starts with Hook, Emma and Regina in the woods discussing the sword that will kill Emma. They are at the cemetery and find the Evil Queen there are Robin’s grave. EQ says Robin’s death made them better. EQ says Regina can’t hurt her without hurting herself.

Emma charges the EQ with the sword and slashes her cheek. Surprisingly, it injures only the EQ and not Regina. Emma realizes she can kill her with the sword but EQ poofs away as Emma tries to run her through. EQ poofs in downtown and Gold finds her there. He notices the cut.

Gold says he’d usually be upset about someone stealing from his shop, but he’s going to let Emma slide. He tells EQ to prepare to die. He slaps a gold cuff on her and says if she’s still alive after he finds his son, he’ll finish her off if Emma didn’t.

Family debates homicide

Emma tells her dad about the power of the sword. Snow is asleep. Hook asks if Emma is sure. She says she was born for this. Henry tells her not to do it. Henry says maybe EQ is the hooded figure and her attacking her might cause her death.

Emma gets another shaking fit and more visions. Charming gets a call that EQ is in Main Street and Emma tells Regina to stay home with Henry and Snow so they don’t have to worry about hurting her. Regina wishes them luck and Hook, David and Emma head to face the EQ.

This scene looks like her vision. They hear a cry for help in Granny’s. It’s Jasmine. EQ is there and has the genie lamp and chokes Jasmine when Emma starts to come at her. EQ rubs the lamp and Aladdin comes out. EQ says she has three wishes.

Emma unwishes herself

EQ smiles evilly and says she’ll give something to Emma that she always wanted. EQ says she heard she told Aladdin she wishes she wasn’t the Savior. EQ wishes that Emma’s wish to never be the Savior be granted. Emma says no but Aladdin hits her with magic and she’s gone.

Emma is in the Enchanted Forest and blows out a birthday candle on her cake. David, Snow and the others are there. David and Snow are older and gray. Grump asks what she wished for and she says nothing, everything she needs is here.

Emma tells her parents that she had a dream that the queen cast her curse and she was the Savior. She says she was in a strange land and they were still fighting her. She tries to remember and says Storybrooke. She shows them the sword she found under her bed.

Emma’s in the EF

Henry runs up and says he was practicing for tomorrow and ran late to her birthday. It’s his knighting ceremony tomorrow and Emma says he’ll be the noblest knight in the kingdom. He asks if the sword is for him and she hands it over. Emma says his father would be proud.

Henry says she wishes she knew him. They look at a painting of Baelfire and she says he watches over them. They head to enjoy the party and Snow tells Henry to put the sword away since they’re done fighting.

Regina shows up and they all argue about what happened to Emma. Regina says EQ wants to tear them apart. She says she knows the way to hit back at her. Gold enters his shop and pulls hair from a brush and plucks hair from his head too.

Gold wants his kid

He blends them together and sprinkles them on a globe then says show me our son. Nothing happens. EQ has Aladdin making her an appletini and he mocks her. EQ threatens him and then gets sexy with him. He hands her the drink and moves away.

Regina is there and says she wants her back. EQ says you can’t undo wishes. EQ offers her the appletini and says give thanks. She tells Aladdin to mix another drink. EQ says she knows Regina well and says she just got rid of Emma when Regina never could but always wanted to.

Regina sets the drink down and won’t toast with her. EQ says she won and Regina can’t be happy. Regina says they are the same person which means she’s not the only master of the lamp. EQ looks stunned. Regina wishes him to send her to Emma. He does so while EQ screams no.

Regina in the Enchanted Forest

Regina sees the dwarves and runs over to them and asks for Emma. Grumpy says the evil queen is back. Regina says she’s not evil and the dwarves run off to warn others the war isn’t over. Regina shouts no but they won’t listen.

Regina sees a statue devoted to Snow and David defeating the Evil Queen and smiles. She finds Emma gather flowers in the forest. She asks Emma what happened to her. Emma doesn’t remember anything good about her.

Regina says they’re friends and share a son in their world. Regina says she risked her life because she’s the Savior and her family needs her. Snow almost shoots her with an arrow. Regina says they’re so old when she sees Snow and David.

Regina’s reign in the EF

Regina tells Emma these people aren’t real. David says he’s going to banish. Regina says some part of you must know this isn’t real. David swings and Regina uses magic to poof away. In Storybrooke, David paces and worries and says the EQ did too much damage.

He doesn’t want to wake Snow and tells her Emma is missing. Hook stops David from going after the lamp. He says they need a plan. Jasmine is there and offers to plan for them. David says meet me at the sheriff station in an hour.

Regina geos to her old lair in the EF and hears Rumple laughing madly. He’s in a cell. He asks who she is. She comes closer and he laughs insanely and calls her his apprentice. Regina asks for his help. He calls her a failure and says she failed him.

Rumple bargains

Regina explains it’s not her and says this place is all fake and he is too. Rumple is interested. Regina says the world was created by a wish to trap Emma. He laughs and says the Savior and says he can help for a price.

He says give me my freedom and I’ll help. She says no, it’s not worth it. Rumple says what’s the harm if this world isn’t real? Regina says he makes sense but she knows better than to take a deal from him. He says Regina is the reason Emma became the Savior.

He says every Savior needs a villain. He says be a villain and remind Emma the world needs a Savior. He says show your inner darkness and the Savior will be reborn. She still won’t let him out and says no deal. He says she doesn’t know the way back to Storybrooke.

Rumple is free

He giggles madly when she asks how he knows the name. He sings that he can find her a magic bean but he won’t tell her until he’s out. She lets him loose. He says he needs fresh air. He says meet me at noon tomorrow and she agrees.

He says she needs to look like the Evil Queen and she poofs herself into one of her wicked outfits. Rumple laughs and says go, be evil. She goes. Gold finds Belle by the lake and she tells him she won’t tell him where she sent her son.

He says he tried to track him and he’s gone, he’s nowhere. Gold takes the cuff of her and says it’s not about control but about their son being safe. He says he doesn’t blame her and asks her to call the convent. She does.

Gideon is missing

Belle calls and asks for Blue. Belle tells him something happened. Everyone gathers for Henry’s knighting ceremony. Snow reassures Emma everything will be fine. Prince Henry is announced and comes into the room in his armor looking so grown and handsome.

Regina lurks in the hall and peeks inside the room. Henry kneels to be knighted and Snow and David conduct his ceremony. They are interrupted by Regina in all her evil glory. She says she’s sorry she’s late. She zooms down and knocks the guards out of the way.

Regina freezes Snow and David and says she vowed to destroy their happiness. Emma begs her not to hurt them. Regina says she will hurt them unless a hero can stop her. She paces. Emma begs her for mercy. Regina says look for the hero and when you find one, find us.

David confronts EQ

Regina takes her parents and poofs away in purple smoke. Henry asks her what to do. Emma says she’s got this and calls him “kid” like she usually does. Hook and Jasmine are at the sheriff station and David is late. He’s gone to see EQ.

He challenges her and calls her a snake and she throws him against the wall. He grabs up the lamp. He rubs the lamp and Aladdin is there. David is his new master. He smiles as EQ glares. Aladdin is thrilled but reminds him wishes come at a price.

David says EQ will pay the price. David wishes the Evil Queen gets exactly what she deserves. Aladdin hits her with magic but nothing happened. Aladdin says he granted it. EQ says he wasted it because all she wanted was to rip his family apart and it came true.

EQ surrounded

EQ says you can’t wish for me to get what I deserve because I have it. David comes at her with the sword but she chokes him with magic. EQ laughs and says he looks good in darkness. Jasmine and Hook show up with Henry. She lets David go.

She tells David she’d rather see him suffer than kill him. She leaves. In the EF, Regina paces as David and Snow complain. Emma finally shows up. Regina has a flame in her hand but Emma gives her the key to the kingdom and says she surrenders.

Regina throws it on the floor and says I just want you to remember and come back to Storybrooke. Emma asks how she knows her dreams. Regina says this is the dream and rips out David and Snow’s heart and tells her be a hero or they die.

Emma snaps out of it

Emma cries and says she’s not a Savior. Regina says she is. She tells Emma to fight but Emma cries and begs. Regina says their blood will be on your hands and she crushes their hearts. David and Snow are dead. Emma bawls. Regina is frustrated.

Henry is there and has a sword. He says she will pay for murdering his grandparents. Regina doesn’t want to hurt Henry but he vows to hurt her. Emma stops the sword that he throws at her with her magic. Regina says her name and Emma snapped out of it.

Emma says she knew when she couldn’t hurt Henry and Regina was ready to sacrifice her. Regina tells her David and Snow aren’t real and Emma thanks her for waking her. Emma sys that was dark. Emma grabs the sword and says let’s go stop the real Evil Queen.

EQ is a snake

EQ is on Main Street and Granny’s lights up with a portal. EQ says it was faster than she thought. The hooded figure comes out and throws her down the road with magic. The figure hits her with more magic and she turns into a caged cobra.

Belle and Gold are at the convent and see Blue ill. She was found in the forest. Blue says she fought hard but she took him. Blue says the Black Fairy took baby Gideon. Emma and Regina are in the EF at the lake to meet Rumple.

Regina teases her about singing princess Emma. They look around but Rumple isn’t there. He shows up and says he’s there to keep his promise. Regina demands the bean and he hands it over. He poofs away happy to be free.

Lamp swaps owners

David tells Hook that he’s just like his terrible brother. Hook encourages him and says go kiss your damned wife. Jasmine tells Henry to try and use the lamp to break the curse but he says it might make things worse and tells Jasmine to keep the lamp.

Jasmine and Aladdin plan to go find Agrabah and Aladdin says they’ll be back and hands his broach to Henry to give to Emma. Jasmine wishes him to take them to Agrabah. He does magic and they’re gone. Belle is furious that Gold’s mother took their baby.

Gold says he didn’t dose her with the magic to speed up her pregnancy. She asks what have they done to each other and their son. Gold says they have to work together before it’s too late. He says his mother has more dark magic than he knows.

Robin is back

He says his mother took Gideon somewhere dark where time runs differently. Belle asks what could happen to him. Grumpy shows up with the EQ in a cage. David says she got what she deserved and Grumpy says it was a guy in a hood.

The hooded figure comes into Gold’s shop. He pulls back his hood and greets his parents. It’s Gideon all grown and he’s evil. Emma and Regina open the portal and Robin shoots arrows at them. Emma says they have to go. Robin demands their jewels.

Regina can’t stop going for him. Emma tells her they have to go. The portal closes because Regina took too much time staring longingly at her dead lover back to life.