Once Upon a Time (OUAT) Recap – Gold’s Mommy Issues Revealed: Season 6 Episode 9 “Changelings”

Once Upon a Time (OUAT) Recap - Gold's Mommy Issues Revealed: Season 6 Episode 9 "Changelings"

Tonight on ABC their popular fantasy drama Once Upon A Time returns for an all-new Sunday, November 27, 2016, episode and we have your Once Upon A Time recap below. On tonight’s OUAT season 6 episode 9 “Changelings” in a flashback, Rumple (Robert Carlyle) kidnaps Jack (Nick Hunnings) and Jill’s (Tammy Gillis) son.

Did you watch last week’s episode where Emma and Regina formulated a plan to trap the Evil Queen in a prison of their own making, while Snow and David adjusted to life without each other? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Once Upon a Time recap, right here of it!

On tonight’s Once Upon A Time season 6 episode 9 as per the ABC synopsis, “In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, Rumple collects Jack and Jill’s son as bait to lure a powerful being to him. Back in Storybrooke, Gold tells the Evil Queen that she must kill Zelena, and the EQ makes a decision that will change her relationship with her sister forever. When Belle discovers Gold’s plans for their son, she convinces Hook and Emma to help her steal squid ink that can immobilize him.”

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#OnceUponATime starts with a nun running from Gold at the convent basement. He ties her up and says no one can stop him. The Evil Queen shows up and asks why he despises fairies. She’s upset he’s not happy to see her and he tells her to go kill Zelena.

EQ asks why she would do that. Gold says she wants a new beginning with him, she needs to do it. She asks if he is over Belle and he says he is because Belle can’t accept him as he is. He says he knows she doesn’t want to rule alone, so take care of Zelena.

Gold dumps some gold sparkly powder on the fairy who turns old and he says it’s a message to the Blue Fairy. Later, Blue tells Emma that the Dark One did that to the fairy. Emma says she used that to speed up Zelena’s pregnancy when she was Dark.

Belle is there and says Gold must want to use it on her. Hook asks why would Gold warn them and Belle says he’s trying to scare her to go back to him. She says there must be a way to stop him from doing this to her.

Beauty and the Beast

In the Enchanted Forest in the past, Belle is shocked that Rumple stole a baby from some parents. She calls him a beast. She asks why he’s like this and he says stop asking questions. He pulls out a scroll of paper and leaves telling her he’ll be back for the child at sundown.

She asks the baby’s name and he says he doesn’t need one since he won’t be getting attached to it. Belle is horrified at whatever he has planned for the baby. Rumple storms out as she rocks the baby. Belle is in the library looking at books on magic.

She finds a book she’s never seen before that says it’s about defeating the Dark One. She opens the book and it says follow the strand. She shuts the book and sees a glowing ribbon on the floor. She follows it and it takes her into the caverns.

It comes to an end and she sees the shears of destiny that flicker away. She sees she’s in the dream world. It’s her son that brought her there. She hugs him tight. He warns her Gold will cut his fate with the shears. He tells her to see what’s in front of her to save him. He snips the ribbon and she wakes.

Belle tries to save the baby

Jasmine tells Snow that Aladdin found a genie lamp and it might help them find Agrabah. She’s worried the price of a wish to find her homeland. Snow says to embrace your story and be your own hero. Belle tells Emma and Hook about the dream.

She shows them the spellbook and Hook says it’s written in squid ink. It can stun Gold and then they can steal the shears. Belle says she can pretend she’s coming back to him but Emma says no or he might speed up her pregnancy.

Back in the EF, Belle reads a story to the baby who’s content. She talks to the baby and says he might grow up to be a hero. She takes the baby to go figure out what Rumple has planned before it’s too late. EQ goes to see Zelena who asks her to hold Robin.

EQ says Gold sent her. Zelena asks what now. EQ says put the baby down. She kisses her child and says mommy loves you. Z turns to her sister and EQ takes her outside with a poof. She blasts Zelena with magic. She goes to yank out her heart but can’t.

Regina saves the green sister

Regina is there and says she can crush her heart which will kill them both. Regina has her black heart in her hand and gives it a squeeze and it hurts them both. Regina says why are you trying to kill our sister. Zelena says Gold told her it was her or him.

Regina says he lied to her and the EQ still has a hole in her heart. EQ says she’s wrong and Regina says go ask him. She poofs away. Hook comes to Gold’s shop and distracts him while Emma throws squid ink on Gold. They search for the dagger and shears to stop him.

Emma is knocked back with a vision when she tries to open a drawer. She stands but isn’t feeling well. Gold gets his power back and walks out of the shop leaving them there. Gold goes to the library and confronts Belle. He says he’s too powerful for squid ink to hold him.

Belle says she won’t get back with him. He says he won’t lose another son. He has the magic powder with him and she says no and backs away. Back in the EF, Belle snuck into the tower to look for answers. She finds a scroll in fairy language to summon Black Fairy.

Beast locks Belle in the tower

Rumple is there and says she will never find out. He says he didn’t leave the tower door open by accident and says he needed her to translate the language for him. He steals the baby from her and locks her in the tower and leaves with the child.

Now, Belle tries to run from him and asks why he’s doing this. He says when they met, he told her he was difficult to love. He says no one can love him. He says he can start over with this child and maybe he can love him. Belle says don’t give up on yourself.

She says she didn’t want him perfect, she just wanted him to try. Gold steps closer and says this is all he has – magic. Belle says it will get him his son but he knows there is a price. She says if you do this, you will lose me forever and asks if he’s willing to pay that price.

Gold stops pressing on her, takes the vial of magic dust and leaves the library. Regina heals the damage EQ did to Zelena. Z thanks her and says she’s lucky she happened by. Zelena says she should have reached out to her and said sorry.

Angry sister talk

Regina says she’s not there to say sorry. She says she hoped to find magic to reverse an aging spell. Z asks if she came to steal and Regina says why would I think you’d help. Regina says heroes help even those that hurt them and Z asks if this is about Robin.

Regina admits she blames her for Robin Hood’s death and Z says Regina has been forgiven, grown and changed. Regina says she can pity her, but can’t forgive her. She says she can spare her life but can’t let that go. Regina walks out.

Henry and Snow are with Jasmine and Aladdin when they use the lamp. Jasmine summons the genie. Two golden cuffs drop out. Henry says the genie was freed and Jasmine says that means she can’t use the wish to get back to Agrabah.

Aladdin snaps the cuffs on himself and says he knew a pretty good genie once and maybe he can be like him. Aladdin says let’s find out. He snaps on the other cuff and is drawn back into the lamp as she looks pained.

Evil Queen spurned

EQ finds Gold putting the dust up and she says Regina was right and he lied to her. She asks if Belle gave her some speech about the man behind the beast. EQ asks how long would it last and says Belle always leaves him.

EQ says Belle will do what she should have a long time ago and will take the boy and leave him all alone like it was the first time with Baelfire. Gold tells EQ to look in the mirror to see what failure looks like. He tells her they’re done and kicks her out.

Back in the EF, Belle beat on the tower door to try and get free. A blue glow comes under the door. She begs for help. The Blue fairy flies into the room and Belle tells her about the baby. She says they have to stop him from summoning the Black Fairy.

She says her heart blackened and she starting stealing children she should protect. Belle asks why Rumple wants her and Blue says they have to get her free so she can save the child. Blue opens the tower door and tells her to hurry.

Belle’s baby comes due

Belle tells Emma and Hook about her interaction with Gold. Hook says they’ll find a way to protect her. Granny gets her a cup of tea and Hook asks Emma about her vision. She says she saw her death again but there was something new and says the sword that killed her had a glowing red jewel.

Belle drops the tea and then her belly begins to swell magically. She says no. Gold spiked her tea! Back in the EF, Rumple begins the incantation to call the Black Fairy. Belle hides nearby and watches. The Black Fairy comes to him as the baby cries.

Rumple says she can’t have the baby yet. He paralyzes her with squid ink and she calls him by name. She says the ink won’t hold her long and he says he knows and pulls out the dark dagger and asks her a question. He asks her why she abandoned her own child.

The Dark Fairy says he can’t be hers and he calls her mother. He says she would have known if she gave him a name and stuck around. Belle creeps to get the baby. He asks why she abandoned him and the Dark Fairy says sometimes you choose power over love.

Why Gold hates fairies

Belle grabs the baby and it cries. He turns and the Dark Fairy uses the chance to grab him by the neck and throws him aside then magics away. Belle tells him she understands now about his pain. Rumple says no one knows anything about his pain and magics away.

Gold shows to the convent where Emma took Belle to have the baby. Gold hits a barrier of fairy magic around the place and is upset. Emma is with Belle when she screams giving birth. Belle finds her son in the dream world as she labors.

She tells him they don’t have much time and says his father will use the shears. She says please tell me how to stop him. Belle says no and says she can’t and won’t. Her son says there is no other way. She hugs him tight and says I love you.

He says he knows and he won’t ever forget it. He tells her don’t forget the book. She comes back to the labor screaming after she asks what book. She collapses back against the bed and Emma comforts her. Blue comes to check on Belle after she gives birth.

Another fairy steals a baby

Belle tells Blue she needs help and asks if she’ll be his fairy godmother and asks her to take him someplace far away that’s safe. Belle says it’s her son’s only chance. She says just until it’s all over. Blue says she doesn’t know when it will happen or how long it will take.

Belle says please take him. Blue does after Belle gives him a kiss goodbye. Belle thanks him and then calls Killian over. She gives her the book she loves and says please read it to him so he knows she’s there with him. She names him Gideon and says she loves him for all time.

One more kiss and Belle says don’t ever forget that I love you. Blue coats the baby in magic just as Gold gets into the convent. He comes into the room and sees she gave birth. Belle glares at him. He says no and sees that Blue has flown away with him.

Gold says she abandoned their son and she says she gave him a best chance at a good life. She says after what he did, it’s clearly a life without him. He asks the child’s name. Belle asks why he wants to know and says he’ll use it to find him. She says do what you will, but I’ll never tell you.

Gold makes a promise

Gold says he would never hurt her. He says he will find their son and storms out. Back in the EF, Belle delivered the baby that Rumple stole back to his grateful parents as he watches from nearby. Now, Gold finds the EQ at his shop.

She says did you lose another son. He says not now and she says Belle really hates you now. He tells her to go and she says no, she’ll stay and enjoy it. She says this is what happens when you poison love. He says she did this, not him.

EQ says by making me an enemy, you did this and says she stole his magic and poisoned the tea. She says just tell her that I did it. She giggles and says Belle won’t believe him. Gold tells EQ she crossed a line and will pay for it.

She says if you haven’t found a way to kill the woman that murdered your other son, you won’t figure out how to kill me. Gold says he plays a long game and she’s just a pawn. She says good luck finding your son again. She says she heard fairies make wonderful mothers.

Emma’s fate is in her hand

She leave and Gold fights the tears in his eyes. He grabs a shelf and throws it over. He smashes up his shop in a rage. Hook says Regina reversed the aging fairy’s spell. Emma says Belle was brave to do that. Emma says that reminds her why she doesn’t run and fights instead.

Emma says she wants to protect those she loves and he says the visions are getting to her. Emma says she has to fight it. She says she wants to find out what really happens to her. They go to Gold’s shop and see it smashed up.

She goes and sees the sword from her vision. She grabs it and the vison comes to her. She grabs it again and says this is what did it. She says this sword will kill me and they wonder why it’s in his shop. She says we can use it to find out who kills me and stop them.