Once Upon a Time Recap – Doppelganger Death Deal: Season 6 Episode 4 “Strange Case”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Doppelganger Death Deal: Season 6 Episode 4 "Strange Case"

Tonight on ABC their popular fantasy drama Once Upon A Time returns for an all-new Sunday, October 16, 2016, episode and we have your Once Upon A Time recap below. On tonight’s OUAT season 6 episode 4 Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) returns to teaching; and in a flashback, Dr. Jekyll  (Hank Harris) receives some costly help from Rumplestiltskin. (Robert Carlyle)

Did you watch last week’s as Storybrooke continued to welcome the new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories, families, friends and even long-lost enemies were reunited once again? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Once Upon a Time recap, right here of it!

On tonight’s Once Upon A Time season 6 episode 4 as per the ABC synopsis, “The Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) and Hyde (Sam Witwer) continue on their quest to steal Dr. Jekyll’s serum; Snow looks forward to her first day back as a school teacher; and while Emma looks forward to Hook moving in with her, Hook finds himself trying to protect Belle from Mr. Gold, who has made sure she can’t leave the confines of the pirate ship. Meanwhile, back in the past, Rumplestiltskin helps Dr. Jekyll complete his serum to separate a man’s personality into two – good and evil – but his help comes with a hefty price.”

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#OnceUponATime starts with Gold working at his shop. He’s frustrated. He cuts his hair and the Evil Queen says he cleans up nice. She asks why and he won’t comment. Hyde is there and says changing the outside doesn’t change what’s inside you.

Hyde says he’s looking for an old cameo necklace. Gold has it and Hyde says give it to me and comes at him. Gold drops him with magic as Hyde laughs maniacally. The EQ laughs too. She says you can’t kill him for the same reason Regina couldn’t kill her.

Hyde keels over coughing when Gold releases him and then asks about the necklace again. He sees it and grabs it up. He says it means a lot to him and he’s taking it. He says Gold won’t stop him and the stories will play out whether he likes it or not.

Jekyll’s love story

EQ says she and Gold have a deal not to hurt Belle but Hyde says he never made that deal. David is cooking a huge breakfast for Emma. He worries that Hook moving in means they won’t see her as much and she says no. Henry comes down ready for school.

Regina and Jekyll show up. Snow and Henry head to school. Regina tells them Hyde escaped. Jekyll shows them the necklace that Hyde left in his room. Emma says they need that serum more than ever to finish off the EQ and Hyde.

Back in time, Jekyll is with Mary, the woman he cares for. The necklace was hers. Her father shows up and Jekyll shows him a serum he’s working on that will separate a man from his lower self. Her dad tells Jekyll that his work is dangerous and walks out taking Mary along.

Jekyll’s history with Rumple

Rumple appears and says he has an interest in his work and will help him. He offers him a deal to get into the scientific society he wants to be a member of. Rumple encourages him to use the serum on himself. Rumple tweaks the serum and says it’s ready.

Rumple asks how far Jekyll is willing to go to get Mary to notice him. He swigs the serum and then starts convulsing and screaming. Now, Hook checks on Belle as he’s packing to move into Emma’s place. He hands her a shell and says use it to call him if she needs help.

Gold shows up and says he’s there to protect Belle and says Hyde is on the loose. Belle asks what did you do to Hyde to make him come after me. Belle tells him to go. Gold throws up a protective spell around the ship and says Hyde can’t come aboard and Belle can’t leave.

First day of school

It’s the first day of the school and Shireen is there as Snow’s teaching assistant. She’s Princess Jasmine in her magical past. The work on the serum is going slowly and Leroy gets short with him when he asks him to grab lunch for him.

Emma finds out about Gold’s protective spell that trapped Belle. In the past, Rumple is with Hyde and tells him he’s part of Jekyll, the part he wanted to hide from the world. Hyde is at a society party looking handsome in a tux. He introduces himself to Mary and her father.

Mary’s father said he won’t let Jekyll in the society but then Hyde tells him he knows he’s sleeping with his young lab assistant. Now, Leroy comes back with lunch but then EQ and Hyde show up. Jekyll flips. Leroy threatens the EQ. She drops the two dwarves with magic.

Kudos to the haircut

Hyde says the necklace led them to him with a beckoning spell. Hyde threatens Jekyll and calls himself the monster that he made. Mary is teaching science and the kids are shy and hesitant. Regina comes to see Gold and he says he turned down the EQ’s offer.

Regina says Jekyll is working on a new serum to destroy Hyde but needs his help. In the past, Rumple wakes Jekyll and tells him he had an exciting night. Jekyll checks his pockets and sees an academy pin – Rumple says your other half did good work.

Rumple mentions Mary and encourages him to tell her how she feels – he says drink the serum and let Mr Hyde tell her. He tells him he wants the serum perfected because Rumple wants it. He tells him to let Mr Hyde back out to play.

Jekyll loses his heart

Now, Jekyll wakes and finds the lab wrecked as Gold and Regina show up. He says the EQ and Hyde smashed up his work and took the serum. Gold tells Jekyll that Hyde is him just stronger and smarter. Jekyll says he hid a spare in case they showed up.

Regina won’t hand it over to Gold and says do the magic right here. He yanks out Jekyll’s heart and says the EQ made him a deal to protect Belle. He says the serum will only be used on Hyde. He pulls out his dark dagger and she pours the serum over it.

Gold tells Regina not to fight him on this and tosses Jekyll’s heart to her then he poofs away. Snow is upset at a stack of papers with Fs on them. Shireen says her kingdom was attacked by a powerful menace and only a princess could save them but she didn’t step up like she should have.

Hook babysits Belle

Snow asks her more but Shireen says what’s important is the lesson and says lead by example and embrace who you are. Jekyll shows up to the ship and Hook asks why he’s not in the lab. He says Hyde smashed the lab and the Dark One took the serum.

Her reveals Gold has a deal with the EQ. Hook leaves to go help Emma. Jekyll sits and asks if she’s really married to the Dark One. Belle says sorry if he harmed you. Jekyll tells her about Mary and says he loved her until Hyde destroyed her.

In the past, we see Mary walking at night when Hyde approaches her out of the fog. He says he’s there on Jekyll’s behalf and says the man cares for her. She says she cares for Jekyll but needs someone who is more passionate than the scientist.

Mary makes a move on Hyde

She flirts with Hyde and says she saw people were afraid of him but she wasn’t. She says she saw he was free of the worries about social obligations. Hyde says he was made that way. Mary kisses him and he kisses back passionately.

David tells Emma he’s okay with Hook as long as she is. Hyde approaches them and David attacks but Hyde throws him back then runs off. Gold is there and stabs him in the chest with his knife and asks if this is what he imagined. Hyde pulls the knife back out of his chest.

Hyde says Jekyll never gets the better of him. He pulls out the serum he took from the lab and says he switched the vials. He smashes it. Gold asks what he wants. Hyde says he wants to show him the end of their story. He has the dark dagger and commands him to take them to Belle.

Mary changes things up

Mary takes her class outside and hangs up their stack of poor work from earlier. She repeats Newton’s third law and then takes her bow and shoots an arrow into them. She uses that to demonstrate the law and then asks who wants to try. All hands go up.

Hyde and Gold are at the ship and Gold tells him to stop this. Hyde says he won’t harm Belle. He says he’s not the monster Gold should be worried about. In the past, Jekyll woke in his bed and found Mary asleep beside him. Mary is stunned he’s in her bed.

She asks how he got into her room. She asks where’s Hyde. Jekyll says he sent Hyde to talk to her and he’s stunned she took Hyde home with her. Jekyll screams at her that he is Hyde. She asks if this is the serum. Mary tells him she’ll never love him and calls him weak and mad.

Mary’s death at Jekyll’s hand

They struggle and Jekyll says he did it for her. They grapple and she falls out the window to her death. He panics and drinks the serum down. He transforms into Hyde who sees he has Mary’s necklace in his hand and that she’s dead on the ground. People come running for her.

Hyde attacks the people and runs out of the room. Now, Belle fixes Jekyll a cup of tea and tells him she’s sorry for what Hyde did to Mary. He says Mary would have been his if she had resisted Hyde. Belle is worried by what he says and goes to grab the shell.

Jekyll stops her and throws it and she screams for Killian to help her. Belle stabs him with a shard of the shell and runs. He comes after her. Gold and Hyde watch but Belle is trapped. He says he can’t lift the spell. Hyde says the real villain is on the ship with her.

Dead doppelganger

Gold sees Jekyll threatening her. He says this is his chance to make the Dark One pay. Gold says she has nothing to do with this and Hyde says neither did Mary. Hook is there and knocks Jekyll down. They grapple and Jekyll staggers back impaling himself.

Hyde starts to command Gold to do something else with the dagger but as Jekyll dies, so does Hyde who slumps over on the ground. Gold retrieves the dagger and says there was one final twist. Regina runs up and sees him dead and says the serum must work.

He says the serum doesn’t work and says killing the original seems to be the only way to kill the doppelganger. Gold says if she wants the EQ dead, she has to die. David covers the bodies of Jekyll and Hyde as Emma meets Regina on the scene at the docks.

Regina thinks she needs to die

Emma asks if Regina is okay and she says she has to die to stop the EQ. Regina says also Jekyll was apparently the bad guy even though he broke off what he thought was his dark half. Regina says she could go dark again at any time.

Regina tells Emma to promise to put her down if it comes to it. Emma doesn’t like it but promises. Gold comes over to Belle and she mentions his haircut. She’s mad about him trapping her. She doesn’t want to hear it and says he destroyed two lives and finds new ways to increase suffering.

Belle asks why he went to Jekyll. In the past, we see Hyde in the lab when Rumple shows up. He says news has spread of what he did that poor girl. Hyde says Jekyll killed Mary, not him. Hyde says he loved Mary. Rumple calls him weak and chokes him.

Gold reveals the tale

Rumple says this experiment was a waste and tells Hyde he’ll face a fate worse than death. Hyde asks what this is about and why did he do this. Rumple says he has his reasons. Now, Gold tells Belle he did this for her.

He says he sought out Jekyll when she first came to work for him back in the EF. He says he thought his love for her would make him weak and he wanted the serum to resist how he felt about her. He says he sent Hyde to the land of untold stories.

Gold says he doesn’t want to ever lose her. Belle rants about him trapping her on the ship. She says she doesn’t need his protection and says he cut his hair because he’s sick and tired of the face in the mirror. Belle says she sees him for who he was.

Jasmine and Snow White

Gold says she will need him and says she’s carrying his child and says he will have the mark on his head and she’ll need him. He says necessity will make her turn to him. He walks away from her. Mary grades papers in the classroom and Shireen comes to say goodnight.

Snow gives Shireen and apple and asks if the princess ever fixed things in her land. Shireen says she left for the land of untold stories and doesn’t know. Later, Shireen is out in the woods and calls to someone to come out. It’s the Oracle.

She asks for an update on her mission and Shireen asks if he’s here and the Oracle says he’s here but she hasn’t found him yet. Shireen says we must find Aladdin and the Oracle calls her Jasmine.